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2012foundationAnnual Report

Letter From theISSA Foundation ChairmanDear Fellow ISSA Member:The ISSA Foundation’s mission is “to raise and provide funds for scholarships, researchgrants, and other programs that promote the welfare of the general public as it relates tothe sanitation, cleaning, and maintenance industry.”Your Foundation Board of Directors is committed to ensuring the success of our industrythrough its support of today’s youth. The ISSA Foundation provides over 50 scholarshipseach year totaling over $150,000. Foundation scholarships are available to studentsattending public and private colleges and universities. These scholarships enable students,families, and ISSA members struggling to pay high tuition bills a chance at highereducation. Your Foundation Board has a goal of increasing both the size and number of itsscholarships, and funding industry research once we meet other funding objectives.With all the challenges of 2013 thus far, we need to step up to the plate. Your pastcontributions are greatly appreciated, but we need to dig deeper and give more. If wework together, we can continue to make a difference in people’s lives.Sincerely,Roger E. Parrott, Jr.Foundation Chair22012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

Table of ContentsLetter From the ISSA Foundation ........................ 2ChairmanMission ............................................................................ 32013 ISSA Foundation Board of ............................ 4DirectorsPast Foundation Board Members ......................... 42012 Financial Highlights ......................................... 5Scholarship Awards by Year ................................... 6Foundation Giving Opportunities ......................... 7Charitable Partnerships ............................................ 8Current Scholarship Awards ................................... 82012 Scholarship Recipients ................................... 9Major Contributors .................................................... 122012 Supporters ......................................................... 15Donations received January 1through December 31, 2012The Mission of theISSA FoundationThe mission of the ISSAFoundation is “to raise and providefunds for scholarships, researchgrants, and other programsthat promote the welfare ofthe general public as it relatesto the sanitation, cleaning, andmaintenance industry.”Contribution Form .................................................... 312012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org3

2013 ISSA Foundation Board of DirectorsChairROGER PARROTTRetired, RoVic, Inc.South Windsor, CTTreasurerBOBBY COHENDaycon Products Co., Inc.Upper Marlboro, MDDirectorsJIM CHITTOM, SR.Athens Janitor Supply Co., Inc.Athens, GAGARY GRADINGERGolden Star, Inc.Kansas City, MOALLEN SODENRetired, Deb, Inc.Atlanta, GAHAL UHRMANState Industrial ProductsCleveland, OHAssistant SecretaryJACK D. RAMALEYSkidaway ConsultantsBoulder, COEx-Officio, ISSA VicePresident/President ElectFRITZ GASTP.B. Gast & Sons Co.Grand Rapids, MIEx-Officio, ExecutiveDirectorJOHN P. GARFINKELISSALincolnwood, ILPast Foundation Board MembersJohn F. BevingtonNational Super Service Co.Toledo, OH1996-98Allan D. BolotinBolotin, Inc.Hillside, IL1990-93Randal A. BrameBrame Specialty Co., Inc.Durham, NC2001-03Walter B. FergusonThompsons Sanitary SupplyHouse, Inc.Lexington, KY1995-97Herbert FriedmanCancot Industries, Inc.Montreal, QC, Canada1995-97, Chairman 1997Robert B. GarberNational Sanitary Supply Co.Los Angeles, CA1990-94Louis G. GoorlandGoorland & Mann, Inc.Wilmington, DE1993-98, Chairman 1995Gary GradingerGolden Star Inc.North Kansas City, MO2000-02Randy HavilandHaviland Corp.Linn, MO1998-2000Warren HavilandHaviland Corp.Linn, MO1990Richards H. JardenThe Bullen Companies, Inc.Folcroft, PA1990-93Jack KeyRetired, Unisource/BasicProductsHouston, TX2002-2006; Chairman 2006Thomas LaneRetired, UnisourceLos Angeles, CA1999-2004, 2007-09, 2010-12;Chairman 2004 & 2012Peter LedererRetired, IMC VigoroBannockburn, IL2000-2005; Chairman 2002 &2003Don LeesBig D IndustriesOklahoma City, OK2004-2009Milton LevyNCH Corp.Irving, TX1990-92John MarcusRetired, Hysan Corp.Skokie, IL2004-2009Harry MaziarNational Service Industries, Inc.Atlanta, GA1998-2003Daniel J. MirtoThe Rhiel Supply Co.Youngstown, OH1988-92John MutheAmerican Sanitary, Inc.Cary, NC2003Kyle OgdenCarroll Co.Garland, TX1998-2003; Chairman 2000Eugene R. PaneGene Pane & Associates Ltd.Reseda, CA1994-96John H. PlantMaintenance Equipment Co.Tucker, GA1990-92Gregory RauMinuteman International, Inc.Addison, IL2000-01Jerome E. RauMinuteman International, Inc.Addison, IL1999-2000W. James ReiderThe George T. Johnson Co.Burlington, MA1991-93Frank S. RidgeGateway Chemical Co.Kansas City, MO1994Arnold H. RosenbergSpectrowax Corp.Boston, MA1997-2002; Chairman 2001Stephen A. SchroederDiversey, Inc.Sturtevant, WI2010-2012Kay W. Scott, retiredWilen Manufacturing Co., Inc.Ellenwood, GA1997-99; Chairman 1999Larry ShidelerRetired, ProTeamBoise, ID2010-2011Linda SilvermanMaintex, Inc.City of Industry, CA2004-2009Stephen H. SwigartSpartan Chemical Co., Inc.Maumee, OH1993-98; Chairman 1998Samuel TughanG.H. Wood FoundationEtobicoke, ON, Canada1990-94; Chairman 1993-1994Jay R. VonachenVonachen Service & SupplyPeoria, IL1994-96; Chairman 1996W. Grant WatkinsonCoastwide Laboratories, Inc.Wilsonville, OR2003-2006; Chairman 2005Charles WaxWaxie’s Enterprises, Inc.San Diego, CA2005-10Morris WaxWaxie’s Enterprises, Inc.San Diego, CA1993-95J.C. West, retiredUniversal Manufacturing &Supply Co.Jacksonville, FL1995-96John F. “Jack” WoodhouseStandard Paper Sales Co.Asheville, NC1999-01 & 2002-04Malcolm ZuckerThe State ChemicalManufacturing Co.Cleveland, OH1995-9742012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

2012 Financial Highlights2012 ISSA Foundation Financial ReportStatement of Financial Position2011 2012AssetsCurrent Assets $2,658,929 $2,858,126Liabilities and Net AssetsCurrent Liabilities 10,600 12,950Net Assets:General Funds 1,837,343 2,053,505Designated Funds 810,986 791,671Total Net Assets 2,648,329 2,845,176$2,658,929 $2,858,126Designated funds net assets are subject to donor-imposed restrictions.600500000In thousands of U.S. dollars5004000004003000003002000002001000001000Contributions by Year406,443365,600 365,100383,475370,580351,922 343,922351,197324,998311,874 299,771285,674219,9422000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 20122012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org5

Scholarship Awards by YearAssets have steadily increased since the foundation’s inception in 1989. In 2000-01, the awards were $2,500. Currently,the ISSA general scholarships are $3,000, with hopes of raising the awards to $3,500 in the near future. In 2012, the ISSAFoundation awarded 58 scholarships, totaling nearly $170,000 in tuition aid.050000100000Total Number of Scholarships(includes general and designated awards)150000200000201258 awards$169,372201166 awards$176,090201060 awards$170,253200961 awards$167,224200857 awards$169,879200759 awards$174,907200654 awards$158,285200554 awards$155,814200450 awards$144,240200347 awards$130,000200247 awards$138,500200147 awards$113,000200048 awards$113,00010 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180Total annual distribution in thousands of U.S. dollarsDistrict scholarship amount per award=$2,500 =$3,00062012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

Foundation Giving OpportunitiesDesignated Scholarship ProgramTo establish a designated fund, a donor makes contributions that must reach US$15,000 by the end of the third yearfollowing an initial minimum contribution of $3,000. While growing toward the $15,000 qualifying amount, investmentincome accrues to the ISSA Foundation’s general fund. Once the fund reaches $15,000, investment income of thefoundation is distributed pro rata to the fund. If a pending fund does not achieve $15,000 within the required time or thebalance falls below $3,000, remaining funds are folded into the foundation general fund. Designated scholarship amountsshall be specified by the Designator or Alternate and awarded at least annually in an amount that is no less than theconcurrent ISSA District Scholarship Awards amount.General Scholarship ProgramDistrict scholarships in the amount of $3,000 are awarded from the foundation general fund. There are approximately 25district awards issued each year. Recipients must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at a four-yearacademic institution in the fall of the award year.Scholarship Sponsor ProgramThe Scholarship Sponsor Program enables an ISSA member firm to sponsor a District Scholarship Award for a singledonation equal to the value of that scholarship. This means that if a member firm donates $3,000, the donor company mayselect a District Scholarship Award to be presented in its name. A scholarship in the name of your company may go a longway toward encouraging today’s young leaders to seek and appreciate a career in the cleaning and maintenance industry.Civic ProgramsThe ISSA Foundation works through alliances with charitable organizations such as AmeriCares to coordinate the effortsof ISSA members to help disaster relief victims. ISSA’s alliance with Good360 (formerly Gifts In Kind International), wasestablished in 1995. The program allows members to take year-round advantage of the organization’s free donationmanagementservices—and reap tax benefits of up to twice cost!2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org7

Charitable PartnershipsGood360 (formerly Gifts In Kind International), the nonprofit leader in product philanthropy and consistently ranked byForbes Magazine as one of the top ten most efficient charities in America, continues its partnership with ISSA to offermembers the opportunity to donate products to people in need around the world.While philanthropy continues to thrive, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept that has become a necessity forcompanies wishing to get ahead. Product giving offers several benefits and solutions that can have a positive impact onkey areas of your business and the communities in which you work and live.On behalf of several Fortune 100 consumer, retail and technology companies,Good360 secures products for a network of more than 26,000 pre-vettedorganizations through their online donation marketplace.This innovative product donation partnership provides our Foundationmembers with access to Good360’s win-win proposition. Not only can youfeel good about helping charities across the country with fantastic donatedproduct, you can even boost your bottom line, build team spirit, and improvesales as a socially responsible company—all by donating merchandise youmight otherwise be paying to store or destroy.Take advantage of this exciting member benefit today. Whether you wantto make a single donation or create an ongoing product-giving program, it’s easy to get started. For more information,contact Good360 Vice President of Donor Relations, Doyle Delph at doyle@good360.org or 703.299.7532; or check theorganization’s website at http://about.good360.org/. The Good360 staff is ready to customize a product donation programthat supports your business objectives and enables you to give back to your communities.Current Scholarship AwardsGeneral Awards (24 total awards):Northeast District AwardMiddle Atlantic District AwardSoutheast District AwardGreat Lakes District AwardSouth Central District AwardNorth Central District AwardPacific Southwest District AwardPacific Northwest District AwardSponsored Award:American Paper Converting PacificNorthwest District AwardThe Georgia-Pacific Southeast DistrictAwardGlobal Awards:ISSA Mexico AwardDesignated Awards:Francis T. Callahan AwardGOJO Industries’ Jerome Lippman AwardGolden Star, Inc.’s Leland Gradinger andEarl C. Julo AwardEdward Lane National Sanitary SupplyCo AwardMaintex/Silverman AwardHarry Maziar Zep Scholarship AwardDiversey Scholarship AwardThe Manufacturer Rep Scholarship AwardsNCL Alfred Pollack Memorial ScholarshipAwardNew England Sanitary Supply AssociationAwardsNew Jersey Sanitary Supply AssociationAwardNYCO/Robert J. & MaryAnn StahurskiAwardRoger & Victoria Parrott AwardJack D. Ramaley AwardJerome E. Rau AwardThe RDA Advantage Scholarship AwardSouthern California Sanitary SupplyAssociation AwardsSpartan Chemical Co.’s E.T. Swigart AwardSpartan Chemical International ExecutiveHousekeeping AssociationEducational AwardTEC Products SSWA Jacob & BobHoltzman AwardWaxie’s Enterprises, Inc.’s Morris andJeannette Wax AwardYES Continuing Education GrantMalcolm Zucker Award82012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

2012-13 Scholarship RecipientsNearly $170,000 was awarded to the following men and women whoseacademic record, leadership qualities, and community involvement were stellaramong several hundred applicants. In keeping with its mission of “Investingin Tomorrow,” the ISSA Foundation is pleased to profile these winners andwish all scholarship applicants success in their future endeavors. The ISSAFoundation would like to thank those ISSA members and ISSA membercompanies’ generous contributions that make these scholarships possible.NortheastDistrict AwardErich S. SchultzeHarvard UniversityNortheastDistrict AwardShilp B. ShahRutgers UniversityCollege of PharmacyMiddle AtlanticDistrict AwardKimberly A. CarmichaelSalisbury UniversityMiddle AtlanticDistrict AwardKathryn M. RogersFranklin & Marshall CollegeSoutheastDistrict AwardJustin E. FosterUniversity of Alabamaat BirminghamSoutheastDistrict AwardJ. Kevin ShutzbergStanford UniversityGeorgia-Pacific SoutheastDistrict AwardRichard W. GreenGeorgia College &State UniversityGreat LakesDistrict AwardMia R. CaseyUniversity of Missouri—ColumbiaGreat LakesDistrict AwardMayur P. PatelRosalind Franklin Universityof Medicine & ScienceGreat LakesDistrict AwardKimberly A. PowellIndiana UniversityBloomington2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org9

Great LakesDistrict AwardRebecca A. RadyOhio State UniversityNorth CentralDistrict AwardJessica E. DercksUniversity of Wisconsin—MadisonNorth CentralDistrict AwardAshley E. KleinSaint Louis UniversitySchool of MedicineNorth CentralDistrict AwardShelby N. LaneyWaubonsee CollegeNorth CentralDistrict AwardSarah E. PetersonBrigham Young UniversityRandy Haviland NorthCentral District AwardHouston A. RobertsTruman State UniversitySouth CentralDistrict AwardJenna E. AndersLouisiana State UniversitySouth CentralDistrict AwardKelley N. DickeyTexas A & M University—College StationSouth CentralDistrict AwardPablo L. PadillaUniversity of TexasMedical BranchPacific NorthwestDistrict AwardRebekah A. GarciaStanford UniversityPacific NorthwestDistrict AwardLoren R. JacksonCal Poly State UniversityAmerican PaperConverting PacificNorthwest District AwardAndrew G. SustrinaUniversity of California—DavisPacific SouthwestDistrict AwardShannon D. McNultyLoyola MarymountUniversityPacific SouthwestDistrict AwardDaniel J. SahharArizona State UniversityFrancis T. CallahanAwardSophia M. GinezStanford UniversityDiversey AwardJillian D. SilvermanUniversity of DelawareGOJO Industries’Jerome Lippman AwardTraci SpaltyUniversity of AkronGolden Star, Inc.’s LelandGradinger & Earl C. Julo AwardPaige D. WarfieldWashington StateUniversityLouis G. Goorland AwardTerra Kay Brown-McDanielKennesaw State UniversityEdward Lane NationalSanitary Supply Co. AwardPablo L. PadillaUniversity of TexasMedical Branch102012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

