THE SPORTS SALOONSleek, dynamic, daring, XF is a fusion of sports car styling with outstanding luxury saloon comfort.XF’s inspired engineering has won over one hundred international awards including WhatCar? JD PowerExecutive Car of the year 2012. It has proved itself the game-changer in the world of automotive design.More than a machine, XF combines Jaguar’s renowned flair for style and luxury with a genius fortechnological innovation, setting the standard that other sports saloons can only aspire to.FOR FULL SPECIFICATION AND OPTION AVAILABILITY PLEASE REFER TO THE XF SPECIFICATION AND PRICE GUIDEVEHICLE SHOWN LEFT: XF PORTFOLIO 3.0 LITRE DIESEL IN POLARIS WHITE3

MOVING DESIGNWith its glowing Bi-function HID headlamps, outlined with crystal white daytimerunning LEDs, and its toned bodyshape, XF always looks ready for action. Its primed,nose-down, attitude, power vents and aerodynamic lines are more than an athleticpose, they’ve been precision-honed through exhaustive design testing to perfect XF’s airflow efficiency. Each curve and contour has been refined to produce top aerodynamicperformance, helping to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Beautiful, intense,potent; first XF captures your imagination and then your heart.VEHICLE SHOWN ABOVE: XF 3.0 LITRE DIESEL PORTFOLIO IN POLARIS WHITEVEHICLE SHOWN LEFT: XF 2.2 LITRE DIESEL SPORT IN POLARIS WHITE5


THE XF COLLECTIONFor modern sporting elegance and refined power, XF has the style, the attitude and the engine.Jaguar’s Diesel S and Sport models, incorporate a unique lower front bumper profile and a black grille,as well as a specialised spoiler, rear valance and streamlined side sills for a more assertive look. XF’s BlackPack offers a pure Gloss Black finish for the front grille and surround. The front bumper blades andbody-coloured signature blade complete the distinctive look.For the optimum combination of stunning appearance and performance, choose the XFR. Sculpted frontair intakes, Gloss Black lower valance and quad exhausts give the XFR an aggressive bearing that reflectsits position as the ultimate sports saloon. XFR’s optional speed pack includes a unique front bumper aerosplitter and rear bootlid spoiler.VEHICLES SHOWN LEFT: XF 2.2 LITRE DIESEL PORTFOLIO IN POLARIS WHITE, XF 3.0 LITRE DIESEL S PREMIUM LUXURY IN INDIGO AND XFR 5.0 LITRE PETROL IN ITALIAN RACING RED9

COMBINING TECHNOLOGIESFOR EFFICIENCYXF is renowned for its performance, refined drive and effortless power and offers a choice of engines to suit the needsof every driver and driving style, whether improved fuel economy or power and performance are the priority. The rangeincludes a selection of the latest petrol and diesel units.Intelligent Stop/Start technology features on all engines delivering improvements in fuel efficiency, depending onconditions. The 8-speed electronic automatic transmission achieves almost imperceptible, superfast gear shifts.JAGUAR 2.2 LITRE i4 163TURBOCHARGED DIESELJAGUAR 2.2 LITRE i4 200TURBOCHARGED DIESELJAGUAR 3.0 LITRE V6 240TURBOCHARGED DIESELAcceleration (seconds) 0-60mph (0-100km/h) 9.8 (10.5) 8.0 (8.5) 6.7 (7.1)Combined fuel economy mpg (l/100km) 54.3-55.4* (5.2-5.1) 54.3 (5.2) 47.1 (6.0)Carbon dioxide emissions g/km 135-139** 139 159JAGUAR 3.0 LITRE V6 275TURBOCHARGED DIESEL SJAGUAR 3.0 LITRE V6 340SUPERCHARGED PETROLJAGUAR 5.0 LITRE V8 510SUPERCHARGED PETROLAcceleration (seconds) 0-60mph (0-100km/h) 5.9 (6.4) 5.7 (5.9) 4.7 (4.9)Combined fuel economy mpg (l/100km) 47.1 (6.0) 29.4 (9.6) 24.4 (11.6)Carbon dioxide emissions g/km 159 224 270*55.4mpg applicable for 17" wheels and 54.3mpg for 18" wheels and above**Emissions for 135g/km applicable for 17" wheels and 139g/km for 18" wheels and aboveVEHICLE SHOWN LEFT: XF 3.0 LITRE DIESEL PORTFOLIO IN POLARIS WHITE11

