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LT 3400 PowerPlant Bro -

Loctite ® ProductsLoctite ® ProductsAnti-SeizeLubricants• Protect against rust,corrosion, seizing, and galling• Provide lubrication in extreme environments• Available in general purpose, heavy dutyor high purity for temperatures up to 2400ºF• A variety of metal-free formulationsAnti-Slip Floor CoatingsPulverizerA• Loctite ® Nordbak ® Pneu-Wear, applied to feed elbows, protects equipment against smallparticle abrasion.B• Loctite ® Nordbak ® Pneu-Wear, used to line this coal bunker, keeps this equipment in service longer.C• Loctite ® Nordbak ® High Temperature Pneu-Wear protects high wear areas on pulverizers.D• Loctite ® C5-A ® Copper Based Anti-Seize lubricates and protects tension rods on pulverizers as partof a regular maintenance program.Bottom AshI• Leaking pipes can be put back into service in less than one hour using Loctite ®Pipe Repair Kit. This system activates in water and makes effective repairs withoutspecial tools or training.J• Operating life of bottom ash pump is greatly extended with Loctite ® Nordbak ®Wearing Compound.Floor Coatings• Repair, resurfaceand protectindustrial floors• Smooth anti-slip finish• High gloss provides higher visibilityand improved safety• Protect against chemical attack, UVexposure or where abrasion resistanceis required• Chemicalresistance• Designed toincrease theCoefficient of Friction (COF)• Exceed OSHA COF recommendations• Reduce slip and falls in the workplace• Available in pedestrian or vehiculartraffic coatingsBelt RepairABCDIJFloor &Concrete Repair• Chemicaland corrosionresistance• High impact resistance• Bond to concrete, wood, metals, brick,and other common building materials• Also available as a crack filler orexpansion joint sealant• Repairgouges,cuts and worn edges on rubber belting• Non-shrinking and unaffected by oil,grease, and water• Excellent flexibility and elongation• Formulas available for short term emergencyor fast return to service belt repairsBonding• Assembleparts quicklyand easily• Repair broken parts• Bond dissimilar parts• Available in a variety of instant, structuralor general purpose adhesive formulasCleaning• Clean anddegrease worksurfaces, parts,and hands• Available in biodegradable formulas thatcontain no ODCsPulverizerEE• Fittings that are exposed to high temperatures and high pressures are protected fromseizure and corrosion with Loctite ® C5-A ® Copper Based Anti-Seize.F• Ceramic bead fillers and high temperature resistance enable Loctite ® Nordbak ® High TemperatureWearing Compound to protect and rebuild fan blades in high temperature environments. UseLoctite ® Retaining Compounds for assembling press and slip fit parts.G• Damaged chutes are rebuilt and relined with Loctite ® Nordbak ® Wearing Compound.H• Loctite ® Nordbak ® Wearing Compound is easily troweled over irregular surfaces to repair metaldamaged by wear and abrasion.F G HBottom AshK• Unlike conventional epoxies, Loctite ® Fixmaster ® Wet Surface Repair putty can be usedto repair equipment in constantly wet environments such as this section of the bottom ash area.L• These threaded fittings, off the bottom ash pump, are sealed against vibrationwith high strength Loctite ® 271 Threadlocker.KLGasketing• No shimming effect –controlled tolerances,no need for re-torquing• Fill all voids – reduce theneed for a fine surface finish of flanges• Parts can be disassembled easily evenafter extended service• Resist high pressure when fully cured• Available in formulations for rigid orstamped flanges, high temperaturesand cut gasket dressingGrouting• Chemical and corrosion resistance• Self-leveling and non-shrinking• Stronger than concrete• Bond to concrete, wood, metals, brick,and other common building materials• Available infast set ordeep pourformulations

Loctite ® ProductsLoctite ® ProductsLubricants• Temperatureresistance• Thermal stability• Penetrate and freecorroded assemblies• High performance lubricantsand synthetic greasesScrubber/Cooling TowersA• Loctite ® Fixmaster ® Flex 80 is used to rebuild worn blades and protect themagainst future corrosion.B• Loctite ® Fixmaster ® Rapid Rubber Repair, packaged in a self-measuring,self-mixing applicator, repairs polyurethane agitator blades on-site.C• Loctite ® Nordbak ® Brushable Ceramic, applied to header pipes insidea scrubber, protects pipes from the abrasion caused by dripping SO2 nozzles.Coal HandlingF• Loctite ® Nordbak ® Wearing Compound is used to protect and extend theoperating life of the inlet elbow of this mill chute.• Loctite ® Nordbak ® Pneu-Wear protects a coal handling elbow (cut awayfor easier application access) from extreme sliding abrasion.G• Loctite ® Fixmaster ® Rapid Rubber Repair makes durable, on-site repairsto conveyor belts, returning them to service in as little as 2 hours.HSurface Protection& Rust Prevention• Stabilizeexisting rust• Guard against corrosion• Prevent electro-chemical corrosion• Increase belt frictionMetal Rebuilding& Shaft Repair• Highcompressivestrength• Choice of mild steel, aluminumor non-metallic fillers• Can be machined, drilled,or tapped after cure• Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals• Available in liquid and putty formABFGThreadlocking• Prevent looseningfrom shock andvibration• Single component,clean and easy to apply• Can be used on various sizesof fasteners to reduce inventory costs• Seal threads• Stop rust and corrosion• Available in a variety of strengths as wellas primerless and wicking formulasRetainingThread Sealing• Bond non-threadedcylindrical metalassemblies• High and moderate strength products –can carry high loads and eliminate fretting• Fill all voids – prevent corrosion• Reduce the need for close tolerances• 100% contact – load and stress aredistributed evenly over the joint• Available in general purpose, hightemperature, high strength and oiltolerant formulasScrubber/Cooling TowersCD• The extreme flexibility and durability of Loctite ® Fixmaster ® Rapid RubberRepair make this urethane suitable for expansion joint repairs.E• Repair cooling tower concrete structures with Loctite ® Fixmaster ®Magna-Crete, a two-component magnesium phosphate, rapid cure systemthat can be applied at temperatures as low as -15˚F.HTurbineIApplying Loctite ® N-5000 High-Purity Anti-Seize to bolts prior to assemblyallows easy assembly of parts and prevents galling and seizure.J• Loctite ® Nordbak ® Brushable Ceramic rebuilds and protects tube sheetsfrom cavitation and bi-metallic corrosion.• Loctite ® C5-A ® Copper Based Anti-Seize is used on valve threads on highheat equipment to protect against costly seizure.K• Replace tape and pastes• Liquids ensure completecontact betweenthreads fora 100% seal• Liquids will not creep, shrink,shred, or block systems (including filters)• Disassembly can be achieved easilywith basic hand tools• Available in a variety of strengths formetal and plastic pipes as well ashydraulic/pneumatic fittingsSpecialty &EmergencyRepair Kits• Enable rapidrepair of damaged or burst pipes• Will seal leaks in tanks and othercontainment vessels in addition torepairing metal parts• Include a kit for repairing or replacingdamaged o-ring seals• A variety of maintenance product toolkitsare also availableDEIJKWear Prevention& Rebuilding• Restore worn surfaces• Use on new parts toextend life• Choice of shallow wear, deep wear orchemical resistant coating• Available in both trowelable andbrushable forms

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