Manufacturer Representatives’Scholarship AwardChristine M. DeeWashington & JeffersonCollegeManufacturer Representatives’Scholarship AwardHannah L. MortonTexas Christian UniversityHarry Maziar/ZepManufacturing AwardJacob L. Compston,Navarro CollegeNCL Alfred PollackMemorial Scholarship AwardHannah B. FosterUniversity of VirginiaNew England Sanitary SupplyAssociation AwardJeffrey C. DalzellUniversity of NewHampshireNew England Sanitary SupplyAssociation AwardAllison M. SladekTemple UniversityNew England Sanitary SupplyAssociation AwardKristina A. SladekTemple UniversityNew Jersey Sanitary SupplyAssociation AwardDana R. DiamondAmerican UniversityNYCO/Robert J. & Mary AnnStahurski AwardErika K. HarrisonUniversity of NewHampshireNYCO/Robert J. & Mary AnnStahurski AwardSean J. HarrisonWestfield State UniversityRoger & VictoriaParrott AwardTrevor B. SlackGeorgia Institute ofTechnologyRDA AdvantageScholarship AwardWill P. LewisCal Poly State UniversityJack D. Ramaley AwardAshley M. StasiakUniversity of MichiganSchool of MedicineJerome E. Rau AwardAlexandra M. LebensSt. Olaf CollegeSouthern California SanitarySupply Association AwardAriel L. BernsteinTulane UniversitySouthern California SanitarySupply Association AwardJoshua M. BirnbaumCal Poly State UniversitySpartan Chemical Co.’sE.T. Swigart AwardZachary B. FisherElon UniversityTEC Products SSWA Jacob &Bob Holtzman AwardPatrick N. WolffOhio UniversityWaxie’s Enterprises Inc.’sMorris & Jeanette Wax AwardJenna L. DoughertyUniversity of ArizonaMalcolm Zucker AwardAshley N. SoloPenn State Erie2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org11

Major ContributorsPlatinumCallico Distributors, Inc.,Taunton, MAGOJO Industries, Akron, OHDavid & Susan Holtzman,Parsippany, NJCharles Lane, Beverly Hill, CA& Thomas Lane, LosAngeles, CAMinuteman International, Inc.,Pingree Grove, ILNew England San. SupplyAssn., Industrial Cleaning,West Boylston, MANew Jersey Sanitary SupplyAssn. (NJSSA), Butler, NJJack D. Ramaley, Boulder, COSouthern California SanSply Assn., Miller MarketingAssoc., Anaheim, CASpartan Chemical Co., Inc.,Maumee, OHMorris, Charles & DavidWax/Waxie SanitarySupply, San Diego, CAMalcom Zucker/The StateChemical ManufacturingCo., Cleveland, OHGoldNational ChemicalLaboratories, Inc.,Philadelphia, PASilverNyco Products Co.,Countryside, ILParrott Family Partnership,South Windsor, CTRalph, Marilyn & LindaSilverman/Maintex, Inc.,City of Industry, CAZep Inc./Acuity Brands, Inc.,Atlanta, GAFounderAmerican Paper Converting,Woodland, WABetco Corp., Toledo, OHJohn Bevington/NSSEnterprises, Inc., Toledo, OHBobrick WashroomEquipment, Inc., NorthHollywood, CADiversey, Inc., Sturtevant, WIGeorgia-Pacific Professional,Atlanta, GAGolden Star Inc., Kansas City,MOHillyard Industries, SaintJoseph, MOImpact Products, LLC,Toledo, OHJack & Karen Key, Houston,TXJohn W. Marcus, BocaRaton, FLLagasse Inc., Deerfield, ILPeter Lederer, Bannockburn,ILNCH Corp., Irving, TXPacific Floor Care,Muskegon, MIRDA Advantage, Littleton, COWilliam J. Sheppard, Oaks, PAPatronAmerico Manufacturing Co.,Inc., Acworth, GAAmetek-Lamb Electric,Kent, OHAmSan, Div. of InterlineBrands, Charlotte, NCAngel/Cotton Associates, Inc.,Signal Hill, CABig D Industries, Inc.,Oklahoma City, OKBonar, Inc., West Chicago, ILChemed Foundation,Cincinnati, OHClaire Manufacturing Co.,Addison, ILCortina Tool & Molding Co.,Chicago, ILGary & Pam Gradinger,Kansas City, MOGeorgia-Pacific Professional-East Region, WestChester, PARandy & Jan Haviland/Haviland Corp., Linn, MOHimolene, Inc., Carrollton, TXNilfisk-Advance, Plymouth,MNR3 Reliable RedistributionResource, Carteret, NJPhilip Rosenau Co., Inc.,Warminster, PAStu Silverman, City OfIndustry, CATolco Corp., Toledo, OHWestern Pacific Associates,Anaheim, CABob Wisniewski, Milwaukee,WIBenefactorAccess Partners, Azusa, CAAccommodation Mollen, Inc.,Philadelphia, PAAlpine AromaticsInternational, Inc.,Piscataway, NJAmerican Association ofCleaning EquipmentManufacturers, Wheaton, ILApex, Lemont, ILArylessence, Inc., Marietta, GAAthens Janitor Supply Co.,Inc., Athens, GABard Enterprises, Inc.,Charlotte, NCBard Industries, Portland, MEBerry Plastics, Evansville, INJohn Calarese & Co., Inc.,Medfield, MACancot USA, Inc., Newport,VTCarlisle SanitaryMaintenance Products,East Point, GACarroll Co., Garland, TXArthur Charlebois, FortMyers, FLChemStation New England,South Windsor, CTMattie Chinks, Laval, QC,CanadaCoastwide Laboratories,Wilsonville, ORColeman, Greear &Associates, Mansfield, TXCole Papers, Inc., Fargo, NDContinental CommercialProducts, LLC, Bridgeton,MOCrown Battery ManufacturingCo., Fremont, OHDaycon, Upper Marlboro, MDD.C. Brown, Inc.,Minneapolis, MNDemlow Marketing, Inc.,Houston, TXEdmer Sanitary Supply Co.,Inc., East Meadow, NYETC of Henderson, Inc.,Henderson, NCE-Z Way Products, LLP,Waterbury, CTFerris Group, Inc., Bolton,ON, CanadaFlo-Pac Corp./PacificDivision, Fontana, CAFrain-Bovasso Associates,Clifton, NJFuller Sales, Inc., Burnsville,MNG. Hollis Cone, Columbia, SCJohn P. Garfinkel,Lincolnwood, ILLou & Suzanne Goorland/Goorland & Mann, Inc.,Wilmington, DEGulf Coast Paper Co., Inc.,Victoria, TXHaviland Corp., Linn, MOHinton Sales, Inc., Norcross,GAHospeco, Cleveland, OHI. Janvey & Sons, Inc.,Hempstead, NYImperial Electric, Akron, OHITW Professional Brands,Olathe, KSJames D. Jackson,Oklahoma City, OKRichards H. Jarden, Folcroft,PAJ’s Maintenance Service, Inc.,Glendale, CAKirby Restaurant & ChemicalSupply, Longview, TXK.J.A., Inc., Saint Louis, MOManageMen, Inc., Salt LakeCity, UTMarket Advantage Plus, Inc.,Foxboro, MAMarketSmart, Inc., Pleasanton,CAHarry Maziar, Atlanta, GADaniel Merkel, Corona, CAMid-America DistributorSales, Olathe, KSMiller Marketing Associates,Anaheim, CAMurray Weyand Sales,Atlanta, GANilodor, Inc., Bolivar, OHNorthwest CleaningSolutions, Inc., Tukwila, WA122012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

Kyle Ogden, Garland, TXO’Regan Marketing,Pleasant Hill, CAPeerless Marketing Group,Inc., Dallas, TXPinnacle Sales & Marketing,Inc., Arlington Heights, ILRobert T. Powell, Lima, OHPrecision Enterprises, Inc.,Warrenville, ILP&R Enterprises, Inc., FallsChurch, VAProTeam, Inc., Boise, IDArnold H. Rosenberg,Boston, MARowe Contracting Service,Inc., Mandeville, LARyan, Saffel & Assoc., Inc.,Renton, WAS. Freedman & Sons, Inc.,Landover, MDSanitation Systems,Manchester, CTKay W. Scott, Lawrenceville,GAStandard Paper SalesCompany, Asheville, NCStanford University,Stanford, CAStearns Packaging Corp.,Madison, WIStockdale Co., LLC, Toledo,OHStoko Skin Care, Div.of Evonik Corporation,Greensboro, NCStrauss Paper Co., Inc., PortChester, NYSunburst Chemicals,Minneapolis, MNSwish Kenco Ltd., Barre, VTSwish Maintenance Ltd.,Peterborough, ON, CanadaTeam One Sales & Marketing,Inc., Lombard, ILThe DeBolt Co., Inc., CoralSprings, FLThe Fuller Brush Co. ofPuerto Rico, Inc., SanJuan, PRThe Henson Sales Group,Ltd., Wayne, PAThe O’Dell Corp., WareShoals, SCThe Osborne Group, Inc.,Cincinnati, OHThe RTF Group, Inc., LakeBluff, ILTRC Marketing, Inc., Denver,COVan Dijk Carpet, Inc.,Cartersville, GAVernon Sanitation SupplyCo., Inc., Vernon, CAVitech International, Milton,WIWestern Specialty Sales,Brea, CAJames Wheeler Jr.,Wind Associates, Tukwila,WAJack Woodhouse, Asheville,NCErwin Zaban, Atlanta, GASponsorABC Sales & Services, Inc.,Saint Thomas, VIAcme Paper & Supply Co.,Inc., Savage, MDAlfoadia Group, Riyadh,Saudi ArabiaAthea Laboratories, Inc.,Milwaukee, WIBay City Supply,Bellingham, WABell Janitorial Supply, LLC,Ogden, UTBlaine Industrial Supply, Inc.,Hobbs, NMBradford Soap Works, Inc.,West Warwick, RIBTR Sales Associates,El Dorado Hills, CACancot Industries, Inc.,Montreal, QC, CanadaCCP Industries, Inc.,Cleveland, OHCentral Paper Products Co.,Manchester, NHCleaning Supply Network,LLC, Pensacola, FLConsolidated Distributors,Inc., Monroe, LADaansen USA, Inc., Nashua,NHDatek, Inc., Little Rock, ARDefender Services, Inc.,Columbia, SCDestiny Plastics, Inc.,Corona, CAD.H. Bertenthal & Sons, Inc.,Pittsburgh, PADispensing DynamicsInternational, City ofIndustry, CADrake Sales Corp.,Huntington Beach, CAEurest Services, Wheeling, ILFagan Sanitary Supply,West Elizabeth, PAFive Star Sanitary Products,Colorado Springs, COFresh Products, LLC,Toledo, OHG.F. Lasswell Co., Inc.,Houston, TXHarold E. Galer III, HoneyBrook, PAHeritage Bag Company,Danbury, CTHillyard, Inc., Saint Joseph,MOHospital Klean of Texas, Inc.,San Antonio, TXHousechem, Inc., Waldwick,NJHygeia Enviro-Clean, Inc.,Houston, TXIH Services, Inc., Greenville,SCImpact Sales & Service,Forest Park, GAInstitutional Wholesale Co.,Inc., Cookeville, TNIowa-Des Moines Supply,Inc., Des Moines, IAJanPak, Inc., Davidson, NCJ.J. Shearer Co., Minnetonka,MNKaufman ContainerCompany, Cleveland, OHKent, Plymouth, MNKew Forest MaintenanceSupply Co., Woodside, NYKleeners Warehouse, Inc.,Freehold, NJLawson Products, Chicago, ILLidochem, Inc., Hazlet, NJM.D. Stetson Co., Randolph,MAMisco Products Corp.,Reading, PANexstep CommercialProducts, Springfield, OHNISSCO, LLC, National Ind.Sanitary Supply Co.,Dulles, VAOmnisystems, Inc., LaurelHill, NCPrestige Maintenance USAJanitorial Supply, Plano, TXRD Industries, Inc., Omaha,NERepWorx, Clinton Township,MIRiches Associates, Ottawa,ON, CanadaRochester Midland Corp.,Rochester, NYRose Industrial Products, Inc.,Franklin Park, ILSales & Marketing, Inc., LosAngeles, CASani-Chem CleaningSupplies, Clearwater, FLSchilling Supply Co., LaCrosse, WIScoles Floorshine Industries,Farmingdale, NJSikes Paper Co., Atlanta, GASims Sanitary Supply Co., Inc.,Enid, OKStein’s, Inc., Moorhead, MNStraight Representation,Inc., Denver, COSuperior Supply Ltd.,Baltimore, MDTEC Products Co., Inc.,Carteret, NJThe Blackrock Group –North/Corporate, FederalWay, WAThe DaCo Corporation,Comstock Park, MIThe Fonda Group, Inc./Hoffmaster, Oshkosh, WIThe J.S. Vila Co., Inc.,Philadelphia, PATrojan Battery Co., Santa FeSprings, CAHal Uhrman, MayfieldHeights, OHWalden-Mott Corp.,Ramsey, NJW. Grant Watkinson, LakeOswego, OR2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org13

West Florida Supply Co.,Fort Myers, FLWestern States Marketing& Sales Group, Inc.,Englewood, COWhite Mop Wringer Co.,Tampa, FLWitt Industries, Mason, OHWood Wyant, Div. ofthe Sani Marc Group,Edmonton, AB, CanadaZBM, Inc., Watertown, WIPartnerABC Sales & Services,Wilmington, NCTed Alm, Las Vegas, NVAluf Plastics Division,Orangeburg, NYAmex International, SanAntonio, TXAtlantic Mills, Inc.,Lakewood, NJBergo Janitorial Supply, Inc.,Farmingdale, NYBinzagr Co., ICS Division,Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaTom Botzau, Coppell, TXKeith W. Brown, Bath, PABuckeye International, Inc.,Maryland Heights, MOBuck Services, Inc., WestChicago, ILCapital Sanitary Supply Co.,Inc., Des Moines, IACastleguard Industries,Marion, ILCatalyst Sales & Marketing,Weston, FLCDC Paper & Janitor SupplyCo., Champaign, ILQuinn Child, Colleyville, TXCitrus Oleo, Boca Raton, FLCity Group, Inc., Jessup, MDCLA Today, Inc., Phoenix, AZCleaning Detail, Lombard, ILCM B2B Trade Group,Latham, NYCompania SAR, S.A.,Panama City, PanamaCrest Paper Products,Trenton, NJC.T.H. MaintenanceSupplies, Brooklyn, NYDaley International,Chicago, ILDorden & Co., Inc., Detroit,MIE.A. Morse & Co., Inc.,Middletown, NYCharles D. Edwards, VirginiaBeach, VAEdwards-Councilor Co., Inc.,Virginia Beach, VAElco Laboratories, Inc.,University Park, ILElgee Manufacturing Co.,Inc., Warren, NJElite Janitorial Products &Supplies, Colton, CAWilliam D. Fetzer,Summerville, SCFour Seasons Flooring, Inc.,Odenton, MDGenco, Inc., Myrtle Beach, SCGeneral Floorcraft, Inc.,Paterson, NJGlen D. Reed, Scottsdale, AZGrace-Lee Products, Inc.,Minneapolis, MNKenneth Griggs, Barre, VTSam Halpern, FranklinSquare, NYHygienic Technologies &Training, Inc., Tampa, FLInterstate Chemical & Paper,Appalachia, VAJ.J. Jans & Associates, Inc.,Villa Park, ILJones Companies Ltd.,Humboldt, TNJ. Tech Sales, LLC, BocaRaton, FLKandel and Son, Inc.,Hicksville, NYDonald Kaufmann, Denver,COKelly Associates, Inc.,Owings Mills, MDKonie Cups International,Inc., Medley, FLLakeland Chemical, Inc.,Bloomingdale, NJLakeland Supply, Inc.,Waukesha, WILawrence EnvironmentalGroup, Richmond, VADavid Leavy, Margate City,NJLonza Inc., Allendale, NJMaintenance Depot, Inc.,West Palm Beach, FLMansfield Paper Co., WestSpringfield, MAMidlab, Inc., Athens, TNNational Tissue Co., LLC,King, NCDonald G. Ness, Marion, ILNuance Solutions, Chicago, ILOdorite Co. of Baltimore, Inc.,Baltimore, MDOsborne Marketing, Inc.,Harrison Township, MIPackage Materials Corp.,Haddonfield, NJPaper Enterprises, Inc.,Bronx, NYPDQ Manufacturing, Inc.,Ellijay, GAErnie Peters, Manchester, CTPitt Plastics, Inc., Pittsburg,KSPro-Link, Inc., Canton, MARed Coats, Inc., Bethesda, MDShepard Bros., Inc., RoyalSolutions Division, LaHabra, CAPatrick Sicilio, Wilkes Barre,PASinclair Cleaning Systems,Chatham, ON, CanadaSky Systems Co., Inc.,Ontario, CASmith Supply Co., Inc.,Temple, TXSolaris Paper Inc., Santa FeSprings, CAJoseph G. Sommer,Greenville, NCSorbent Products Co., Inc.,Somerset, NJSpillTech, Alpharetta, GAStiebel Eltron, WestHatfield, MAStraubel Paper Co., GreenBay, WISunset Marketing & Sales,Inc., Chandler, AZSuperior ManufacturingGroup, Inc., Chicago, ILTechnical Concepts,Winchester, VAThe Fairbank Corp., SanJuan, PRThe Malish Corp.,Willoughby, OHThornton Brothers, Inc.,Athens, GATomCat CommercialCleaning Equipment,Racine, WITrade Press PublishingCorp., Milwaukee, WITriple S, North Billerica, MATxF Products, Arlington, TXUncle Sam Chemical Co., Inc.,New York, NYUnger Enterprises, Inc.,Bridgeport, CTUnited Receptacle,Pottsville, PAWaterbury Companies, Inc.,Waterbury, CTRobert Widick, Rio Verde, AZxpedx, Loveland, OH142012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

