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Download PDF - Horse and Country

Windy, Wild & WetBounty Hunter LiteSynthetic Rugor Combo SetDANDY BRUSH$7 .95saleHorse Scene BrushesTrendy body, dandy and face brushes.ShowcraftHorse scene motif & shaped for a sure grip.Classic Boots $69 .00FACE BRUSH$5 .95WormersFor more informationrefer to Page 7BODY BRUSH$7 .95Zip up elegant competition or leisure ridingboot with “YKK” Zip, full leather uppers,non slip eco soles and cushioned innersoles for maximum comfort.Sizes 5 thru to 10 in Brown or Black.normally$79 .95$189 .00Fashionable, functional & durable for everyday or riding wear. Waterproof and breathabletreated grained leather uppers with non slipdurable rubber ECO soles Microfibre lined withmoulded cushion inner sole.Unisex European sizings 36 to 43$229 .00StanfordsnormallyRUGS - only$74 .95COMBOS - only$94 .95$12 .95 normally$14 .00

Emergency First Aid Saddle Bag Four Slot Competition Number Set Chrome Hobbles with chainSave15%$17 .50$9 .95Red Centre Cotton ReinsSingle Leather Saddle Bag with Stainless Steel FittingsBrown only$27 .50Hand plaited poly leadsstrong and sturdyRed Centre cotton reinswith Brass Fittings$12 .9512 ft Training $17 .95Lead$34 .95EurekaEventingBridleA hanovarianNoseband bridlewith classic whitepadding behindNickle Plated Snap 8’ Leadsa thicker nosePVC HNB BridleAvailable in anand browband.Wipes clean,array of trendyfits right! HNBcolours.$32 .00padded event bridle.$44 .95Eureka WhitePipe BridleContrasting whitepipe eventing HNB$7 .50Bridle with webbreins, padded browMcAlister Flatand noseband.Caveson NosebandBridle30 ft Lunge ReinAvail. Black orWith storage bag for when $19 .95Brown - Shet,not in use.A drum dyed qualityleather bridle withPony, Cob & Full.flat noseband andbrowband$34 .00 $59 .95$49 .95 $5 .95Save15%2

SS Oval Link Training BitPopular stainless steel training bit with loose rings.Available in 21mm or 14mm in pony, cob or full.Save33%$24.50Training$20.00flexible mouth$20.00snaffle$29 .95Flayva BitsThe sweet smellof apple.were$35 .00Retro Polyurethane OpenFront Shin BootsComes with soft neoprene liningfor a comfortable fit.White or Black.$39 .95Retro Polyurethane Rear BootsA wonderful choice for training or competition.Easy clean with a damp cloth.White or Black.Save15%Save10%Canvas Hay Bale BagWaterproof Canvas Hay Bale Bag.PVC Multi-ColouredHeadstalls$35 .00 were$40 .00$24.50EggbuttAuto Flow Live Stock DrinkerAutomatic drinking bowl so fresh water is always onhand for your horses, dogs or any livestock. Greatfor yards, stables, backyards etc.$45 .00were$65 .00$29 .95Two Tone WovenRope HalterThick & sturdy in anassortment of coloursEurekaBuckleHeadstallsIn a vast colourrange.$29 .95 $7 .50$28 .95Status Maxi Sports BootsSoft neoprene wrap sports boot which helpsprotect the shins, fetlocks and tendons.Available in Red or Green only.Save20%Showcraft WarmbloodHeadstall$14 .95 $12 .50FleeceBackedHeadstallSlide bucklewith soft fleecingbacking to headand nose pieces.$39 .95Save5%3

Double SwagsThick weave canvas withdouble sided entry. Theultimate choice for outsidecamping adventures.$149 . 00without mattress$195 . 00with mattress $99 . 00Fleece Half PadQuilted fleece half pad for extra protection.Elastic Anti Gall Girths -Two buckle without rollers.$19 .95Save15%Elastic Anti Gall Lonsdale Girths -Two buckle without rollers.$17 .95Quilted Rug BibsHelps prevent unsightly rubs.Available from miniature toextra large$29 .95Save over30%Save over30%$16 . 95mini & Small$19 . 95cob to extra largeSingle Swagswithout mattressPioneer Wool Cloth with PocketsHandy sized woollen cloth with girth patches,$49 .95StirrupKey Ring$4 .00HorseshoeKey RingGirth TightenerStruggling to do up the girth on FAT horses & ponies.Make life easier with the“Girth tightener”$19 .95$4 .00 $9 .95You’d be more than ready for your next campingadventure with this canvas swag. Just popin to your sleeping bag and you’reready to go.$125 . 00with mattressOklahoma Saddle Cloth 32” x 60”Available in Hot Pink, purple, red, blue, burgundyand green.$24 .95McAlister Shaped Saddle ClothAvailable in Burgundy, Navy or Black.$29 .95L’kur Fleece NumnahQuality fleece numnah with rolled edge.Black or White.Taffeta Rug Bibs4$39 .95

