What's Happening Feb 18 - Mar 4, 2010 - The Grapevine


What's Happening Feb 18 - Mar 4, 2010 - The Grapevine

1 The GrapevineFeb 18 - Mar 4, 2010Theissue N ọ 3.19Feb 18 - Mar 4, 2010GrapevineBanner by Emma MacDougallCOMMUNITY AWARENESS INVOLVEMENTOur Readership is now approx. 2600!4………TWO-WEEK TWEETS5………EAT TO THE BEAT,6 & 7 …EVENTS CALENDAR8………THE FREE CLASSIFIEDS10……..STARDROPNew Art Exhibit by theMonthu Group - page 10Support the Port WilliamsPark Project with MusicPlay for life - page 9WHO’SRockingTHIS IDEA?Find out on page 11Women Of Wolfville Presents:The Women of Wolfville areabout to mount their ninthannual production - Stirring thePot: WOW Dishes It Out.Food, in case anyone thoughtotherwise, is a complicated businessin 2010. The Women of Wolfvillehave wanted to examine the foodwe eat for several years.Stirring the Pot is our collectiveresponse to a myriad of food-relatedissues facing the post-modernworld.These days food can be an escape, adiversion or a dedicated pursuit.Today obesity abounds and eatingdisorders are not uncommon in themidst of world hunger. Yet directorEmily Levy-Purdy notes that thetopic of food can provoke humour,song and dance.“One of biggest segments is a dancenumber based on Aretha Franklin’sRESPECT. Our lyrics are all aboutthe joys of DESSERT.”WOW’s oldest member MaryGanong, 93, reminds us that duringthe poverty of the Depression foodwas held in reverence. “I attributethat attitude to my parents. Foodwas made to eat and it was a sin tothrow food out.”The Women of Wolfville is anetwork of over 200 women, about50 of them have been preparingfor this production for the last sixmonths.Stirring the Pot will be staged fourtimes at the Festival Theatre inWolfville, at 8 p.m. from Thursdaythrough Saturday, from March4 - 6, along with a 2 p.m. Saturdayafternoon matinee.Through their annual theatricaladventures, the Women of Wolfvillehave raised over $150,000 forcharity since 2001. The 2010show will support school breakfastprograms, the Wolfville Food Bank,the Acadia Community Farm,along with food-related programs inIndia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.Tickets for this year’s production are$12 students/seniors and $15 foradults. They are available at the Boxof Delights in Wolfville.Contact: Wendy Elliott @ 542-7203for further information.http://wow.daysend.ca/index.htmlSLY STONESly has with us since March of lastyear. He is a very passive boy andgets overlooked in our shelter. Slyhas a sweet nature, chubby littleface and is well behaved. He lovessleeping on the top bunk of the cattree. Please drop by and meet thisgentle guy.Update: The Apple Dumpling Gangwere adopted February 5th and Ivy isstill with us.Wolfville Animal HospitalDr. Peter BlighP - 902 542 3422F - 902 542 3352SPCA Update: Last issue’sPepper stillneeds a home.Please email us atkingscountyspca@yahoo.ca or phone538-9075Established in 2004 Contact the Grapevine: grapevine.wolfville@gmail.com Visit us online: www.grapevine.wolfville.org

2 The GrapevineFeb 18 - Mar 4, 2010VIEW FROM THE (distant) DYKESYesterday was brilliant. Thesun was shining bright and thesky was one of those blues that werejust so clear that you could almosttaste it, such was its pureness. Theday was hot but there was a coolbreeze coming in off the lake,enough to dry off the sweat thatwas pouring out of me as I mademy way up a mountain peak justoutside of the city of Queenstown(NZ).I love the mountains. There issomething about them that stirs thesoul. Part of it is looking up frombelow and seeing such grandnessfill the sky, reminding you of theimmensity of nature in all of itspower and beauty. But by far myfavourite part is getting up intothem. There is no feeling that quitecompares to hiking up the side of amountain, working your way to thepeak towering above.Nature is beautiful in all shapesand forms. But for me I cansometimes find it hard to payattention to the subtleties. My headspins with thoughts and I can oftenoverlook the little things of beautythat surround us constantly. Not soin the mountains. There they are,AND THE WINNER IS...........Marke Slippe has won the“Name That Room”contest with his entry of StudioZ. for the newly renovated multipurpose room above the Al WhittleTheatre. The contest, which ranthrough the month of January,inspired 240 varied and creativeresponses from 126 people.“Selecting a winner wasn’teasy.” said Nancy Saul-Demers,spokesperson for the PRin your face. Not much subtletythere. Whenever you turn your headwhile walking along the path youare treated to another view, anothervantage point of the surroundingarea.Walking along, all of a suddenyou get a whiff of pine warmedup by the sun, intermingling withwild flowers and damp earth. Oryou step from the shadows of theforest into the heat of the sun in anopen field. Far off you hear the cryof a hawk searching for prey whilejust at your feet cicadas are playingtheir symphony. Reaching with yourhand to pull yourself up, you feelthe rough texture of the rock stillwarm in the late of the day.The senses come alive, almost tothe point of overload. I am thankfulfor these experiences as theyremind me of the splendor thatwe are surrounded by, whetherin the mountains, floating on alake, hanging out in the park, orjust walking down the street. It’sjust a matter of paying attention.Sometimes we need a kick tobe reminded. I’ve been kickedhard…and for this I am thankful.~Adam BarnettCommittee, “There were so manygood ideas. But Marke’s entry meetsall the criteria and speaks clearly tothe multiple opportunities the roomoffers. As well, it recognizes thecontribution of Bill Zimmerman,an Acadia Cinema Co-op founderand volunteer designer and managerof the Co-op’s facilities. Manyother entries tried, with someamazing configurations of the nameZimmerman, to do the same.Green Scene #15There is something otherthan the Olympics going onin Vancouver this week … TheUniversity of British Columbiahas begun construction of whatis claimed to be the ‘greenestbuilding in North America’. Thenew Center for Interactive Researchon Sustainability (CIRS) willdemonstrate the most progressivesustainability concepts on aninstitutional scale and will providean opportunity for academics andindustry stakeholders to collect fielddata on technological & mechanicalsystems, building materials, and theeffects on human behavior that sucha building creates.UBC claims that the new CIRSwill be a net energy producer. withfuel cells, a solar PV array, solar hotwater heaters, ground source heatpumps and a biomass co-generationsystem on site. The building willcollect, store and use rainwater andstorm water, so that it’s providingits own electricity and water needs.The ambitious hope is that therewill be surplus energy producedwhich can be ‘shared’ among othercampus buildings.Studio Z is available to rent bycontacting audreyconroy@ns.sympatico.ca or by calling 902-679-8064. Also, visit www.ZCIRS will also host simulationsand performances to educate thepublic on sustainability as part ofits Group Decision EnvironmentTheatre.The progressive steps thateducational institutions areexercising in the building industryare vital to the developmentof sustainable mainstreamconstruction. It is noteworthy thatseveral other significant educationalinstitutions Simon Fraser University(SFU), the Emily Carr Universityof Art+Design (EC), and theBritish Columbia Institute ofTechnology (BCIT), are sharingexpertise and gleaning educationalresearch throughout the process ofcreation and life of the building. It’scomforting to realize that there arevery real examples of ‘green’ changegrowing among us.Laura MacNutt, M.Arch., B.E.D.S.PIER 101 home designs inc.1-800-476-9514902-791-1963www.pier101.caalwhittletheatre.ca. Click on StudioZ at the top to see what activitiesare currently scheduled for thisspace.

