Requirements, Specification Terms and Conditions - Mahatma ...

Requirements, Specification Terms and Conditions - Mahatma ...

Requirements, Specification Terms and Conditions - Mahatma ...


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1<strong>Requirements</strong>, <strong>Specification</strong> <strong>Terms</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Conditions</strong> <strong>and</strong> Tender Documents for purchase ofVoice Communication Server <strong>and</strong> Accessories at <strong>Mahatma</strong> G<strong>and</strong>hi UniversityList of Items RequiredSl No Item & Description Quantity Remarks1 At the New Administrative BlockIP based Voice Communication Serversystem Equipped with• 240 Analog extensions• 2 PRI Channels• 8 Analog trunks• IP Gateway Card with 50 Channels• 02 Nos.Hard/ PC Based operator console withbusy lamp display• 100 License for IP Phones• 100 SIP extension licenses12 At the New Pariksha Bhavan1Server with Self survivability• 48 Analog Extension interface• 08 Analog Trunk Lines Interfaces.• 50 IP channels• 01 PRI Channels• 50 Nos License for IP Phones• 50 Nos License for IP Phones3 IP Phones with minimum 12 Key 1004 UPS, Online, 3 KVA, with Exide Tubular Battery – 6EL100 (8 Nos)5 Laptop computer system for installing MaintenanceSoftware2 set1 No6 Desktop computer system for Operator console, CallBilling Software <strong>and</strong> Maintenance Software(Detailed specification enclosed)7 42 U Rack as per the specifications at Newadministrative block8 27 U rack as per the specifications at New ParikshaBhavan9 MODEM for ISDN PRI terminations 6 Nos10 Music on Hold device 1 No11 Call Billing software for detailed call reports 1 No12 MDF 300+300 Pair with Required Krone <strong>and</strong>Accessories for termination at the new administrativeBlock13 MDF 100+100 Pair with Required Krone <strong>and</strong> 11 As PC console isalready included inthe Bill of Materials111

2Accessories for termination at the New ParikshaBhavan14 Printer, LaserJet, A4, 14/15 CPM, Duplex printing 115 Installation, MDF Termination, Cable Identification,Testing <strong>and</strong> Commissioning charges if any16 Lightening protection unit(Detailed specification enclosed)17 Any other item essentially required to workCommunication Servers/run the projectLSIn all trunk linesLSA format of Tender documents is enclosed herewith <strong>and</strong> the same contains the following items1. Eligibility Criteria2. Commercial <strong>Terms</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Conditions</strong>3. Communication Server Technical <strong>Specification</strong>s3A. Annexure 1 - System / extensions Features3B. Annexure 2 – <strong>Specification</strong>s of Communication Server in Administrative Block 13C. Annexure 3 – <strong>Specification</strong>s of Remote Shelf in New Pariksha Bhavan4. <strong>Specification</strong> of PC, laptop5. Price Bid Format


4Detailed <strong>Specification</strong> for Voice Communication Server1 Eligibility Criteria CompliedY/NDeviation ifany12The bidder should be a manufacturer /distributor/authoriseddealer. The letter for the same is to be produced along withthe tender.The bidder be there in the market for a period ofminimum 5 Years without which offers will be rejectedThe bidder should have at least ten installations of the samemake or other well reputed make working for the past 5years in kerala. Documentary proof to be produced.3The tenderer should be manufacturer/Distibutor/dealer ofthe offered systems. In case the tenderer is not themanufacturer, then two separate letters – one authorizingthe tenderer to quote to MG UNIVERSITY <strong>and</strong> the secondletter assuring that all Service <strong>and</strong> technical support will beprovided by the manufacturer/distibutor directly to MGUNIVERSITY, as <strong>and</strong> when required by MG UNIVERSITYshould enclose with the technical Bid.45In case the tenderer is not the manufacturer of the offeredsystem, then Service <strong>and</strong> Spare center of themanufacturer/Distibutor should be available in Kerala. Proofof such center with address, contact person, contact detailsshould be provided.The OEM should have a clean track record.i.e The tendereror its sister concern or any group company or principalshould not have been blacklisted by Govt or quasi govt orGovt undertaking companies in India at any point in time.The bidder (directly or through principal / Distributor) shallhave successfully installed at least one number of IPequipped, telephone exchange of minimum capacity 1,500extensions in any of the Govt organisations located in Indiaduring the immediate past 5 years in India, ending the dateof opening of Part A bid. The bidder shall furnish6the details such as copies of Purchase order <strong>and</strong>completion / commissioning certificate issued by the client.The bidder shall also submit documentary evidence from theclients served,certifying satisfactory performance, after sales service <strong>and</strong>maintenance support, along with Part A bid7 The Vendor /pricincipal shall have installed net work <strong>and</strong>communication project . One completed order not less thanRupees 50 lakhs in last 7 yearsorTwo completed orders not less than Rupees 25 lakhs in last7 yearsorThree completed orders not less than Rupees 20 lakhs inlast 7 years.

