Radiator Boss Stitch Welding Machine - Schlatter


Radiator Boss Stitch Welding Machine - Schlatter

Radiator Boss Stitch

Welding Machine


For economical manufacturing of radiator bodies

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Radiator Boss Stitch Welding Machine

The boss stitch welding machine serves the special purpose of joining single radiator elements of

steel sheet, to complete radiator bodies. Both bosses are welded simultaneously.

Advantages of the Boss Stitch Welding Machine

Clean, tight joints

Easy operation of machine

One operator can attend two machines

Machine Type: PS 2/28 left or right.

One control center with two SWEP M01 welding control units

and one PLC function control.

Working range

Boss spacing A; stepless adjustable

Weight of radiator

Electrical Data

Nominal rating (50% duty cycle)

Short circuit current

Connection data

Circuit breaker

Mechanical Data

Number of spots around boss

Cycle time of welding head

H.A. Schlatter AG

CH-8952 Schlieren


A + max.100

A ±0.5

Telephone +41-1-732 71 11

Telefax +41-1-730 94 76

Internet www.schlatter.ch

±0.3 ±0.3

Weldable sheet thickness 0,8 mm - 1,25 mm

(drawing sheet steel grade U St by EN 10130)

radiator quality

200 - 1000 mm

max.150 kg

2 x 28 kVA

I2cc 2 x 18 kA

400V / 50 Hz

63 kVA

Boss shape and tolerance for radiator elements

63 ÷ 250


13 sec

max. 50

min. 30

for tube radiators min. 60

G 1 1/4"





Ø43 -1

normal Ø 55

min. Ø 53


min. 0.8

normal 1.25 max.

max. 1.5


max. 50

min. 42 with ring

without ring

min. 31

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