4 The GrapevineFeb 18 - Mar 4, 2010Free Community Business Listings & Two-Week-Tweets brought to you by:Just Us! Coffee Roasters Cooperative - Main St. Wolfville & Hwy #1 Grand Pre, 542-7474 “Every time you buy something, you have thepower to make a statement about what you value, and to help shape the future of your community – BALLE NS” www.ballens.caThese listings work on a 1st come, 1st served basis. Email grapevine.wolfville@gmail.com every two weeks for your freeplacement. Or, reserve your place with a 5-issue minimum commitment at $10 per issue.Suggested Theme: In celebration of Canada’s National Nutrition Month (March), what is your health tip?Wolfville Business DevelopmentCorporation – 112Front St. Wolfville, 542-4093 • Takesome time and walk around town todiscover the vast array of businessesthat exist here. It’ll be a breath offresh air.The Merchant Wine Tavern/Library Pub – 472 MainSt. Wolfville, 542-5315 • Get yourhealthy sushi at the Merchant WineTavernThe Tempest (Piazza)Restaurant – 117 Front St.Wolfville, 542-0588 / www.tempest.ca • THE SUNNY TASTES OFSPAIN - Spanish buffet at Tempest/Piazza Wednesday February 24th.$29.95 (Acadia Students $25.95) -PAELLA, TAPAS, FLAO and more.Reservations 542-0588The Ivy Deck Bistro – 8 ElmAve. Wolfville, 542-1868 • FREETAN COFFEE (yes!!) with yourmeal, from now until April 1 st ,2010, to help speed you throughwinter.Ross Creek Centre for theArts – 555 Ross Creek Road, Canning,582-3842 • Make beautifulmusic with Ross Creek on March7. Our open house is music themedart for all ages. Bring instruments,or make new ones. Check us out atwww.artscentre.caAtlantic Lighting Studio -16 Elm Ave. Wolfville, 542-3431 /www.atlanticlightingstudio.com• Beenergy efficient and take better careof your eyes at the same time- Askthe experts how!IFix Computers – Wolfville,690-7899, www.akasvirtual.com /akas@akasvirtual.com • Are the bigstores’ overpaid tech service causingstress? Try a local computer doctorto service your family computer.Aspinall Pottery - 9842 MainSt. Canning, 582-7028 • Goodfood tastes better in ASPINALLPOTTERY dishes. AvailableSaturday mornings at the WolfvilleFarmers’ Market, Saunders Tartansand Gifts in New Minas and at theCanning StudioPumpkin Moon Farm &Herbals – Wolfville, 542-0831/ www.pumpkinmoonfarm.com •Choosing locally-farmed andlocally-produced products goesbeyond the dinner table – a healthylifestyle includes choosing local,organic teas, body care, and herbalremedies too. Happy NutritionMonth in March!Mariposa Interiors – 112Front St. Wolfville, 542-7881 •Sink your teeth into the deliciousdecorator fabrics for drapery andupholstery and save the tax untilMarch 12 at Mariposa Interiors !Sister Lotus -Wolfville,697-2661/ http://www.sisterlotus.com. • Yourskin absorbs nutrients readily intothe bloodstream. Be sure thento feed your skin nourishing oils,herbs, and other botanical ingredientswith our all-natural lusciousbody care products. Found at theWolfville Farmer’s Market and varioushealth food stores in N.S.Kathleen’s Shuttle andTours – 834-2024 / www.freewebs.com/digbytoursandshuttle • Afterhard physical work, take an aspirinbefore you go to bed, so you don’twake up aching. Also, take Kathleen’sShuttle for the health of theenvironment. Six people means fiveless cars with emissions on the road.Ward’s Way to Fitness –Wolfville, 698-1908 / http://jasonward.ne• Try one new sport orphysical activity a month, you neverknow what may be a good fit foryour health and fitness!Sarah Trask Homeopathy- 116-112 Front St. Wolfville, 542-2317 / www.homeopathichealing.ca• Olive oil is a greatsource of antioxidants, plus it is ananti-inflammatory monosaturatedfat. Diets that have olive oil havebeen shown to slow cognitive declineand may decrease the rates ofcardiovascular disease and cancer.boso Bamboo Boutique– Harbourside Drive (Railtown)Wolfville, 542-7790 / www.boso.ca• Live healthy....be in bamboo!The Acadia Media Centre– Horton Hall Basement, AcadiaUniversity, 585-1332 / www.acadiau.ca/amc/ • Health tip: don’tstress over taking meeting notes.Our facilities allow DVD-qualityaudio and video recordings. Tryit for no charge during our free3-hour weekly sessions.Grapevine Publishing –692-8546 / http://grapevine.wolfville.org/ • Stay healthy by asking forhelp when needed. With that inmind, help with specific Grapevinetasks is required (including deliveriesin April). Creative compensation.Please inquire.The Valley Cat Hotel – 1221Hwy 341, Upper Canard, 698-3827/ www.ValleyCatHotel.com • Yourcat’s health is our number one concern.We treat them purrfectly.Abhaya Mixed MartialArts – 38 Hwy 358, Greenwich,542-1666 / www.abhaya.ca • Followa workout regime specific for yourbody type. We have many classes tochoose from.The Mystic Meadow – HarboursideDrive (Railtown), Wolfville,542-1449 / www.themysticmeadow.com • Our body scans are a greatway to discover what your bodyis trying to tell you. They unveilpotential problems early.The Dandelion:Hasawarded over $17000 in Entrepreneurialloans thus far. We’dlike to do more. Please contact:TheDandelionCooperative@gmail.com if you have a localbusiness idea that could benefitfrom funds.

