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assuring standards - Clinical Human Factors Group CHFG

people that if you need help but don't know where to start, start with the CCAC.Simply call, 310-CCAC. It's a free call, no area code is required, we're here to help.Speaker: Thank you Cathy. At this opportunity, we'd like to open up for polling. Wehave a polling question for those who are on the line at our telephone town hall today.And so now we'd like to ask you a question. To answer each question, please press thenumber on the phone that corresponds best with the options given to you. The firstpolling question, is there specific health care topic that you would like to discuss for ourfuture telephone town hall? Press 1, if you think primary health care, 2 for mental healthand addiction services, 3 for senior services, 4 for chronic diseases and diabetesservices. If you would like to ask a question or make a comment, press star 3 on yourphone to get your question into a queue to be answered by a panel of health careleaders. At this time, we like to open the floor to our callers. And we'd like to nowspeak with, Agnes. So we have a caller on the line. We're going to speak with Agnes.And she would like to talk about wait time in our health care system. Agnes, you're withus now. And your question will be directed towards Matt Anderson. Hello Agnes. Okay.So while we wait for Agnes to come on. So the call with us to talk to Matt about whatwait time in our health care services. I would like to introduce Matt, Matthew Andersonfrom William Osler Health System. Matthew will be speaking to us about Osler's new 5-year strategic plan and what does it means for Health Care in this community.Speaker: Great. Thank you very much. Looking forward to getting that call in aboutour wait times as wait times for all class of Health Care Systems are important issue forsure. We're very pleased with the opportunity to spend sometime with everyone thisevening. If you don't know the way Osler System very well, Osler is comprise of 3hospital campuses at Etobicoke General Hospital, The Brampton Civic Hospital and theseem to be redeveloped Peel Memorial Center. It's a very exciting time for health carein our region. We cover Milton, Leaskdale, up into Bolton and Woodbridge, throughoutBrampton of course and up in the Caledon. Very busy place, very busy organization.Next month we'll be probably launching our new 5-year corporate strategic plan. This ismarks the start of the journey that we'll see if it interacts with our patients and family ina different way, work with our health service providers in different ways. Try to assurethat patients get everything that they need most, where and when they need it. The goalhave been set up in a plan that will result in many benefits including reducing ourreliance on emergency room. Certainly working with our partners around the table,that's a major goal for our health care system. Also working with patients and peopledifferently to help them better manage there chronic illnesses. Most of our patients arefolks who have a chronic disease. We'd like to work differently with them to try helpthem stay out of our emergency room. And workers have the opportunity for people toreceive care, when they need it virtually in their own home or in the community.Certainly, we are trying different pilots, we may get a chance to talk about some ofthose this evening on ways in which we can bring health care back into your home usingInformation Technology. Certainly, computer... community input will continue to play animportant role as we look at how do we move forward with our services. How do we

Which of the following best describes the practice area/speciality you work in? (please select as many as are relevant) (please tick✓)01 General Surgery 04 Endoscopy 07 Cardiac/Thoracic 10 Anaesthetics 13 Oncology02 Ophthalmics 05 Vascular 08 Neurosurgery 11 Recovery 14 Obstetrics/Gynaecology03 Orthopaedics 06 Primary Care 09 Urology 12 Paediatrics 15 Day Surgery16 Other, please specifyWhat influence do you have on the purchasing decision within your department? (please tick✓)01 Budget Holder 02 Decision Maker 03 Make Recommendations 04 No InfluencePlease state any special needs that AfPP staff may be able to help you with (e.g. mobility or diet)Session Booking (please tick the relevant box(es) below). 10% discount for Link Members.To join AfPP and benefit from reduced congress fees call 01423 508079.Please note that any bookings to attend the conference include free entry into theexhibition Tuesday to Thursday.DayMember £83.00 £268.00Retired & Student Members £43.00 £154.00Full week (4 days)Student Member (first year with AfPP) No charge No charge“Human Factors” Special Rate £140.00Non-member £284.00 £942.00Delegates attending the Human Factors sessionsTh1, Th2, Th3, Th4 only, benefit from a special reduced rate.Select which day/s you wish to attendALL FOUR daysMONDAY all dayTUESDAY all dayWEDNESDAY all dayTHURSDAY all dayTHURSDAY “Human Factors” onlySelect which social tickets you requireMONDAY - delegates welcome evening (no charge)WEDNESDAY - Gala Dinner Dance £43.00 inc. VAT.Payment: I would like to pay by:Card holders name:*Cheque: a cheque for £is enclosed.Invoice: (pre registration only)Please send an invoice for £to:Card number:Last 3 digits of security number:Issue no. (switch only)Purchase order number: (compulsory)Valid from:to:BACS. Please send your BACS remittance form as confirmationof payment.Credit/Debit card - please debit my Visa /Mastercard /Switch /MaestroSignature:Card billing address: (if different from overleaf)Payment:Payment must be made in full in pounds sterling either by cheque, euro cheque,banker’s draft (drawn on a UK bank).*For Congress fees please make payments to The Association for Perioperative Practice– bank code 53-50-21, account number 51130491.*For Gala Dinner tickets please make payments to AfPP Ltd – bank code 53-50-21,account number 67177379.Cancellation:Notice of cancellation should be made in writing to AfPP, only written cancellationswill be accepted. Cancellation of a delegate booking received by 16th Septemberwill receive a full refund less a 25% handling fee. Cancellations after this date willreceive no refund.AfPP reserves the right to add or remove elements from the Congress Programmedepending on availability and in the light of new events that may be of interest todelegates etc.Data Protection:AfPP does not sell or rent your personal information to others. Your details will beadded to the AfPP database in order to process your request and so that you can bekept up to date with relevant details of our membership services. From time to timewe may provide members with information from AfPP’s partner companies that maybe appropriate.If you do not wish to receive further information from AfPP whether by post,telephone or e-mail, tick the box.If you do not wish to receive further information from partner companies, whetherby post, telephone or e-mail, tick the box.If you do not wish to receive further information from AfPP by SMS text message,tick the box.

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