ABA1716-40CH polished chromeD (mm) 400 P (mm) 140IP Rating: IP20Wattage5x40Lamp Holder G9IncludedC1716-40GO goldD (mm) 400 P (mm) 140IP Rating: IP20Wattage5x40Lamp Holder G9IncludedCB1716-54CH polished chromeD (mm) 540 P (mm) 140IP Rating: IP20Wattage7x40Lamp Holder G9IncludedD1716-54GO goldD (mm) 540 P (mm) 140IP Rating: IP20Wattage7x40Lamp Holder G9IncludedD173 FLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS

A 1607-9D (mm) 350 P (mm) 160Wattage 9x20Lamp Holder G4Low pressureIncludedB 1607-5D (mm) 230 P (mm) 150Wattage 5x20Lamp Holder G4Low pressureIncludedABCC 298-4CH chromeD (mm) 230 P (mm) 110Wattage 4x40Lamp Holder G9IncludedDD 298-1CH chromeD (mm) 100 H (mm) 125P (mm) 130Wattage 1x40Lamp Holder G9IncludedEE 298-2CH chromeD (mm) 100 H (mm) 145P (mm) 130Wattage 2x40Lamp Holder G9Included175 FLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS

ABA 207-8SC satin chromeD (mm) 500 W (mm) 500P (mm) 95Wattage 8x20Lamp Holder G4Low pressureIncludedB 207-WBSC satin chromeD (mm) 135 H (mm) 325P (mm) 110Wattage 4 x 20Lamp Holder G4Low pressureIncludedC 126-35W (mm) 280 P (mm) 280L (mm) 350Wattage 1x150Lamp Holder R7sIncludedCFLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS 176

AA 1405-45 chromeP (mm) 55L (mm) 450 x 235Wattage 2x24Lamp Holder 2G11IncludedB 1405-67-T8 chromeP (mm) 55L (mm) 670 x 235Wattage 2x18Lamp Holder T8IncludedBENERGYSAVING177 FLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS

AA 127-47-552D satin nickelD (mm) 470 P (mm) 95Wattage 1x55Lamp Holder 2DIncludedC 127-30-212D satin nickelD (mm) 300 P (mm) 90Wattage 1x21Lamp Holder 2DIncludedB 127-40-382D satin nickelD (mm) 400 P (mm) 95Wattage 1x38Lamp Holder 2DIncludedBCInternal viewD 533-28W-T5 chromeD (mm) 1210 P (mm) 200Wattage 28W TubeLamp T5 fluorescentIncludedDENERGYSAVINGFLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS 178

AA141-45-382Dclear outer/acid etch innerD (mm) 450 P (mm) 105Wattage 1x38Lamp Holder 2DIncludedB 141-55-552Dclear outer/acid etch innerD (mm) 550 P (mm) 115Wattage 1x55Lamp Holder 2DIncludedBInternal viewCC132-48-382D satin nickelD (mm) 480 P (mm) 120Wattage 1x38Lamp Holder 2DIncludedD 132-37-212D satin nickelD (mm) 370 P (mm) 110Wattage 1x21Lamp Holder 2DIncludedInternal viewDENERGYSAVING179 FLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS

AA 276-28-2D16 chromeD (mm) 280 H (mm) 100IP Rating IP44Wattage 1x16Lamp Holder GR10qIncludedB 277-32-2D16 mirror/opalD (mm) 320 H (mm) 95IP Rating IP44Wattage 1x16Lamp Holder 2DIncludedAAlso available:276-36-2D28 chromeD (mm) 360 H (mm) 100IP Rating IP44Wattage 1x28Lamp Holder GR10qIncludedBAlso available:277-42-2D28 mirror/opalD (mm) 420 H (mm) 95IP Rating IP44Wattage 1x28Lamp Holder 2DIncludedBPLEASE NOTE: Suitable for use in zone 1 of a bathroom. Subject tocurrent UK wiring regulations. Must be used in conjunction with a30mA R.C.D.ENERGYSAVINGIP RATEDC 326-38-382D chromeD (mm) 380 P (mm) 90IP Rating IP20Wattage 1 x 38Lamp Holder GR10qIncludedCAlso available:326-50-552D chromeD (mm) 500 P (mm) 90IP Rating IP20Wattage 1x55Lamp Holder GR10qIncludedCENERGYSAVINGFLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS 180