5 The GrapevineFeb 18 - Mar 4, 2010Send your event listings to grapevine.wolfville@gmail.com for publishing in the list. No charge!THURSDAYS:Babies and Books - WolfvilleMemorial Library. 10-11am. Babies(newborns to 24 months) and caregiverscan join us for an hour of songsand stories. Continues weekly untilthe end of February INFO: 542-5760Acadia Lifelong Learning BrownBag Lunch Series - FountainLearning Commons, Acadia University,Noon-1pm. Public speakerson various topics.Feb 25th: TheDandelion Community InvestmentCooperative. Speaker: Jeremy Novak.Mar 4th: Habitat for Humanity,speaker TBA. TIX: No charge INFO:Scott 582-3933In the Round Knitting Group -Gaspereau Valley Fibres. 1-4pm. Info:542-2656Corkage Free Thursdays - TempestRestaurant, Wolfville. Purchase amain dish and bring your own winebottle for no chargeFRIDAYS:A Book In the Nook - WolfvilleMemorial Library. 3:30pm. Curl up,relax and enjoy listening to a story inour Book Nook. INFO: 542-5760Jam Session - Wolfville Legion.7:30-10pm. Bring an instrument andplay along. $2 drop-in chargeAngry Beavers Improv ComedyNight - Michener Lounge (SUB),Acadia University 8pm “The funniestimprov in Wolfville.” No chargeSATURDAYS:ExhibitsWolfville Farmers’ Market -Student Union Building, AcadiaUniversity. 8:30am-1pm. Feb 20th:Music Guest: Caleb Miles. Feb 27th:Valley Kick-Off of Nutrition Month.Music Guest: Darren ArsenaultPeace Vigil - Post Office, Wolfville.12-1pmMONDAYS:Family Playgroups - Valley ClothDiaper Company, 945 Church St,Port Williams. 10:30am-noon. Chat,snack, relax & play. INFO: 542-8624TUESDAYS:Storytime - Wolfville MemorialLibrary, 10-11am. Kids aged 3-5 andtheir caregivers have fun with stories,songs and activities. Ongoing untilend of March. INFO: 542-5760Chess Club - Wolfville MemorialLibrary, 3:30pm INFO: 542-5760Scottish Country Dancing -Wolfville Legion, 7:30-9:30pm Mixedlevels. $7 drop-in INFO: Maggie542-5320WEDNESDAYS:Parents’ Morning Out (guestspeakers & discussions awayfrom the little ones) - BaptistChurch, Wolfville 9:30-11:30pm $5suggested for babysittingFrench Movie Nights - BAC 237,Acadia University, 5:30pm. March3rd: Le Bison (et sa voisine Dorine)INFO: Quentin 585-1175Wolfville Community Chorus- Home of Susan Dworkin (100Sherwood Dr), Wolfville. 5:30-7pmUntil June ‘10. Cost: $3EAT TO THE BEATEvery Evening of the WeekBrought to you by Moe’s PlaceMusic Sales & Service129 Gerrish St. Windsorinfo@moesplace.ca / 798 5565/ www.moesplace.caTHURSDAYS:Spitfire Arms Alehouse (Windsor):Big Dave Guptil (18th), TheMoonshine Ramblers (25th), GlenCampbell (4th) 7pmPaddy’s Pub (Kentville): The HupmanBrothers (18th & 25th) 8pmMud Creek Grill (Wolfville): LukeSalmon (18th), TBA (25th & 4th)9pmLibrary Pub (Wolfville): Scotty TooHotty (18th), Fat Tony & the Speedholes,(25th) Don Deveau (4th) 9pmThe Stone Room (Kentville): OpenMic w/Melissa Vidito & Bernie Zinck(18th, 25th, 4th) 9:30pmDoolys (New Minas): Karaoke &DJ w/Billy T (18th, 25th, 4th) 10pmFRIDAYS:Blomidon Inn (Wolfville): JazzMannequins (19th, 26th) 6:30-10:00pmSpitfire Arms Alehouse (Windsor):The Studebakers (19th), GordonTucker (26th) 8pmUnion Street Cafe (Berwick):Open Mic Kitchen Party w/Deerfield(19th) & SWIG (26th) 8pmPort Pub (Port Williams): MikeAube (26th) 8:30pmBoston Pizza (New Minas): Karaoke(19th & 26th) 9pmDoolys (New Minas): Jokers Right(19th), Ambush (26th) 10pmWestside Charlies (New Minas):DJ Loony Tunes (19th & 26th) 10pmSATURDAYS:Spitfire Arms (Windsor): HeatherKelday (20th), Denoon Blues (27th)7pmMud Creek Grill (Wolfville): DonDeveau (20th), Lacey Murrell (27th)8pmKings Arm Pub (Kentville): SWIG(20th), Park St. (27th) 9pmAXE Lounge (Acadia University):DJ Scratch (from the Roots) (27th)Dooly’s (New Minas): Karaoke &DJ Billy T (20th & 27th) 10pmWestside Charlies (New Minas):Bunker Spencer (20th), Special Show:Eddy’s Basement, $5 (27th) 10pmSUNDAYS:Paddy’s Pub (Wolfville): CelticMusic Sessions (21st & 28th) 8pmMONDAYS:Paddy’s Pub (Wolfville): Open Micw/ the Hupman Brothers (22nd) &Mike Trask (1st) 8pmTUESDAYS:The Port Pub (Port Williams):Open Mic w/Ian Brownstien & SteveLee (23rd & 2nd) 7:30pmWEDNESDAYS:Kings Arm Pub (Kentville): Karaokew/Denny Miles (24th & 3rd) 9pmMud Creek Grill (Wolfville):Moonshine Ramblers (24th), OpenMic (3rd) 9pmWestside Charlies (New Minas):Karaoke w/Steve McKarney (24th &3rd) 9:30pmAXE Lounge (Acadia University):Wing/Trivia & Karaoke Nights (24th& 3rd) 6:30pmA Story Teller w/AddedMagic - Designer Café, Kentville.Unitl Feb 22 nd . An exhibitionof original water colour andink painting from the popularcomics of Mark Oakley.INFO: 365-332219 th Annual Acadia ArtExhibition - Acadia ArtGallery, Acadia University.Until March 3 rd . Join us for ourannual non-juried exhibition ofwork by students, alumni, staff,faculty & community.INFO: 585-1373the Monthu GroupOpening - ArtCan Gallery,Canning. Opening Thurs Feb 19 th ,7-9pm. Until March 6 th . Worksof: Todd Durling, Ian Funke-McKay, Michaela Hayes, LynnWalker, and Ron Hayes. Seearticle page 10 INFO: 582-7071“Press” – Annual ShowHarvest Gallery, Wolfville.An annual show and sale ofwork by Nova Scotia’s premierprint makers. INFO: 542-7093

