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AUTOMATIONWORX for Remote Systems (ReSy) - Phoenix Contact

The ReSy function block library• For creating expansive networks• Realization of distributed external stations (substations) and remote controlcenters with standard automation components• Data transmission between substation and central station as well as throughwired systems such as leased lines, analog or digital modems or wirelesstransmission systems such as GSM, local communication, time-slot wirelesscommunication etc.• Standardized data transmission in acc. with IEC 60870• Open interfaces such as INTERBUS, Profibus, CANopen and DeviceNet allowconnection to existing systems• Free programming of the remote control stations in acc. with IEC 61131• Connection to a wide variety of control systems using OPC technologyFaxNameCompanyI would like information on control and remote control.Please send me further information on:Please send your newsletter to the e-mailaddress below.I would like a personal consultation without obligation.DepartmentAddressZip code/cityPhoneE-mailCatalogCLIPLINEModular Terminal Blocks, Markingand Mounting Material, ToolsCatalogPLUSCONIndustrial ConnectorsCatalogCOMBICONPCB Connection Technology andElectronic HousingsCatalogTRABTECHSurge ProtectionCatalogINTERFACESignal ConditioningCatalogAUTOMATIONWORXCD-ROM Complete CatalogSupplements CatalogAUTOMATIONWORXAUTOMATIONWORXfor Remote Systems (ReSy)One system for control and remote control!ReSyAUTOMATIONWORX forRemote SystemsYou want to keep a good eye on all parts ofyour system, be able to intervene in andcontrol the process and be accuratelyinformed about faults and failures? Thenconvince yourself of AUTOMATIONWORXfor Remote Systems.This function block library and the provencontrol and I/O components of theAUTOMATIONWORX system kit allowyou to implement numerous modern remotecontrol tasks quickly and easily. Intelligentsolutions from our company bring younearer to your goals!Applications:Application examples:• Water/waste water management–Wells–Pumping stations–Pipeline monitoring–Reservoirs• Power supply companies–Transformer stations–Electric power transformationsubstations–District heating stations–Block-type power plants• Building automation–Property monitoring–Building control technology• General industrial applications–Remote maintenance–Remote diagnostics–Traffic engineering• Railway applications• And much more…Treatment plants Production City worksPorta WestfalicaThe fully biological sewage treatment plantMöllbergen in North Rhine-Westphaliatreats the waste water of the four southerndistricts of Porta Westfalica. In the courseof modernization, the electrical andautomation technology have been upgradedto the state of the art. Control, monitoringand protection of not only the entiretreatment plant, but also the distributedpumping stations and storm-waterreservoirs is fully automatic.Wesergold RintelnAround 500 different products areproduced at Wesergold in Rinteln. In orderto conserve resources, the returnable glasssector has been successively expanded inthe past years. The filling, cleaning andwater treatment plants are correspondinglymodern and highly productive. Wesergoldhas its own wells; the flow rates, meterreadings etc. are transmitted to the controlroom with ReSy in a wireless time-slotprocedure.Bielefeld city worksComprehensive supply services from asingle source – The Bielefeld city worksensures safe and reliable supply to itscustomers of electricity, natural or liquidgas, district heating and drinking wateraround the clock. The special feature:Communication between the remotecontrol center and the control system takesplace via an OPC server and standardEthernet, in line with standards.PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG32823 Blomberg, GermanyPhone: ++49/52 35/3-00Fax: ++49/52 35/3-4 12 00www.phoenixcontact.comMNR 52000615/10.06.2005-03 Printed in Germany © Phoenix Contact 2003City works Drainage Water worksCity works LemgoSun, wind, water and biomass – TheLemgo city works is backing ecologicallygenerated power. In the networking ofreservoir towers, wells and block-typepower plants, data is transmitted via leasedlines. 1600 satisfied district heatingcustomers profit in Lemgo from theexpansive district heating network – basedon automation technology fromPhoenix Contact.Munich municipal drainage systemHealth, hygiene and environmentalprotection are priorities in the municipaldrainage system in Munich. The waste waterfrom the municipal area and surroundings iscollected, cleaned and treated in two largewater treatment plants. The remote controlsystem "ReSy" provides seamless datatransmission, from data acquisition in theexternal control cabinets in the municipalarea to the transfer of the processed data tothe control system of the Gut Großlappenwater treatment plant.Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB)water worksThe Berlin water works, which is one ofthe largest water supply and waste waterdisposal companies in Germany, supplies3.7 million people. Components fromPhoenix Contact operate reliably in thecompact pumping stations. The controltechnology is distributed in externalcontrol cabinets and even works thereover an extended temperature range. Alldata is transmitted to the control room viathe GSM mobile phone network.PHOENIX CONTACTPHOENIX CONTACT