DRIVING DYNAMICSResponsive, powerful, driver-focused, XF utilises a range of technologies to assist, improve and enhance the driving experience. XF’s acclaimedhandling is produced through combining exceptionally stiff body architecture, aerodynamic form and innovative suspension systems.XF’s Adaptive Dynamics system, standard on the Diesel S, continuously monitors the suspension, varying the damping to suit the conditions,whether cornering, navigating potholes or accelerating on the motorway. The system calculates the appropriate suspension settings 500 timesper second, adjusting the dampers to help keep the car as flat, stable and secure as possible.With the Servotronic steering system, XF delivers pinpoint manoeuvrability at low speeds then reduces assistance at higher speeds forconfident handling.VEHICLE SHOWN: XF 3.0 LITRE DIESEL S PORTFOLIO IN INDIGO13

EXCEPTIONAL HANDLINGUsing Jaguar’s ride and handling technology, XF is ready for almost all road situations. For an exceptional drivingexperience, different modes are available to suit the driver’s preferences or the prevailing conditions.Sport Mode adjusts throttle and steering response for a more involving drive. Dynamic Mode (not available on2.2 Diesel) co-ordinates the vehicle’s control systems and sharpens responses to input from the driver, delivering evenmore responsive acceleration for a thrilling, sporting driving experience. Winter Mode is designed to automaticallydampen acceleration to achieve more gradual traction on ice, so tyre grip is increased and skid risk reduced.XF’s Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) has two settings. The default setting comes into play as soon as it detects thewheels slipping, applying braking to individual wheels and reducing engine torque. The Trac DSC setting allows someslipping and overspin before it intervenes – this allows for a sportier drive and is also essential with snow chains.Wherever you are, wherever you go, XF delivers supreme handling and performance.VEHICLES SHOWN: XF 3.0 LITRE DIESEL LUXURY IN INDIGO15

XFRFor the ultimate in performance XFR takes XF to another dimension. With anacceleration of 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds XFR intensifies the sporting experiencewithout compromising any of the comfort.Beneath the bonnet with enlarged air intakes is Jaguar’s 5.0 litre V8 SuperchargedPetrol engine. This all-aluminium quad-cam powerplant delivers performance andefficiency. Its Intelligent Stop/Start technology and 8-speed electronic automatictransmission is designed to help reduce CO₂ emissions, yet it’s powerful enough toproduce an impressive 510PS and 625Nm of torque.XFR’s optional Speed Pack recalibrates the engine and transmission to take XFR’stop speed (Vmax) from 155mph to 174mph.VEHICLE SHOWN LEFT: XFR IN ITALIAN RACING RED17

INTELLIGENT SAFETYXF’s safety systems are designed to be anticipatory, utilising an array oftechnological features to be ready for almost anything and assist the driverin dealing with the unexpected. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) maximisesXF stability when it detects the wheels slipping. Electronic Brake ForceDistribution measures load weight and distributes braking force to frontand back wheels accordingly.The optional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) uses a radar in the frontbumper to monitor the vehicle in front, automatically adjusting XF’s speedto maintain a constant distance.Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) is designed to work with Adaptive CruiseControl to detect the severity of a stopping situation and applies optimumcrisis braking forces as necessary.The optional Adaptive Front Lighting enhances night-time driving. Sensorsreact to the car’s speed and steering input to deflect the headlamp beamscasting light deeper and wider to help give added confidence at night.The optional Blind Spot Monitor uses radar sensors to remotely coverareas that cannot be seen either directly or in the mirror, and is designedto alert the driver to cars overtaking with an amber warning icon in theexternal mirrors.XF’s body structure uses 25 different grades of steel. Boron, an element900 percent stronger than regular mild steel, is used to help create avertical ring of safety around XF’s occupants. A total of eight airbags helpto add further protection.VEHICLE SHOWN LEFT: XFR IN ITALIAN RACING RED19