6 The GrapevineFeb 18 - Mar 4, 2010What’s Happening from Feb 18 - Mar 4, 2010Send your event listings to grapevine.wolfville@gmail.com for publishing in this listTHURSDAY, 18Wolfville Women’s Book ClubMemorial Library, Wolfville 7-8:30pm.Reading “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”.Contact Allison for a copy of the book orbring your own. TIX: no charge INFO:allisoncoldwell@yahoo.caJohn J. Guiney Yallop ReadingThe Box of Delights, Wolfville 7-9pm.John J. Guiney Yallop will read from hislatest collection of poetry ‘ Notes To MyProstate’. Dr. Guiney Yallop will reflect onpersonal experiences during a very criticaltime in his life. Please join us. Refreshmentsprovided. TIX: Donation for prostatecancer INFO: 542-9511FRIDAY, 19Kentville for HaitiFire Hall, Kentville 7pm.Beer in the Headlights, Jenny MacDonald,Susan Ueffing, Melissa Vidito, Caleb Miles,Kevin Davison, Thugs at Bay, Bernie ZinckBand, Vintage Country TIX: $10 donationto Red Cross at doorSATURDAY, 20Snowmobile Snow Drag RacesBlomidon Performance Race Track (beyondBerwick/Somerset) 8:30am registration, 11amraces. Many classes and rules. Must be 19years old to participate. Dress warmly, bringa chair. TIX: $5 for spectators, $30 forsledders INFO: Darren 679-6612 www.snowmobilersavlrr.comScotian Hiker: Blomidon ProvincialPark - Lower parking lot, Blomidon Park,Pereau Road. 10am. Steep & strenuous climbfollowed by beautiful vistas on the Jodreytrail. Bring snowshoes just in case.TIX: no charge INFO: www.scotianhiker.com/events.htmWinter CarnivalLockhart and Ryan Park, New Minas, Noon-4pm. Enjoy an afternoon of skating,tobogganing, snowshoeing (bring yourown), bonfires, wagon rides, snow sculpting,ball hockey & hot chocolate.INFO: 681-6972Valley Ecstatic DanceSt John’s Parish Hall, Wolfville. 7:30pmwarm-up, 8pm doors close. Bring water,your bare feet and willing spirit. TIX:$10 regular, $7 unwaged/student INFO:valleyecstaticdance@hotmail.comStan Carew & the MagpiesCentreStage Theatre, Kentville 8pm.Time to shake off the mid-winter blueswith some music. Join CentreStage Theatreon Feb 20th to enjoy the talents of ourfavorite Weekend CBC voice Stan Carewand the Magpies. Opening for Stan isWindsor-based Swingology bringing somegypsy jazz to start your toes tapping.TIX: $15.00 INFO: 678-8040.SUNDAY, 21Mountain Bike Ice RaceSilver Lake, Lakeville (off Route 221) 11amregistration, 12noon races. Duel eliminationchallenge, head to head competition on asingletrack course with more twist & turnsthan the Cabot Trail! Who will be the lastone standing? Funds raised go towardsAnnapolis Valley Trails Development.TIX: $5 registration INFO: Colin 542-7218,colin@valleystoveandscyle.comCadance Dance MarathonRecreation Centre, Kentville 11am-5pm.The Full Marathon is a full day danceexperience for anyone 7+ years old. Allowseveryone to try new dance styles and raisemoney for dance bursaries for studentswithin the community. No dance experienceis needed so bring as many friends as youlike! TIX: $25 Pledge minimum for wholeday or $10 per class. Prizes for larger pledgeamounts. INFO: Karma 679-3616, info@cadanceacademy.caMusic. Play for LifeDenton Hall, Wolfville 2pm. In support of thePort Williams Community Park, a concerthosted by actress Shelley Thompson anddirected by Christianne Rushton (AcadiaSchool of Music). Featuring prominentlocal musicians including: Rachel MacLean,Molly Thomason, the Annapolis ValleyHonour Choir, the Acadia Youth Choir,John Tetrault, Greg Muttart, the ThreeMezzos, Sarah Pound, the Fiddlestickersand many others. TIX: $15 adults, $10students/seniors @ boso Bamboo House(Railtown), Acadia School of Music & PortWilliams Baptist Church INFO: 678-1562,lauracd@ns.sympatico.caFundy Film screens: CreationAl Whittle Theatre, Wolfville 4 & 7pmA heart-wrenching inside look at CharlesDarwin (Paul Bettany), his family and hislove for his deeply religious wife (JenniferConnelly) as, torn between faith and science,he struggled with his legendary On the Originof Species which became the foundation forevolutionary biology. See ad page 11TIX: $8 INFO: 542-5157MONDAY, 22Blood DisordersEastern Kings Memorial CommunityHealth Centre, Wolfville 1:30-3pm. Publicinformation session via Telehealth; part ofthe Staying Healthy in Mid-Life and Beyondseries of public sessions. Seating is limitedINFO/Register: 542-1178TUESDAY, 23Give Curling a TryWolfville Curling Club, 7pm. Free clinic atthe curling club..INFO: 542-3819, www.wolfvillecurlingclub.caWEDNESDAY, 24Acadia Athletics: Men’s BasketballVs St. Mary’s -Acadia Athletic Complex7pm. TIX: $10 Adult, $5 external studentINFO: 542-5500CFUW Wolfville MeetingManning Memorial Chapel, lower level, AcadiaUniveristy. 7:15pm. Internet Security willbe presented by Leslie Porter and TinaMoyles. Potential members and the publicare welcome. Refreshments will be served.INFO: isabel.palmeter@gmail.comAcadia Athletics: Men’s PLAYOFFHockey Vs TBA -Acadia Sports Complex,Wolfville 7:30pm360 Main Street, Wolfville. 697-FILM (3456)cinematopia@gmail.com