2012 Supporters24-7 Maintenance, Inc.,Cleveland, OH2 Clean Commercial CleaningServices, LLC, Riverdale, MD3rd Generation Services, LLC,San Antonio, TX4 State Maintenance Supply,Inc., Coffeyville, KS503 Corp., Philadelphia, PA5-S Groupe, Bezons Cedex,FranceA Cleaning Service, LLC,Arlington, VAA Clean Sweep JanitorialService, LLC, Gretna, LAA-1 Vacuum & Janitorial Supply,Kalispell, MTAA Cleaning Co., Inc., Hudson,MAA & A Maintenance Enterprise,Inc., Yonkers, NYA & B Wiper Supply, Inc.,Philadelphia, PAAbacus Corp., Baltimore, MDABBCO Service Corp., SaintLouis, MOABC Compounding Co., Inc.,Atlanta, GAABC Corp., Waipahu, HIAbco Products Corp., Miami, FLABC Vacuum Warehouse,Austin, TXAbe Janitorial Supply, Inc.,Sacramento, CAAbel Industries, Inc., Dumfries,VAAbertax Technologies Ltd.,Paola, MaltaAbility Janitorial Services Ltd.,Ottawa, ON, CanadaAbleman International Co. Ltd.,Taipei, TaiwanAble Services, San Francisco,CAAbsormex CMPC Tissue, S.A. deC.V., Monterrey, N.L., MexicoAcademy School District 20,Colorado Springs, COACA Enterprises, Clyde, OHACBMS, LLC, Dallas, TXAccruent, LLC, Austin, TXAce Cleaning Services,Alpharetta, GAAce Janitorial & Surgical SupplyCo., Brooklyn, NYAce Mart Restaurant Supply,San Antonio, TXAcklands Grainger, Inc.,Richmond Hill, ON, CanadaAcme Janitor & ChemicalSupply, Inc., Fort Smith, ARACN General Service &Distributors, Richmond Hill,NYAcorn Distributors, Inc.,Indianapolis, INAcosta Food Service,Orangeburg, SCA.C.P. Cleaning, Inc., Woburn,MAACS Enterprises, Inc., Walnut,CAACS Industries, Inc./ScrubbleDivision, Lincoln, RIActalys SARL, Mitry Mory,FranceAction Chemical, Inc., Memphis,TNAction Janitorial Supplies Ltd.,Halifax, NS, CanadaAction Service Corp., San Juan,PRAction Unlimited Resources,Inc., New Castle, DEAdair/Midwest, Williamston, MIAdapt, Newmarket, ON, CanadaAditya Marine, Kakinada, IndiaADS Solutions, Novato, CAAd-Vance Building Services,Inc., Nashville, TNAdvance CommercialEquipment Ltd., San Juan,Trinidad and TobagoAdvanced Maintenance, Inc.,Brick, NJAdvanced Vapor Technologies,LLC, Everett, WAAdvance Management, Inc.(AMI), Tamuning, GUAdvance Sales, Maple Grove,MNAdvantage Vacuum Co.,Rahway, NJAdvantage Waypoint,Wakefield, MAA.E. Carter Distributing, Inc.,Salt Lake City, UTA.E. Moore Janitorial, Inc.,Millsboro, DEAEP Industries, Inc., SouthHackensack, NJAeris Facility Management S.r.l.,Arad, RomaniaAETNA Building Maintenance,Columbus, OHAfflink, Tuscaloosa, ALA-Force Maintenance Pte. Ltd.,Singapore, SingaporeAFP Industries, Inc., Miami, FLAgilex Fragrances, Piscataway,NJA & G Supply Ltd., Vernon, BC,CanadaAHRC, Bronx, NYAHRMDCO International,Houston, TXAhtna Facility Services, Inc.,Anchorage, AKAIC Facilities Management Co.,Inc., Great Neck, NYAire-Master of America, Inc.,Nixa, MOAir Products, Allentown, PAAir-Scent International,Pittsburgh, PAAirx Laboratories/The BullenCompanies, Folcroft, PAAjax Building Cleaning Corp.,Wakefield, MAAjax Consolidated ServiceCorp., Deerfield Beach, FLAJM Nino Corp., Ramsey, NJAl Ahlea Circle Cleaning Co.,Safat, KuwaitAlan Chemical Corp.,Woodbridge, NJAlberta Broom & CleaningSupplies, Lethbridge, AB,CanadaAlberta Health Services,Edmonton, AB, CanadaAlco-Chem, Inc., Akron, OHAlfred Karcher GmbH & Co. KG,Winnenden, GermanyAlianza Building Services, Inc.,Gaithersburg, MDA & L Janitorial, Inc.,Kalamazoo, MIAlkemy, S.A., Guatemala City,GuatemalaAll-Brite Sales Co., Jacksonville,FLAll Care Distributors, Wayne, NJAll Clean Janitorial & RestaurantSupply, Lawrence Township,NJAllegheny Supply & MaintenanceCo., Inc., Duncansville, PAAllen Maintenance Ltd., Ottawa,ON, CanadaAllen Paper & Supply Co.,Morristown, NJAll Florida Paper, Medley, FLAlliance Distributors & Services,LLC, East Stroudsburg, PAAlliance Marketing, Williamsville,NYAllied Cleaning Solutions,Louisville, KYAllied Sales & Marketing, FortWorth, TXAllied Services, Scranton, PAAllied West Paper Corp.,Fontana, CAAll Maintenance Supply, Inc.,Tulsa, OKAll Pro Building MaintenanceCo., Inc., Kent, WAAll Star Cleaning Supply, Inc.,Danbury, CTAllStar Holdings, Inc.,Vancouver, BC, CanadaAllston Supply Co., Inc.,Springfield, MAAll-Type Vacuum & JanitorialSupply, Inc., Saint Louis, MOAloula Group FZE, Sharjah,United Arab EmiratesAlpena Paper & Supply Co.,Alpena, MIAlpha Chemical Services, Inc.,Stoughton, MAAlpha Hygiene Ltd., Moka,MauritiusAlpha & Omega BuildingService, Kettering, OHAlpheios International B.V.,Heerlen, NetherlandsAlpine Building Maintenance,Inc., Arlington, TXAltstadt Office City, Evansville,INAluf Plastics Division,Orangeburg, NYAlwin Manufacturing Co., Inc.,Green Bay, WIAmano Pioneer Eclipse Corp.,Sparta, NCAmer Electric Motion, Inc.,Burnsville, MNAmerican Cleaning Solutions,Div. of American Wax Co.,Long Island City, NYAmerican Dish Service,Edwardsville, KSAmerican DistributingIndustries, Inc.—ADI,Simpsonville, SCAmerican Formula, Atlanta, GAAmerican Green BuildingServices, Inc., Dedham, MAAmerican Industrial Rubber,Louisville, KYAmerican Industrial Supply, Inc.,Chatsworth, CAAmerican Industries, Inc.,Lumberton, NCAmerican Institute for CleaningSciences, Highlands Ranch,COAmerican Janitor & PaperSupply, Scranton, PAAmerican Maintenance,Babylon, NYAmerican Maintenance &Supplies, Inc., West NewYork, NJAmerican Marketing Group ofTN, LLC, Athens, TNAmerican Museum of NaturalHistory, New York, NYAmerican Paper & ChemicalCo., Richmond, VAAmerican Paper & Supply Co.,Carlstadt, NJAmerican Paper & Twine Co.,Nashville, TNAmerican Sanitary Supply Co.,Inc., Evansville, INAmerican Sanitary Supply Co.of Wheeling, Inc., Wheeling,WVAmerican Services Corp.,2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org15

American Specialties, Inc.,Yonkers, NYAmerican Supply Co., Salinas, CAAmericare-National Sanitation& Supply, Addison, ILAmerica’s 1st Maintenance,Norcross, GAAmerichem International, Inc.,Middletown, PAAmeri-Kleen, Inc., Watsonville,CAAM Facility Services, Inc.,Indianapolis, INAML Equipment & Supply Ltd.,Brantford, ON, CanadaAmmex Corp., Kent, WAAmpac Flexibles, Hanover Park,ILAmplex Group Services, Inc.,Orange, CAAMPM Facility Services Corp.,Waltham, MAAmrep, Inc., Marietta, GAAmtec Co., Ltd., Tokyo, JapanAnago Cleaning Systems,Pompano Beach, FLAnda Tool & Fastener Ltd.,Toronto, ON, CanadaAnderson Paper & PackagingCo., Ferndale, WAAndrews & Co., Newton, NJAntaim Ltd., Kiev, UkraineAnthem! Worldwide, Cincinnati,OHAPAC Paper & Packaging Corp.,Allen Park, MIApex, Lemont, ILApex Sanitation Products Ltd.,Toronto, ON, CanadaAPOC Sales, Inc., Plymouth, MIAPP, Inc., Elmwood Park, NJApplied Plastics, Inc., OakCreek, WIAps Data-Know-How,Copenhagen, DenmarkAqua ChemPacs, Trevose, PAA Quality Cleaners, Canton, OHAquatec International, Irvine, CAAquila Triventek A/S, NorreAaby, DenmarkArab Cleaning Co., Safat,KuwaitAramark Uniform Services,Atlanta, GAArch Chemicals, Atlanta, GAARC Imperial Valley, El Centro,CAArea Distributors, Inc., Quincy,ILArjem, Inc., Beamsville, ON,CanadaArkansas Bag & Equipment Co.,Little Rock, ARArmstrong Manufacturing, Inc.,Mississauga, ON, CanadaArnold’s Supply & Kleenit Co.,Rochester, MNArrow Paper Corp., Wilmington,MAArthur J. Kaufman Sales Co.,Rumford, RIArylessence, Inc., Marietta, GAAseoindustrial Mexicana,S.A. de C.V., San Nicolas,Tlalnepantla, Mex., MexicoAseptix B.V., Loenen aan deVecht, NetherlandsASI Technologies, Inc.,Montgomeryville, PAAspen Building Services,Oklahoma City, OKAssociated Paper, Inc., Conyers,GAAstro Products, Inc., Fitzgerald,GAAstro Supply Inc., Lakewood,COAthens Janitor Supply Co., Inc.,Athens, GAAtlanta Airlines Terminal Corp.,Atlanta, GAAtlantic Cleaning Products,Rockland, MAAtlantic Mills, Inc., Lakewood, NJAtma Ltd., Kiev, UkraineAtra Janitorial Supply Co., Inc.,Pompton Plains, NJAtrium Innovation Ltd.,Wallingford, Oxfordshire,United KingdomAt Your Service EnvironmentalSolutions, Magnolia, ARAugusta Janitorial Supplies, Inc.,Augusta, GAAuto-Chlor System, LLC,Memphis, TNAutomated Building Services,Houston, TXAutomated MaintenanceServices, Inc., Fargo, NDAveryck Engineering &Development B.V.,Heemstede, NetherlandsAvmor Ltd., Laval, QC, CanadaAway Chemical Corp., Houston,TXA & W Office Supply, Knoxville,TNAztec Facility Services,Houston, TXAztec Products, Inc.,Montgomeryville, PABadgerland Chemical & SupplyCo., Inc., Middleton, WIBagcraft Papercon, Chicago, ILB-Air Dryers/Air Movers, Azusa,CABalcones Minerals Corp.,Flatonia, TXBall Chemical & Equipment Co.,Cleveland, OHBanner Systems, Brockton, MABard Industries, Portland, MEBarrett Supplies & Equipment,Indianapolis, INBasic Marketing Services, Inc.,Wayland, MABatavia Public Library, Batavia,ILBattery De-Mister, LLC, Appleton,WIBaudoin Wash Systems B.V.,Waalwijk, NetherlandsBaumann Paper & JanitorialSupply, Lexington, KYBaxter Chemical & JanitorialSupply Co., Inc., Stephenville,TXBaxter/Cleancare, Longview, TXBay City Supply, Bellingham, WABay Contract Maintenance, Inc.,South San Francisco, CAB & B Battery Co., Commerce, CAB & B Molded Products,Napoleon, OHB & B Sales Ltd., Corner Brook,NL, CanadaBCB Janitorial Supply Co., Inc.,Hackensack, NJBCG Solutions, LLC, Omaha, NEBeach Chemical & Paper Co.,Inc., Virginia Beach, VABeacon Group, Tucson, AZBeam Strategic Solutions, GlenEllyn, ILBeaver Research Co., Portage,MIBeck Building Services,Newnan, GABee Clean Building Maintenance,Edmonton, AB, CanadaBelle-Aire Fragrances, Inc.,Mundelein, ILBell Flavors & Fragrances,Northbrook, ILBell Janitorial Supply, LLC,Ogden, UTBellon Sales Associates,Indianapolis, INBelson Co., Green Bay, WIBenco Industrial Supply, Inc.,Columbus, INBenelux-Loralux Works,Tessenderlo, BelgiumBenmore Corp., El Paso, TXBennett Paper & Supply Co., Inc.,Vancouver, WABentley-Northchem Ltd.,Edmonton, AB, CanadaBE Pressure Supply, Inc.,Abbotsford, BC, CanadaBerendsen, Arnhem, NetherlandsBericap Gmbh & Co., UG,Budenheim, GermanyBerkley Square, Inc., Warren, OHBerk Paper & Supply, Warren,OHBerk Wiper International, LLC,Lansdale, PABertelson Total OfficeSolutions, Minneapolis, MNBest Service Pros, Vancouver,BC, CanadaBestway Services, Inc.,Nashville, TNBetco Corp., Toledo, OHBetter Business Cleaning, Inc.,Erie, COBeyond Clean, LLC, Jupiter, FLB-Future, Inc., Osaka, JapanB&G Equipment Co., Jackson,GABI Corp., Chiba, JapanBig D Industries, Inc., OklahomaCity, OKBi-O-Kleen Industries,Vancouver, WABioscience Laboratories, Inc.,Bozeman, MTBirchmeier Spruhtechnik AG,Stetten, SwitzerlandBKG Services, Inc., Columbus,OHBlueair, Chicago, ILBlue Ribbon Linen Supply, Inc.,Lewiston, IDBluffs Sanitary Supply,Scottsbluff, NEBlu Planet Supply, Waltham, MAB. Miller Products, Inc., Hibbing,MNBobby Dodd Institute, Inc.,Atlanta, GABobrick Washroom Equipment,Inc., North Hollywood, CABOC Plastics, Winston Salem,NCBoelter Companies, Inc.,Waukesha, WIBoma N.V., Antwerp, BelgiumBona US, Aurora, COBonus Building Care, Indianola,OKBorax Paper Products, Inc.,Bronx, NYBoreal Solutions, Thunder Bay,ON, CanadaBortek Industries, Inc.,Mechanicsburg, PABradley Corp., MenomoneeFalls, WIBrady Industries, Inc., LasVegas, NVBrandenburg, Brierley Hill, WestMidlands, United KingdomBravo! Group Services, GreenBrook, NJBriarwood Products Co.,Cleveland, OHBrilliant General Maintenance,Inc., San Jose, CABritannia Services Group Ltd.,Lichfield, United Kingdom162012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

