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Governing for Results 11 - Washington State Digital Archives

Governing for Results 11 - Washington State Digital Archives


TABLE OF CONTENTSBoard of Accountancy1 Eliminating Roadblocks2 New Ethics Education Requirement Dramatically Reduces Complaints3 Simple Flyer Improves Service4 Survey Improves RegulationBoard of Industrial Insurance Appeals5 Use of Certified Mail for Notices6 Public Disclosure Process7 Reducing Location Costs8 Tracking TranscriptsDepartment of Agriculture9 Helping Dairy Farmers with Bulk Milk Tank RegulationsDepartment of Corrections10 Business Restructure11 Grievance ResolutionDepartments of Corrections and General Administration12 Lexan RepairDepartment of Ecology13 Sharing Data between Governmental Agencies14 Eliminating a Source of Mercury in the Environment15 Educating Homeowners on Septic Tank Maintenance16 Volunteer Monitoring for Ground Water ContaminationDepartment of Financial Institutions17 Division of Banks Improves Training Process18 Agency Personnel System Review Project Streamlines Internal PersonnelProcessesv

Department of Health19 Certification Process Produces Savings for Hospitals20 Employee Handbook Goes ElectronicDepartment of Information Services21 NW High Tech Career Expo – March 21-22, 200022 Technology Brokering Services Interface23 Online IT Technical Training24 Distribution Routing Project25 Access Washington: The State Internet PortalDepartment of Labor and Industries26 Program Orders Double for Justice27 Training Apprentices in Safe Work Practices is an Investment in theFuture28 Redesigned Hot Line Ensures Contact Information29 Intranet and Telephone Technology Team Up to Take Training intoTomorrow30 Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) Process Improvement31 Modem Line Project Saves $5000 a Month32 Removing Jargon Helps L&I Customers Understand Legal Notices33 Oops! Slip Firms Up Scanning ProcessDepartment of Licensing34 Agency Mail Distribution35 Automated Cashier Team36 Bellevue Licensing Service Office (LSO) Breakthrough37 Licensing Service Office Download Improvements38 Motor Carrier Financial Unit Canceled/Revoked ListDepartment of Personnel39 Unfair Labor Practice InvestigationsDepartment of Printing40 Bindery Cross-Training41 Copy Center to Bindery Print Jobs42 Online Ordering System43 Special Ink Orderingvi

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