CONNECT WITH XFXF brings complete control to your fingertips using an innovative 7 inch colour Touch-screen. Simple and intuitive, it ensuresyou are never more than a few selections from any control: satellite navigation, climate control, Bluetooth® telephoneconnectivity or in-car audio.At the heart of XF’s multimedia functions is a 30GB Hard Disk Drive. As well as holding the car’s navigation system, it can storeup to ten CDs of uploaded music in uncompressed format for enhanced audio quality.XF’s global navigation system provides easy updating and lightning fast access to maps and data. It even learns your favouritejourneys. Deviate from a proposed route three times and the system will offer your favoured route as an option. Eco routehelps you choose the most fuel efficient route by analysing the proposed journey to display three routes, suggesting the mosteconomical one.To make things even easier, the optional Interactive Voice system – Say What You See – helps the driver to use and interactmore easily with XF. It displays voice prompts on the Touch-screen for you to vocally control phone calls, navigation or audio.21

SOUNDS ALIVETurn on XF’s superb audio system and the cabin comes alive. Ten strategically placed speakers deliver 250W of pure audio fidelity,surrounding you with exceptional sound quality.Also available are two systems engineered by Meridian, the ultimate audio specialists. Both are designed and created specifically forXF’s unique interior space. Meridian’s 380 watt Sound System with 11 loudspeakers produces a seminal audio experience while theincredible 825 watt Surround Sound System uses no less than 17 loudspeakers (including subwoofer) to create sound that is just asthe artist intended. Meridian achieves this by benchmarking acoustic performance against real musical instruments.Pioneered by Meridian, Trifield technology ensures a perfect central image for each occupant and produces an holistic sound withinthe cabin to deliver a concert-like experience. Within the XF Meridian Audio System everyone can hear the difference.‘Trifield’ and the ‘three fields’ device are trademarks of Trifield Productions Ltd.22


ALIVE INSIDESettle in to XF and the softly pulsing ‘start’ button greets you. Push and theengine engages, XF wakes. Even as you lift your finger, the precision-milledaluminium JaguarDrive Selector rises snuggly into the palm of your hand.The engine gently throbs as the air vents, invisible until needed, roll open inunison and cool Phosphor blue halo lighting ignites to pick out the interiorcontrols. Let the excitement begin.Ergonomically optimised, XF’s cabin is a space both contemporary andluxurious, created to focus on driver and passenger needs and to excitethe senses. Comfort and quality reign supreme with form-hugging seats,premium wood veneers and aluminium surfaces.From the premium floor carpet and side trims to the polished stainlesssteel finishers, there is luxuriousness throughout XF. Thoughtful designencompasses every feature. The steering wheel position adjusts at the touchof a button, along with the seat and mirror. These settings can be memorisedfor different drivers. XF welcomes you to the drive ahead.26

A SPORTIER XFXF Diesel S represents the pinnacle of the Jaguar diesel range with a power of 275PS and 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds. Improvedaerodynamics from the exclusive Diesel S aerodynamic pack and standard Adaptive Dynamics ensure the Diesel S has exceptionalhandling. Its outstanding luxury cabin features double stitched soft grain leather Sports seats which reshape and adjust to createa perfect fit (only available on Diesel S Premium Luxury and Diesel S Portfolio). From individually fine-tuned lumbar support, topowerfully sculpted side bolsters, they deliver exceptional lateral support during hard cornering. With polished metal sports pedalsand Piano Black finishing the XF Diesel S interior is simply stunning.INTERIOR SHOWN: XF DIESEL S PORTFOLIO WITH RED ZONE AND WARM CHARCOAL SOFT GRAIN LEATHER SEATS WITH RED ZONE CONTRAST STITCH,UPPER FACIA IN WARM CHARCOAL WITH RED ZONE CONTRAST STITCH AND KNURLED ALUMINIUM WITH PIANO BLACK VENEER29

PERSONALISATIONJaguar offers a stunning collection of different colour, trim and veneer choicesto create the XF that’s just right for you.30