Brock Services, LLC, Kingsport,TNBrookmeade Hardware &Supply Co., Nashville, TNBro-Tex, Inc., Saint Paul, MNBrown Janitor Supply, LittleRock, ARBryco Services, Inc., Merrillville,INBSC Cleaning Services, SouthPortland, MEBTR Sales Associates, ElDorado Hills, CABuckeye International, Inc.,Maryland Heights, MOBuckley & Associates,Centreville, VABuck Services, Inc., WestChicago, ILBudget Janitorial Supply,Tampa, FLBuilding Keepers, Inc., KansasCity, MOBuilding Maintenance Service,LLC (BMS), New York, NYBuilding Services ManagementMagazine, Birmingham, ALBull’sEye, Hershey, PABunzl USA, Inc., Saint Louis, MOBusch Systems International,Barrie, ON, CanadaBusse & Assoc., Cincinnati, OHButler Chemicals, Inc., Anaheim,CAButler-Dearden Paper Service,Inc., Boylston, MABWB Enterprise, Matewan, WVCaddy Clean Scandinavia AB,Taby, SwedenCAF Environmental Solutions,Maple Valley, WACajun Chemical & JanitorialSupply, Inc., Opelousas, LACaliber Equipment, Inc.,Ashland, VACalibre Sales, Inc., Concord, ON,CanadaCalifornia Janitorial Supply Co.,San Jose, CACalifornia Supply North, Inc.,Union City, CACallahan Sales Co., Taunton, MACallico Distributors, Inc.,Taunton, MACamacho Equipment & JanitorialSupply, Inc., Indianapolis, INCambria Sales Co., Inc.,Yorkville, ILCamco Chemical Co., Florence,KYCamoplast Solideal, Charlotte,NCCam Spray/Command PressureWashers, Iowa Falls, IACanaan Contracting JanitorialServices, Barrie, ON, CanadaCanberra Corp., Toledo, OHCannon Hygiene Ltd., Markham,ON, CanadaCapital City Cleaning & Supply,Inc., Madison, WICapital Contractors, Inc.,Melville, NYCapital Janitorial Supply &Service, LLC, Midlothian, VACapital Sanitary Supply Co.,Inc., Des Moines, IACapital Supply Co., New York, NYCapitol Cleaning Contractors,Inc., Hartford, CTCardella Building ServicesCorp., New York, NYCardinal Building Maintenance,Alsip, ILCargill Salt, Hopkins, MNCarleton College, Northfield, MNCarlisle Sanitary MaintenanceProducts, Oklahoma City, OKCarlson Building Maintenance,White Bear Lake, MNCarmens Distribution Systems,Inc., Columbus, OHCarolina Mop ManufacturingCo., Anderson, SCCarolina Paper Co., Oakboro, NCCarpet Cleaner America,Spartanburg, SCCarroll Co., Garland, TXCary Industrial, S. A., SantoDomingo, Dominican RepublicCascades Tissue Group,Candiac, QC, CanadaCasey Engineered Maintenance,Inc., Foxboro, MACA Specialities, Ltd., Chester, SCCastino Restaurant Equipment& Supply, Rohnert Park, CACastle Keepers of Charleston,Inc., North Charleston, SCCatalyst Sales & Marketing,Weston, FLCatherine Cook School,Chicago, ILCat Pumps, Minneapolis, MNCaulfield Industrial, Itasca, ILCavalier, Inc., Norfolk, VACavalier Services, Inc., Fairfax,VACBC America Corp., Commack,NYCDC Paper & Janitor SupplyCo., Champaign, ILCDS Worldwide, South SanFrancisco, CACebco, Inc., Richmond, VACEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH,Hamburg, GermanyCellucap Manufacturing Co.,Philadelphia, PACentaur Building Services, Inc.,Saint Louis, MOCentral Distributing Co., GrandJunction, COCentral Distribution System,South San Francisco, CACentral Dupage Hospital,Winfield, ILCentral Paper Products Co.,Manchester, NHCentral Wholesalers, Laurel, MDCentury Products, LLC,Greensboro, NCC.E.O. Performance Chemicals,Houston, TXCEP, Inc., Kansas City, MOCertified Chemical Co., Easton,PACFR Environmental CleaningSystems, Fort Worth, TXC.G. Bretting Mfg. Co., Inc.,Ashland, WIChallenge Unlimited, Inc., Alton,ILChampions Touch, Kissimmee,FLChampion Supply, Asheville, NCChandler-Suppliers to Business& Industry, St. John, NB,CanadaChapin Manufacturing, Inc.,Batavia, NYChappell Supply & EquipmentCo., Oklahoma City, OKCharles D. Edwards, VirginiaBeach, VACharlotte Products,Peterborough, ON, CanadaChase Products Co., Broadview,ILChateau Valley Center, Renton,WAChatterson Janitorial SuppliesLtd., Regina, SK, CanadaChemBlend International, LLC,Countryside, ILChemco Corp., Lawrence, MAChemcor Chemical Corp.,Chino, CAChemcraft Industries, Inc.,Chicago, ILChemex International Ltd.,Smethwick, West Midlands,United KingdomChemFree Solutions,Westmont, ILChemical Convertors (Pty.)Ltd., Edenglen, Gauteng,South AfricaChemical Industries Ltd., ChristChurch, BarbadosChemical Solutions Ltd.,Auckland, New ZealandChemical TechnologiesInternational, Inc., RanchoCordova, CAChemique, Inc., Moorestown, NJCHEMOTEC, Anjou, QC, CanadaChemserve Cleaning ServicesLtd., Nairobi, KenyaChemstar Corp., Lithia Springs,GAChemStation International, Inc.,Moraine, OHChemtek, Inc., Morrisville, NCChemtron, Inc., Lorton, VAChicago Contract Cleaning ofIllinois, Chicago, ILChildren’s Healthcare ofAtlanta, Atlanta, GAChrist Supplies, LLC,Brentwood, TNChudy Paper Co., Inc.,Cheektowaga, NYChugach Alaska Corp.,Anchorage, AKC.I. Marwind S.A., Bogota,ColombiaCimex-USA, Tallmadge, OHCintas Corp., Mason, OHCitrus Oleo, Boca Raton, FLCity Capital Advisors, Chicago,ILCity Group, Inc., Jessup, MDCity of Edmonton, Edmonton,AB, CanadaCity of Virginia Beach, VirginiaBeach, VAClaire Manufacturing Co.,Addison, ILClassic Paper Supply, Inc.,Oklahoma City, OKCLA Today, Inc., Phoenix, AZClausen Carpet Solutions/TheBullen Companies, Folcroft,PAClean as a Whistle, LLC,Rochester, ILClean Brite Canada Ltd., Regina,SK, CanadaClean Contain, Gainesville, GAClean Control Corp., WarnerRobins, GAClean Country, Inc., Omaha, NECleaner Corner, Minneapolis, MNCleaners of America Corp.,Richmond, VACleaning Consultant Services,Inc., Seattle, WACleaning For A Reason,Lewisville, TXCleaning Green Magazine,Chalfont, PACleaning Ideas Corp., SanAntonio, TXCleaning Solutions & Supplies,LLC, Charleston, SCCleaning Supplies Co., Inc.,Portsmouth, OHCleaning Supply Network, LLC,Pensacola, FLCleaning Systems Co., NewRochelle, NYCleaning Up, LLC, Lenexa, KS2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org17

Clean Innovations, Columbus,OHClean Masters & Sons, Inc.,Price, UTClean-O-Rama Co., Gorham, MEClean Scene, Etobicoke, ON,CanadaClean Solutions Pte. Ltd.,Singapore, SingaporeClean Source Technologies,Eindhoven, NetherlandsClean Sweep Supply Co.,Montebello, CACleantec Innovation Ltd.,Broadstairs, Kent, UnitedKingdomClean-TX Janitorial Service,Austin, TXClean Works Services, Inc.,Lancaster, PAClear Concepts AB, Norrhult,SwedenClearview Cleaning, Boise, IDClines S.A., Buenos Aires,ArgentinaClorox Professional ProductsCo., Oakland, CACMA Dishmachines, GardenGrove, CAC.M.A. of Sacramento, ElkGrove, CAC. Mascari & Associates,Farmington Hills, MICM B2B Trade Group, Latham,NYCM General Services, Waltham,MACMS Facilities Maintenance,Inc., Las Vegas, NVCMS Sourcing Solutions, SaintClair Shores, MICoastal Chemical & Paper,Wilmington, NCCoastal Sanitary Supply Co.,Florence, SCCoburn Chemicals, Inc.,Cockeysville, MDCochise County Associationfor the Handicapped - CCAH,Bisbee, AZCodelimsa, S.A. de C.V., Cd.Juarez, Chih., MexicoCofraneth, Champlan, FranceColeman, Greear & Associates,Mansfield, TXCole Supply Co., Inc., Benicia, CAColgate Palmolive Co.,Commercial Customer Group,Morristown, NJCollege of St. Scholastica,Duluth, MNColman Supply Co., Roseville,MIColorado Springs CleaningSupply, Colorado Springs, COColumbus Paper & Chemical,Inc., Columbus, MSColumbus Paper Co., Columbus,GAComac Corp., Inc., Brossard,QC, CanadaComercial e Industrial Branfisa,S.A., Lima, PeruCommercial Cleaning Servicesof Oklahoma, Oklahoma City,OKCommercial Cleaning Services,St. Catharines, ON, CanadaCommercial Janitorial Services,LLC, Marion, ILCommercial MaintenanceServices, Columbia, SCCommercial Supply, LLC,Trenton, NJCommunity Clean, Franklin, INCommunity Work Services,Boston, MACompass Group Canada Ltd.,Mississauga, ON, CanadaComsco, Inc., Redding, CAConcepts4, Albany, NYConcordia College, Moorhead,MNConsolidated Paper Group, Inc.,Bowling Green, KYContec, Inc., Spartanburg, SCContinental Western Corp., SanLeandro, CAContract Services Group, Inc.,Brea, CAConvermat Corp., Great Neck,NYConway Cleaning, Bayonne, NJCorazzi Fibre S.r.l., Cremona(CR), ItalyCore Management Services,Endicott, NYCore Products Co., Inc., Canton,TXCornell University, Dept. ofBuilding Care, Ithaca, NYCorporacion Cek de Costa Rica,S.A., San Jose, Costa RicaCorporate Chemicals &Equipment, St. Catharines,ON, CanadaCorporate Cleaning GroupFranchise System, Livonia, MICorporate Cleaning Systems,Inc. (CCS, Inc.), Cincinnati, OHCorr Distributors, Inc.,Tonawanda, NYCorrelated Products, Inc.,Indianapolis, INCorvus Holdings, LLC, Chicago,ILCosgrove Enterprises, Inc.,Miami Lakes, FLCoverall - Twin Cities,Bloomington, MNCowboy Supply House,Cheyenne, WYCows In Trees, Chicago, ILCP Industries Ltd., Fergus, ON,CanadaCP Industries, Salt Lake City, UTCPL Aromas, Somerset, NJCPT, Athens, GreeceCreative Chemicals, Inc.,Holyoke, MACreative Flooring Concepts,Plainview, NYCreative Fragrances Ltd.,Dallas, TXCreative Products International,Inc., Holland, MICreative Sales & MarketingGroup, Inc., Lincoln Park, NJCrest Foam Industries, Inc.,Moonachie, NJCrest Paper Products, Trenton,NJCross City Janitorial Corp., RedDeer, AB, CanadaCross Country Installations &Service, LLC, Paterson, NJCrothall Services Group,Wayne, PACrown Battery ManufacturingCo., Fremont, OHCrown Janitorial Products,Yonkers, NYCrown Mats & Matting, Div.of Ludlow Composites Corp.,Fremont, OHCrown Products, LLC, PompanoBeach, FLCrypton, West Bloomfield, MICrystal Clear Building Supply,Twinsburg, OHCrystal Lake Manufacturing,Inc., Autaugaville, ALCSB Industries, LLC, Phoenix,AZCSI International, Newtown, PACSM Services, Hudsonville, MIC.T.C. Janitorial, Clinton, OKCummins Facility Services,Waldo, OHCurtis Dyna-Fog Ltd., Westfield,INCustom Essence, Inc., Somerset,NJCWP Floorcare, Cleveland, OHCW Resources, New Britain, CTCyan Laboratories, Inc.,Houston, TXDaansen USA, Inc., Nashua, NHD & A Building Services,Longwood, FLDacotah Paper Co., Fargo, NDDadePaper, Medley, FLDaego Corp. Ltd., Anyang City,South KoreaDaka Services, Oss, NetherlandsDale Rogers Training Center,Oklahoma City, OKDaley International, Charlotte,NCDaley International, Chicago, ILDallmayer Gebaudereinigung& Service GmbH, Putzbrunn,GermanyDamon Industries, Inc., Alliance,OHDan Ren Service, Esbjerg,DenmarkDanville Paper & Supply, Inc.,Danville, ILDaryza S.A.C., Lima, PeruDatacor, Inc., Florham Park, NJDavid & Susan Holtzman,Parsippany, NJDavis Products Co., Inc.,Bogalusa, LADawnchem, Inc., Willowick, OHDaycon, Upper Marlboro, MDDDI System, Sandy Hook, CTDeardorff Fitzsimmons Corp.,Merlin, ORDeb Canada, Waterford, ON,CanadaDeb Group, Charlotte, NCDecitex S.A.S., Givenchy,FranceDedicated Transport, LLC,Brooklyn Heights, OHDee-ef Three Ltd., Lagos,NigeriaDefender Services, Inc.,Columbia, SCDeForest Enterprises, Inc., BocaRaton, FLDelamo Manufacturing,Montebello, CADell Tech Laboratories Ltd.,London, ON, CanadaDel Sol, Inc., Pasco, WADelta Industries, King of Prussia,PADelta Marketing Int’l, LLC,Plattsburgh, NYDelta-Q Technologies Corp.,Burnaby, BC, CanadaDeltrol Controls, Milwaukee, WIDEMA Engineering Co., SaintLouis, MODemlow Marketing, Inc.,Houston, TXDenesoline Environment L.P.,Fort McMurray, AB, CanadaDeRoyal Textiles, Inc., Camden,SCDerrycourt Cleaning Specialists,Dublin, IrelandDeSantis Janitor Supply Co.,Div. of DeDeavors Corp.,Meadville, PADeSoto Janitorial Supply, Inc.,DeSoto, TX182012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

