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MLA: Generic Learning Outcomes

Creation process model• Was this an artefact or a made as a way of showinghow it was done? If the latter, BRILLIANT• Model of making of figures is very useful. Makes meunderstand the process of construction more fully• The model of the making of the army. Visualise how itwas done but also showed a lot about the workersmaking them. Felt like it could come alive



Motivation• Social• Intellectual• Emotional• Spiritual

Social• Visitors see the Museum as anenjoyable place to spend time withfriends and family

Statements: Social• I am drawn to interesting buildings• Its one of the major attractions inLondon• It is an enjoyable way to pass the time• It is a nice place to spend time withfriends and family

Intellectual• Visitors are keen to encourage theirchildren’s or their own interest andknowledge. They may have aprofessional, academic or personalinterest in the subject

Statements: Intellectual• To encourage children’s interest in history• To improve my own knowledge• I have a personal interest in the subject• I have an academic/professional interest inthe subject

Emotional• Visitors want to experience what thepast was like, or they may have apersonal connection to the subjectmatter.

Statements: Emotional• To experience what the past was like• For a strong sense of personal connection oridentity• To have an emotionally moving experience• To see beautiful things in an attractive setting

Spiritual• Visitors are looking for creativestimulation, quiet contemplation and seemuseums as an opportunity to escapeand recharge their batteries

Statements: Spiritual• To stimulate my own creativity• For peaceful, quiet contemplation

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BM Aug-Oct 08 Hadrian: Entry Hadrian: Exiit

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