EXTERIOR COLOUR OPTIONSFrom Polaris White to Caviar, from the race inspired colours of Italian Racing Red to British Racing Green, Jaguar offersan outstanding paint spectrum to bring your XF alive. With numerous colour choices in either standard or metallic finish,this is the opportunity to make it your XF.STANDARDEbonyPREMIUMIndigoCrystal BlueSatellite Grey*1Carnelian RedPolaris WhiteUltimate Black*Stratus Grey*Caviar*Available on XFR1Available from January 2013 2Available until January 2013For availability please consult your local Jaguar dealer.32

Race InspIRedItalian Racing Red*Vapour Grey*2SPECIALBlack AmethystRhodium Silver*British Racing Green*Lunar Grey*Cashmere

SEAT TRIMWarm Charcoal soft grain(also available in Bond grain and Suedecloth)Barley soft grain(also available in Bond grain and Suedecloth)

Dove Bond grain(also available in soft grain)Ivory soft grainLondon Tan soft grainRed Zone soft grain35

XF INTERIOR COLOUR COMBINATIONSPERSONALISATIONXFR INTERIOR32541551. SEAT - SOFT GRAINLEATHER2. UPPER FACIA 3. HEADLINING 4. FACIA5. VENEERIvoryWarm Charcoalwith Ivory StitchCanvasDark Mesh Aluminiumwith Gloss Dark Oak1. Seat trim applies to seats and door trim inserts 2. Upper facia applies to dashboard, centre console andupper door trims. Contrast stitch applies to upper facia and centre consoleFor full veneer options see page 44. Facia linked to veneer choice.36

XF SE AND SE BUSINESSXF LUXURYSEAT - SUEDECLOTH/BONDGRAIN LEATHER FACINGSUPPER FACIAHEADLININGSEAT - BOND GRAINLEATHERUPPER FACIAHEADLININGWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetBarleyWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchCanvasorJetDoveWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetBarleyWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchCanvasorJet37

XF SPORTXF PREMIUM LUXURYSEAT - SUEDECLOTH/BONDGRAIN LEATHER FACINGSUPPER FACIA WITH STITCHHEADLININGSEAT - SOFT GRAINLEATHERUPPER FACIAHEADLININGWarm Charcoal withDove contrast stitchWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetDoveWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetBarleyTruffle with Truffle stitchCanvasIvoryOyster with Oyster stitchCanvas38

XF PORTFOLIOSEAT - SOFT GRAINLEATHERUPPER FACIAHEADLININGSEAT - SOFT GRAINLEATHERUPPER FACIAHEADLININGWarm Charcoal and IvoryWarm Charcoal withIvory stitchDove or JetIvory and NavyNavy with Ivory stitchCanvasLondon Tan andWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withLondon Tan stitchCanvasorJetIvory and TruffleTruffle with Ivory stitchCanvasLondon Tan andWarm CharcoalNavy with LondonTan stitchCanvasIvory and OysterOyster with Ivory stitchCanvasBarley and Truffle Truffle with Barley stitch Canvas39

XF DIESEL S LUXURYSEAT - BOND GRAINLEATHER UPPER FACIA HEADLININGSEAT - BOND GRAINLEATHER UPPER FACIA HEADLININGWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetDoveWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetWarm Charcoal withDove contrast stitchWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetBarleyWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchCanvasorJet40

XF DIESEL S PREMIUM LUXURYSEAT - SOFT GRAINLEATHER UPPER FACIA HEADLININGSEAT - SOFT GRAINLEATHER UPPER FACIA HEADLININGWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetRed Zone andWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDove or JetDoveWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetLondon Tan andWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchCanvas or JetBarleyWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchCanvasorJetIvoryWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchCanvas or Jet41

XF DIESEL S PORTFOLIOSEAT - SOFT GRAINLEATHERUPPER FACIAHEADLININGSEAT - SOFT GRAINLEATHERUPPER FACIAHEADLININGWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withIvory stitchDoveorJetRed Zone andWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withRed Zone stitchDoveorJetBarleyWarm Charcoal withBarley stitchCanvasorJetLondon Tan andWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withLondon Tan stitchCanvasorJetIvoryWarm Charcoal withIvory stitchCanvasorJet42