D & E Supply Co., Inc., Bismarck,NDDetroit Chemical & PaperSupply Co., Warren, MIDevon Facility Management,Detroit, MIDeWhit, Inc., Mauldin, SCD.H. Bertenthal & Sons, Inc.,Pittsburgh, PADiamond Paper Co., Ltd.,Destrehan, LADiamond Services, Inc., Dunn,NCDiamond Tool Supply, Monroe,MIDidlake, Inc., Manassas, VADirect Mop Sales, Inc., Atchison,KSDirksen B.V., Wierden,NetherlandsDirt Killer Pressure Washers,Inc., Baltimore, MDDispenser InstallationSpecialists, LLC, Houston, TXDispensing DynamicsInternational, City of Industry,CADisposables UK Group,Meltham, Holmfirth, UnitedKingdomDist. PRI Inc., Terrebonne, QC,CanadaDistribuidora FlorexCentroamericana, S.A.,Alajuela, Costa RicaDistribuidora Lava Tap, S.A. deC.V., Mexico City, D.F., MexicoDistribuidora PAR-El Salvador/Guatemala, La Libertad, ElSalvadorDistrict Health Care & JanitorialSupply, Inc., Medley, FLDistrict Publishing, Inc., ShelbyTownship, MIDiverse Facilities Solutions,LLC, Oakland Park, FLDiversified HospitalitySolutions, Las Vegas, NVDiversified Maintenance, Inc.,Overland Park, KSDiversified MaintenanceSystems, LLC., Tampa, FLDiversified Service Contracting,Inc., Dunn, NCD.K.B. Marketing, Inc., Lacombe,AB, CanadaDKP Enterprises, LLC,Chesterfield, MODobmeier Janitor Supply, Inc.,Buffalo, NYDo It Best Corp., Incom Supply,Fort Wayne, INDOLLY GmbH, Dreieich,GermanyDomade, Inc., Boones Mill, VADominion Equipment &Chemical, Brantford, ON,CanadaDon Pulcro, Leon, Gto., MexicoDorden & Co., Inc., Detroit, MIDo Something, LLC, Vestavia,ALDot Foods, Inc., Mount Sterling,ILDow Chemical Co., Philadelphia,PADPA Buying Group, Cincinnati,OHDraco Hygienic Products, Inc.,Ontario, CADrake Sales Corp., HuntingtonBeach, CADri-Eaz, A Legend Brands Co.,Burlington, WADulevo International S.p.A.,Fontanellato (PR), ItalyDuncan Janitorial & IndustrialSupply, Inc., Duncan, OKDurable Corp., Norwalk, OHDurable PackagingInternational, Wheeling, ILDura Wax Co., Inc., McHenry, ILDurham District School Board,Whitby, ON, CanadaDuropad (M) Sdn. Bhd.,Puchong, Selangor D.E.,MalaysiaDuskin Co. Ltd., Osaka, JapanDustbane Products Ltd.,Ottawa, ON, CanadaD.W. Davies & Co., Inc., Racine,WIDXP Enterprises, Omaha, NEDyal Sales Co., Jacksonville, FLDyson Commercial, Chicago, ILEagle Brush & Chemical, Inc.,Dallas, TXEagle Building Maintenance &Janitorial, Pennington, NJEagle Janitorial Supply Co.,Williamsport, PAEagle Paper, Inc., Louisville, KYEAGLE USA, Inc., Chesterton, INE.A. Morse & Co., Inc.,Middletown, NYEarp & Waldrip Sales Co., Inc.,Roswell, GAEast Continental Supplies,Hialeah, FLEastern Institutional Supply Co.,Toms River, NJEast Jefferson General Hospital,Metairie, LAEast Kentucky Chemical, Inc.,Pikeville, KYEastman Chemical Co.,Kingsport, TNEast Penn Manufacturing Co.,Inc., Lyon Station, PAEBP Supply Solutions, Milford,CTECi Software Solutions, FortWorth, TXE-Clean Products/The BullenCompanies, Folcroft, PAEco7, Oklahoma City, OKEcoBrite Services, LLC, Orem,UTEco Concepts Asia Ltd., HongKong, ChinaEco Concepts, Inc., Hollywood,FLEcolab, Inc., Saint Paul, MNEco-Logical Cleaning Ltd.,Dunedin, Otago, NewZealandEco Nederland B.V., Brunssum,NetherlandsEconomical Janitorial & PaperSupplies, Inc., Harahan, LAEco Products, Inc., Boulder, COEDIC, Los Angeles, CAEdmar Cleaning Corp.,Woodside, NYEdmer Sanitary Supply Co., Inc.,East Meadow, NYE.D. Oates Pty. Ltd.,Campbellfield, VIC, AustraliaEdward Don & Co., Riverside, ILEdward M. D’Onofrio Assoc’s.,Liverpool, NYEdwards-Councilor Co., Inc.,Virginia Beach, VAEES, Inc., Cartersville, GAEgan Supply Co., Omaha, NEEikosha Co., Ltd., Kyoto, JapanEkcos Innovations, Livermore,CAE.K. Lay Co., Inc., Philadelphia,PAElco Laboratories, Inc.,University Park, ILElectrical Marketing Est.,Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaElectrolux Home Care Products,NA, Charlotte, NCElite Associates Northwest, Inc.,Brea, CAElite Environmental Services,LLC, Macon, GAElite Foodservice Specialists,Clive, IAElite Janitorial Products &Supplies, Colton, CAElkhorn Chemical & Packaging,Elkhorn, WIElliott Affiliates Ltd., Baltimore,MDEllison Sanitary Supply Co., Inc.,La Follette, TNElsea S.r.l., Fasano (BR), ItalyEmerald ProfessionalProtection Products,Somerset, NJEMG Cleaning Systems, LLC,Miami, FLEMI Yoshi, North Brunswick, NJEMPACS, LLC, Aurora, COEmpire Cleaning Supply, LosAngeles, CAEmpire Paper Co., Wichita Falls,TXEmrol, Malle, BelgiumEnergizer Battery Co., SaintCharles, ILEnergy Shine & SolutionTrading (ES&S Trading),Curacao, Netherlands AntillesEngineering Chemistry Co., Inc.,Covington, VAEnvera, LLC, West Chester, PAEnvirionix Ltd., Burnley,Lancashire, United KingdomEnviroChemical, Inc., Solon, OHEnviroClean, Fresno, CAEnviro-Clean Services, Inc.,Holland, MIEnviroclean Systems, Inc.,Mississauga, ON, CanadaEnviro-LCS Pty. Ltd.,Beaconsfield, NSW, AustraliaEnvironmental FacilitiesServices, Inc., McLean, VAEnvironmental Service Systems,LLC, Charlotte, NCEnvironment Control, Hayden,IDEnvironment Control ofWisconsin, Inc., Madison, WIEnvironment & GeneralServices, Inc., MandaluyongCity, Manila, PhilippinesEnviro USA, Cordova, TNEnvirOx, LLC, Danville, ILE-Pak Machinery, Inc., La Porte,INEPAY Systems, Inc., Chicago, ILEpic Industries, New Brunswick,NJEpicor Software Corp., Yardley,PAEP Minerals, LLC, Reno, NVeQuest Software, Inc., Concord,CAEquipment Canada SanitationSolutions, Inc., Mississauga,ON, CanadaEquipos y Productos deLimpieza, S.A. de C.V., MexicoCity, D.F., MexicoErgonomic Tools, Inc.,Glenview, ILE & R Industrial Sales, Inc.,Sterling Heights, MIERMC, Chattanooga, TNErnest Packaging Solutions,Commerce, CAErzen Associates, Inc.,Monroeville, PAESS Clean, Inc., Urbana, ILESSCO, Twinsburg, OHEssential Industries, Inc.,Merton, WI2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org19

Essential Ingredients, Inc.,Lawrenceville, GAETC of Henderson, Inc.,Henderson, NCEttore Products Co., Alameda,CAEurest Services, Wheeling, ILEuropean Cleaning Journal,Chesham, United KingdomEUROSTEAM, Le Houlme,FranceEurow & O’Reilly Corp.,Camarillo, CAEvergreen Distribution, Inc.,Weston, WIEvergreen Install Services, LLC,Canton, MIEvolution Sorbent Products,LLC, West Chicago, ILEvripos Janitorial Services Ltd.,Ottawa, ON, CanadaExcel Dryer, Inc., EastLongmeadow, MAExecutive Cleaning Services,LLC, Huntington, NYExecutive ManagementServices, Indianapolis, INExpert Chemical & Supply, Inc.,Hazel Crest, ILExpert JMS, Knoxville, TNE-Z Clean Corp., Terre Haute, INE-Z Way Products, LLP,Waterbury, CTFabio Perini North America,Inc., Green Bay, WIFacilities Janitorial Supplies,Toronto, ON, CanadaFactory Cleaning Equipment,Inc., Aurora, ILFagan Sanitary Supply, WestElizabeth, PAFalcon ProSolutions, Inc., SanAntonio, TXFalcon Waterfree Technologies,LLC, Los Angeles, CAFalls Janitorial Service, Inc.,Birmingham, ALFA-MA Jersey S.p.A., Pistoia(PT), ItalyFas-Trak Industries, Monee, ILFD Enterprises Ltd., Baldwin, NYFedcap Rehabilitation Services,Inc., New York, NYFederal Maintenance Hawaii,Inc., Wahiawa, HIFellow Y.C. Co. Ltd., Tainan,Yong-Kang, TaiwanF & F Supply, Inc., Bronx, NYFHP Export-Vileda Professional,Weinheim, GermanyFibematics, Philadelphia, PAFiberlock Technologies, Inc.,Andover, MAFibreclean Supplies Ltd.,Calgary, AB, CanadaFikes Holdings, Inc., Grapevine,TXFikes Products, Kent, WAFilmop S.r.l., Villa del Conte(PD), ItalyFinal Touch Cleaning, Tulsa, OKFineline Settings, Inc.,Middletown, NYFishman Supply Co., Petaluma,CAFitch Co., Baltimore, MDFitz Chem Corp., Itasca, ILFlannigan Sales Group, Inc.,Newnan, GAFlash B.V., Oss, NetherlandsFlavor & Fragrance Specialties,Inc., Mahwah, NJFlexo Products Ltd., NiagaraFalls, ON, CanadaFlex-Pac, Inc., Zionsville, INFlight Systems IndustrialProducts, Carlisle, PAFlint Cleaning Supplies, Inc.,Flint, MIFlo-Kem, Inc., East RanchoDominguez, CAFlorachem Corp., Jacksonville,FLFlorida Chemical Co., Inc.,Winter Haven, FLFlorida Green Solutions, LLC,Miami, FLF-matic, Inc., Lehi, UTFocus Packaging & Supply Co.,Fresno, CAFogmaster Corp., DeerfieldBeach, FLFoley Distributing Corp.,Rutland, VTForeFront Product Design, LLC,Pittsburgh, PAFormula Corp., Auburn, WAFour Star Chemical, Vernon, CAFour-U-Packaging Supply,Celina, OHFPC Distribution, Elkridge, MDFQN, Roswell, GAFragrance DeliveryTechnologies Ltd., Dubai,United Arab EmiratesFragrance West, Van Nuys, CAFrain-Bovasso Associates,Clifton, NJFrance Industrie, Bonneval,FranceFranklin Chemical & EquipmentCo., Plymouth Meeting, PAFranklin Foodservice Solutions,Sanibel, FLFrank Miller & Sons, Inc.,Mokena, ILFrank’s Maintenance Products,Inc., Kitchener, ON, CanadaFranmar Chemical, Inc.,Bloomington, ILFresh N Kleen, Inc., Stanley, WIFresh Products, LLC, Toledo, OHFreshWay Services Corp.,Hurdle Mills, NCFriend’s Business Source,Findlay, OHFrost Products Ltd., Burlington,ON, CanadaFuller Commercial Products,Great Bend, KSFuller Interamericana, C.A.,Caracas, VenezuelaFuller Sales, Inc., Burnsville, MNFullriver Battery USA,Camarillo, CAFulton Distributing Co.,Coachella, CAFutura North America, Inc.,Alpharetta, GAFuture Floor Technology, Inc.,Gladstone, ORGarland C. Norris Co., Apex, NCGarrett Paper, Inc., Saint Louis,MOGasco Industrial Corp., Gurabo,PRGCA Services Group, Cleveland,OHGDI-Omni, Southfield, MIGeerpres, Inc., Muskegon, MIGem State Paper & Supply Co.,Twin Falls, IDGenco, Inc., Myrtle Beach, SCGeneon Technologies, Edina,MNGeneral Floorcraft, Doral, FLGeneral Merchandise SuppliesUnlimited, Washington, DCGenesan, LLC, Gorham, MEGenesis Biosciences,Lawrenceville, GAGenesis Building Services, SanMateo, CAGent-l-kleen Products, Inc., aDreumex Co., York, PAGeorgia-Pacific Professional,Atlanta, GAG & F Manufacturing Co., Inc.,Oak Lawn, ILGHC Sales & Consulting,Vancouver, WAGhibli S.p.A., Dorno (PV), ItalyG. Hollis Cone, Columbia, SCGilbert Paper & Supply Sales,Charlotte, NCGingham Girls Cleaning Service,Sheboygan, WIG&K Services, Minnetonka, MNGlana Controlled Hygiene Ltd.,New Ross, County Wexford,IrelandGLH Chemical, Bethlehem, GAGlobal Building Services, Inc.,Valencia, CAGlobal Digital Instruments,Fairport, NYGlobal Management Solutions,Inc., Ellwood City, PAGlobal Sales Concepts, Jericho,NYGMI Building Services, Inc., SanDiego, CAGMZ, Inc., West Chester, OHGnepper & Associates, Inc.,Elmore, OHGOJO Industries, Akron, OHGolbon, Boise, IDGolden Rule Industries ofMuskogee, Inc., Muskogee, OKGolden Star Inc., Kansas City,MOGoldstar Products, Inc.,Hollywood, FLGood Clean Property Services,Concord, NHGood Earth Products, LLC, FortLee, NJGoodlife Fitness Clubs, London,ON, CanadaGoodmaid Chemicals Corp.Sdn. Bhd., Seremban, NegeriSembilan, MalaysiaGoodwill Central Texas, Austin,TXGoodwill Contract ServicesHawaii, Inc., Honolulu, HIGoodwill Easter Seals MiamiValley, Dayton, OHGoodwill Industries of ColoradoSprings, Colorado Springs, COGoodwill Industries of SouthFlorida, Miami, FLGoodwill Industries of theChesapeake, Inc., Baltimore,MDGoodwill Industries of theCoastal Empire, Savannah, GAGoodwill Industries of theGreater East Bay, Inc.,Oakland, CAGoodwill Industries of theValleys, Roanoke, VAGoodwill of SE Wisconsin,Milwaukee, WIGoodwill of Western MO &Eastern KS, Kansas City, MOGoodwill Services, Inc.,Harrisburg, PAGoodwill Solutions/Industries,Des Moines, IAGordon Food Service, GrandRapids, MIGrace Management Services,Inc., Southfield, MIGraco Manufacturing Co.,Blackwood, NJGraham Chemical Corp.,Barrington, ILGrand Rapids Building Services,Grand Rapids, MI202012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