5Documentary evidence in support of the above such asPurchase orders/ Experience certificate/Performance certificate etc. from clients served shall besubmitted along with technical bid89101112The Vender shall have been assessed by the Income Taxdepartment of India during the last 3 financial years. Copyof acknowledged Income Tax Return or Income taxclearance certificate shall be submitted along with bid.Tenderer should give an undertaking that service <strong>and</strong> sparesupport will be extended for at least 5 years. If tenderer isnot a manufacturer, then OEM/Distibutor/dealer lettermentioning the above should be submitted.A Detailed Network Diagram of the offered solution shouldbe attached in the technical bidUniversity has the rights to reject Offers which are notfulfilling the eligibility criteria <strong>and</strong> techno commercial terms.Vendors who do not fulfill the eligibility criteria <strong>and</strong> notmatching the technical requirements need not to quote. Anyactions to misguide the technical team <strong>and</strong> mislead thetender will be seriously evaluated <strong>and</strong> such vendors will beblacklisted by University. Overall if the quotations adhere tothe scope/ schedule of requirements, then lowest price willbe taken into consideration for awarding tender.Offered system should be TEC approved2. Commercial <strong>Terms</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Conditions</strong> CompliedY/NDeviation ifany12The Warranty period of the system should be a minimum of 36months from the date of project completion.Two BID system.Technical Bid. The technical bid should contain EMD DD,Documentcost,point by point technical <strong>and</strong> Commercial compliance, necessarycertificates, authorization letters, Product brochures, Customer list<strong>and</strong> a Copy of the Bill of material in the price schedule format bymentioning the make <strong>and</strong> model of the system without pricementioned. By any chance if the Price bid is attached with Technicaldocuments then that BID will be rejected.Price Bid: Price Bid should contain only the BoM sheets with Pricementioned. This should be in the specific format.3456Prices Must me quoted in F.O.R at M.G University, Kottayam Basisinclusive of Packing, Forwarding, Freight charges <strong>and</strong> transitinsurance.A point by point Compliance statement should be attached intechnical Bid for technical <strong>and</strong> commercial points.The quoted prices should be inclusive of all taxes <strong>and</strong> duties .Noexemption certificates shall be issued by University.The delivery of the ordered scope should be completed within 12weeks from the date of issue of the order.

67 Project completion: _ __ _ _ _ _ _8 Security Deposit: _ __ _ __10 Payment terms:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _11 EMD: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___12 BID Cost: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _13 BID addressed to be: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _14 Validity: __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _15 Last Date of the tender Sale: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _16 Last date of tender acceptance: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _17 Date, time <strong>and</strong> place of Tender opening: _ _ _ _ _ _18 Super scribing the Covers: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _The purchase <strong>and</strong> installation of new communication server is underbuyback arrangement with 2 existing 2 CDdot exchanges (1)Intellicon make 256 CDot exchange <strong>and</strong> (2) Intellicion 128 CDot19exchange available in the University. Both the existing exchangesare in working condition. All Bidders have to verify the existingexchanges <strong>and</strong> may specifically offer the buyback value of the samein their price bid.3 Communication Server Technical <strong>Specification</strong>s CompliedY/NDeviation ifany3AAnnexure 1System / extensions Features.12345Alternating between two parties: The proposed EPABXsystem should allow a station user to switch back <strong>and</strong> forthbetween 2 connections either internal or external as often aspossible. During this process, one party is connected to thestation user while the other is being on hold <strong>and</strong> provideswith system music-on-hold.Authorization code <strong>and</strong> password for call billing identification:The proposed EPABX system should be able to request theusers to enter an authorization code or a password via thekeypad before making a call. The code should be capturedby the call detail recording system together with the numberdialed to billing identification purposes.Automatic Fault Reporting System: The proposed EPABXsystem should be able to report faults <strong>and</strong> alarms generatedautomatically to the local Principal technical support centerfor attention <strong>and</strong> remote maintenance.Automatic Ring back For Transferred Unanswered Calls:Incoming calls transferred by an extension to the destinationextensions should ring back automatically at the extensionwhere the calls are transferred if these calls are notanswered by the destination extensions within a period oftime. This feature should be applicable to all EPABXextensions including the attendant console.Boss <strong>and</strong> secretary function: The proposed EPABX systemshould support boss <strong>and</strong> secretary function for screening ofboss calls by secretary.6 Automatic Call back: An extension calling a busy extensionshould be able to enter a code for call back request <strong>and</strong> as

