Lonjsko Polje Nature Park (G.Gugic) (.pdf, 4934 KB) - DANUBEPARKS


Lonjsko Polje Nature Park (G.Gugic) (.pdf, 4934 KB) - DANUBEPARKS

Central PosavinaThe Central Sava River Basin

Lonjsko Polje Nature ParkA unique organically evolved landscape with apreserved medieval system of the common pasturingtypical of the whole of Central Europe until the 2nd halfof the 19th century

Largest riperian hardwood forestecosystem of the WesternPalaearctic

Lonjsko Polje Nature ParkTradition in managing sustainability inconditions of change and unpredictability

Lonjsko Polje Nature ParkA national and international key facility inthe flood control system of the Sava RiverBasin

The 12 Prinicplesof Managing Sustainability in Conditions of Changeand Unpredictability• Modesty• Diversity ofmotivation• Plainness• Versatility• Robustness• Congruity with thekeystone processes• Integritiy• Dynamic authenticity• Extensive dispersionin space• Immanence• Extensive cores• Iteration

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