Computer and Support

Computer and Support

Computer and Support


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Hardware Components of a TypicalComputer -- CPUPeripheralDevicesCentralProcessingUnit (CPU)MemoryCentral Processing Unit (CPU)performs the basic operationsconsists of two parts:Arithmetic / Logic Unit (ALU) - data manipulationControl Unit - coordinate machine’s activities

Hardware Components of a TypicalComputer -- MemoryPeripheralDevicesCentralProcessingUnit (CPU)MemoryMain Memoryholds programs and datastores bits in fixed-sized chunks: “word” (8, 16, 32, or 64bits)each word is stored in a cell, which has a unique addressthe cells can be accessed in any order =>random-access memory or “RAM”

Hardware Components of a TypicalComputer -- MemoryA bit: 0 or 1A word: chunk of bits (8, 16, 32 or 64 bits)a byte = 8 bitsa kilobyte = 2 10 bytes = 1024 bytesa megabyte = 1024 KB = 2 20 bytes = 1,048,576 bytesa gigabyte = 1024 MB = 2 30 bytesa terabyte = 1024 GB = 2 40 bytes

Hardware Components of a Typical Computer –Peripheral Devices that Store Data Long TermSecondary (mass) storageStores information for long periods of time as filesExamples: hard drive, floppy disk, tape, CD-ROM(Compact Disk Read-Only Memory)

Features of Computers -- ReliabilityFactors that affect reliability:heat, ventilation, “over-clocking”, power surgesMost system failures are due tosoftware flaws rather than hardware

Modes of communicationParallel communication:all the bits are transferred at the same timeeach bit on a separate lineSerial communication:one bit at a time10110001

Modems (MOdulator-DEModulator)RemoteComputerHomeComputerDigitalDataDigitalDataModemModemAudio signalphone lines

Computer Networks – Method ofCommunicationEach computer has an addressExample: IP address of www.fisika.ui.ac.id is152.118.167.2A sender computer transmits data through the network inpackets; each packet is tagged with the destination andreturn addressWhen data is too big to fit in one packet, the sendercomputer can split the data into several packets, labeledin sequence

Computer Networks – Method ofCommunication (cont)The packets are sent via links from computer to computer(“routing”)Each intermediate computer receives and retransmits themessage (“hops”)The packets do not necessarily arrive in the order inwhich they were sentThe recipient computer puts the packets in correct sequenceand retrieves the data

Computer and SupportJaringan Komputer LAN / WLAN

Computer and SupportSistem Input Data

Computer and SupportSistem Pemroses Data

Computer and SupportSistem Output Data

Computer and SupportSistem Penyimpan Data

Computer and SupportFiber Optic Communication

Technology Information Todaywireless communication

What is programming?A computer program tells a computer, in very detail, thesequence of steps that are needed to fulfill a task.The act of designing and implementing these programs iscalled computer programming.Programmers develop computer programs to makecomputers perform new tasks.A professional computer scientist or software engineer doesa great deal of programming.The activity of programming is an important part of science

What is Algorithm?eureka!Algorithm:A set of instructions describinghow to do a task (or process)Program: C++

Computer and SupportSoftware: Aplikasi

Computer and SupportSoftware: Development

Computer ProductMultimedia

Computer Productsms, w@p, gprs communication

Computer ProductSistem Control berbasis Web

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