Download the Institute's FY 2012 Annual Director's Report (PDF)
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Download the Institute's FY 2012 Annual Director's Report (PDF)

Honoring the past . . .Enriching the present. . . Shaping the futureDirector’s ReportJune 30, 2012IN THIS, THE 19TH YEAR OF THE INSTITUTEFOR WOMEN’S HEALTH AND LEADERSHIP,THE WOMEN – AND MEN – OF IWHL:• Raised over $2.5 million including two grantsfrom The Pew Center for Arts & Heritagethrough the Heritage Philadelphia Programin support of Legacy Center initiatives.• Funded four new WOMAN ONEScholarships, bringing to 22 the numberof WOMAN ONE Scholars educated atDrexel University College of Medicine.• Expanded Vision 2020’s presence in all 50states through the Campaign for Equality.• Elevated civic engagement activities amongmultiple audiences.• Carried the Drexel colorsto the White House.…AND…

…CONTINUED THE IWHL MISSION…• CONNECTING women and girls with the information needed to help themlead healthier and more fulfilling lives.• CONNECTING professional preparation with expanded leadership responsibility.• CONNECTING resources with research to increase knowledge about women’shealth and women’s leadership.• CONNECTING the inspiration of women’s history with the achievement oftomorrow’s equality.2

PRINCIPAL IWHL PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES:• ELAM’s acclaimed executive training.• Introduction of ELATE (application of ELAM techniques to technology/engineering).• Legacy Center’s resources for researchers, housing a century-and-a-half ofthe history of women in medicine.• University-wide forums on sex and gender research.• Vision 2020’s nationwide Campaign for Equality.• Recognition of role-model leadership through WOMAN ONE Award program.• Tuition support for WOMAN ONE Scholars, all minority women studyingmedicine at Drexel. The numbers: 10 graduates, 12 Scholars during 2012-2013year, zero dropouts.• Community Conversations About Women’s Health with emphasis on Philadelphiaarea audiences.• Extended outreach through IWHL public speaking engagements.• Affiliation with the Office of the Chancellor Emeritus.• Affiliation with the Center for Women’s Health, a multi-disciplinary modelfor clinical care.The pages of this Director’s Report highlight the Institute’s double ROI: “Return on Investment”and “Results of Innovation.”IWHL is unique in providing an institutional concentration on both women’s health andwomen’s leadership. All the programs are conducted with focus on audiences and issuesimportant to Drexel University and aligned with the strategies of Drexel University Collegeof Medicine.3

ICELA at DrexelThe International Center for Executive Leadershipin Academics features the established ELAM……and introduces ELATE.ELAMAudience: Leaders in schools of medicine, dentistry, public health.Issue: Increasing the numbers of women in leadership.In the past 12 months, ELAM:• Graduated 54 Fellows from 50 schools in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, afteran intensive year-long course of study.• Screened and accepted 54 applicants for the 2012-2013 ELAM class from a nationaland international list of applicants.• Hosted the inaugural ELAM Alumnae Development Program, called “ConflictManagement and Negotiation” – for 80 selected attendees.• Raised $170,000 in Sustaining Memberships from 61 medical, dental and publichealth institutions in the U.S. and Canada. Also raised $50,000 in donations andgifts from ELAM Alumnae and Fellows.4

Audience: Women leaders in America who can influence change.Issue: Equality for women.In the past 12 months, Vision 2020:• Earned Penn Mutual’s renewed commitment of $1 million in support of Vision 2020’sinfrastructure through 2015.• Received a twin boost from Exelon: (a) a $250,000 grant for Vision 2020’s nationalcongress in Chicago, and (b) a $100,000 gift in honor of Vision 2020 Co-ChairRosemarie Greco, a donation that enabled the launching of a membership campaignaimed at providing financial sustainability through the Year 2020.• Engaged Jacobson Strategic Communications to communicate Vision 2020’s messagenationally, leading to the March 27 White House briefing.• Hired Lukens Group to spearhead the membership drive. They produced on-time,within-budget demographic survey to get us started.• Conducted a three-day Chicago Congress in October, 2011, rallying Vision 2020delegates from all 50 states and showcasing their equality initiatives.• Restructured staff to adjust to growth developments related to long-range strategy.• Achieved substantial increase in visibility through Vision 2020 speaking engagements,on-air appearances and website upgrades.8