7 The GrapevineFeb 18 - Mar 4, 2010What’s Happening Feb 18 - Mar 4, 2010Holding An Event? List it at www.valleyevents.caSemi Final Game #1 (Acadia is ranked #4in the country) Series Schedule not decidedat time of publication.TIX: $12 Adult, $6external student INFO: 542-5500THURSDAY, 25Landmark East Open HouseLandmark East School, Wolfville 9:30am-12:30pm. Visitors are invited to attendLandmark East Open House Events duringthe winter and spring. Other dates include:March 25 th , April 15 th , May 6 th & June 3TIX: no charge INFO: 542-2237FRIDAY, 26Family Literacy Day CeilidhMurdoch C. Smith Memorial Library, PortWilliams 7-8:30pm. We are delighted toannounce that our Family Literacy DayCeilidh with ECMA nominee fiddler, AnnaLudlow. Come and join us for foot tappingmusic, story telling and snacks. All ageswelcome. TIX: no charge INFO: 542-3005SATURDAY, 27Acadia Athletics: Men’s BasketballVs Memorial -Acadia Athletic Complex7pm. TIX: $10 Adult, $5 external studentINFO: 542-5500‘Show Us Your Tats’ with Eddy’sBasement - Westside Charlies, New Minas10pm-2am. Hands down, the best Rockband in the Valley will be rocking the stageduring this tattoo competition. presentedby Smokin’ Entertainment where tats willbe judged for a chance to win $500 in giftcert. from Everlasting Ink in New Minas.It’s going to be an AMAZING night of funand great music. See article pg 11. TIX: $5(includes entry into comp. if you want)SUNDAY, 28Acadia Athletics: Men’s BasketballVs Memorial -Acadia Athletic Complex2pm. TIX: $10 Adult, $5 external studentINFO: 542-5500Sunday Music in the Garden RoomKC Irving Centre, Acadia University 2pm.A varied program of works from Baroqueto Contemporary, performed by the NovaBrass Quintet and Jennifer King, piano.Sunday Music in the Garden Room issponsored & managed by members of theAssociated Alumni of Acadia U. TIX: FreeGrass Roots Democracy PanelManning Memorial Chapel basement, Wolfville2-4pm. The panel will be chaired byDr.(Huddy) Van Wilgenburg a farmer andspecialist in theories of democracy. Panelmembers include: Deborah MacLachlan(Labour), Ian Stewart (Acadia University)and Honorable Ramona Jennex MLA KingsSouth Come and join the debate about thisincreasingly urgent topic. TIX: no chargeFundy Film screens: MoonAl Whittle Theatre, Wolfville 4 & 7pm.A major hit at Sundance and one of thesmartest, most well rounded science fictionfilms in recent memory: Lunar Industriesmaintains a mostly automated base on thedark side of the moon with AstronautSam Bell (Sam Rockwell) and basecomputer GERTY (Kevin Spacey’s voice)monitoring. Days before the end of histhree-year tour, there is an accident andwhen Sam awakes, something seems amiss.See ad page 11. TIX: $8 INFO: 542-5157MONDAY, 01Wolfville Committee of CouncilTown Council Chambers, Wolfville, 1:30-4pmINFO: 542-5767WEDNESDAY, 03Fundy Film screens: Herb &Dorothy -Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville 7pm.Herbert Vogel, a postal clerk, and DorothyVogel, a librarian, built one of the mostimportant contemporary art collectionsin history with very modest means. Afterthirty years of meticulous collecting, theVogels managed to accumulate over 2,000pieces small enough to fit in their onebedroomManhattan apartment. This docis the extraordinary story of this uniquevisionary curatorial couple. See ad page 11TIX: $8 INFO: 542-5157Live TheatreLast of Jane AustenCentreStage Theatre, Kentville.. Feb 25 th , 26 th &27 th @ 8pm (Fridays & Saturdays till March27 th ) A marvelous and touching comedy byShirl Hendryx. Two elderly, usually quiteproper sisters in a small Midwestern town,bored with playing canasta and attendingreadings of Jane Austin novels developa passion for boxing. Directed by CandyO’Brien. Appropriate for older teens andadults. TIX: $12 Adults, $10 Students, $5Children INFO: 678-350242nd Street - The MusicalHorton High School, Wolfville. Feb 27 th , Mar4 th & 5 th @ 7pm. Feb 28 th @ 2pmEntertaining antics, energetic dancing, andgreat songs! TIX: $10 adults, $8 students/seniors at Box of Delights, Wolfville INFO:542-6060A Short History of the BluesLower Denton Theatre, Wolfville 7:30pm,March 3 rd -6 th (& 10 th -13 th ) 7:30pmA steady rollin’ tour through Americansocial history. Racial segregation, civil rights,and even the Sex Pistols play a role in thismusical journey. A live blues band playsthe work of Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters,George Thorogood, Janis Joplin and manymore! A Short History of the Blues is ashow guaranteed to banish those bluesaway, even as it presents a panoramic viewof the dramatic history of America’s mostquintessential musical form.TIX: $12 regular, $10 student/senior INFO/Reserve: 585-1766360 Main Street, Wolfville. 697-FILM (3456)cinematopia@gmail.com