7soon as the busy extension is free, both the calling extension<strong>and</strong> destination extension are automatically rung <strong>and</strong>connected upon answering.789101112Call forward: All calls destined for an extension to beforwarded to another extension or to the EPABX operatorregardless of the state of the extension, whether it is busy oridle. The user should be able to activate call forward bydialing the feature access code from his extension.Call hold: An extension user should be able to hold anongoing call <strong>and</strong> free his line to initiate another call orrequest for a service feature.Call park: An extension user should be able to park hisexisting call <strong>and</strong> retrieve the call from any other telephone bydialing a pre-arranged code.Call pickup: Incoming calls to an extension in a group ofextensions with call pickup facility should be able to bepicked up by any extension within the same group by justdialing a code. The proposed EPABX system should supportminimum of 500 call pickup groups. There should be no limitfor the number of extensions per group.Call transfer: An extension user should be able to transfer anexisting call to another extension without the assistance ofthe EPABX operator.Class-of-service: The proposed EPABX system should be ableto provide class-of-service in accordance with the degree offeature usage desired to all its users. 16 group of class-ofserviceshould be possible. Each user should have 2 class-of-service. The change of class-of-service should be possibleby attendant console or by entering a password (12 digitsmaximum) by the user on the telephone set or automaticallyat a predefined time.Day/Night Class of Service: The EPABX system should beprogrammed in such a way that the class of service ofextension will change automatically when the EPABX operator13activates night service. Thus all extension should have twodifferent class of System / extensions Features.service - onefor day <strong>and</strong> another for night14 Decadic pulse <strong>and</strong> DTMF dialing: The proposed EPABXsystem should support telephone sets with decadic <strong>and</strong>DTMF dialing.15 Direct inward dialing: The EPABX should support an incomingcaller to reach the extension without operator assistance.The caller should reach the desired extension by dialing 3-digit or 4-digit prefix allocated by BSNL India <strong>and</strong> followed bythe 4-digit or 3-digit extension number of the EPABX system16 Do-not-disturb: The extension user should be able to enter acode from his/her telephone set to prevent incoming calls.During this time, outgoing calls are still possible from thisextension. However, the attendant console <strong>and</strong> urgent callsshould override this do-not-disturb status.

817181920212223Hot-line service: This feature should allow an extension tocall another pre-assigned extension by merely lifting theh<strong>and</strong>set. There should be two types of hotline: immediate<strong>and</strong> timed delay. For immediate hotline, lifting of theh<strong>and</strong>set of the hotline phone should immediately ring thepredetermined extension. For timed delay hotline service,the predetermined extension should be rung after the timeout delay by lifting of the h<strong>and</strong>set of the hotline phoneLeast Cost Routing: The proposed EPABX should routeoutgoing calls over the most economical facilities based onthe area code <strong>and</strong> office code dialed. The system shouldalso support time based least cost routing in case of multipleservice providersMusic On-Hold: The EPABX system should provide music to aparty who is being on-hold under conditions such asconsultation hold, call transfer, etc.Password codes: The proposed EPABX system should supportPassword code to enable the user to lock their phones whenthe phone is not used. The user should be able to make aLocal / STD / ISD call as per his class of service authorizationfrom any extension by using this password code. The callbilling software should provide a consolidated report forevery password code irrespective of the call being from anyextension in the network. The proposed EPABX systemshould support 12 digits maximum for PIN code.Speed dial: The proposed EPABX system should support10,000 speed dial numbers, which are accessible by allEPABX users. Each speed dial number should be atleast 20digits long. These speed dial numbers should be divided intosystem list (accessible by everybody) <strong>and</strong> departmental list(accessible by users in that particular department only). Thenumbers for the system speed dial lists should beprogrammed by the system administration <strong>and</strong> maintenanceterminalTimed reminder service: The proposed EPABX system shouldallow an extension user to enter a time from his/hertelephone set for automatic ring back at the pre-set time <strong>and</strong>deliver a reminder messageAlternating between two parties: The proposed EPABXsystem should allow a station user to switch back <strong>and</strong> forthbetween 2 connections either internal or external as often aspossible. During this process, one party is connected to thestation user while the other is being on hold <strong>and</strong> provideswith system music-on-hold.3 BAnnexure 2Communication Server in Administrative Block 11 The communication Server to be offered must provide apowerful basis that meets current <strong>and</strong> future requirements forhigh-quality telecommunications. State-of-the-Art technology,VoIP- technology, integration of IP-based applications <strong>and</strong> theCompliedY/NDeviation ifany

