Resistance welding systems and special weaving ... - Schlatter


Resistance welding systems and special weaving ... - Schlatter

Resistance welding systems

and special weaving machines for the highest demands

Schlatter Group

Core competencies

Resistance welding


Customer service

Global presence

Your reliable partner in plant design

Boosting your market position

Wire: Low initial costs and good expandability

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Profi le: Economic effi ciency through Schlatter core technology

Radiators: High performance at low production costs

Focus on special applications

Investment certainty through long-term support

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Schlatter Group

Your reliable partner in plant design

The Schlatter Group is a world leader in plant manufacturing, providing

resistance welding systems for specifi c industrial solutions as well as

weaving and fi nishing machines for paper machine clothing, wire cloth

and mesh. Thanks to our extensive industrial engineering expertise, our

spirit of innovation and our reliable customer service, we are able to

off er our customers superior manufacturing systems.

Focus on customer benefi ts

Founded in 1916, Schlatter started out

as an individual plant manufacturer.

It has since grown to become a fully

fl edged solution provider for resistance

welding and weaving systems. Decades

of independent research and development

activity have brought the Schlatter

Group a wealth of expertise in developing

and automating production

systems. Leveraging this expertise, we

are able to off er our customers the best

in sophisticated technology and effi cient


In choosing their manufacturing systems,

our customers primarily look for

reliability and effi ciency as the key characteristics.

The Schlatter Group meets

this challenge by focusing heavily on innovation

and consulting services and by

supporting customers and their systems

over the entire product life cycle.

Global presence

Our organisation is designed to ensure

that Schlatter is as close as possible to

our customers and their markets. Building

on collaborations with local service

and sales partners as well as select

representatives and agents, our strong

presence in regional markets guarantees

rapid customer service wherever

you are.

Performance-oriented corporate


We owe our high customer satisfaction

rates to the excellent performance of

our 500 employees. To continue promoting

and strengthening our performanceoriented

corporate structure, we place

special emphasis on training apprentices

and off ering training and development

programmes for all employees.

Our collective values include professionalism,

independence, accountability

as well as team spirit and entrepreneurial


A reliable partner

Reliability in terms of quality, costs and

scheduling takes utmost priority for us.

We do everything we can to ensure the

agreements made with our customers

are honoured. To this end, we defi

ne objectives together with customers,

plan ahead and respond immediately to

changing situations.


The open welding portal of a MG320

reinforcing mesh welding system.


Core competencies

Boosting your market position

In our resistance welding machines and weaving systems, we combine

our core competencies with our core technology – electric resistance

welding – to off er you the very best products and services possible. To

help you boost productivity and extend your systems’ service life, we

have developed innovative modular production plants that enable you

to remodel and expand your manufacturing capabilities at will.

Part of a reinforcing mesh

welding system.

Experience in plant design

With almost a century of experience, the

Schlatter Group can draw on extensive

plant design expertise. In the welding

segment, we develop and build resistance

welding systems for industrial and

reinforcing mesh production, for radiator

production as well as rail welding. In

the weaving segment, we build weaving

and fi nishing machines for paper machine

clothing, wire fabric and mesh under

our Jäger brand.

Drawing on the wide range of plant design

competencies across the entire

Schlatter Group, we are able to adapt

our many basic modules to the customer’s

specifi c needs, expand them with

our own or with third-party modules or

even custom-create individual products.

Effi cient systems through automation


Our expertise in plant automation enables

us to equip machine networks with

intelligent control and automation technology.

This technical know-how lets us

off er our customers fast, reliable and

easy-to-operate systems.

Strong spirit of innovation

The Schlatter Group’s goal is to help

customers improve their market position.

That is why we dedicate a signifi -

cant portion of our fi nancial resources

to researching and developing new

products and complementary modules.

Our core competency

resistance welding

Right from its inception, Schlatter has

focussed heavily on electrical resistance

welding – a joining process in which

metal parts are electrically heated to

welding temperature and joined by the

simultaneous application of mechanical

force. Our core technology is extremely

versatile and allows precise and costeffi

cient welding of a large number of

parts in a short amount of time.



Resistance welding – Wire

Low initial costs and good expandability

In the wire segment, the Schlatter Group specialises in designing plants

for producing industrial and reinforcing mesh. In this highly competitive

market, customers are chiefl y looking for low initial costs, high productivity

and good expandability.

Industrial mesh

production line.

Wire segment

Our plants’ high productivity, fl exibility,

short setup times and operational reliability

make Schlatter one of the world’s

leading system providers in the market

for both industrial and reinforcing

mesh. Thanks to the modular composition

of our basic systems and complementary

modules, we are able to off er

customised, economical solutions that

fi t your company’s specifi c needs.

We are your one-stop system provider

With Schlatter systems you can manufacture

industrial and reinforcing mesh

with diverse geometries at competitive

prices. Thanks to their expandability,

they are perfect for both developing and

established markets. It is not uncommon

for customers to start by purchasing

a single machine and end up commissioning

Schlatter with the planning

and installation of a complete turn-key

factory. Regardless of your investment

budget and the required degree of automation,

Schlatter is your one-stop solution

provider, off ering you anything and

everything from individual machines to

a complete and fully-automated plant.

