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DIGITRACE NGC-40 FEATURES• State-of-the-art 15” panel mountable user interface with touch screentechnology for monitoring and configuration purposes.• Each circuit is controlled by individual single-phase or three-phase controllers.• I/O modules allow additional temperature and analog/digital signals tointerface with the control modules.• Many heat-tracing related control algorithms available such as ON/OFF, ambient sensing, PASC (Proportional Ambient Sensing Control) andproportional control (if used with solid-state relays).• Modules are “plug and play” and DIN-rail mountable. Wiring is minimized byusing CAN-based network.• Control and monitoring of up to 80 individual circuits per panel with multiplepanels connected to one DigiTrace Touch 1500 user interface.• Capability to monitor temperature, ground-fault currents and operatingcurrents.• Power and current control on heat-tracing circuits to reduce inrush currentsand unnecessary circuit breaker trips.• Central monitoring and configuration via client-server software DigiTraceSupervisor with various levels of access for different user groups.• Automatic self-test function and many more features.DIGITRACE NGC-40 BENEFITS• Intelligent SIL 2 safety temperature limiter IEC 61508: 2000) with up to 3sensors for three-phase systems.• Provides easy intuitive access to configuration, status, alarms and events of theheat-tracing system.• Individual CPU per heat-tracing circuit leads to the highest reliability andcontrol flexibility.• Maximum flexibility in heat-tracing control design provides the highestfunctionality and value at the lowest cost.• Choosing the right control algorithm leads to the most optimized heat-tracingsolution by minimizing the energy consumption and installation cost.• Individual control and standard communication wiring leads to flexible andoptimized panel design to customer requirements.• Strategic location of DigiTrace Touch 1500 user interface linked to a group ofheat-tracing panels leads to optimized maintenance activities.• Permanent supervision of the integrity of the heat-tracing circuit and detailedproblem reporting simplifies maintenance and increases personnel safety.• Control of inrush currents leads to a reduction of panel power requirementsand therefore significant savings on power distribution costs.• DigiTrace Supervisor as a client-server application offers options for datalogging, trending, fault finding and other analysis to help streamline operationsand maintenance activities.Available as a completecontrol, monitoring andpower distribution systemPentair Thermal Management offersthe DigiTrace NGC-40 as a completesolution, where the control system isalready fully integrated into engineeredcontrol and power distribution panels.Using standard industrial enclosures,specific care has been taken todesign the systems to highest safetystandards by enabling optimum accessfor easy maintenance, as well a clearlayout of the functional blocks andterminals. The systems are pre-wired,tested and certified at the factory,requiring only application specificsettings once installed on site.The panels are available in various sizes(number of circuits/spares), typesof control options, type of contactors(solid state or mechanical), circuitbreaker size (MCB and individual circuitbreakers) and many other options.A DigiTrace NGC-40 system canconsist of multiple panels linkedvia a dedicated RS-485 or Ethernetcommunication link where a masterpanel contains the DigiTrace Touch1500 user interface. All can beconnected to DigiTrace Supervisorrunning on the local area network(LAN).DigiTrace NGC-40 intelligentsafety temperature limiterapproved as a SIL 2 deviceThe DigiTrace NGC-40 control systemhas a safety temperature limitermodule that meets the requirementsof IEC 61508: 2000 and is approved asa SIL 2 device.The safety temperature limiter hasbeen equipped with a feature that caneliminate false alarms or trips causedby the process operating temperatureexceeding the area classification. It canaccommodate up to three temperaturesensors for three-phase heat-tracingcircuits.• The heat-tracing system integrity is continuously monitored. Malfunctions arereported to users via clear messages.