8 The GrapevineFeb 18 - Mar 4, 2010Thanks to the Trail Shop, The Grapevine is pleased to offer FREE CLASSIFIEDS!Like the Free Business Listings, this page works on a first come, first served basis (limit 1 listing per person). Or, to reserve aplacement, pay $5 per issue (3-issue minimum commitment). Please keep listings to 35 words or less.Shoes for Souls: Donate used ornew shoes that you do not wantanymore. These will be donatedto the Halifax homeless & peopleof Zambia. INFO/Donation: KyleWarkentin 825-2315Auditions: Getting Sara Married.Modern comedy, requiring3 females (mid 20’s, 30’s & 60s)and 3 males (mid 30s to 40s).Running June 3-July 10th. Auditions:Tues, March 23rd, 7pm, @CentreStage Theatre, Kentville.INFO: Mindy mindyvt@gmail.com.Auditions: Cinderella, Cinderella!Family show, requiring 3 males(2 young adults, 1 any age) and 5females (3 young adults, 2 moremature) 15 years or older. Runningin June. Auditions: Thurs,March 4th, 5:30pm @ Centre-Stage Theatre, Kentville. INFO:Kerri hawk_news@hotmail.comTHE VOCAL ZONE: Masterclasses, workshops and privatetuition for singers. INFO: www.thevocalzone.ca Contact: 680-6170, info@thevocalzone.caSCORE! Youth Music Program:Saturdays @ the Ross Creek Centrefor 6 weeks, starting March 20.Ages 12-19, cost $150, send audiosample to programs@artscentre.ca.Deadline February 26. Meant tosupplement pre-existing trainingor experience.Spanish Lessons: In addition,she is also offering: guitar andgeneral music lessons. ContactMargarita at 698-0540, margaritacampoamor@yahoo.esWolfville Community Chorus:Meets every Wednesday, 5:30pm@ Wickwire Place. INFO: 542-0649, susan_dworkin@hotmail.comMusic Lessons: Matt Kallio isaccepting piano & music theorystudents. All ages & skill levels.INFO: 697-2767, kallio.matt@gmail.comNS Music Wanted: WolfvilleCommunity Radio (www.capcast.net) is looking to build their localmusic library. Please drop off CDsto Library. INFO: Nick wocap@nsar.library.ns.caFemale Musicians Invited: Toperform at International Women’sDay, Fri, March 12th. A fundraiserfor Chrysalis House. INFO/Sign-up: Zelda Abramson 585-1273, zelda.abramson@acadiau.caSponsored by: Acadia UniversityFaculty Association’s Women’sCommitteeBillets Needed: Slow Food 2010National volunteer leaders aremeeting at Acadia April 28 29and 30 and rooms are needed.Walking distance to campus preferred.Contact Michael mhowellgtc@ns.sympatico.caLaughology: Featuring stand-upcomic Susan Carter, laughingactivities and the LaughologyDocumentary. Sat April 17th7pm, Al Whittle Theatre. $15 +HST, Available at Box of Delights,Wolfville. Guaranteed evening ofLAUGHTER! Contact: Helen692-8918Save Wolfville School: Deadlinefor individual letters to the SchoolBoard is Feb 26th. Email StuartJamison schoolreviews@avrsb.caOutdoor Outlooks - Pride and NationalityFirst off, I love beingCanadian, I love this countryand the people lucky enough toinhabit it. That being said, therehas always been something thathas bothered me about peoplederiving a sense of pride solely fromnationality.This year I made a very strong pointto immerse myself in Olympicfever. We have a big screen andprojector here at The Trail Shopbroadcasting the games. I gohome and turn on the games, andI am, for the first time in my life,drinking in as much Olympic spiritsas I can. As I write this, we are fivedays into the games and somethingjust hasn’t been sitting right, and Ithink I can finally articulate whatthat something is.All of the commercials, TV specialsand over all televised coverage of theOlympics is really going overboardtrying to instill a sense of pridein Canadians. Which is fine, upto a point. But this world is allabout balance, and there is a drasticimbalance going on here. Whyaren’t the broadcasting powers thatbe using this global opportunity totry to instill a sense of global pride,and international unity. Why arethere no features on internationalathletes? We could learn so muchabout other countries and theinspiring stories from around theworld. After all, we are a countrymade up of many nationalities andTHAT is something to be proudof too.We certainly do have a lot to boastabout in being Canadian, but that’sFocus on Financials: Two-DayWorkshop by the Acadia Centrefor Social & Business Entrepreneurshipto help you understandfinancial statements, cash flowand financial management. March3-4, 9am-4pm, 80 Water St.Windsor, $175 + HST. INFO/Register: Helen 585-1655 helen.abel@acadiau.caBelly Dancing Workshop: Afun afternoon at Inner Sun YogaCentre, Front St, Wolfville, 542-YOGA (9642), www.innersunyoga.ca.Sun, February 21st, 2-5pm, $25.00 + HST, Teacher:Colleen HagenYoga Classes w/Heather Pierce:All Levels Restorative & AshtangaVinyasa Yoga. Al Whittle’s StudioZ. Wednesdays at 5:30pm, $12Drop-in. Info: Heatherpierce33@hotmail.comResearch on Relationships: Weare seeking couples to take partin an online 5 day diary study.Daily entries require 5-10 minutesand you could WIN $1000!http://www.research-on-relationships.com(Acadia Universtiy) ondisplay at Town Officenot what we are all about, is it?The Olympics are a competitionon the grandest scale. World classathletes dedicate their lives for ashot at the gold. But while thecompetition rages it would be niceto see people learning about othercultures, athletes and internationalrelationships.What do you think? I would loveto hear any insight or opinionsconcerning this little editorialhere. Feel free to write me atbrian@trailshop.comContact Wolfville’s Trail Shop at 697-3115 if your non-profit organization could benefit from this banner space.