Greater Toronto AirportAuthority, Toronto A.M.F.,ON, CanadaGreat Falls Paper & Supply Co.,Inc., Great Falls, MTGreat Western SanitarySupplies, Huntington Beach,CAGreen Bay Converting, Inc.,Green Bay, WIGreen Klean Vacuum Bags,Crystal Lake, ILGreenSeed Contract Packaging,Batavia, ILGreenside Supply & Service,San Jose, CAGreen Sky, Fenton, MOGreenstone ProfessionalService, Clayton, NCGreenWave International, Inc.,Brooklyn, NYGregomatic AG, Cham, Zug,SwitzerlandGreyland Ltd., Dukinfield,United KingdomGrimsley’s, Inc., Stillwater, OKGroupe Poly M2, Sherbrooke,QC, CanadaGSC Manufacturing, Inc.,Brentwood, TNG.T. French Paper Ltd.,Hamilton, ON, CanadaGuardian Service Industries,Inc., New York, NYGuillot’s Sanitary Supplies, Inc.,New Orleans, LAGulf Coast Paper Co., Inc.,Victoria, TXGWCCA (Georgia WorldCongress Center Authority),Atlanta, GAHaaga Kehrsysteme GmbH,Kirchheim, GermanyHagleitner HygieneInternational GmbH, Zell amSee, AustriaHahl-Pedex, Lexington, SCHal Uhrman, Mayfield Heights,OHHamilton Plastics, Inc.,Chattanooga, TNHampton City Schools,Hampton, VAHandi-Clean Products, Inc.,Greensboro, NCHandi-Foil of America, Inc.,Wheeling, ILHandle Hygiene Ltd., Dublin,IrelandHanset Brothers, Inc., Portland,ORHanson Chemical, Inc., Billings,MTHanson Janitorial Supply, Inc.,Pocatello, IDHarvard Chemical Research,Inc., Atlanta, GAHarvard Maintenance, Inc., NewYork, NYHathaway, Inc., Waynesboro, VAHaviland Contoured Plastics,Grand Rapids, MIHaviland Corp., Linn, MOHawaiian Building Maintenance,Honolulu, HIHawk Enterprises of Elkhart,Inc., Elkhart, INH&B Cleaning Services, Inc.,Parsippany, NJHBS National Corp., Houston, TXHD Chem, Long Beach, CAH.D. Hudson Mfg. Co.,Professional Division, Chicago,ILHeartland Paper Co., SiouxFalls, SDHeinrich Paper & Supply,Zanesville, OHHeld’s Janitorial Services, Inc.,West Seneca, NYHelgesen Industries, Hartford, WIHelping Hand Maintenance &Cleaning Service, Gonzales,LAHenan Prosper USA, Inc.,Rancho Cucamonga, CAHenderson Chemical Co., Inc.,Macon, GAHenry Kraft, Inc., Nevada, MOHercules & Hercules, Inc.,Detroit, MIHeritage Bag Co., Carrollton, TXHews Hotel & RestaurantSupplies Ltd., George Town,Cayman IslandsHHA Services, Saint ClairShores, MIHiawatha Chef Supply, Inc.,Escanaba, MIHigh Gloss Maintenance, UpperSackville, NS, CanadaHigh Point Sanitary Solutions,Houston, TXHill Manufacturing Co., Inc.,Atlanta, GAHillyard, Inc., Saint Joseph, MOHillyard Industries, SaintJoseph, MOHines Industrial Services Ltd.,Fort McMurray, AB, CanadaHinton Sales, Inc., Norcross, GAHLF Diversified, Inc., Unionville,ON, CanadaHLH Systems, Dublin, OHHLO Enterprises, Inc., SanFrancisco, CAHockenberg Newburgh Sales &Marketing, Des Moines, IAHokuso Biso, Inc., Chiba, JapanHokwang Industries Co. Ltd.,New Taipei City, TaiwanHolland Home, Grand Rapids, MIHolloway House, Inc., Fortville,INHolzmann Medien GmbH & Co.KG, Bad Worishofen, GermanyHonda R&D Americas, Inc.,Raymond, OHHongda Chem USA, LLC, HighPoint, NCHopkins Sales Co., Inc., Easton,MDHorizon Distributors, Belvidere,ILHospeco, Cleveland, OHHospital HousekeepingSystems, LLC, Austin, TXHospitalityStaff, Orlando, FLHospital Klean of Texas, Inc.,San Antonio, TXHotel Cleaning Services, Inc.,Phoenix, AZHounds Maintenance Products(Aust) PL, Unanderra, NSW,AustraliaHousechem, Inc., Waldwick, NJHouse of Clean, Inc., Bozeman,MTHouse Sanitary Supply Co., Inc.,Ventura, CAHP Products Corp., Indianapolis,INHruby Orbital Systems, Inc.,Vista, CAH&S Resources Corp., Columbia,MDH.T. Berry Co., Inc., Canton, MAHTC Twister, Inc., Knoxville, TNHubbell, Stratford, CTHuebsch Services, Eau Claire,WIHuertas Trading Corp.,Bayamon, PRHuff United, Upper Chichester,PAHumboldt State University,Arcata, CAH. Weiss, LLC, Armonk, NYHydro-Force Manufacturing,Salt Lake City, UTHydro Systems Co., Cincinnati,OHHygeia Enviro-Clean, Inc.,Houston, TXHygienex Laboratory, Inc./Laboratoire Hygienex, Inc.,Quebec, QC, CanadaHygienic Technologies &Training, Inc., Tampa, FLHyosung Corp., Div. of FinestarTeam, Seoul, South KoreaHyso, LLC, Carlstadt, NJIdeal Linen Supply, Scottsbluff,NEIDI Independent Distributor,Inc., Mississauga, ON, CanadaIH Services, Inc., Greenville, SCIHS Group Chemical Division,New Orleans, LAI. Janvey & Sons, Inc.,Hempstead, NYImage by J & K, LLC, Forest, VAImage Supply, Inc., Lumberton,NCImagine, Lafayette, COImpact Office Products,Beltsville, MDImpact Products, LLC, Toledo,OHImpact Professional Sales &Marketing, Newport Beach, CAImpact Sales, Inc., Birmingham,ALImpact Sales & Service, ForestPark, GAImperial Bag & Paper Co., LLC,Bayonne, NJImperial Bldg. Maintenance &Janitorial Supply, St.Catharines, ON, CanadaImperial County Work TrainingCenter, Inc., El Centro, CAImperial Electric, Akron, OHImperial Service Systems, Inc.,Lombard, ILImportadora Santa Isabel Ltda.,Santiago, ChileImportadora Transmundi, S.A.,Panama City, PanamaIndoor Billboard, Portland, ORIndustrial Chemical & Supply,Inc., Indiana, PAIndustrial Cleaning Products,Inc., West Boylston, MAIndustrial Cleaning Supplies,Inc., Ottawa, ON, CanadaIndustrial Cleaning Supply Co.,Waterford, MIIndustrial Paper Products, Inc.,Burlington, NCIndustrie de Nora S.p.A., Milano(MI), ItalyInfiniti Brands, Inc., Corona, CAInfor Global Solutions, Inc.,Alpharetta, GAInfotrac, Inc., Leesburg, FLIng. O. Fiorentini S.p.A.,Piancaldoli (FI), ItalyInitial Hygiene Austria GmbH,Vienna, AustriaIniziative Venete Soc. Coop.,Venice (VE), ItalyInland Supply Co., Inc., Reno, NVInnocore Sales & Marketing,Pickering, ON, CanadaInnovation Engineering Group(I.E.G.), Gatineau, QC, CanadaInnovative Cleaning Services,Irvine, CAInnovative Formulations,Newnan, GAInnovative Solutions, Burnsville,MN2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org21

Innovative Surface Solutions,Ajax, ON, CanadaInopak Ltd., Ringwood, NJINPACS GmbH, Dahlewitz,GermanyINSCO, Wilson, NCInstitutional Wholesale Co., Inc.,Cookeville, TNIntarome Fragrance Corp.,Norwood, NJIntechnedvizhimost Ltd., SaintPetersburg, Russian FederationIntegratas Maintenance Corp.,Ronkonkoma, NYIntegrity Management Services,Inc., Nipomo, CAIntegrity Services, Inc.,Stoneham, MAIntellibot Robotics, LLC,Portland, ORInteplast Group, Livingston, NJInterclean Australasia, WinstonHills, NSW, AustraliaInterior Technicians, Inc., SiouxFalls, SDInterline Brands, Jacksonville, FLInternational Custodial AdvisorsNetwork, Inc. (ICAN), Seattle,WAInternational Salt Co., ClarksSummit, PAInternational Service SystemsCo., Ltd., Kusatsu City, JapanInternational Supply Systems,Inc., Windsor, ON, CanadaInterpolymer Corp., Canton, MAInterpump Group S.p.A., SanIlario d’Enza (RE), ItalyInterstate Contract CleaningService, Inc., Charlotte, NCInterstate Solutions, Inc., RockHill, SCIntersteam Technologies,Hamilton, ON, CanadaInventory Sales Co., Saint Louis,MOIowa-Des Moines Supply, Inc.,Des Moines, IAIPC Eagle Corp., Eagan, MNIP Trading, s.r.o., Brno, CzechRepublicI.S.C. S.r.l., Torino (TO), ItalyIsland Cleaning Services Ltd.,St. Augustine, Trinidad andTobagoITW Professional Brands,Olathe, KSJA-AN Services, Saint John, INJ & A Cleaning Solutions Ltd.,Toronto, ON, CanadaJacobs Wholesale Paper Co.,Chattanooga, TNJadcore, Inc., Terre Haute, INJAD Corp. of America, CollegePoint, NYJames Austin Co., Mars, PAJancoa Janitorial Service,Cincinnati, OHJanco Service Industries,Hudson, OHJaneco, Springfield, OHJani-Care Services & Supply,Inc., Baton Rouge, LAJani-King International, Inc.,Addison, TXJani-King Southwest, Phoenix,AZJaniLink Corp., Atlanta, GAJanitor Equipment Co., Inc.,Springfield, OHJanitorial Growth Solutions,Palm Harbor, FLJanitorial, Inc., Fresno, CAJanitorial Services, Inc., ValleyView, OHJanitor’s Closet Ltd., Spencer,IAJanitors Supply Co., Inc., Erie,PAJanitor’s Warehouse of Austin,Inc., Round Rock, TXJanitronics, Inc., Albany, NYJan-Mar Sales Ltd., Toronto,ON, CanadaJanPak, Inc., Davidson, NCJan-Pro International,Alpharetta, GAJanRep Associates, Manchester,MOJantech Building Services,Independence, OHJapan Airport Techno Co., Ltd.,Tokyo, JapanJarchem Industries, Inc., Newark,NJJay Manufacturing, Phoenix, AZJ.C. Nelson Supply Co., Fairfield,CAJC Paper, Fremont, CAJDD, Inc., Cleveland, OHJefferson County PublicSchools, Louisville, KYJelmar, LLC, Skokie, ILJenkins & Price, Inc., Enid, OKJewish General Hospital,Montreal, QC, CanadaJ.J. Shearer Co., Minnetonka, MNJ & J Worldwide Services,Austin, TXJMC Building Service, MountainView, CAJ & M Depot, Inc., San Juan, PRJ & M Technologies, Inc.,Canfield, OHJobone, Independence, MOJob Options, Inc., San Diego, CAJofel USA, LLC, San Antonio, TXJohn A. Earl, Inc., Hackensack,NJJohn Calarese & Co., Inc.,Medfield, MAJohnny Vac, Inc., Montreal, QC,CanadaJohns Hopkins UniversityApplied Physics Laboratory,Laurel, MDJohnson Sanitary Products,Mason City, IAJohnston Paper Co., Inc.,Auburn, NYJohnstown Chemical Co.,Johnstown, PAJonas Service & Supply, GreenBay, WIJon-Don, Roselle, ILJones Companies Ltd.,Humboldt, TNJordan/Zalaznick Advisers, Inc.,Chicago, ILJoshen Paper & Packaging,Cleveland, OHJ. Racenstein Co., LLC/JRCSupply, Carson, CAJ’s Maintenance Service, Inc.,Glendale, CAJ.S.P. Co., Ltd., Tokyo, JapanJ & S Soap & Supply Co., Inc.,Cincinnati, OHJulius Holluschek GmbH, Zirl,AustriaJust A Touch Services,Portsmouth, VAJ.W. Marketing, Inc., NorthOlmsted, OHKaivac, Inc., Hamilton, OHKamo Manufacturing Co., Inc.,Augusta, GAKandel and Son, Inc., Hicksville,NYKane Biotech, Inc., Winnipeg,MB, CanadaKarlhans Lehmann KG,Neustrelitz, GermanyKastell Systemy SzczotekPrzemyslowych, Wroclaw,PolandKatcef Sales, Inc., Annapolis, MDKB Building Services, Inc.,Omaha, NEK-B Chemical Co., Inc., Billings,MTKBM Facility Solutions, SanDiego, CAKBM, Inc., Batavia, OHKCR Maintenance, Chicago, ILK & D Pratt Group, Inc., MountPearl, NL, CanadaKeep It Up, Inc., New York, NYKellermeyer BergensonsServices, Maumee, OHKelly Associates, Inc., OwingsMills, MDKelsan, Inc., Knoxville, TNKemper Industries, Inc.,Daphne, ALKem Tech Industries, Ixonia, WIKendall & Son Ltd., Royse City,TXKenerson Associates, Inc.,Beverly, MAKennedy Hygiene ProductsLtd., Uckfield, East Sussex,United KingdomKenway Distributors, Inc.,Louisville, KYKevin Hennessey, LLC,Bayonne, NJKey Impact Sales & Systems,Inc., Odenton, MDKeystone Adjustable Cap Co.,Inc., Pennsauken, NJKGS Diamond International,Elburg, NetherlandsKing Zak Industries, Inc.,Goshen, NYKinney Paper & Chemical Co.,Inc., Columbus, INKirby Sanitary Supply, Gallatin,TNKissner Salts & Chemicals Ltd.,Cambridge, ON, CanadaK.J.A., Inc., Saint Louis, MOK & J Supply, Macon, GAKlabin Fragrances, CedarGrove, NJKL Designs, West Covina, CAKleaning Supply LLC, Blaine, MNKleen Purgatis International AG,Feusisberg, SwitzerlandKleenRite Equipment, Madera,CAKleen-Tech Services Corp.,Denver, COKleenway Building MaintenanceService, Inc., Toronto, ON,CanadaKleenzone Ltd., Greenwood,ON, CanadaKnapp Supply & Equipment Co.,Casper, WYKnight, LLC, Unit of IDEX Corp.,Lake Forest, CAKnight Marketing Corp. of NewYork, Maspeth, NYKnop Gebaeude-Dienstleistungen GmbH,Verden/Aller, GermanyKoala Kare Products, Div. ofBobrick, Centennial, COKoblenz (Thorne Electric Co.),San Antonio, TXKO Manufacturing, Inc.,Springfield, MOKonie Cups International, Inc.,Medley, FLKoprash Facilities Services,Burlington, ON, CanadaKor-Chem, Inc., Atlanta, GAKranz, Inc., Racine, WIKrisko Norge A/S, Oslo, NorwayKristel Group, Clawson, MI222012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

