July 2011 - WA Country Health Service

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July 2011 - WA Country Health Service

Busselton Health CampusProject UpdateJuly 2011Project Planning on ScheduleA new milestone for theBusselton Health Campusredevelopment has beenreached with the completionof the Project DefinitionPlan. The Plan has now beensubmitted for endorsementand this is expected inAugust.The purpose of the Project DefinitionPlan is to communicate a clearunderstanding of the Projectobjectives and provide the planfor implementation. The ProjectDefinition Plan describes thesystems and infrastructure requiredto deliver the services for theBusselton Health Campus in linewith the WA Health Clinical ServicesFramework 2010-2020. The end ofthe Project Definition Plan phase is astep towards completion of planningand provides the basis for moredetailed design work in the future.From a health service deliveryperspective the Functional Briefis the most important part ofthe Project Definition Plan. TheFunctional Brief describes theservices, models of care andactivities to be performed at theBusselton Health Campus, keydesign requirements and howdepartments should be locatedin relation to one another. TheFunctional Brief clearly identifieshow the project meets the plannedobjectives and includes a scheduleof accommodation for every area inthe new Busselton Health Campus.Continued on page 1Working together for a healthier country WA

Planning for transitionfrom the beginningThe development of theBusselton Health Campusis much more than justconstructing a building.Although the new health campuswill not be open for business until2014, the project team has alreadycommenced planning for thetransition from the old facility to thenew facility.This work involves getting ready forthe physical move to the new facilityas well as preparing for changes tothe way services will operate afterthe move.In recognition of the amount ofwork required, Coastal HospitalOperations Manager Rory Stemphas recently taken on the fulltime role of Busselton HealthCampus Redevelopment ProjectCoordinator.“From now on, the project teamwill be focussing on an effectivetransition as well as building thefacility,” said Mr Stemp.“We will continue to work closelywith staff and stakeholders sothat the campus can meet theexpectations and needs of the localcommunity.”Project Planning on ScheduleContinued from page 1The Functional Brief for the newBusselton Health Campus wasdeveloped with user groups fromeach service area involved in theredevelopment. This includedconsultation with local generalpractitioners.WA Country Health Service SouthWest Regional Director Grace Ley,has been impressed with the levelof involvement by staff.“I’m very impressed with thestandard of the Functional Brief andextremely grateful to the many staffwho worked so hard to completethis work,” Mrs Ley said.“There will be a period now whereour user groups can take a deepbreath, but we will be calling themall back in once we commenceschematic design and detailedroom data sheets later in the year.“As they will already be familiar withthe process and the FunctionalBrief, we will be able to get off to arunning start.”Pictured above are some members of the Emergency Department User Group.From left to right: Dr Phil Chapman (Staff Specialist), Mary-Rose Godsell (InfectionControl Nurse), Nicole Hadley (A/ED Coordinator), Dr Sandra Rennie (Staff Specialist),Kristen Green (A/District Manager), Sue Van Uden (Older Patient Initiative Coordinator),Ros Hamdorf (Registered Nurse) and Julie Breen (Occupational Health and SafetyOfficer).

Environmental approvalsapplications lodgedAnother project milestone wasreached when three environmentalapproval applications were lodgedin mid June.An application for a Native TreeClearing Permit has been made tothe WA Department of Environmentand Conservation (DEC) and thedecision from DEC is pending.A Referral of a Proposal has beenmade to the WA EnvironmentalProtection Authority (EPA). The EPAhas made the decision not to assessas the assessment of the proposalcan be managed under the DECNative Tree Clearing Permit.A Referral of Proposed Action hasbeen made to the CommonwealthDepartment of Sustainability,Environment, Water, Population andCommunities (DSEWPC). DSEWPChave determined that the proposedaction will be a controlled action.The WA Country Health Service hasbeen working with environmentalconsultants for several yearsto develop the knowledge andunderstanding required to mitigatethe environmental impact of theredevelopment.The potential environmentalconcerns and mitigation proposalshave been discussed with localenvironmental interest groups andthe Shire of Busselton. The projectteam hopes that the package ofmitigations will not only off set theimpact of the project on the site, butlead to an overall improvement inthe environment.Busselton Hospital’s AmazingAuxiliaryMembers of the BusseltonHospital Auxiliary have metwith the project team tooutline the requirementsfor their shop in the newBusselton Health Campus.The Auxiliary is a voluntaryorganisation that operates thehospital shop selling knitted andcrocheted items, food and drinks.All profits are used for the benefitof hospital patients. Incredibly, theaverage age of Auxiliary members is75 years.If you know someone who is havinga baby this is the perfect place toshop for a gift. Not only will youget an exquisitely knitted item, youwill also get it at a great price andsupport the Busselton Hospital.Members of the Auxiliary makethe beautiful quilts in the maternityrooms and recently purchased abath bed for the hospital.Top row: Thelma Sawyer, Gordon & Nita Strong, Stella Winter, Elma Castle,Ngarie Gibbs & Rory Stemp (Busselton Health Campus RedevelopmentCoordinator). Front row: Jim Zimdahl, Marjory Tomlinson, Eileen Zimdahl,Flo Zahra & Glen Scott.The members of the Auxiliary werevery pleased to meet with theproject team as they had fearedthat there would be no room fortheir shop in the new campus. Theywere reassured that the work ofthe Auxiliary was highly valued andthat the new shop would meet theirrequirements.

First Community Reference GroupMeetingThe first meeting of the BusseltonHealth Campus Community ReferenceGroup was held on 14 April 2011. GraceLey, Regional Director of WA CountryHealth Service South West, opened theinaugural meeting.WA Country Health Service Director ofInfrastructure, Rob Pulsford, outlined thecomplexities of planning and deliveringthe large capital infrastructure investmentin health in the State.Rory Stemp, Operations Manager– Coastal Hospitals, provided acomprehensive overview of the BusseltonHealth Campus redevelopment projectand the floor was opened for questions.There was great participation and livelydiscussion with a good mix of view pointsand interests represented.“I’m really happy with the way the firstcommunity reference group meetingwent,” Mrs Ley said.“The diverse opinions and high level ofparticipation indicates that this grouprepresents a good cross section of thecommunity.“This is exactly what we were hopingfor as it is one of the ways we can hearand respond to what the community isthinking.”Mrs Ley said the minutes of the meetingwould be posted to the website andwould include a record of the questionsand answers discussed during themeeting.The Community Reference Group willmeet at least quarterly or more often asrequired.From left to right: Don Punch (SW Regional Development Commission), CreenaHolly (Community Representative), Naomi Searle (Busselton Shire), Lisa Shreeve(Community Representative), David Barton (Ministerial Representative), DougHorsford (Busselton Chamber of Commerce), Yvonne Robinson (GP DownSouth), Liz Jones (District Health Advisory Committee) and Jeff Falconer (Proxyrepresentative for environment).Project timelineEarly 2011 User Groups Formed 3Early 2011 Community Reference Group Formed 3Mid 2011 Completion of blue print for services 3Mid 2011 Functional Brief 3Mid 2011 Concept Master Plan 3Mid 2011 Project Definition Plan 3Mid 2011 Submission of Environmental Approvals 3Mid 2011 Lead Consultant (Request for Proposal) 3Mid - late 2011Mid - late 2011Final Master PlanDetailed design work commences2012 Awarding of tenders2012 Construction commences2014 Construction completed2014 Busselton Health Campus opensFor more informationFor more information or to register your feedback about the development ofthe Busselton Health Campus please contact the WA Country Health Service –South West at busseltonhealthcampus@health.wa.gov.au or on (08) 9752 6311.

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