Status Synthetic GP/ Dressage SaddlesNorthern River Drafter$50 .00Top class stock saddle kit at a top price!Stock stirrup leathers, 4 bar irons, leather surcingle, cord stock girthand stirrup leather blocksBARE MOUNTED$379 .00 $460 .0012” $285 .00 12” $350 .0014” $285 .00 14” $350 .0015” $379 .00 15” $460 .0016”, 17”, 18” 16”, 17”, 18”Status Pony PadsUnmounted or mounted, helps give yourNavaho Western Saddle 16” little one the right amount of confidence.Status Synthetic Stock SaddlesEmbossed leather western saddle with silverComfortable synthetic ‘leather look’ stock saddlerosettes. Complete with western girth &providing security and comfort for every rider.removable flank girth. Not designed for roping.Available as unmounted or as a kit inBlack or Brown.BARE15”, 16”, 17”$299 .00$349 .00MOUNTEDBARE $99 .0015”, 16”, 17”$399 .00Scalloped SilverWestern HeadstallScalloped SilverBridleScalloped Silver WesternBreastplateSave over20%Comfortable synthetic ‘leather look’ status saddles in dressage& G.P. are great for competition or everyday riding.Available as unmounted or in STD or Deluxe kits.STATUSSTATUSBARE $229 .00STD. KIT $259 .00DLX. KIT $299 .0012” $300 .0012” $350 .00MOUNTED $139 .00STATUSSTATUS$50 .00 $48 .00 5

Beat the Chill this WinterEUREKA CANVAS RIPSTOPRUG and COMBOFeatures:-• 24oz Waterproof Ripstop Canvas• Bush Blanket Lined• Fleece Wither Protector• Single Surcingle• Rope Reinforced Neck• 3 Way Chest Fittings• Rump Darts and Shoulder Gussets• Padded Taffeta Chest Inserts• Taffeta Insert In Combo Neck/Neckrug• Removable Leg StrapsRug $59 .95 Combo $79 .95Neck Rug $39 .95Miniature $55 .956Features:-• 600 Denier Waterproof Outer• 220Gsm Polyfill Body• Wither Protector On Rug• 180Gsm Polyfill Neck withProtective Insert• Deep Shoulder Gussets• Twin Metal Buckle Chest Fittings• Removable Leg Straps• Secure Pull Thru Velcro FasteningOn Combo Neck• Lined Tail Flaps• Short Double X-Over Surcingles• Fully BoundPOLAR FLEECERUG and COMBOFeatures:-• Fully Bound Polar Fleece• Wither Protector• Taffeta Strip In Neckrug / Hood• Taffeta Strip In Combo Neck• Velcro Adjustment On Combo Neck• Removable Leg Straps• Rump Darts• Combos 4’3 - 5’6 Pink, 5’9 - 6-9 Crimson• Rugs/Neck Rugs/Hoods BlueEUREKA SYNTHETICRUG and COMBOCombo $109 .95Rug $94 .95 Rug $24 .95Rug $39 .95Combo $59 .95Neck Rug / Hood$29 .95EUREKA DUST COVERCOTTON RUGAn inexpensive and easy way to keep bodyside of winter rugs clean• Lightweight Cotton Mix Rug• Single Buckle Chest Fitting• Removable Leg Straps

“BOUNTY HUNTER” SYNTHETIC LITERUG and COMBOFeatures:-• 600 Denier Waterproof Outer• 100Gsm Polyfill Body• Wither Protector On Rug• 100Gsm Polyfill Neck With Protective Insert• Deep Shoulder Gussets• Fully Bound• Buckle Chest Fittings• Removable Leg Straps• Short Double X-Over Surcingles• Secure Pull Thru Velcro Fastening On Combo Neck• Lined Tail FlapRug $74 .95 Combo $94 .95X-CALIBURSYNTHETICRUG ANDCOMBOSX-CALIBUR1200 DENIERCOMBONeck Rug / HoodCombo $145 .00600 Denier600 Denier$69 .00Rug $119 .00 Rug $79 .95SHOWCRAFT BLUE RIPSTOPRUG and COMBO1200 DenierCombo $99 .00Combo $179 .00 Neck Rug $44 .95X-Calibur Features:-• 300Gsm Polyfill• Wither Protector• Double Velcro Fastenings OnCombo Neck• Combo Neck 200 Gsm PolyfillWith Tafetta Strip• Unique “Quick Clip” Chest Fastening System• Taffeta Chest Inserts• Tail Flap and Shoulder Gussets• Removable Leg Straps• Short Double X-Over Surcingles WithNeckrug:• 200Gsm Polyfill Neck with Taffeta Strip• Velcro & Snap Neck FasteningsFeatures• 24oz Waterproof Ripstop Canvas• Fully Blanket Lined• Velcro & Snap Neck Fasteners• Removable Leg Straps• Deep Shoulder Gussets• Padded Taffeta Chest• Wither Protector• Short Double X-Over Surcingles• Taffetta Neck Strip• 3–Way Chest Plate• Lined Tail Flap7