Kroonint B.V., Rotterdam,NetherlandsKrud Kutter, Inc., Cumming, GAKruger Products, Mississauga,ON, CanadaK & S Distributors, Inc., EastHartford, CTKSS Enterprises, Kalamazoo, MIKutol Products Co., Sharonville,OHKwantek, Louisville, KYL-3 Insight Technology,Londonderry, NHLacera Servicios yMantenimiento, S.A., Oviedo,Austurias, SpainLacey Home & Office Cleaning,Waretown, NJLad Cleaning Solutions, Inc.,Plainwell, MILagasse Inc., Deerfield, ILLakeview Center, Inc.,Pensacola, FLLalema, Inc., East Montreal, QC,CanadaLambskin Specialties, Winnipeg,MB, CanadaLandsberg, Houston, TXLann Chemical & Supply Co.,Aberdeen, MSLansing Sanitary Supply, Inc.,Lansing, MILanxess Corp., Pittsburgh, PALarkin Ltda., Bogota, ColombiaLarose & Fils Ltee., Laval, QC,CanadaLaun-Dry Supply Co., Inc., ElPaso, TXLava-Tap, S.A. de C.V., MexicoCity, D.F., MexicoLawrence EnvironmentalGroup, Richmond, VALawrence Sales Associates,Hales Corners, WILawton Bros., Inc., Orlando, FLLBH Chemical & IndustrialSupply, Inc., Fort Wayne, INLCM Enviro-Solutions, LLC,Custer, SDLCS Janitorial Service & Supply,Inc., Rome, NYLeading Edge Products, Inc.,San Diego, CALearning Lessons in Business,Damascus, MDLegacy EnvironmentalConcepts, LLC, Las Vegas, NVLegends Marketing, LLC,Fishers, INLehigh Valley Janitorial Supply,Inc., Bethlehem, PALeigh Fibers, Wellford, SCLemieux Spinning Mills, Inc., St.-Ephrem, QC, CanadaLeo International, LLC, Dubai,United Arab EmiratesLeonard Brush & Chemical Co.,Inc., Louisville, KYLeonard Paper Co., Baltimore,MDLes Emballages Maska, Inc., St.-Hyacinthe, QC, CanadaLes Emballages Ralik, Inc.,Blainville, QC, CanadaLester Electrical, Lincoln, NELiberty Brush Mfg., LLC,Shakopee, MNLiberty Distributors, Inc.,Triadelphia, WVLiberty Linen & JanitorialProducts, Orange Beach, ALLiberty Paper & JanitorialSupply Co., Bayonne, NJLico, Inc., McKeesport, PALidochem, Inc., Hazlet, NJLifeSign, LLC, Skillman, NJLikarr Maintenance Systems,Foxboro, MALincoln Training Center, SouthEl Monte, CALinda Silverman, City OfIndustry, CALionheart Maintenance, LLC,Springfield, NJLittle River Casino Resort,Manistee, MIL & M Construction Chemicals,Inc., Omaha, NELMD Sales & Marketing,Newnan, GAL & M Foodservice, Inc.,Laughlin, NVLobe International, Inc., El Paso,TXLollicup USA, Inc., City ofIndustry, CALonza Inc., Allendale, NJLorenz Supply Co., Mattoon, ILLoso’s Professional JanitorialServices, Inc., SouthBurlington, VTLowell Janitorial Supply, Lowell,MALower Huron Chemical &Supply Co., Inc., Wayne, MILow Rider Sweeping, Inc.,Mississauga, ON, CanadaLoyal Restroom Service,Manassas, VAL & Q Marketing Group, Inc.,Weston, FLLundmark Wax Co., Addison, ILMacc-Her Representaciones,S.r.l., Lima, PeruMagic Touch Cleaning, Inc.,Lees Summit, MOMagic White, Inc., Scarborough,ON, CanadaMagnet Clean Co., Div. of HaaseInd., Inc., Lake Oswego, ORMagnolia Brush ManufacturersLtd., Clarksville, TXMagnolia Paper & JanitorSupply Co., Inc., Memphis, TNMailender, Inc., West Chester,OHMaintenance, Inc., Dallas, TXMaintenance Mart, Phoenix, AZMaintenance Products Corp.,Canton, MAMaintenance Sales NewsMagazine, Arcola, ILMaintenance UnlimitedJanitorial, Inc., Berkeley, MOMaintex, Inc., City of Industry,CAMajor Commercial Cleaning Co.,Nashville, TNMalaysian EnvironmentCleaning Science Sdn. Bhd.,Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMalaysian Harvest, KualaLumpur, MalaysiaMall of America, Bloomington,MNManageMen, Inc., Salt Lake City,UTManagement ServicesNorthwest, Inc., Ferndale, WAMancon, Virginia Beach, VAManor House Cleaning Service,Tallahassee, FLMansfield Paper Co., WestSpringfield, MAMarcalus Management Corp.,Elmwood Park, NJMarcas Floor Care, Inc., SanJuan, PRMarcfirst Janitorial Services,Normal, ILMarcis & Associates, Inc.,Spring, TXMar-Co Equipment Co.,Pomona, CAMarietta Paint & JanitorialSupply, LLC, Marietta, OHMarket Advantage Plus, Inc.,Foxboro, MAMarketing Solutions Group, Inc.,Chicago Ridge, ILMark Howard & Associates, Inc.,Beachwood, OHMarlin Leasing Corp., MountLaurel, NJMarmic Pty. Ltd., Sydney, NSW,AustraliaMarquise Facilities Corp.,Richmond, BC, CanadaMarsden Holding, LLC, SaintPaul, MNMartin Bros. Distributing Co.,Inc., Cedar Falls, IAMary Ashman-Dumas, GrandRapids, MIMason Chemical Co., ArlingtonHeights, ILMASSCO, Inc., Wichita, KSMaster Chemical Products, Inc.,Wilkes Barre, PAMaster Distribution Services,Mississauga, ON, CanadaMaster Klean Janitorial, Inc.,Denver, COMaster Systems of Canada,Dunnville, ON, CanadaMatera Paper Co., San Antonio,TXMaterials Resources, SaintJoseph, MIMatrix Integrated FacilityManagement, Johnson City,NYMats, Inc., Stoughton, MAMatt Pak, Franklin Park, ILMaui Chemical & PaperProducts, Inc., Wailuku, HIMaverick Building Services, Inc.,Rutherford, NJMaxim Maintenance, Burbank, ILMaxi Servicos Ltda., Barueri, SP,BrazilMaxwell-McKenney, Inc.,Haddon Heights, NJMayfield Paper Co., Inc., SanAngelo, TXMayflower Maids, Inc., Plymouth,MAMBM, Inc., San Antonio, TXMcCalla Co., Van Nuys, CAMcConnell-Spadafora, Inc.,Burlington, ON, CanadaM-chem Industries Corp., Delta,BC, CanadaMcKee Foods Corp., Gentry, ARMcKowski’s MaintenanceSystems, Inc., Poway, CAMcShane Enterprises, Inc.,Milltown, NJM.D. Stetson Co., Randolph, MAMedical City Dallas Hospital,Dallas, TXMega Maintenance Ltd.,Concord, ON, CanadaMel Dean & Associates, Raleigh,NCMelwood Horticultural TrainingCenter, Upper Marlboro, MDMemphis City Schools,Memphis, TNMendes Supply Co., Eureka, CAMenke Gebaudeservice GmbH& Co. KG, Arnsberg, GermanyMercantile Development, Inc.,Shelton, CTMercer Abrasives, Div. ofMercer Tool Corp., Deer Park,NYMerchants Sales Co., BrownsSummit, NCMercury Floor Machines, Inc.,Englewood, NJMERG, Palmer, MA2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org23

Metro Brush, Rigaud, QC,CanadaMetro Cleaners & RenovatorsLtd., Nairobi, KenyaMetro Jet Wash, Toronto, ON,CanadaMetropolitan Building Services,Inc., Washington, DCMetropolitan Maintenance,Towson, MDMetro Professional Products,Carol Stream, ILMetro-Restaurant & JanitorialSupplies, Mechanicsville, MDMetsa Tissue Corp., Mantta,FinlandMetz Support Services, Dallas,PAMG Capital Maintenance, Inc.,Morrisville, NCMGS International B.V., Rijswijk,NetherlandsMH Enterprises Guam, LLC,Tamuning, GUMicro Essential Laboratory,Brooklyn, NYMicronova Mfg., Inc., Torrance,CAMida Industries, Inc., LongBeach, CAMid-America Distributor Sales,Olathe, KSMid-American CleaningContractors, Inc., Columbus,OHMid-American ResearchChemical Corp., Columbus, NEMidlab, Inc., Athens, TNMidland Paper, Packaging +Supplies, Wheeling, ILMidland Products, LLC, TinleyPark, ILMidwest Janitorial Service &Supply, Hiawatha, IAMidwest Rubber Service &Supply Co., Minneapolis, MNMidwest Specialty Products,LLC, Winneconne, WIMiele, Inc., Princeton, NJMike Hardegree, Spartanburg,SCMilazzo Industries, Inc., Pittston,PAMilclean Comercio e ServicoLtda., Sao Paulo, SP, BrazilMilhench Supply Co., NewBedford, MAMillennium Mats Co., Suwanee,GAMillennium Sales & Marketing,LLC, Plainville, MAMiller Marketing Associates,Anaheim, CAMiller Paper & Packaging,Amarillo, TXMiller’s Office Products,Newington, VAMillet Marius, Pratz, FranceMilliken & Co., Spartanburg, SCMilwaukee Dustless Brush,Gordon Brush Wisconsin,LLC, Commerce, CAMinuteman International, Inc.,Pingree Grove, ILMisco Products Corp., Reading,PAMission Janitorial & AbrasiveSupplies, San Diego, CAMississippi State Hospital,Whitfield, MSMister Car Wash, Tucson, AZMister Chemical Ltd., Concord,ON, CanadaMister Steam, Inc., S.A., SanJose, Costa RicaMitch Murch’s MaintenanceManagement Co., Saint Louis,MOM. Jacob & Sons, Livonia, MIMKT, Bradford, OHM & M Vacuum CleanerParts Distributor, Inc., SouthPlainfield, NJMobile Janitorial & Paper Co.,Inc., Mobile, ALMobilistics, Sandy Hook, CTModern Sales, North Olmsted,OHModern Window Cleaning,Grand Rapids, MIMoerman Americas, Milford, CTMoerman N.V., Meulebeke,BelgiumMomar (Div. of Cansa Pty. Ltd.),Clareinch, South AfricaMomar, Inc., Atlanta, GAMonahan Partners, Inc., Arcola,ILMON-D-AID & Cleanit Co.,Butler, PAMontana Broom & BrushSupply, Helena, MTMontana Building Maintenance,Inc., Bozeman, MTMooney-General Paper Co.,Hillside, NJMoonsoft International, Inc.,Spokane Valley, WAMorantz Ultrasonics,Philadelphia, PAMorgro, Inc., Salt Lake City, UTMorrisette Paper Co.,Greensboro, NCMorton & Associates, Tualatin,ORMorton Salt, Chicago, ILMosmatic Corp., Bristol, WIMoura’s Cleaning Service, Inc.,Hudson, MAMP Hygiene, Annonay Cedex,FranceMr. Clean-Up, Winnipeg, MB,CanadaMr. Janitorial Supplies,Newmarket, ON, CanadaMSC Industrial Supply, Melville,NYMTS Euro Products B.V.,Maassluis, NetherlandsMulberry MarketingCommunications Ltd.,London, United KingdomMulti-Clean, Inc., Shoreview, MNMulti-Pack Chicago, MountProspect, ILMulti-Seal Pacific Corp., SouthEl Monte, CAMurphy Sanitary Supply, LLC,Broken Arrow, OKMurray Weyand Sales, Atlanta,GAMWV Vicenza S.p.A., Romanod’Ezzelino (VI), ItalyMyers Supply & Chemical, HotSprings, ARMytee Products, Inc., Poway,CANaceCare Solutions,Mississauga, ON, CanadaNapco Bag & Film, Carrollton,TXNASSCO, Inc., New Berlin, WINational American Sales Corp.,Thibodaux, LANational Checking Co., SaintPaul, MNNational Chemical Laboratories,Inc., Philadelphia, PANational Everything Wholesale,Omaha, NENational Facilities Services, Inc.,Northborough, MANational Industries for the Blind,Alexandria, VANational Maintenance Supply,Inc., Westbury, NYNational Tissue Co., LLC,Cudahy, WINationwide Janitorial Service,Mishawaka, INNative Resource DevelopmentCo., Inc., Santa Ana Pueblo, NMNavy Brand Manufacturing Co.,Saint Louis, MON&C Service, Inc., Portland, ORNeeld Paper & Supplies, PalmSprings, FLNetpak Plastik Elektronik Ltd.Sti., Izmir, TurkeyNetwork Pressroom CleanersCorp., Princeton, TXNetwork Services Co.,Schaumburg, ILNeutron Industries, Inc.,Phoenix, AZNewbold Services, LLC,Greenville, SCNewell Paper Co., Meridian, MSNew England San. SupplyAssn., Industrial Cleaning,West Boylston, MANew Life Solutions, LLC,Hanover, VANewport News/WilliamsburgInt’l Airport, Newport News,VANew South Sales & Marketing,Forsyth, GANew System Carpet & BuildingCare Ltd., Earth City, MONew York State Industries forthe Disabled (NYSID),Albany, NYNexstep Commercial Products,Springfield, OHNiba International Corp., SanJuan, PRNichols, Muskegon, MINichols Paper Products Co.,Inc., Nichols, WINigeria Cleaning Service Ltd.,Lagos, NigeriaNilfisk-Advance, Plymouth, MNNilodor, Inc., Bolivar, OHNingbo Idi Housewares Co.,Ltd., Ningbo, Zhejiang, ChinaNISH, Vienna, VANISSCO, LLC, National Ind.Sanitary Supply Co., Dulles, VANittany Paper Mills, Inc.,Lewistown, PANoble Chemical, Inc., Lancaster,PANo More Dirt, San Francisco, CANorcal Supply Co., Oakdale, CANorco, Inc., Boise, IDNorden Olje, Hadsund, DenmarkNordic Stream AB, Klavrestrom,SwedenNorth American Corp.,Glenview, ILNorth American Plastics &Chemicals Co., Inc., Euclid, OHNorth American Salt Co.,A Compass Minerals Co.,Overland Park, KSNortheast Building Services,Norwell, MANorth East Texas JanitorialSupply Co., Sulphur Springs,TXNorthStar Sales, Inc.,Southampton, PANorthwest Center, Seattle, WANorthwest Enterprises, ElkGrove Village, ILNorton Abrasives, Stephenville,TXNorvex Supply, Inc., Corbin, KYNovamont North America, Inc.,Danbury, CTNovosan B.V., Waddinxveen,Netherlands242012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

Novozymes Biologicals, Inc.,Salem, VANozomi Marketing (M) Sdn.Bhd., Rawang, Selangor D.E.,MalaysiaNPS Corp., Green Bay, WINRHA Catalog PublishingGroup, Indianapolis, INNSF International, Ann Arbor,MINSS Enterprises, Inc., Toledo,OHNutek, LLC, Solon, OHNutri-Bon Distribution Co., Inc.,Torrance, CANyco Products Co., Countryside,ILOakland Packaging & Supply,Richmond, CAOBCO Chemical Corp.,Charleston, SCOccidental Chemical Corp.,Ludington, MIOccupational Training Centerof Burlington County, MountHolly, NJOcean Janitorial Supply, IslipTerrace, NYOCI Chemical Corp., Atlanta, GAOdorite Co. of Baltimore, Inc.,Baltimore, MDO.E. Enterprises, Inc.,Hillsborough, NCOfficeMax, Naperville, ILOhio Custodial Management,Columbus, OHOil-Dri Corp. of America,Alpharetta, GAOleak Industria Comercio Ltda.,Cotia, SP, BrazilOlmsted County BuildingOperations, Rochester, MNOlmsted-Kirk Equipment &Supply Co., Dallas, TXOlympic Products, Inc.,Indianapolis, INOmaha Airport Authority,Omaha, NEOmaha Compound Co., Omaha,NEOMI Industries, Long Grove, ILOmniSource, Inc., Auburn, WAOmnova Solutions, Inc.,Chester, SCOneSource Facility ServicesCanada Corp., Calgary, AB,CanadaOphardt Hygiene Technologies,Inc., Beamsville, ON, CanadaOpportunity Village, Las Vegas,NVOrchidia Fragrances, DownersGrove, ILOrchids Paper Products, Pryor,OKOreck Commercial Sales,Plymouth, MAOrigin Electric America Co. Ltd.,Torrance, CAOsborne Marketing, Inc.,Harrison Township, MIOsceola Supply, Inc., Midway, FLOsprey Biotechnics, Sarasota,FLOspreyDeepCleanInternational Ltd.,Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,United KingdomOssian, Inc., Davenport, IAO-Tech Group, Saint Charles, MOOu Puhastusekspert, Vaike-Maarja, EstoniaOvasco Industries, Louisville,KYPabco Industries, LLC, Newark,NJPacific Coast Chemicals,Berkeley, CAPacific Environmental Services,Aiea, HIPacific Floor Care, Muskegon,MIPacific Maintenance Co., SantaClara, CAPacific Paper Products, Tacoma,WAPackage Materials Corp.,Haddonfield, NJPackaging Tape, Inc., Wausau,WIPackerland Rent-A-Mat, Inc.,Butler, WIPacking90 S.r.l., Bel. di Tezzesul Brenta (VI), ItalyPaidon Products Co., Inc.,Aberdeen, MDPall Mall Manufacturing Co. Pty.Ltd., Riverwood, NSW,AustraliaPalmer Co., Inc., Waukesha, WIPalmer Fixture Co., Green Bay,WIPalmero Health Care, Stratford,CTPalmetto Synthetics, LLC,Kingstree, SCPalm Facility Services,Kensington, MDPAMS, Inc., Pomona, CAPaper & Chemical Supply Co.,Sheffield, ALPaper Enterprises, Inc., Bronx,NYPaperless Proposal, San Diego,CAPapermake Enterprises Ltd.,Surrey, BC, CanadaPaper Products, Inc.,Jeffersonville, INParadigm Group/EmeraldBrand-Eco-FriendlyDisposables, Syosset, NYParish Maintenance SupplyCorp., Syracuse, NYParker Wholesale Paper, Inc.,Bastrop, LAPathfinder, Inc., Jacksonville,ARPathway Enterprises, Inc.,Medford, ORP.B. Gast & Sons Co., GrandRapids, MIPCA Industrial & Paper Supply,Willow Grove, PAPCI Cannon Hygiene Pvt. Ltd.,Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaPCS Industries, Tinley Park, ILPDQ Manufacturing, Inc., Ellijay,GAPeach State Associates, Canton,GAPeerless Marketing Group, Inc.,Dallas, TXPegasus Building Services,Long Beach, CAPelray International, LLC, SanAntonio, TXPenco Products, Inc., Skippack,PAPeninsular Paper Co., Inc.,Tampa, FLPenn State University,University Park, PAPenn Valley Chemical Co., Inc.,Lansdale, PAPerfect Equipment & ProductSupply, Inc., San Juan, PRPerfect Products, Inc.,Farmingdale, NYPerformance Chemical &Supply, Inc., Tinley Park, ILPerma Care J.S., Inc.,Lighthouse Point, FLPeter Grant Papers Ltd.,Telford, Shropshire, UnitedKingdomPeters Supply, Elmira, NYPetrone Associates, PortOrange, FLPfennig ReinigungstechnikGmbH, Durach, GermanyPhilip Rosenau Co., Inc.,Warminster, PAPhillips Supply Co., Cincinnati,OHPhoenix Fabrikations B.V., Cuijk,NetherlandsPhoenix JS, Inc., Raleigh, NCPhoenix Plastics Products, Inc.,Tempe, AZPiecom Products B.V.,Rotterdam, NetherlandsPike Systems, Inc.,Montgomery, ILPineland Paper Co., Lyons, GAPines Distribution, LLC, CampHill, PAPingry-Caswell, Inc., Oshkosh,WIPinnacle Building Services, Inc.,Roseville, MNPinnacle Janitorial, Inc.,Flagstaff, AZPinnacle Sales & Marketing, Inc.,Arlington Heights, ILPioneer Brite, Inc., Memphis, TNPioneer Building Services, Inc.,Rockville, MDPioneer Supply House,Yellowknife, NT, CanadaPlanet Clean International, Inc.,Delta, BC, CanadaPlaspros, Inc., McHenry, ILPlastiflex Co., Inc., Ann Arbor,MIPlaze, Inc., Saint Clair, MOPlum A/S, Assens, DenmarkPlus II, Inc., St.-Laurent, QC,CanadaPollet S.A., Tournai, BelgiumPollock Paper Distributors,Grand Prairie, TXPolymer Group, Inc., Charlotte,NCPolymer Products (Phil.), Inc.,Pasig City, PhilippinesPoly Plastic Products, Delano,PAPortico Systems, LLC, Calhoun,GAPortionPac Chemical Corp.,Chicago, ILPortland Habilitation Center,Portland, ORPower Cleaning Services &Building Maintenance, Dubai,United Arab EmiratesPowerlink Facilities ManagementServices, Detroit, MIPowr-Flite Commercial FloorCare Equipment, Fort Worth,TXPrairie Janitorial Supply, Inc.,Moose Jaw, SK, CanadaPrairie Star Sales & Marketing,Eden Prairie, MNPR Chemical & Paper Supply,Pensacola, FLPrecision, Dallas, TXPrecision Janitorial Services,Scottsdale, AZPrecision Paper Converters,LLC, Kaukauna, WIPreferred Building Services,Inc., Kearny, NJPreferred Service, LLC, HighPoint, NCPremier Building Services, LLC,Butler, NJPremiere Building Maintenance,Knoxville, TN2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org25