9usage of comfortable speech features above all kinds ofcommunication infrastructures <strong>and</strong> connected voice terminalsare compelling.234567891011The offered system should be exp<strong>and</strong>able by addingnecessary cabinets <strong>and</strong> cards to 1000 Extensions withoutchanging/adding the common control cards, <strong>and</strong> not by tielining two or more exchanges. Two or more systems shouldnot be interconnected to reach 1000 extensions.Documentation proof to be submitted.The hardware should be modular <strong>and</strong> the software structuredso that the system can be easily adapted to the continuallydeveloping requirements of communication services. Theelements of the Communication Server should be distributedin architecture but still function as one integrated system.Communication Server should be Compact PCI (cPCI) highperformance based architecture. The OS should be hardenedto operate on Embedded Real Time operating system Linuxworks or UNIX which is incorporated on open st<strong>and</strong>ards it isresistant to virus attacks.The system should be configured engineered so as to ensure99.99% uptimeThe Make & Model of the Servers offered should be of latest<strong>and</strong> is to be mentioned here.Communication Server should support Session InitiatedProtocol (SIP) open platform for multiple devices.The Communication Server should support Digital networkingof multi vendor Communication Server via QSIG software forfeature transparency throughout the network.Communication Server should support Voice, Data <strong>and</strong> Image(Video ) NetworkingCommunication Server should have the following interfacesa. Trunk linesb. Digital extensionsc. Analog extensionsd. ISDN PRIIE1e. E&Mf. IP Trunks <strong>and</strong> Extentionsg .SIP Trunk <strong>and</strong> SIP PhonesCommunication Server should be fully modular <strong>and</strong> utilizeUniversal Port Architecture.121314The Communication Server should be 100% Non-Blockingwith a Switching Matrix to provide more Time Slots than theTotal ports of the Communication Server Quoted.The Communication Server should have option to beequipped as a duplex system running in a hot st<strong>and</strong>by mode,so that should there be a processor failure all establishedcalls are retained during the processor switch over.System should be19” rack type.15 Hardware for E1<strong>and</strong> PRI should be the same. UNIVERSITYshould be able to use the same card when the E1 lines aresubstituted with PRI circuits. If E1 <strong>and</strong> PRI cards are different

then both type of cards should be supplied without any extracost101617181920212223It should be possible to terminate both Copper <strong>and</strong> Fiberdirectly onto the PRI/E1 card in case of E1 I PRI connectivity.If the hardware for copper connectivity <strong>and</strong> fiber are differentthen hardware for both connectivity to be included in theoffer.The offered system should be compliant with EMC/EMI forlow radiations. Vendor should submit the compliancecertificate.It should be possible to do remote diagnosis with the Server.Routine software maintenance should also be possible fromany remote terminal connected in the LAN. Required LANinterface card should be bundled with the offer. No additionalcost to be shown. For serial linking, Required Modem forremote administration should be offered.Remote updating of customer-specific Communication Serverdata should be possibleThe Exchange shall be the state-of-art with 32 bit PentiumProcessorOther Communication Server Featuresa) Alternate Routingb) Flexible Station Numberingc) Authorization Code - Tie Line Incomingd) Remote Maintenancee) Maintenance Printoutf) Multiple Call Forwarding - Busy Lineg) MFC - Incoming Call to Tie Lineh) On - Line Maintenancei) Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)j) Automatic Call backk) Pulse -to - Tone ConversionI) Remote Access to Serverm) Restriction from Outgoing Callsn) Trunk to trunk ConnectionMinimum 7 party conferences should be.User should be able to create parallel ringing groups for onemaster plus two users per group. User’s Mobile phone /extension numbers can be grouped together. Once one deviceis picked up the other devices in the group should stopringing. This feature should be activated for minimum 50usersPC console should be based <strong>and</strong> should be possible to24connect anywhere in the LAN network .it should be fullyLDAP-compliant directory25 The Communication Server should support VolP (Voice overInternet Protocol). Bidder/principal should have implementedat least one multi Communication Server order for VolP inIndia. Documentary proof for the above should be enclosed