Reinforcing mesh


Schlatter reinforcing mesh systems are

designed for the fl exible and economical

production of reinforced concrete

mesh. Boasting high availability and

productivity, short setup times and compliance

with local quality specifi cations,

our systems are able to satisfy the vital

needs of our customers in the reinforcing

mesh industry.

Industrial mesh

Schlatter industrial mesh systems are

used for the production of dimensionally

accurate meshwork for a wide variety

of applications. These welded meshes

are very much a part of every-day life:

be it a fridge shelf, shopping trolley,

shop display stand, gabion, barbecue or

animal cage. The modular systems can

quickly and easily be adapted to diff erent

products. A sophisticated range of

complementary modules, e.g. cutters,

integrated straightening and cutting

machines as well as handling elements,

allow us to off er customers complete

solutions, even in this complex market.

10 Resistance welding – Profi les

Economic effi ciency through Schlatter core technology

In the profi le segment, the Schlatter Group develops stationary and

mobile rail welding systems. We owe our position as the worldwide

market leader in this segment to our high-quality core technology,

providing our customers in the rail industry with cost-effi cient


The mobile rail welding machine

AMS100 on a road-rail vehicle.

Reducing rails and rolling stock wear

Continuously welded rail tracks enhance

the safety and comfort of passengers

and reduce wear on rolling stock

and track material. Compared to other

joining techniques, fl ash butt welding of

profi les with large cross-sections, such

as those used for railway tracks, offers

tremendous economic benefi ts and

quality improvements. Thanks to stateof-the-art

control technology, this welding

process yields reproducible highquality


Stationary rail welding systems

Stationary systems are mainly used in

central welding plants to join short rails

to form long rails. Schlatter welding

machines form the core of a welding

plant and can be supplemented with additional

machines to create a complete


Stationary fl ash butt welding machines

made by Schlatter are also used for

joining diff erent materials, for example

switch blades or crossing hearts.

Mobile rail welding systems


Continuous track sections are produced

directly in the track using mobile welding

systems. We are able to assemble

complete mobile rail welding systems

from compact welding machines, carrier

vehicles, power generators and further

auxiliary equipment.

12 Resistance welding – Radiators

High performance at low production costs

In the radiator segment, the Schlatter Group manufactures plants for

panel and column radiator production. The production lines’ distinguishing

characteristics are high availability in multiple-shift operation

combined with low production and maintenance costs.

Turning device in

a radiator production line.

Radiator segment

As one of the very fi rst suppliers on the

market, Schlatter has lefts its mark on

the design of radiator production systems

and established itself as a very

successful player in the panel and column

radiator market. Today, more than

85 percent of the production systems

in operation worldwide are made by


Energy effi ciency and reproducible


Because we place special emphasis on

effi cient energy use during development,

Schlatter production lines feature

very low operation and maintenance

costs. Another crucial factor in mass

production is ensuring reproducible

quality, a challenge which our systems

are perfectly able to meet, as they boast

control systems that incorporate sophisticated

hardware and software and yet

are surprisingly easy to operate.

Tailored to your product mix and

production volume

Based on a detailed defi nition of the

specifi c customer requirements, we

use our modular range to devise system

concepts that are tailored to your

individual product mix and production





Focus on special applications

In the weaving segment, the Schlatter Group provides weaving and

fi nishing machines for the paper machine clothing (PMC) industry under

the Jäger brand. As the only company in the world, we also develop

systems for processes upstream of the weaving as well as for fi nal fabric


Finishing machine

for heat-setting industrial

filter fabrics.

Technology leader for the past 130 years

Just like the Schlatter Group resistance

welding systems, the Jäger weaving

machines have a long-standing tradition

and are renowned for their quality,

speed and process reliability. The

weaving and fi nishing systems are used

to produce plastic fabrics used as fi lter

and transport mediums in paper machines.

The range of weaving machines

is complemented by systems used in

production upstream and downstream

of the weaving process, which allows us

to off er our customers a comprehensive

service package for the various process


PMC weaving machines

All types of modern multi-layer fabrics

made from plastic materials and used

in the world’s fastest paper machines

are manufactured on our PMC weaving

machines. The product range includes

systems for forming, press, dryer and

industrial fi lter fabrics. The weaving systems

can handle widths of up to 15 m,

the press fabric machines even widths

of more than 30 m.

Warp preparation machines

Our warp preparation machines feature

optimum winding quality – an indispensable

prerequisite for producing highquality


Finishing and heat-setting machines


Our product range includes all the

equipment necessary for heat-setting

and fi nishing paper machine clothing.

Heat setting is usually done with

a hot-air system. Oil-heated cylinders

and heating jackets are used for other

processes. The precise longitudinal

and transverse force control during the

heat-setting and further surface treatment

processes, such as precompacting,

grinding and coating, ensure perfectly

fi nished fabrics.