DigiTrace Touch 1500 foreasy access on siteThe DigiTrace Touch 1500 userinterface is a state-of-the-art 15”colour touch screen and allowsconvenient user access to all heattracingcircuits. The DigiTrace Touch1500, can be installed either on thepanel door of the NGC-40 controlsystem, or in a remote location andcommunicate to the DigiTrace NGC-40heat-tracing controllers via Ethernetor serial interface.The Touch 1500 software ismultilingual, offers 4 levels ofintegrated security and recordsalarms and events for maintenancepurposes.Ground-fault monitoringsimplifies maintenanceGround-fault monitoring offers avery good indication of the electricalintegrity of the heat-tracing circuits.The DigiTrace NGC-40 controlmodules offer continuous monitoringof ground-fault levels for eachsingle-phase and three-phase circuit.Ground-fault alarms can be setbelow the mandatory trip levels toprovide an early indication of possibleground-fault problems. This allowsmaintenance personnel to schedulea convenient time to investigate aproblem pro-actively, rather than riskdisabling the heat-tracing due to atrip condition. The system identifieswhich branch circuit has the increasedground-fault current, and actioncan then be taken before the circuitstops operating. This can significantlysimplify maintenance activities.DigiTrace Supervisor Softwarebrings it all togetherThe DigiTrace Supervisor (DTS)Software package provides a remote,graphic interface for the DigiTraceNGC-systems. The software allowsthe user to configure and monitor theheat-tracing system from a centralor multiple locations. It also providesaudible and remote alarming, featuresto acknowledge and clear alarms,and includes advanced features suchas data logging, trending, implementchanges in batches, and other usefulfunctions.Users can access all information fromanywhere in the world, making Digi-Trace Supervisor a powerful managementtool for the entire Heat ManagementSystem.The software is multilingual andsupports multi-client and multi-servertechnology based upon Microsoft’s.NET architecture and SQL-server,a proven enterprise-class databasesystem.DigiTrace NGC-40 heattracingcontrollers offersmany optionsThe distributed modular systemarchitecture of the DigiTrace NGC-40allows full flexible configuration of theTouch 150015” touch screen displayheat-tracing control system. Eachheat-tracing circuit controller hasits own processor and is thereforeindependent of other elements in thechosen system configuration. TheDigiTrace NGC-40 offers heat-tracingcontrollers specifically designedfor single-phase and three-phasesystems. The controllers containspecific heat-tracing functionalitywhich enables optimization of theoperations and maintenance cost ofthe heat-trace installation. AdditionalI/O modules enable the possibilityto extend the heat-tracing controlwith digital inputs and additionaltemperature control.Delivering the optimizedheat-tracing systemsolutionThe DigiTrace NGC-40 has heattracingspecific control algorithmswith related alarm capabilities. Eachcontroller measures the current tothe heat-tracing circuit. Three-phasecircuits measure the current perindividual phase and have the optionto alarm on abnormalities. Thecontroller has a dynamic soft startalgorithm supported by a techniqueinvolving measured inrush currentand the Switch Current Ratings. Itchecks and controls the heat-tracingpower consumption to ensure it willstay within the specification of theinstalled circuit breaker. Alarms arereported via the DigiTrace Touch 1500user interface or DigiTrace Supervisor.INDUSTRIAL CONTROL SOLUTIONS FLOORHEATING NGC-40 49 3

DIGITRACE NGC-40 SYSTEM OVERVIEWDigiTrace NGC-40 is atrue modular heat-tracingcontrol, monitoring andpower distribution systemfor industrial heat-tracingapplications.General OfficeEnvironmentStandard EthernetDigiTraceSupervisorDigiTrace NGC-40 is a powerfulheat-tracing control system that offersgreat flexibility with the highestreliability.Temperatures, ground-fault currents,operating currents and othervaluable information reflecting theintegrity of the heat-tracing circuitcan be monitored and communicatedto a central location, to the rightperson at the right time. The informationis visible via the DigiTraceTouch 1500 user interface with touchscreen technology and via the Client-Server software application DigiTraceSupervisor.DigiTrace NGC-40 handles singlephaseand three-phase heat-tracingcircuits. Input / Output (I/O) modulesprovide additional control flexibilityand an intelligent SIL 2 certifiedsafety temperature limiter isavailable as part of the system.Control Room /Maintenance /Local OfficePanel Room,remote indoor oroutdoor location* DigiTrace NGC-40 moduleStandard Ethernet or RS-485Standard Ethernet or RS-485DigiTraceNGC-40****DigiTraceSupervisorSupervisorySoftwareDigiTraceTouch 1500User Interface*DigiTrace NGC-40DigiTraceNGC-40**ModbusModbus44 PENTAIR INDUSTRIAL CONTROL SOLUTIONS NGC-40

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