VISION 2020……Roots and WingsNational AdvisorsLaurel G. Bellows, Esq.President-Elect, American Bar AssociationJohnnetta B. Cole, PhDPresident Emerita of Spelman Collegeand Bennett College for WomenLynn Laverty ElsenhansFormer Chairman & CEOSunoco Inc.Karen J. MathisPresident and CEO,Big Brothers Big Sisters of AmericaEileen C. McDonnellPresident, and CEO,The Penn Mutual Life Insurance CompanyMary Patterson McPherson, PhDExecutive Officer,The American Philosophical SocietyAnna QuindlenWriterCokie RobertsAuthor and Political CommentatorDonna E. ShalalaPresident, University of MiamiDawn M. StaleyOlympic Gold Medalist, Head Coach,University of South Carolina Women’s BasketballVision 2020 Goals:Shared leadershipPay EquityFamily-friendly workplace policiesEducational equalityVoter mobilizationFROM ITS BEGINNING, Vision 2020 has kept its change-makingeye on the year that’s in its title: 2020. Launched by Presenting Sponsor,The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, and Founding Sponsor,Drexel University, Vision 2020 views the centennial landmark ofwomen’s right to vote as a message of urgency for its equality agenda.With the belief that America works better when decision making isshared among women and men, this commonsense, non-partisan, nonmilitantapproach has helped Vision 2020 build alliances with nearly50major organizations in support of a unified presence throughout the nation.9

SEX AND GENDER RESEARCHAudience: Drexel researchers, faculty and students.Issue: Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration in gender-based studies.In the past 12 months:• Maintained IWHL’s searchable database of clinical, basic science and social/behavioralresearchers at Drexel whose work helps elucidate sex or gender differences in health and/orsocial/behavioral processes.• Conducted the annual Sex and Gender Research Forum called “2011: Sex and GenderDifferences in Cognition and Neurobiology.”Presentations included:• “Evaluation of hormonal sex differential of the brain and itsimpact on health outcomes” by Rebecca Jordan-Young, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor, Department of Women’s Studies, BarnardCollege.• The Doris Willig M.D. Lecture on “Neuroplasticity andchildren’s gender development” presented by Lise Eliot, Ph.D.,Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience, The Chicago Medical School.• “Gender and autism” by Sylvie Goldman, Ph.D., Developmental Psychologist, Departmentof Neurology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.• “The impact of hormones on brain and behavior” by Donald Pfaff, Ph.D., Professor, Laboratoryof Neurobiology and Behavior, The Rockefeller University.FROM ITS BEGINNING, the Sex and Gender ResearchForum has emphasized the value of research partnershipsacross Drexel disciplines to maximize funding potentialand results. The annual forum honors the memory of the late Helen I. Moorehead-Laurencin, M.D.,a faculty member of the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania.10

WOMAN ONE AWARD AND SCHOLARSHIP FUNDAudience: Leaders and donors, plus medical college prospects.Issue: Enabling medical education for minority women who will workin underserved communities.In the past 12 months:• Raised over $500,000.• Honored WOMAN ONE 2012, Dianne Semingson, a Philadelphia leaderin the private and public sectors.• Ended June with 10 WOMAN ONE Scholars having now graduated(two of them in 2012), and with eight still in the medical school pipeline.• Identified four new WOMAN ONE Scholars who will enter Drexel inAugust 2012.FROM ITS BEGINNING, IWHL’S WOMAN ONE AWARD AND SCHOLARSHIP FUNDhas been a winner at its dual purpose of: (a) honoring an example-setting woman leader, and(b) raising medical college tuition funds for underrepresented minority women. WOMAN ONEScholars come to Drexel University College of Medicine from all over the U.S. and the world,each dedicated to practicing medicine in underserved areas of need.2003 Public service leader Estelle Richman2004 Attorney, Civic Affairs Leader Leslie Anne Miller2005 Olympic Gold Medalist Dawn Staley2006 Entertainer Suzanne Roberts2007 Philanthropic and Health Leader Risa Lavizzo-Mourey2008 Community Leader Stephanie Naidoff2009 Horticulturalist Jane Pepper2010 Civic Volunteer Eliana Papadakis2011 Governmental Official Sara Manzano-Díaz2012 Business/Civic Leader Dianne Semingson11