Wire weaving machines

Our product range includes a variety of

wire weaving machines, their purposes

ranging from simple aluminium fl y

screens to high-precision stainless steel

wire fi lter fabrics or platinum alloy catalyst

gauze. In addition, we collaborate

with customers to develop other highly

specialised wire weaving machines.

Wire crimping machines/mesh weaving


Our wire crimping machines crimp or

press steel wires with diameters of

1.0–15.0 mm, which are then machined

into fence or protection mesh or screen

gauze on automatic or semi-automatic

mesh weaving machines.


Customer service

Investment certainty through long-term support

Our goal is to increase our customers’ productivity and to extend their

systems’ service life. This is why our customer service will continue to

provide support even after your Schlatter systems have taken up operation.

We will be happy to arrange a personal consultation meeting and

work out a custom-tailored service package for you.

You can contact our customer service

Helpdesk / Field Service / Training /

Service Agreements

T +41 44 732 74 20

Spare Parts and Repair Service

T +41 44 732 71 11

Lasting value retention

Schlatter systems are developed and

manufactured according to the highest

quality and availability standards. To ensure

your investments retain their value

in the long run, we set up individual

service agreements with our customers,

in which the desired customer services

such as inspection, maintenance work,

training, production support, remote diagnostics

as well as repair and spare

parts recommendations are defi ned.


A multilingual helpdesk team is available

at Schlatter to answer general technical

questions and provide troubleshooting

help for faults or malfunctions

in your production system. The helpdesk

team gives technical advice and clarifi es

whether a problem can be solved over

the phone, via remote service, the Internet

or on site.

Field service

Our fi eld service team consists of over

60 experienced service technicians and

off ers rapid on-site help throughout the

world. They put your systems into operation,

correct faults, carry out repair and

maintenance work and support you during

overhaul or relocation processes.

Repair service


The Schlatter Group has its own workshops

where we repair and overhaul

control units and mechanical components.

In case of production downtimes,

we can also provide our customers with

replacement equipment.

Spare parts service

Thanks to our warehouse with over

15,000 spare parts and effi cient logistics,

we are able to ensure high availability

and rapid replacement of system



Modernising existing systems is often

a cheaper way to increase productivity

than buying new systems. Our proximity

to the market and to our customers

coupled with continuous innovation allows

us to off er you attractive packages

for converting and upgrading your production



Our training packages off er both standardised

and individual courses and enable

your employees to keep up with

the latest technological developments

needed to operate and maintain the

Schlatter systems. Courses can be held

in our training rooms, in our test laboratories

or at your production site.


Global presence

We are close to our customers – wherever you are

With production facilities in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil and

subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia, we are always close to our

customers all around the world. Our local presence ensures that we

are always where you need us.

Headquarters and

production site

Production sites,

sales and service companies

Sales and service companies


Customer satisfaction through local


If production downtimes are to be reduced

to a minimum, spare parts need

to be supplied quickly and on-site support

is called for, our proximity to our

customers and their markets really pays

out. Our corporate structure with its

own production facilities, subsidiaries

on all important continents and a network

of select service and sales agents

is ideally suited to meet this challenge.

International project experience

The staff in our subsidiaries have a

wealth of experience in international

projects, as do our representatives/

agents. They know the requirements of

the local markets and are able to utilise

an extensive network of internal and external

specialists. They will assist you in

planning your infrastructure and logistics,

answer questions regarding conversion

and expansion of your systems

and use their considerable expertise to

provide quick and ready solutions to

your problems.

Knowledge transfer across the group


As a customer, you can benefi t from

the expertise and services of the entire

Schlatter Group. We aim to off er

our international customers comprehensive

support and, to this end, promote

knowledge transfer between our

production facilities and the local service

and sales companies. We also integrate

our representatives and agents in

this process. These are carefully selected

by us and continually monitored for

compliance with the Schlatter quality



A reliable partner in plant construction

The Schlatter group is a world leader in plant manufacturing for

resistance welding systems and weaving machines for special

applications. With longstanding expertise in industrial engineering,

innovative fl air and a reliable customer service, the company group

listed in Switzerland provides production systems off ering high

performance and quality.

Core competence

Schlatter has almost 100 years of

expertise in plant construction,

customer-oriented solutions, a worldwide

presence and more than 500

dedicated employees. The combination

of expertise in welding and systems

technology makes Schlatter a reliable

partner in plant construction.

Segment resistance welding

Schlatter has acquired unique experience

in the development and production

of reinforcing and industrial mesh

welding systems, mobile and stationary

rail welding machines as well as

systems for manufacturing radiators.

Weaving segment

Under the brand Jäger, the Schlatter

Group provides state-of-the-art weaving

and fi nishing machines for the paper

machine fabric industry.


Professional contacts for sales,

technical support, customer service

and administration are available worldwide

in the group’s companies and

at select representatives / agents of

the Schlatter Group. You can fi nd the

relevant contact data on our Internet


Schlatter Holding AG

Brandstrasse 24

8952 Schlieren | Switzerland

T +41 44 732 71 11

F +41 44 732 45 50

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