9 The GrapevineFeb 18 - Mar 4, 2010Music Play for LifeAs Benjamin Franklin oncesaid, we do not stop playingbecause we grow old. We grow oldbecause we stop playing. Music isimportant to growing minds. Sois play.With this in mind, a concertentitled Music. Play for Life willbe held on Sunday, February 21at 2pm at Denton Hall, AcadiaUniversity (storm date February28) in support of the Port WilliamsCommunity Park.Actress Shelley Thompson, a formerWolfville resident, will be theemcee and Christianne Rushtonfrom the Acadia School of Musicis the artistic director. The concertfeatures prominent local musiciansincluding Rachel MacLean, MollyThomason, t@b, the AnnapolisValley Honour Choir, the AcadiaYouth Choir, John Tetrault,Greg Muttart, the Three Mezzos(Christianne Rushton, PaulaRockwell and Claire Mallin), SarahPound, the Fiddlestickers and manyother special guests. A full list ofperformers can be found at www.pwpark.ca.“We are so thrilled that somany talented musicians arevolunteering their time to supportthe Port Williams Park,” says parkcommittee member and eventorganizer, Laura Churchill Duke.As Rachel MacLean said, “wehave so many friends with youngchildren in Port Williams. This isa great community project.” TheAcadia School of Music is alsoproud to support this concert. “Inmy role as head of voice at Acadia,”says Rushton, “I see many friends,colleagues and staff members whoare parents too. It is something thatthe University community is excitedto support and that the Schoolof Music could contribute to byhosting this fundraising event.”Proceeds from the concert willgo towards establishing a park inPort Williams. Since the fall of2008, a hard surface court and aparking area have been constructedand playground equipment hasstarted to be installed. Other parkamenities will include, a reflexologygarden, picnic tables, restingbenches and walking trails. To learnmore about the Port Williams Parkproject, visit www.pwpark.ca.Tickets are now on sale at Boso(Railtown, Wolfville), the AcadiaSchool of Music, and the PortWilliams Baptist Church office for$15 for adults and $10 for studentsand seniors.March forum will highlight lifelong learningWOLFVILLE, NOVA SCOTIA—Staying lively after 50 is said to beeasier and more fun if you keepexercising your mind, your bodyand your social life.In celebration of InternationalAdult Learners’ Week (March 1–7),the Acadia Lifelong Learning (ALL)Centre is hosting an evening ofspeakers and displays about themany benefits of lifelong learning,including mental, physical andsocial health. Information will alsobe available on lifelong learningopportunities in the AnnapolisValley.“Prospects: New Possibilities After50” takes place Wednesday, March3rd, in the auditorium of the KCIrving Environmental Centre onUniversity Avenue, Wolfville.Displays by local organizationsinvolved in adult learning will be inthe lobby of the auditorium from7:00 pm onwards. Experts will beon hand to answer your questions.A panel of four presenters, withopportunity for questions andcomments, will take place in theauditorium from 7:30 to 8:30pm. Admission is free, and all arewelcome. Free metered parking isavailable on campus.The presenters are Janet Mooney,Chair of the Eastern KingsCommunity Health Board and aCertified Personal Trainer in chargeof the Acadia Active Aging (TripleA) program; Dave Whitman ofLawrencetown, a local historian,author, publisher and accomplishedchainsaw carver; Muriel Bent ofMiddleton, a retired missionarynurse and active communityvolunteer; and Dr. Mary Shankel,a medical doctor and specialist ingeriatric medicine.The moderator will be GaryHepburn, Director of Open Acadiaand a champion of lifelong learning.As well as celebrating UNESCO’sInternational Adult Learners’Week, the event marks the tenthanniversary of the founding of theALL Centre.The Acadia Lifelong LearningCentre was created in 2000 as a wayof sharing intellectual resources ofAcadia University with the growingpopulation of senior adults. TheALL Centre, under the umbrellaof Open Acadia, provides courses,seminars, and outings for adults50 and over. The Advisory Board,drawn from the membership,works to develop relationships withall aspects of the university andcommunity to provide the bestlearning experiences for its membersand to contribute to Acadia and thecommunity.More info: Debbie Kiely, 585-1171Buds & Bygones542-7623Fair tradeor locallygrownflowerswww.wolfvilleflowers.com11 Gaspereau Ave., Wolfville, NSExpiry March 3rd.

10 The GrapevineFeb 18 - Mar 4, 2010Stardrop by Mark Oakley - www.iboxpublishing.com - Brought to you byArt exhibition at ArtCan GalleryThe Monthu Group iscomposed of 5 very uniqueindividuals. What was created bythem has come together in an artexhibition at ArtCan Gallery.1. Todd Durling is fromBridgewater. He performed moderndance in his past life. He nowexpresses his passion for movementthrough paint.2. Ian McKay-Funke lives in Scott’sBay with his family and is a risingart star. His work is inspired byartists like British landscape painterJ.W. Turner.3. Michaela Hayes’ interests arequite diverse. She loves to cook,watch films and listen to 60’s music.When she not playing some vinylat ArtCan she may grab her cameraand shoot the moon rising overKingsport.4. Lynn Walker lives in Grand Preand is well loved throughout thevalley. She is modest about hertalent as an artist but we are reallynot sure why?5. Ron Hayes loves to paint andshare his ideas about art witheveryone. He opened ArtCanGallery in Canning in 2001.The Monthu Group at ArtCanGallery is opening Friday February19th from 7 - 9pm. Storm dateSaturday February 20th from 2 -4pmThe exhibition continues throughMarch 6th. ArtCan is open Mondaythru Saturday 10am - 5 pm. 9850Main Street, Canning 582 7071The Box of DelightsA Delightful Little Bookshopon Main Street, Wolfvillewww.boxofdelightsbooks.com

