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Vitality Zone Punta (.pdf) - Lošinj Hotels & Villas

yearsOF HEALTH AND HEALING TOURISMON LOŠINJVitality ZoneBy Lošinj Hotels & Villas

Vitality Zone... is a special place that will allow you to experience the centuries-old healing power ofLošinj nature and understand the needs of your body and mind. For 120 years Lošinj hasbeen cherishing the tradition of medical tourism, as mild climate, fragrant herbs and seaspray of crystal clear water create a natural wellness with beneficial effects on human health.Enjoy the pleasures of scented island plants essentialoils and skillful hands of therapists whose holisticapproach will heal the effects of stress. Use the powerof nature to refresh your beauty and awake your bodywith one of the body technique programs. You willbe amazed by visible results after the first workout.Aromatherapy workshops will make an interestingpastime, and will introduce you to a scented world ofessential oils from healing and aromatic Lošinj plants.Most importantly, you will relax in comfortablesurroundings of Vitality Zone: seawater pools,sun deck, sauna, jacuzzi. If you like active vacation, aclimbing rock, tennis courts, open-air fitness and fitnesscenter are also at your disposal.Rosemarylat. Rosmarinus Officinalis,for circulation, beautyand memoryThe Vitality Zoneis a place whereyou will get toknow yourselfLaurellat. Laurus nobilisfor scented disinfectionand stress relief4

Aromatherapy... uses essential oils in order to preserve health, beauty and vitality, and to prevent diseases.Lošinj is the ideal habitat for the best quality natural ingredients of fine, scented oils thatwill help you improve the quality of life. We invite you to explore this magical world, as wellas beautiful natural cosmetics made from the island's highest quality ingredients.Laurus Studio gives you the opportunity to acquireknowledge about the benefits of herbs andessential oil effects on health, mood, and beauty; learnto distinguish the base from essential oils, mix fragrancesharmoniously, and prepare natural cosmetics that bestsuit your skin type. Lošinj bath or rich pomade willrestore the vitality of your skin, and provide you with thebest moments of relaxation.Except for having a great time, Studio Lauruswill provide you with enough knowledge soyou could bring along valuable memories of Lošinjthat will improve the quality of your everyday life.Moreover, you will bring along your first aroma orcosmetic preparations that you will create in one of theworkshops. Take a deep breath and inhale the scents ofyour new vitality!Lavanderlat. Lavandula vera,for relaxation, beautifuland pure skin, good sleep6Lošinj bathor rich pomade will restorethe vitality of your skin

Beauty & Wellness... is an integral part of every person’s vitality. Inner peace and balance of body and mind arereflected in our beauty, purity of complexion and skin tone. Skincare with premium naturalcosmetics with the signature of Lošinj plants will restore new vitality to your skin!Treat yourself with a special treatment experiencewith premium preparations from healing andaromatic Lošinj plants and skilled hands of professionaltherapists from Iuvena Studio for face and body care.Specially designed treatments, such as Lošinj massageand vitality massage, as well as wellness packages VitalityPunta and Lošinj dream, use a combination of effectiveessential oils and holistic approach to awaken yourdormant energy and open the pores to absorb all thenatural vitality. Treatments are exclusively performedwith aroma cosmetics signed by Studio Laurus, as wellas with the line of modern Croatian professional naturalcosmetics Essensa Mediterana.Refresh your beauty with magical immortelle; enjoythe detox treatment with Lošinj herbs or uniqueeco treatments for the whole body. Studio Iuvenaprovides you with special moments of relaxation youdo not want to miss, if you want to experience fully theisland and its unique nature.Immortellelat. Helichrysum italicum,for immortal beauty and youth8Beauty & Wellnessis an integral part ofevery person’s vitality

Body & Mind... is a basic postulate of vitality, therefore we need a balance of "a healthy mind in a healthybody". If you do not feel good about yourself and don’t recognize your body as it haschanged over time, if you want a change that will not cause additional stress - PBS Center ofSports Excellence created three programs performed in the healing surroundings of Lošinjthat instantly return vitality.Body Talk, Green Energy Aqua Fit programs areexercises with body technique elements. They areadjusted to all age groups, as well as physical states ofreadiness, so you can let yourself go to the professionalinstructors who will re-introduce you to your body andyourself after a long time.Simple, dynamic exercises will allow you to feeland see the results of these vitality programsimmediately, after the first training.Extra tip: A unique vitality promenade begins beneathVitality Hotel Punta. Ana-Marija Rukavina Jagodić, aprominent kinesiology expert, has designed this promenadeto raise awareness of your vital capacities in the pleasantenvironment of Lošinj’s natural wellness. You can go through10.000 steps you need to pass the promenade, within the PBSprograms with instructor or independently. You will find fivetables with instructions on how to raise awareness of posture,breathing and circulation, and perform targeted exercises. Takeadvantage of this opportunity for awakening dormant vitality,but also for exploring the beauties of magical Lošinj.Re-discoveryour body andyourselfPinelat. Pinus ,for energy, clean respiratorychannels and muscle pain10