THE MARION SPENCER FAY AWARDAudience: Medical schools, health sciences institutions across the nation.Issue: Honoring the top women in medicine and science in the United States.In the past 12 months:• This year’s Marion Spencer Fay honoree was Julie Overbaugh, Ph.D., from the Fred HutchinsonCancer Research Center in Seattle.• Selected from a highly competitive field of more than 20 nomineesnationwide, Dr. Overbaugh was chosen for her unique research contributionsto the study of HIV transmission, including her pioneeringHIV research and laboratory in Kenya.• The Fall 2011 Marion Spencer Fay Award lecture, sponsored by the Institute forWomen’s Health and Leadership, was held in cooperation with Drexel University Schoolof Public Health.FROM ITS BEGINNING IN 1963, the Marion Spencer Fay Award (named forthe Dean and President of Woman’s Medical College from 1946-63) has recognizedwomen physicians and/or scientists who have made exceptionally significantcontributions to health care. The award was created by the National Board forWomen in Medicine, and in 2003 IWHL became custodian of the award’s endowmentand assumed responsibility for presentation of the award.12Marion Spencer Fay Award Recipients1963 • Benjy Frances Brooks, M.D.1964 • Adaline P. Satterthwaite, M.D.1965 • Ann M. Lawrence, M.D1966 • Nina S. Braunwald, M.D.1967 • Mildred Mitchell-Bateman, M.D.1968 • Jean McNeil Morgan, M.D.1969 • Nina Bencich Woodside, M.D.1970 • Susan T. Carver, M.D.1971 • Barbara Ruben Migeon, M.D.1972 • Lenore Richards, M.D.1973 • Lula O. Lubchenco, M.D.1974 • Carol Johnson Johns, M.D.1975 • Ariel C. Hollinshead, Ph.D.1976 • Beatrice C. Lampkin, M.D.1977 • Beverly C. Morgan, M.D.1978 • B. Wesley Catlin, Ph.D.1979 • Mary Allen Engle, M.D.1980 • Mary Jo Burgess, M.D.1981 • Clara D. Bloomfield, M.D.1982 • Patricia A. Gabow, M.D.1983 • Bernadine P. Healy, M.D.1984 • Suzanne Oparil, M.D.1985 • Georgeanna Seegar Jones, M.D.1986 • Kathryn Bloch Horwitz, Ph.D.1987 • Kathleen M. Foley, M.D.1988 • Alexandra M. Levine, M.D.1989 • Rosemary D. Leake, M.D.1990 • Olga Jonasson, M.D.1991 • Rebecca H. Buckley, M.D.1992 • D. Joanne Lynn, M.D., M.A.1993 • Irene H. Maumenee, M.D.1994 • Helen Donis-Keller, Ph.D.1995 • Janice E. G. Douglas, M.D.1996 • Karen A. Holbrook, Ph.D.1997 • Katherine Kaufer Christoffel, M.D., M.P.H.1998 • Nancy C. Andreasen, M.D., Ph.D.1999 • Barbara E. Murray, M.D.2000 • Linda Fried, M.D.2001 • Catherine D. DeAngelis, M.D., M.P.H.2002 • Anne B. Young, M.D., Ph.D.2003 • Carol Tacket, M.D.2004 • Mary-Claire King, Ph.D.2005 • Jane C. Weeks, MD, MSc2006 • M. Cristina Leske, MD, MPH, DScJanet Rowley, MD*2007 • Carolyn Mazure, Ph.D.2009 • Huda Zoghbi, M.D.2010 • Nancy Adler, Ph.D.2011 • Julie Overbaugh, Ph.D.*Special lifetime achievement award recipient

IWHL AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENTAudience: The Philadelphia community.Issue: Demonstrating Drexel’s commitment and engagement in the community.In the Past 12 months:• A special “Conversation” on the potential impact on women’s health of the FederalAffordable Care Act was prepared and presented by IWHL at the invitation of theDilworth Paxson LLP law firm. The IWHL director assembled and moderated a panelthat included a legal health care expert, an insurance executive and theChair of DUCOM’s Ob/Gyn Department.• The enormously popular “Conversations about Women’s Health andLeadership” – a traveling town meeting on issues concerning womenand girls – are presented to community organizations such as ProjectH.O.M.E., the Philadelphia Senior Center, schools and neighborhoods.• For the fifth consecutive year, IWHL hosted “Philly Girls Play Chess,”attracting Philadelphia students to the Queen Lane Campus as part ofan After School Activities Partnership (ASAP) activity.• Special honors: IWHL Director Lynn Yeakel received a lifetime achievementaward from the American Red Cross and a “Take the Lead”award from the Girl Scouts.Vision 2020 Director Catherine Ormerod received a special serviceaward from Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate School of Social Work andSocial Research.• An active speaking schedule by the director included Lehigh Valley Women’s Summit,Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, National Center for Research on Women(in Washington), plus joint appearances with Vision 2020 co-chair Rosemarie Greco toexecutive women’s groups in Philadelphia and on the Main Line.FROM THE BEGINNING 19 years ago, and particularly overthe past decade, much of IWHL’s agenda has been focused onconnecting Drexel’s expertise in women’s health and women’sleadership to the wider community. Growing recognition ofthe value of “Conversations” and other community initiatives is evident in the increasing numberof requests and honors coming IWHL’s way.13