Jinker CartA flat packed buggy that’s easy to assemble comes in two sizes. Small and Medium.Small$525 .00 Medium$565 .00 Mini & Shetland$299 .00Heritage HarnessQuality leather harness. Made fromdrum dried leatherRainbow Polar Fleece RugsColourful and bright. Cozy and warm4’3” to 6’9”Pro 2 RechargableTrimmerPerfect for those last minute tidy ups.Pony, Cob & Full$319 .00Pro 45 by Showcraft45 watt trimmerPro 320320 watt mains power.Now thats power!$34 .95 $199 .00 $399 .00Showcraft Foal RugStart their days with warmthand comfort$39 .95 Mini Eureka WinterSynthetic Rug600 Denier Waterproof Outer200 GSM Polyfil Winter Rug$49 .95$79 .958

Junior Bucket Set - 15pcBucket contains everything you need to groom your horse as well as a headstall and lead!what abargain!!$49 .958PC Grooming Box KitEverything that you need to groom your pony.Kit contains: Groooming box, body & dandy brushes, currycomb, hoof pick, mane comb, sponge & sweat scrapper.Available in Pink or Blue and introducing Burgundy.$26 .00normally$29 .00Showcraft Back Pack Grooming KitBlack or Blue only.Available in Breakfast and Dinner.$54 .95 Flexible Coloured Buckets$24 .95Coloured Grip SpongeHas hand strap to avoid fly away sponges. Plastic backed Dandy brushesMedium size Dandy Brushes.$3 .00Magic Grooming BlockGently strips away unwanted hair.Hoof Trim Kit4pc kit contains$3 .50 hoof nipper, tangedrasp, hoof knifeBucket Coversand rasp handle.Easy to identify feeding covers.Easy to carry, easy to feed, easy to store.14L, 26L, 45L & 75L available in fantastic colours.14 Ltr 26 Ltr 42 Ltr 75 LtrLycra SkinnyHoodHorse Motif Body BrushTrendy horse arranged bristles.Zipper SkinnyHood vest$8 .00 $15 .00 $19 .00 $39 .00 $3 .50 $7 .95Save20%$22 .00 $54 .959

Nullabor Childrens Oilskin Full Length CoatMcAlister MK2 Stiicker JodphursFour way stretch material with sticker seat.Beige onlyNullabor Full LengthOilskin Coat$59 .95$59 .95 $79 .95Nullabor 3/4 LengthShowcraft Body ProtectorApproved Beta 2000 Level 3Oilskin Coat$69 .95$145 .00Adult$165 .00Showcraft Leather GaitersWith elastic insert for a snug fit.Showcraft Jodphur ClipsBrown or Black.Magic Stretch GlovesWith pimple grips.One size fits all.NullaborOilskinRainbow Magic Gloves$4 .50Polar Fleece GloveVestSave5%$64 .95 $4 .95 $9 .95$4 .50 ChildWarm & snug fleece gloveswith a synthetic palm for sure grip10

Arion Jodhpurs - ChidrenNo zip jodhpurs. Available in avariety of colours.Status No Zip JodhpursLuxury pull on Jodhpurs whichmould to any shape or size.Comfortable stocker seat.$34 .95 $58 .95Valley JodhpursA traditional styled JodhpursShowcraft NOMADSCombination work, riding ordress boots with cushionedsoles for maximum comfort,Come in and try apair today.$79 .95 $54 .95Showcraft mastersTraditional Leather Riding boots thatoffer more than just a great fit.Showcraft Quilted Vestwith contract liningZip and stud closure. Perfect towear on thosecooler daysSave over10%$39 .95Pre-Tied Show TiesChildren 14” & Adult 18”Available in an assortmentof your favourite coloursShowcraft Leather TACKERSRiding boots for those little guys and girls$34 .95 $18 .95 $9 .95$45 .9514” $11 .95Monica RoseShow shirtswith turn downcollarsSave over10%18” $13 .95 $29 .95Shaggy Boots - ChildrenKeep you feet warm this winterSizes 1-4Pretied StocksGreat for competitions.Save45%Monica Rose RatcatcherNeck Show Shirts$29 .95Save15%11

Showcraft ‘Tungsten’ HelmetsSix Airvents for wearers comfort.Approved EN 1382Showcraft ‘Lite’ HelmetForget the bulk of heavy helmets.The Showcraft Lite is light weightyet sturdy and strong. EN 1382 Approved.Showcraft ‘Turnout’ HelmetBlack Micro Fibre Suede with ABS resin.Perfect for show, pony club, dressage oreventing. Approved EN 1384$59 .95$64 .95 $89 .95Flock $64 .95Twisted Crop - 60cmFantastic looking cropswith bold threadsof either goldor silver.$19 .95PVC Halterswith BrassFittingEureka Polar Fleece Dog RugDog BasketComfort in winter or summer for “Fido’.$19 .95Showcraft TwoTone Dog Rugs$39 .95Eureka Synthetic& Fleece LinedDog Rugs$28 .95 Small $19 .95Medium $24 .95$27 .95All Decorative Props are notincluded in Sale Price.Some items may not beavailable from all dealers.Discounted prices are onlyavailable until end of sale.YOUR LOCAL STOCKIST IS:Colours of items may vary frombrochure photography.All Colours may not be available atall times.SALE DATES FROM1st April, 2011 - 31st May, 201112

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