262728293031323334The offered Communication Server should have the possibilityof distributing Cabinets via IP network.The Communication Server should have Integrated cardbased IP Gateways with Minimum of 40 channels possible toput in any of the universal slot of the SERVER. It should notbe an external PC based or Embedded Gateways. Vendorsshould confirm this with document proof.Tenderer should submit detailed datasheet of this carda. The Communication Server should support voIP card.b. This should be pluggable in any of the universal slots.c. This card should have an 10/100 Ethernet port, which canbeConnected to the LAN.d. IP phones should be able to be connected on Internet also,if staticIP is available. .It should be possible to connect IP work points to the offeredcommunication serverThe System Should supports IP Trunking, SIP Extensions <strong>and</strong>SIP trunks. If the Gateway is separate for this the same hasto be included in the configuration.It should be equipped withminimum 40 channels for the same.Systems should have a common licensing system.i.e It shouldbe possible to switch over the analog extension licenses toDigital extensions or IP client <strong>and</strong> Vice Versa.Communication Server should use Flash-ROM for fasterbooting. Maintenance <strong>and</strong> Administration terminal shouldenhance Communication Server management with a userfriendlyman-machine Interface. It should have the followingfeatures.Communication Server Database ManagementCommunication Server BackupsTraffic Data Management.This should on a GUI based console with detailedinformation about the health of the exchange statusof Subscriber lines, trunk lines, battery voltage levelindication etc.Alarm indication on Display <strong>and</strong> Printer.Display of Software <strong>and</strong> Circuit card information onterminalThere should be an option for integration of CommunicationServer to Microsoft desktop client (i.e. Microsoft OfficeCommunicator) with LCS 2005 or OCS 2007 .It should bepossible to integrate this Communication Server with theabove st<strong>and</strong>ards-based enterprise instant messaging (IM).Server should equipped to set up a Meet me conferencebridge with 500 Meet-me conference rooms up to 30participants per conference <strong>and</strong> the bridge should be of thesame make. Detailed datasheet to be enclosed.1135 The system should support Unified Messaging system.Unified Messaging system should be of the same make as

that of the EPABX. Detailed datasheet to be enclosed.1236It should be possible to change the dial tone of the systemwith customised music.37Voice over IP network should be encrypted using securedreal-time protocol SRTP with AES 128 bit encryption38Signaling over IP /Features over IP also should be protectedwith 128 bit encryption.39The IP Phones should supportG.711,G.729AB,G.722SIP,CTIFull Duplex h<strong>and</strong>sfree talkingThird party call controlRemote administrationWeb XML filesPoEKeypad with 12 keysTiltable LCD 2 line display5 Signalling LED’s3 CAnnexure 3Remote Shelf in New Pariksha BhavanCompliedY/NDeviation ifany12Remote Shelf in Pariksha Bhavan should be equipped withprocessor which will be used for disaster recovery. In case ofmain system fails, all IP extensions <strong>and</strong> gateways should beregistered with the processor of Pariksha Bhavan.Remote shelve should be 19” rack type.3Remote shelves should be equipped with minimum 40 IPchannels.4Remote Gateways should allow the Communication Server tobe connected in a distributed topology over IP moreoverDistance should not be a limitation in such a scenario.5The Administrative Management tool for the Main system <strong>and</strong>remote gateways should be the same one. The IP deploymentshould not be by putting up multiple exchanges <strong>and</strong> usingdifferent administration tools6The remote Gateways should be able to use all theCommunication features including Voice Mail <strong>and</strong> Call Billingetc are installed in the Server side.78It should be possible to hot swap the terminal cards of MainCommunication Server <strong>and</strong> remote gateways.The Remote Gateways should support Analog extensions,Digital Extensions, PRI trunks, Analog trunks <strong>and</strong> E1 trunks.