XFRSEAT - SOFT GRAINLEATHERUPPER FACIAHEADLININGSEAT - SOFT GRAINLEATHERUPPER FACIAHEADLININGWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withWarm Charcoal stitchDoveorJetIvoryWarm Charcoal withIvory stitchCanvasorJetWarm Charcoal withIvory contrast stitchWarm Charcoal withIvory stitchDoveorJetLondon Tan andWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withLondon Tan stitchCanvasorJetRed Zone andWarm CharcoalWarm Charcoal withRed Zone stitchDoveorJet43

XF FACIA AND VENEERSKnurled Aluminium withPiano BlackKnurled Aluminium withCarbon FibreKnurled Aluminium withGloss Rich OakKnurled Aluminium withSatin RosewoodKnurled Aluminium withGloss Figured Ebony

XFR FACIA AND VENEERSKnurled Aluminium withGloss Burr WalnutKnurled Aluminium withSatin American WalnutDark Mesh Aluminium withGloss Dark OakDark Mesh Aluminium withPiano BlackDark Mesh Aluminium withCarbon Fibre

BRING YOUR XF TO LIFEXF is the ultimate sports saloon. Beautiful yet powerful, XF exploits cutting-edge technology tomake handling effortless and driving, an unforgettable experience. Sleek outside, sensuous inside,every feature has been tailored to look after you and think ahead for you.Visit www.jaguar.co.uk to find out more.Experience XF for yourself – visit your local Jaguar dealer.IMPORTANT NOTICEJaguar Cars Limited is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification, design and production of its vehicles andalterations take place continually. Whilst every effort is made to produce up-to-date literature, this brochure should not beregarded as an infallible guide to current specifications, nor does it constitute an offer for the sale of any particular vehicle.Distributors and dealers are not agents of Jaguar Cars Limited by any express or implied undertaking or representation.Comparisons are based on manufacturer’s own data and testing.ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATION AT JAGUARJaguar is proud to continue the company’s tradition with its approach to Environmental Innovation. From the choiceof lightweight materials and lean production methods to the efficiency of its engines and designs, Jaguar is committedto operating as a more sustainable business and reducing its overall environmental impact.Jaguar’s flagship XJ model was the first in the company to achieve ISO 14040, the international standard for vehicle ‘wholelife cycle’ assessment. This certification measures the environmental impact of XJ from component material sourcing andmanufacturing process, through its driven life time, to final disposal. But that’s not all. Every new Jaguar vehicle is designedto be 85% recyclable and reusable, in addition to 95% recoverable and reusable with 10% for energy generation.Jaguar is committed to reducing dependency on fossil fuels, using fewer resources and creating less waste. Already themanufacturing assembly CO₂ emissions of each Jaguar built in the UK since 2009 is offset. For every tonne of CO₂ emittedin the assembly process, Jaguar invests in carbon reduction projects that reduce an equivalent tonne of CO₂ elsewhere.Offsetting allows Jaguar to take action now, to reduce its impact on the environment, as part of an integrated carbonmanagement plan. This company plan includes targets to reduce operating CO₂ emissions and waste to landfill by 25% by2012, water consumption by 10% by 2012 and fleet average tailpipe CO₂ emissions by 25% by 2015, based on 2007 levels.But it doesn’t stop there. World class manufacturing facilities certified to ISO 14001 since 1998, transport miles have beencut from delivery routes and new ways are being introduced to produce energy from food waste at our Gaydon site in theUK. That’s Environmental Innovation at Jaguar.The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Jaguar CarsLimited is under license.Meridian Audio is a registered trademark of Meridian Audio Ltd.'Trifield' and the 'three fields' device are trademarks of Trifield Productions Ltd.VEHICLE SHOWN LEFT: XF 3.0 LITRE DIESEL S PORTFOLIO IN INDIGOJaguar Cars Limited,Registered Office: Abbey Road, Whitley,Coventry, CV3 4LF, United KingdomRegistered in England Number: 1672070jaguar.co.ukJLM/10/02/30/1012


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