BACA 1739-32-2D21 satin chromeD (mm) 313 P (mm) 92IP Rating: IP20Wattage1x21Lamp Holder 2DIncludedENERGYSAVINGB 1739-17 satin chromeD (mm) 170 P (mm) 80IP Rating: IP20Wattage1x25Lamp Holder G9IncludedC 1301-17 satin chromeD (mm) 170 P (mm) 65IP Rating: IP20Wattage1x25Lamp Holder G9IncludedD 1204-30 clear outer/opal innerD (mm) 300 P (mm) 80IP Rating: IP20Wattage 2 x 40Lamp Holder SESE 1204-20 clearD (mm) 200 P (mm) 70IP Rating: IP20Wattage 1 x 40Lamp Holder G9IncludedF 1738-25-2D21D (mm) 253 P (mm) 77IP Rating: IP20Wattage 1 x 21Lamp Holder 2DIncludedENERGYSAVINGG 1721-30 whiteD (mm) 300 P (mm) 110IP Rating: IP20Wattage2x40Lamp Holder ESH 1721-48-2D55D (mm) 470 P (mm) 160IP Rating: IP20Wattage1x55Lamp Holder 2DIncludedENERGYSAVINGFEDHG181 FLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS

AA 051-40SB satin brassB 051-40SC satin chromeD (mm) 400 P (mm) 235Wattage 1x200Lamp Holder R7sIncludedC 051-WBSB satin brassD 051-WBSC satin chromeD (mm) 290 H (mm) 83P (mm) 165Wattage 1x100Lamp Holder R7sIncludedE 387-30SC satin chromeF 387-30SB satin brassD (mm) 300 P (mm) 180Wattage 1x150Lamp Holder R7sIncludedCBDEFFLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS 182

A 608-35D (mm) 350 H (mm) 350P (mm) 65Wattage 1x100Lamp Holder R7sIncludedB 608-20D (mm) 200 H (mm) 200P (mm) 70Wattage 1x100Lamp Holder R7sIncludedBADC 064-27D (mm) 280 P (mm) 95Wattage 1x60Lamp Holder SESD 065-27D (mm) 270 P (mm) 100Wattage 1x60Lamp Holder SESCE 392-2CH chromeD (mm) 260P (mm) 120IP Rating IP44Wattage 2x25Lamp Holder G9IncludedG 392-1CH chromeD (mm) 120P (mm) 120IP Rating IP44Wattage 1x25Lamp Holder G9IncludedEF 392-3CH chromeD (mm) 250 P (mm) 100IP Rating IP44Wattage 3x25Lamp Holder G9IncludedFGPLEASE NOTE: Suitable for use in zone 1 ofa bathroom. Subject to current UK wiringregulations. Must be used in conjunctionwith a 30mA R.C.D.183 FLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS

ABCDEA 1725-BC black chromeB 1725-BP brass platedC 1725-WH whiteD 1725-CH chromeD (mm) 300 P (mm) 85Wattage 1x38Lamp Holder 2DIncludedE 309-30SB satin brassF 309-30SC satin chromeD (mm) 300 P (mm) 110Wattage 2x7Lamp Holder G23Included2D lamp now includedFENERGYSAVINGFLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS 186

A 1503-WBSB satin brassB 1503-WBSC satin chromeD (mm) 140 H (mm) 240P (mm) 55Wattage 1x40Lamp Holder G9IncludedABC 1506-30SC satin chromeD (mm) 300 P (mm) 55Wattage 2x40Lamp Holder G9IncludedD 1503-30SB satin brassE 1503-30SC satin chromeD (mm) 300 P (mm) 55Wattage 2x40Lamp Holder G9IncludedCED187 FLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS

A 657-28D (mm) 280 P (mm) 70IP Rating IP44Wattage 3x25Lamp Holder G9IncludedIP RATEDB 657-15D (mm) 150 P (mm) 70IP Rating IP44Wattage 1x25Lamp Holder G9IncludedIP RATEDBACCC 217D (mm) 200 P (mm) 150IP Rating: IP44Wattage 1x40Lamp Holder G9IncludedIP RATEDPLEASE NOTE: 657 and 217are suitable for usein zone 1 of a bathroom.Subject to current UK wiringregulations. Must be usedin conjunction with a 30mAR.C.D.DED OS-60D (mm) 150 P (mm) 185Wattage 1x60Lamp Holder BCE OS-100D (mm) 180 P (mm) 215Wattage 1 x 100Lamp Holder BCFLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS 188

AA 209-30BP brass platedB 209-30CH chromeC 209-30WH whiteD (mm) 300 P (mm) 80Wattage 2x40Lamp Holder BCBCDD 334-30D (mm) 300 P (mm) 120Wattage 1x100Lamp Holder ESD 334-40D (mm) 400 P (mm) 120Wattage 2x60Lamp Holder ESEE 334-WBD (mm) 300 H (mm) 155P (mm) 90Wattage 1x60Lamp Holder SESFGF 906-WB-WHD (mm) 300 H (mm) 155P (mm) 90Wattage 1x60Lamp Holder SESG 906-30-WHD (mm) 300 P (mm) 120Wattage 1x100Lamp Holder ES189 FLUSH FITTINGS & WALL BRACKETS

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