IN THE MAIL…“I continue to be grateful for what (theWOMAN ONE) program gave me during myyears at Drexel…I will forever be grateful.”LaToia Marks. MD,WOMAN ONE SCHOLAR Emerita;currently practicing medicine in Houston, TX.“I am honored to be among the women who willbe helping to make the ‘vision’ of Vision 2020 areality. I know we will get there together.”Deborah Brittain,Vision 2020 Visionary Delegate, Naples, FL.“I have daydreamed about what kind of doctorI want to be one day and have had my desire towork in an underserved community reinforced.One of the pivotal experiences…for me wasWOMAN ONE. I feel so unbelievably touchedand lucky to be part of the WOMAN ONE family.”Stephanie Johnson,WOMAN ONE SCHOLAR“What a fabulous event you put on…to honorDianne and your outstanding medical students!You have accomplished so much in a relativelyshort time for Drexel’s IWHL, and I can well understandthat it has been your most rewardingwork. Those medical students are a real inspiration.”Barrie Trimingham,Chair at Settlement Music School“I am excited about the transformative impactour work will have on the nation.”Connie Lindsey,Vision 2020 Visionary Delegate andPresident of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.“Thank you for the opportunity to be a partof something so exciting…We will fulfill thevision thanks to the infrastructure, leadershipand support you’ve created.”Dayna Stock,Vision 2020 Delegate from Missouri“(Vision 2020) made me realize what anextraordinary effort is needed to keep women’sprogress moving forward…it was extremelyempowering and educational!”Pamela Grissom,Vision 2020 Delegate from Arizona“The ELAM experience introduced me tonew leadership tools, techniques and ideas.This enriching program developed me intoa more confident leader and validated mypersonal and professional values and ethics.”Fonda G. Robinson, DMD;ELAM Class of 2011Associate Dean, Clinic Administration and Patient Care atthe Ohio State University College of Dentistry15

IWHL and WHAT’S AHEADFall of 2012:In 2013:• Four new WOMAN ONE Scholarswelcomed to Drexel UniversityCollege of Medicine.• A Drexel-wide “Title IX at 40”program co-produced by Vision 2020and Drexel athletic director.• The first class of ELATE – womenleaders in engineering from all overthe U.S. – meet at Drexel.• The 18th class of ELAM fellowsconvenes.• Third annual Vision 2020 Congressmeets in Portland to salute centennialof Oregon women’s voting rights.• Legacy Center and Vision 2020present international program onwomen’s leadership at ScottishParliament in Edinburgh.• Three WOMAN ONE Scholarsgraduate from Drexel UniversityCollege of Medicine, one with anMD/PhD combined degree.• WOMAN ONE research paper andposter presented at AAMC meeting.• IWHL celebrates 20th anniversarywith: (a) a women’s health academicforum, (b) a university-wide forum onwomen’s leadership, (c) an East Falls“neighborhood party” at Queen Lane.Institute for Women’s Healthand Leadership Team:IWHL — Making a World of DifferenceLynn H. Yeakel, M.S.M.Executive DirectorDiane Magrane, M.D.Director, ICELAJoanne Murray, M.A.Director, Legacy CenterD. Walter Cohen, D.D.S.Chancellor EmeritusSandra Urdaneta-Hartmann, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.AAssociate Director, Women’s Health ResearchCatherine Ormerod, M.S.Director, Vision 2020Melinda Johnson, M.S.Director, Administrative OperationsMary FlanneryDirector, CommunicationsSusan JacobsonJacobson Strategic CommunicationsConsultant

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