Uniquenatural environment... warm sun, healing seawater, scented air, and the incessant concert of crickets will enableyou to enjoy every moment of vacation.The Vitality Zone at the Hotel Punta offers a rangeof facilities, such as indoor and outdoor seawaterpools, sunbathing area with deck chairs and parasols,a Jacuzzi, sauna, relax zone for complete pleasure ofyour relaxation. For those who prefer to relax throughactive vacation, open-air fitness center, an artificialclimbing rock in the open, a complex of tennis courtswith illumination enable you to spend your free timeembraced by the healing nature. If you want to bringphysical condition to perfection, there is a modernlyequipped gym.If you want to consult a physician about your healthand get recommendations on how to take the bestadvantage of your holiday on the island of Lošinj, bookyour appointment. The Vitality Zone offers also theservices of a dentist. Take advantage of the opportunitiesyou are offered and experience a new dimension ofvacation!Sagelat. Salvia Officinalis,the queen of herbs forthe health of the entire body12Take advantage of theopportunitiesyou are offered and experiencea new dimension of vacation!

Feel comfortable inthe Vitality Zone:Book your appointment several days in advance.If you want to start with one of the body techniqueprograms immediately upon arrival at the Hotel VitalityPunta, book your place a few days earlier. The samerecommendation applies to a program of aromatherapyworkshops, as well as for wellness treatments.If you have health problems, mention them toVitality Zone staff when booking your treatment,so they could be able to advise you or adjust theappropriate treatment in order to avoid potentialinconveniences.Choose a male or female therapist when booking,and if you're already familiar with therapists, please askfor the one who suits you best.Choose the best for yourself and ask the staffto adjust lights, music, room temperature, or otherelements to suit your needs. Tell the therapist if youwant complete silence, and the kind of pressure youprefer during massage, stronger or softer. If you are notcomfortable being nude, talk to the manager of VitalityZone or your therapist about the possibility of usingsauna or treatment in a robe, towel or a sheet.It is useful to avoid waxing or shaving at least 2hours before treatment to avoid skin irritation or rash.Likewise, at least 2 hours before treatment do noteat heavy food or alcohol. If you participate in bodytechnique programs or you wish to relax in the jacuzziand sauna, make sure that you hydrate adequately yourbody with fresh water or natural fruit juice.Proper hygiene is half of health, therefore you shoulduse a shower before entering the pool, sauna or jacuzzi.In the sauna please sit on your towel, and if you forgotyour slippers, ask our friendly staff for a pair.Respect the silence and privacy of others, thusleave mobile phones and other electronic devices, whichcan cause noise, in your room, or turn down the volumewhen undergoing a treatment or using other contents ofVitality Zone.The Vitality Zone of Hotel Punta can beindependently used by persons aged 18, or youngerwith parental supervision.Come on time so that you could relax, and start yourtreatment without rush and stress. Similarly, at the end,we recommend 10 minutes of relaxation in our relaxzone in order to feel the full effect of the treatment.14 15

Partners... who have helped us in creating the content of Vitality Zone are highly professional,respected for the achievements in their field. With full confidence we have given them thetask of awakening vitality and establishing harmony between body and mind.PBS CENTER OF SPORTSEXCELLENCEAnd one of its founders, the leading Croatian expertin the field of kinesiology, Ana-Marija RukavinaJagodić designed three vitality programs with elementsof body technique. This functional exercise is ideal forall age groups. With classical Pilates equipment andother requisites, and body technique elements, whichnumber over 3,000 different exercises, you will feelyour vitality returning after the first workout. Therefore,every hour of exercise is programmed differently inorder to improve quality and speed of anthropological,physiological, functional and psychomotor bodydimensions.PBS Center is the place where exercising isenjoyment because it fulfills the client'sindividual wishes and needs in a pleasant and friendlysurroundings of Lošinj. Body instructors devise andadapt every workout in a different way to suit your dailyneeds. Try a new exercise technique and gain healthyhabits for life.For more information,please visit IUVENAFor face and body has been run by by ŽeljkaKetterer, senior physiotherapist, for 14 years. She isan advocate of natural care products, and has created aseries of treatments that will breathe a new energy andvitality in you. Lošinj or Vitality massage will cleanseyou from tension and stress with a holistic approach ofexcellent therapists, and the mixtures of essential oilsand Lošinj's pomades will awaken all your senses.You can choose among numerous, speciallydesigned treatments for face and body and enjoyyour vacation. Besides returning the inner peace andawaking new strength, Studio Iuvena will be the sourceof your beauty and new youth. Treat yourself with thisunique moments of wellness specially designed forguests of the Hotel Punta and Vitality.Studio LAURUSHas been run by an excellent aromatherapyexpert, Anamaria Pažin Morović, who has beensuccessfully working with Lošinj tour operators foryears. Due to her great knowledge of aromatherapyand love of Lošinj, she has designed a special LošinjAromatherapy program for Vitality Zone. During thisprogram the guests learn about essential oils of localmedicinal herbs and their application in everyday life ina fun way. Likewise, areas of the Vitality Hotel Punta areenriched with diffusers and scented blends of essentialoils, based on Anamarija's recipe.In addition, Studio Laurus produces a premium lineof organic cosmetics - Lošinj's cosmetics that is alsoused in all the native beauty & wellness treatmentsof Vitality Zone, and contains of only high qualityingredients from the island's herbs, such as olive andessential oils, coarse sea salt, beeswax, etc.For more information,please visit www.laurus-studio.com16 17

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