champdesc:XVI LIGA TERRITORIAL BENJAMIN704 LOPEZ‐ESCOBAR LEON MANUEL 2003 C.N. BAHÍA DE CÁDIZ 2:10.95 25m‐E 25/01/2014 JEREZ FRA. 0705 SANTOS GARCIA NICOLAS 2003 C.N. AVILES 2:11.11 25m‐E 18/01/2014 OVIEDO 40706 RIOS VAZQUEZ MATEO 2003 ARTEIXO 2:13.09 25m‐M 25/01/2014 C DEL MAR 38707 MOLANES VICENTE ALEJANDRO 2003 GALAICO 2:14.24 25m‐M 14/12/2013 PONTEAREAS 37708 LOPEZ CASAS DAVID 2003 CNXOVE 2:15.59 25m‐M 11/01/2014 LUGO 0709 GOMA COBOS DANIEL 2003 C.N. JEREZ 2:17.21 25m‐E 25/01/2014 JEREZ 35710 FILGUEIRA LOPEZ NICOLAS 2003 NTNARON 2:17.26 25m‐M 18/01/2014 J. GOMEZ NOYA 34711 BAHARI MIRANDA DILAN 2003 C.N. CHOFARACAY 2:18.02 25m‐M 25/01/2014 LAS PALMAS DE G.C. 34712 CLAUDIU ANDREI VISAN 2003 CARBALL 2:19.31 25m‐M 25/01/2014 C DEL MAR 33713 FERNÁNDEZ MARTÍN CARLOS 2003 C.D.N. ZAMORA 2:21.25 25m‐M 25/01/2014 ZAMORA 32714 ALBARRAN CALVO CARLOS 2003 C.N. SEGOVIA 2:26.21 25m‐M 18/01/2014 SEGOVIA 28715 SANTOS FRECHILLA DAVID 2003 C.D.N. ZAMORA 2:31.75 25m‐M 25/01/2014 ZAMORA 25716 ELIZALDE ROMERO ALVARO 2003 CARBALL 2:35.06 25m‐M 25/01/2014 C DEL MAR 0miércoles, 05 de marzo de 201414:30:27Página 13 de 78

software for the entire network should besingle one <strong>and</strong> possible to diagnosis fromanywhere in the LAN157Desktop computer system1 No8 Laptop for maintenance (Thoshiba 540 L) 1 NoSupply of Floor Mounted Rack 42U with 1 Nonecessary accessories like Cable Manager,Power sockets, fan with trays, front9 door(Transparent ) <strong>and</strong> back door with lock<strong>and</strong> keys castors with lock <strong>and</strong> full HardWare Kit.101112Supply of Floor Mounted Rack 27U withnecessary accessories like Cable Manager,Power sockets, fan with trays, frontdoor(Transparent ) <strong>and</strong> back door with lock<strong>and</strong> keys castors with lock <strong>and</strong> full HardWare Kit.ISDN PRI Modem (Rad/Patton)Dial tone replacement unit with customisedmusic1 Nos3sets(6 Nos)1 No13 Call Billing Software for Both IP &Analog 1 No14 MDF 300+ 300 pair 1 No15MDF 100 + 100 pair1 No16Printer, LaserJet, A4, 14/15 CPM, Duplexprinting1 No17181920Installation <strong>and</strong> Maintenance chargesincluding charges for Rack fixing/Cableidentification <strong>and</strong> other works if anyLightning protection unit in all trunk lineDocumentation <strong>and</strong> trainingAny other item essentially required to workCommunication Servers/run the projectGr<strong>and</strong> TotalTaxes For the Supply ItemsTaxes for the Installation & EarthingGr<strong>and</strong> total Inclusive of Taxes <strong>and</strong>DutiesLotLSLSLSYour Buy Back Offer for our Existing PABXs

Sl No. Item Buy back amount offered (in Rs)1 Intellicon make 256 CDot exchange2 Intellicion make 128 CDot exchange16

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