11 The GrapevineFeb 18 - Mar 4, 2010Who’s Who? Jay Chetwynd: “smokin’ in the valley”Some of you have heard ofSmokin’ Entertainment throughseeing posters, attending shows,hearing radio ads or articles inlocal media. That is something thatSmokin’ Entertainment Founder,Jay Chetwynd is very thankful for.Jay, a Valley boy, moved backhere after learning some tricksof the trade in Vancouver. Thoseexperiences included having thechance to: work at MTV and VirginRecords, attend music businessschool, perform backgroundroles in TV shows, shadow onHollywood movie productions andwork for Western Canada’s topthree music promotion companies.He was also awarded the veryfirst “Environmental FootprintAward” from Rogers Media. Theseexperiences allowed the chance tomeet many of his childhood heroes,including Slash, Tony Bennett,Daniel Lanois, Kevin Bacon, ElvisCostello and many more. It hadalways been the “dream of a youngboy” to experience these thingsand it all manifested itself throughsticking to the course combinedwith going with the flow, but neverquitting.Back in the Valley for two years,he has continuously maintainedan effort to expose bands to newmarkets and to increase awarenessto the abundance of talent that theValley offers. He has also workedhard to bring talent from away thatmight not normally stop in ourregion.Jay works to hit all angles ofmusic, from Folk to Blues, Metalto Country. Some of the eventsSmokin’ has been part of bringinginclude: K-Rock’s Birthday Bashand the Kim Mitchell concertduring Apple Blossom (estimatedduel attendanceover 12 000) andbeing EntertainmentCoordinator for thepast Wharf Rat Rally(attracting over 85,000people and winning“Nova Scotia TourismEvent of the Year”).Smokin’ has alsobrought bands from asfar away as England tothe Valley and hosted avast-array of local events.The summer of 2010 promises toplease music lovers as the Smokin’shows are going to get bigger andbetter. One event in the near futureis “SHOW US YOUR TATS” atWest Side Charlies in New Minason Sat., Feb. 27th at 9PM. Duringthis night of displaying tattoos bylocal artists, the Valley’s #1 Rockband, Eddy’s Basement, will alsobe performing. Admission for theevent is $5 at the door and $500in tattoo prizes from EverlastingInk are up for grabs just forshowing your tattoo on the bigscreen. For more info on Smokin’Entertainment, join the FacebookGroup, as we all know nobodygoes to real websites anymore.....!Jay can also be reached at:smokinentertainment@hotmail.comeditor’s updateIf it helps, cold weather is theonly way to slow the spread ofthe pine beetle JApology time: sorry about lastcrossword. That’s what you getwhen you mix new questions withthe previous puzzle. I’d also like toapologize to Margarita as I forgotto include her Spanish and guitarlessons in last issue’s classifiedsection. She’s in there this timethough (pg 9) and would love toshare her talents.Reminder to all kids about the Feb21st deadline for Colouring Contestat Wolfville’s Clayground. Theyhave more images of the monkey instore. Cool prizes to be won!I also have to mention that Jossand I are currently savouringdeliciousness from the Tempest’sPIAZZA menu mmmm. Italianfood is my fav and I’ve beenmeaning to check it out for a whilenow; I’ll be back before the end ofMarch for sure.Finally, we love our Olympic effortsso far. Oh Canada! ~Jeremy Novakhappy heart tea(in honour of Heart Month)• 2 pts. Hawthorn Berries• 2 pts. Rose Petals• 1 pt. Motherwort Leaves• 1 pt. Lemon BalmPour boiling water over herbs andlet steep 5 minutes. Strain andserve.Please note: Please consult a healthcare practitioner before using any ofthese remedies if you have allergies,if you are pregnant or nursing, ifyou have a medical condition, or ifyou are taking prescription drugs.Angie Jenkins is a practicingHerbalist in Wolfville. To schedulea Herbal Consultation, she canbe reached at 902-697-2661. Formore info, visit www.sisterlotus.com.

12 The GrapevineFeb 18 - Mar 4, 2010Scotian HikerThere’s no place likehome to roam.triviawww.scotianhiker.com1 Who was the ‘Nova ScotiaGiantess’, standing nearly 8 feet tall?2 The Halifax Robert L. StanfieldInternational Airport is an alternateemergency landing site for the SpaceShuttle. True or False?3 What Nova Scotian invented theprocess to make paper from woodpulp?4 What was the highest recordedtemperature in Nova Scotia?5 What NS political party didWilliam Annand lead to victoryin 1867?Flip for Answers:1. Anna Swan; 2. True; 3. Charles Fenerty;4. 101°F or 38.3°C, August 19 1935, Collegeville;5. The Anti-Confederation PartyThe Grapevine is brought to youby Jeremy Novak & Jocelyn Hatt& printed at the Acadia Print Shop585-1129Contact us:grapevine.wolfville@gmail.com(902) 692-8546Want the GV mailed to you?Inquire for costs.Also available online:www.grapevine.wolfville.org{David GallantMilk & a random act of kindnessDuring the winter months,the tranquility of livingin the countryside hits a bitof an extreme. Recently, poorweather has deterred anyonefrom wanting to make thethirty-minute drive into town onsnow-covered roads. Since ourcommunity doesn’t have as muchas a convenience store to pick upthe basics, getting groceries canbecome a race against the everchanging,usually poor, winterweather and road conditions.Eventually, someone will bitethe bullet, and tackle the roads.Usually, it’s someone with4-wheel drive, and nerves of steel;which takes me to the phone callwe received this morning. After5 days of snow, wind and whiteroads our neighbor decided toDeadline for March 4th Issue, March 2ndWhere to find The Grapevineventure into town. Upon makingthis decision she called anyonewho lived in a close radius ofher house to see if they neededanything in town. She wouldpick it up while in town, anddrop it off on her way home.Sure, this could end up beingan inconvenience to her, goingplaces she didn’t plan to go, butat the end of the day, it keepsthose with no nerves for winterdriving from having to headout on the road for basics likemilk, eggs, bread and toilet paper.With generosity like this, I don’tmind sticking with my housein the boonies and dealing withthe isolation of winter with afew games of scrabble…with theoccasional trip into town whenthe weather permits.~Lorna MacLean95% of all businesses in Wolfville, Grand Pré , Gaspereau &Port Williams receive at least 1 hand-delivered copy. Additionalpapers can be found at these fine locations:In Wolfville:The Post Office, EOS, Pita House, Muddy’sConvenience, Cinematopia, the public Library, Just Us! Cafe,Wolfville Farmers’ Market, T.A.N., What’s the Buzz?Greater Wolfville Area: Grand Pre - Convenience Store,Just Us! Coffee Roasters. Gaspereau - Valley Fibres, Shell Station,Wharf General Store, Tin Pan Bistro. Canning - Art Can, Al’sFireside Cafe, Aspinall Studios.Windsor - Moe’s Place Music, Peg& Wire Cafe, Lucky Pizza. Hantsport - R & G’s Family Restaurant,Ship’s LandingPhoto by Jan Hermiston{Tide Predictions atCape BlomidonSource: Canadian Fisheries & Oceanswww.waterlevels.gc.caFeb1819202122232425262728Mar01020304BILLY BOB’SW O L F V I L L E2 Medium Pizzas w/Works $14.99 + Tax(pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, green peppers,bacon & onion) Extra Cheese $1.50High3:21pm4:04pm4:52pm5:47pm6:47pm**7:16am8:21am9:23am10:21am11:15am12:06pm12:55pm*1:42pm2:30pm3:18pmLow9:07am9:50am10:37am11:29am12:28pm1:32pm2:37pm3:39pm4:36pm5:28pm6:17pm6:40am7:28am8:15am9:02am* Highest High– 44.9 feet** Lowest High – 36.1 feet

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