Our components forcontrol and remote controlOur goal is to enable any communicationstructures to be realized with standardautomation components – on the basis of the"AUTOMATIONWORX for RemoteSystems" function block library. Adapted toyour application, proven standardcomponents, e.g. from the Inline automationkit, as well as controllers, modems andremote control software, are used toconstruct distributed external stations andmodular remote control stations. All majorcomponents come from a single source,ensuring a great degree of continuity inhardware and software. Our solution ishighly modular and can always be adapted tothe changing requirements of yourapplication.ControllersAll-in-one controllerS-MAXS-MAX is a high-end controller for use inremote control stations. The combination oftouch display, PLC and data transmission viaEthernet or modem boasts cost advantages,compact installation dimensions and goodoperability via the 6, 12, 15 or 17-inch displays.Compact controllerILC 350 ETHHigh control performance and finely modularexpandability with digital and analog inputs andoutputs as well as an integrated Ethernetinterface are the distinguishing features of theILC 350 ETH as the head of a remote controlsubstation or as a remote control center.Expansion with different modems is possiblewithout any problem. When used as a remotecontrol center, it can be directly connected tothe control system via Ethernet.Compact controllerILC 200 IBThe ILC 200 IB performs small to mediumscalecontrol tasks in remote control station.As with the ILC 350, it can be expanded withthe Inline system kit directly using digital andanalog inputs and outputs or via a fieldbus.Various modems can be connected totransmit data depending on the application.I/O systemsFor the control cabinet and the fieldAs an I/O expansion for remote controlsubstations or remote control centers, thedifferent modules can be put togetherindividually and scaled in IP20 or IP67. In thisway, the remote control application can beexpanded in modules and even supplementedwith distributed fieldbus modules.Network infrastructureIndustrial for control cabinet installationRemote control networks are increasinglyset up on the basis of Ethernet structures.Secure data transmission, e.g. followingIEC 60870-5-104, is supported by themanaged switches of the Factory Line systemwith variable redundancy functions in acc. withRapid Spanning Tree. The integrated webservers make configuration of the devicesunbelievably simple.RouterRouterAnalog, ISDN, DSLmax. 12 kmSwitchInline field multiplexerEthernet(IEC 60870-5-104)Remote control without software configurationWiring costs can be reduced using point-to-point data transmission of digitaland analog signals up to 12 km with only a single two-wire cable (dependingon the cable type and the ambient EMC conditions). It is also possible to usecables that have already been laid, but are not being used. Software-assistedconfiguration is not necessary.SwitchDialed connectionTelephone network(analog, ISDN,GSM)(IEC 60870-5-101 AWD)2 Wired network 3Dialed connectionWireless systems4ModemSMS1Leased line(IEC 60870-5-101)Data transmission procedures12Leased line5WirelessLeased-line communication can be run through copper cable or fiberoptic media. Leased-line modems in point-to-point or multi-pointoperation are used for closed-circuit transmission. FO convertersfor polymer, HCS and glass fiber are available for data transmissionvia fiber optics. Data is transmitted using the IEC 60870-5-101 andPxC FWT-S protocols.Analog / digital dialed connectionThe functions are performed in dialed operation through the publictelephone network with the same hardware as in leased-lineoperation. The controller is chosen according to the amount of datathat is saved between the dialing operations in the remote controlstation. Data is transmitted with the IEC 60870-101 AWD orPxC FWT-AC protocols.Wireless MuxRemote control without software configurationWireless MUX is used whenever it is problematic to route a signal cable or whenmoving signal cables wear too quickly. Digital and analog signals are no longertransmitted in a cable as before, but via wireless link. Depending on the applicationconditions, distances of up to several hundred meters can be bridged in this way.345GSM connectionsMany buildings that are to be monitored by remote control do notallow any closed-circuit data connection.Networking via mobile phone technology is often the least expensivesolution and is available almost everywhere. Equipped with theGSM/GPRS modem, a remote control station provides PLC functionsincluding data transmission in acc. with IEC 60870-5-101 AWD orPxC FWT-AC via various mobile phone networks into the wirednetwork.SMS – Short Message Service"AUTOMATIONWORX for Remote Systems" allows SMSmessages to be sent directly from the remote control station.Limited only by the size of the controller memory, different SMSmessages can be sent according to the system status. It is alsopossible to integrate defined process values such as filling levels,temperatures etc. in the message. SMSs can therefore be sent inboth the GSM and the wired network.WirelessBluetooth, Trusted Wireless, local communication within factoriesand businesses or time-slot wireless communication are –depending on the transmission length – the right choice for remotecontrol data connection. While Bluetooth is a secure and thereforesuitable transmission method for short transmissions from thecontrol room to the rotating scraper bridges in a sewage treatmentplant, a time-slot wireless communication can be the correct andmost economical choice for distances of several kilometers. Alltransmission media are supported by ReSy.SoftwareVisualization and operationAlways with the right versionAdjusting setpoints and calling up systemstatuses – the right version of text, graphicand touch terminals and industrial PCs isalways available for visualization and operationon site. In combination with our compactcontrollers, this creates an endless number ofcombination possibilities for the remotecontrol station, always precisely tailored tothe application.SoftwarePC WORX, OPC Server, Factory ManagerThe hardware is configured, the applicationprogrammed and the remote control pathsconfigured universally with a single tool in acc.with IEC 61131: PC WORX.Configuration for transmitting data to thecontrol system via OPC is also performed withthe software PC WORX.The Factory Manager supports simple and fastconfiguration, startup and diagnostics ofEthernet networks and their infrastructure andis perfectly suited to the needs of industrialusers.AUTOMATIONWORXFor Remote SystemsFunction block librarySimple and fast configuration of the remotecontrol connections is provided bypreassembled function blocks for theIEC 61131 programming environmentPC WORX.Example projects for configuring the differentdata transmission paths as well as for datatransmission in acc. with IEC 60870-5-101,IEC 60870-5-104 or even for directconnection to ACRON Connect etc. makestartup child’s play.Operating data acquisitionACRONData archiving and evaluationThe production data acquisition systemACRON from Videc allows fully automaticreporting. Regardless of whether you want toprocess recorded data, transfer it from thecurrent process or compress it, freelyparameterize and display alarms and messagesand statistical analyses during running time orcreate graphic analyses during running time –ACRON is the plant usage meter thatprovides optimum support for waste watertechnology, water supply, pure water systems,power supply and tunnel technology. TheReSy system offers a direct interface to recorddata on the remote control system viaACRON Connect.Signal transmissionINTERFACE SerialInterference-free transmission of serialdataFor reasons of economy, large amounts of dataare increasingly transmitted serially. PSMinterface modules connect different serialinterfaces, isolate them effectively, and, in thefiber optic version, are particularly suitable forincreasing the availability of machines andsystems.GSM/GPRS modemWireless global communicationThe DIN rail mountable GSM modemPSI-GSM/GPRS-MODEM/RS232 allows globalaccess to machines and systems via GSM orGPRS connections. Using configurable warningor fault warning inputs, the modem can dialfreely definable phone numbers and send savedtext messages as a fax, SMS or e-mail. Highqualityelectrical isolation and integrated surgeprotection ensure operation even underdifficult EMC conditions. The modem can beoperated in all 900 and 1800 MHz GSMnetworks.Analog modemFor secure plant operationAs with the GSM modem, the V.34 modemPSI-DATA/FAX-MODEM/RS232 EMV makeselectrical isolation and surge protection toppriorities as well. It is also possible to send fax,SMS or e-mail via a switching input. This analogmodem is approved for operation in publictelephone networks in Europe, USA andCanada.PHOENIX CONTACTPHOENIX CONTACT

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