Premier Supply, Inc., Woburn,MAPremium, Inc., Honolulu, HIP&R Enterprises, Inc., FallsChurch, VAPrestige Maintenance USAJanitorial Supply, Plano, TXPrestige Maintenance USA,Plano, TXPrimco Solutions, Inc., Brooklyn,NYPrime Line, Inc., Cary, ILPrincess Paper, Inc., Vernon, CAPriority Building Services,Fairborn, OHPriority Building Services, LLC,Brea, CAPrism Care Corp., Oakville, ON,CanadaPritchard Industries, Inc.,Florham Park, NJPro Building Services, Salt LakeCity, UTProcare Janitorial Supply,Pismo Beach, CAProcare Ltd., Port of Spain,Trinidad and TobagoProClean Supply, Modesto, CAProcyon, Spokane, WAProductos QuimicosIndustriales, S.A., SantoDomingo, Dominican RepublicProduits Capital, Inc., Quebec,QC, CanadaProduits Sanitaires Lepine, Inc.,Chicoutimi, QC, CanadaProduits Sany, Inc., Joliette, QC,CanadaProfessional Building Services,Inc., Newtown Square, PAProfessional MaintenanceSystems, San Diego, CAProfessional Medical Supply,Inc., New Lenox, ILProfessional Sanitary Supply,Waterford, MIProgressive Systems, Inc.,Frankford, DEProlim Comercio de Higienee Limpeza Ltda., Taubate, SP,BrazilPro Line Carpet MaintenanceSupply, San Carlos, CAPro-Link, Inc., Canton, MAPro One Janitorial, Inc., GreenBay, WIProperty Service & Supplies,Inc., Doral, FLPro-San Maintenance Supply,Inc., Durham, NCPro Squared Facility Services,LLC, Atlanta, GAProSTAR Industries, Bryan, TXProtective Industrial Products-Food Service, Albany, NYPro-Tex-All Co., Evansville, INPro-Tone Cleaning ServicesLtd., Hamilton, BermudaP&R Paper Supply Co.,Redlands, CAPueblo Diversified Industries,Pueblo, COPulex S.r.l. (IPC Group), Brescia(BS), ItalyPullman-Holt Corp., Tampa, FLPumptec, Inc., Anoka, MNPurdy Products Co., Wauconda,ILPuregreen International, LLC,Petersburg, VAPuris Immobilenservice GmbH,Dresden, GermanyPurleve, Glendale, WIPur-O-Zone, Inc., Lawrence, KSPutney Paper Co., Inc., Putney,VTPV Roadrunner Supply, Phoenix,AZPylam Products Co., Inc.,Tempe, AZQleeno, Kansas City, MOQTS S.r.l., Caponago (MI), ItalyQuaker City Paper Co., York, PAQualified Laboratories, Inc.,Minneapolis, MNQuality Assured Cleaning,Powell, OHQuality Building Services Corp.,New York, NYQuality Cleaning, Williston, NDQuantum Storage Systems,Miami, FLQueenaire Technologies, Inc.,Ogdensburg, NYQuestar Marketing, Inc., ParkCity, UTQuestVapco Corp., Brenham,TXQuickLabel Systems, WestWarwick, RIQuinlan Enterprises, Riverside,CAR3 Reliable RedistributionResource, Elk Grove Village, ILRackow Polymers, Bensenville,ILRadal Technology Ltd., Burnley,Lancashire, United KingdomRainbow Dusters International,Buchanan, NYRaindrop Supply, Inc., Tualatin,ORRalston Distributors, Kitchener,ON, CanadaRam Custom Services, Inc.,Churchton, MDRamrod Distributors, Inc., & D &B Products, Wood Dale, ILRandik Paper Co., Modesto, CARando Machine Corp., Macedon,NYRanger Marketing, LLC, Aurora,CORasco Janitorial Supply, Aurora,CORay & Associates, Cohutta, GARaytech, Inc., TechnologiesSanitaire, St.-Marc Richelieu,QC, CanadaRBM Services, Provo, UTR.D. Filip Janitor Supply Co.,Inc., Kokomo, INRDI-USA, Inc., Spartanburg, SCR.D. Wilson Sons & Co.,Clarksburg, WVReading Consumer Products,Inc., Reading, PAReady, Willing & AblePhiladelphia, Philadelphia, PARebound Cleaning, Cary, NCReckitt Benckiser Professional,Parsippany, NJRedbook Solutions, Englewood,COREDLEE/SCS Inc., Dallas, TXRed River Sanitors, Inc.,Shreveport, LARegal Distributing Co., Lenexa,KSRegent Services, Fort Worth, TXRegional Distributors, Inc.,Rochester, NYReliable Corp., Toronto, ON,CanadaReliable Industries Ltd., GrandCayman, Cayman IslandsReliable Maintenance ProductsLtd., Sudbury, ON, CanadaReliable Solutions and Coatings,LLC, Schaumburg, ILRemco Products, Zionsville, INRenue Systems, Inc., Lombard,ILRep Toolkit, Twinsburg, OHRepublic Bag, Inc., Corona, CARepWorx, Clinton Township, MIResolve Sales & Marketing,Saint Louis, MOResource One, Sarasota, FLResponsive Sales & Marketing,Howell, NJRestaurant Depot/Jetro Cash &Carry, College Point, NYRevolution Bag, Inc., LittleRock, ARR.E. Whittaker Co., New Castle,PARex Chemical Corp., Miami, FLReynolds School District #7,Fairview, ORRHG Group, Inc., Washington,DCRichco Products, Inc., Springfield,MARiches Associates, Ottawa, ON,CanadaRidley’s Vacuum & JanitorialSupply, Houston, TXRight Choice Janitorial Supply,LLC, Milwaukee, WIRimrock Technologies, Billings,MTRinrei Wax Co., Ltd., Tokyo,JapanRitchie Marketing, Inc., GrandRapids, MIRi-Tec Industrial Products,Marietta, GARite Way Service, Inc.,Birmingham, ALRivers Correctional Institution,Winton, NCR. Janus Supply Co., PortHuron, MIR.J. Schinner Co., Inc.,Menomonee Falls, WIRL Sistemas de Higiene Ltda.,Sao Paulo, SP, BrazilR.L. Williams Co., Conover, NCRoadnet Technologies Inc.,Towson, MDRobert W. Baird & Co., Chicago,ILRochester Midland Corp.,Rochester, NYRockline Industries, SheboyganFalls, WIRoebic Laboratories, Inc.,Orange, CTRoman Chemical Corp., Rome,GARomanow Building Services,Saginaw, MIRoot-Lowell ManufacturingCo./RL Flo-Master, Lowell, MIRoots Multiclean Ltd.,Coimbatore, IndiaRoper’s Enterprises Ltd.,George Town, Cayman IslandsRosemor International Ltd.,Wallingford, Oxfordshire,United KingdomRoses, Inc., Las Vegas, NVRothopro Swiss GmbH, Gorwihl,SwitzerlandRowin Plastics N.V., Heist opden Berg, BelgiumRoyal Caretaking Supplies, Inc.,Edmonton, AB, CanadaRoyal Chemical Co., Twinsburg,OHRoyalpak, Inc., Etobicoke, ON,CanadaRoyal Paper Corp., Santa FeSprings, CARPMco (Rud & Pickarts MarketingCo.), Plano, TXRR Donnelley, Warrenville, ILRTI, Inc., Lake Dallas, TXRushing Enterprises, Inc.,Headland, ALRussell’s Best, Inc., Clarkston, MI262012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

RWK Services, Inc.,Independence, OHRyan, Saffel & Assoc., Inc.,Renton, WARyZun, Lexington, TNRZ Marketing Group, Cincinnati,OHSaalfeld Redistribution,Loveland, OHSafari Contract Cleaners,Johnstown, PASafeguard Services, Inc.,Pembroke Pines, FLSafety Call International,Bloomington, MNSaffelle, Inc., Hillsborough, NCSaint-Gobain PerformancePlastics, Bridgewater, NJSales & Marketing Co., LLC,New Providence, NJSalki Cleaning Products VOF,Panningen, NetherlandsS.A.M. Cleaning & JanitorialLLC, Belleville, MISan-A-Care, Inc., Waukesha, WISandia Plastics, Inc., HuntingtonBeach, CASandstrand Services, San Diego,CASan Francisco State University,San Francisco, CASani-Chem Cleaning Supplies,Clearwater, FLSanico, Inc., Binghamton, NYSanico, Inc., Christiansburg, VASanic, S. de RL de C.V., Cd.Juarez, Chih., MexicoSanikleen Corp., Tokyo, JapanSaniPod Ltd., Auckland, NewZealandSanitary Maintenance Magazine,Milwaukee, WISanitary Supply Co., Beaumont,TXSanitation Canada, Whitby, ON,CanadaSaniWorks Ltd., Calgary, AB,CanadaSani-Zorb Products, LLC, Canton,MISan Jamar, Elkhorn, WISan Luis Paper Co., Inc., SanLuis Obispo, CASantec Products, Loveland, OHSantoemma S.r.l., Pero (MI),ItalySantora Sales, San Francisco,CASaraya Co., Ltd., Osaka, JapanSavin Products Co., Randolph,MASCA Chile S.A., Santiago, ChileSCA, Philadelphia, PAScarlet & Gray Cleaning Service,Cincinnati, OHScensible Source Co., LLC,Rochester, NYScent2Market, Inc., Yonkers, NYSchilling Supply Co., La Crosse,WISchneider Paper Products, Inc.,Baton Rouge, LASchwarz Supply Source, MortonGrove, ILScientific & RegulatoryConsultants, Inc., ColumbiaCity, INS.C.I. Janitorial, Old Hickory, TNScoles Floorshine Industries,Farmingdale, NJScottissue, LLC, Moraine, OHScotwood Industries, Inc.,Overland Park, KSScrubber City, Inc., Schaumburg,ILScrubber Doctor, Neptune, NJSD International, Tallahassee,FLSears, Hoffman Estates, ILSeatex Ltd., Rosenberg, TXSeaway Supply Co., Maywood,ILSecure Clean Building Services,Inc., Marengo, ILSecurity 4 Chemical Specialties,Raytown, MOSEITZ GmbH, Kriftel, GermanySeko Dosing Systems Corp.,Tullytown, PASelect Distribution, Petersburg,MISellars Wipers & Sorbents,Milwaukee, WISeminole Chemical & Supplies,Inc., Seminole, OKSempermed USA, Clearwater,FLSensient Industrial Colors, SaintLouis, MOSernatec S.L., Esquiroz deGalar, Navarra, SpainService Keepers Maintenance,Inc., Miami, FLService Management Group,LLC, Shelton, CTServiceMaster Clean, Memphis,TNServiceMaster of Canada,Mississauga, ON, CanadaServiceMax Corp., Chattanooga,TNService Point, Portland, ORService Shine, LLC, Macon, MOServicon Supplies, Culver City,CAServi-Quim de Monterrey, S.A.de C.V., Monterrey, N.L.,MexicoServpro, Calgary, AB, CanadaServpro Industries, Inc., Gallatin,TNS. Freedman & Sons, Inc.,Landover, MDSGS, Fairfield, NJShair Sales Ltd./Tip Top Parts,Surrey, BC, CanadaShamrock Chemical Co.,Charleroi, PAShare Corp., Milwaukee, WISharpe & Perkins, Inc., WestPalm Beach, FLSheila Shine, Inc., Miami, FLShepard Bros., Inc., RoyalSolutions Division, La Habra,CAShepard Industries, LLC, CedarKnolls, NJSheppard Enterprises, Inc.,Oaks, PAShimomura Komuten Co., Ltd.,Osaka, JapanShining Star Services,Rochester, NYShip-Pac, Inc., Kalamazoo, MISHM Sales Associates, Inc.,Plainview, NYShop-Vac Corp., Williamsport,PASicarelle Holdings, Inc., PanamaCity, PanamaSidhal Industries, LLC,Hempstead, NYSierra Packaging, Inc., Chandler,TXSigmatex-Lanier Textiles, NewYork, NYSikes Paper Co., Atlanta, GASimoniz USA, Inc., Bolton, CTSimple Green, Inc., Div. ofSunshine Makers, Inc.,Huntington Beach, CASimpson Service Co., Carmel, INSinar Jernih Sdn. Bhd., PetalingJaya, Selangor D.E., MalaysiaSinger Equipment Co., Elverson,PASite Crew, Inc., Costa Mesa, CAS.J. Services, Inc., Danvers, MASKJ Facilities Management,Horseheads, NYS K Sanitary Specialties Mfg.Ltd., Vancouver, BC, CanadaSky Systems Co., Inc., Ontario,CASLB Properties, Mishawaka, INSmart Wave TechnologiesCorp., Toronto, ON, CanadaSMD - Sales & MarketingDevelopment, Roswell, GASMD Trading Co. Ltd., LaMirada, CASMI Facility Services,Albuquerque, NMSmith Maintenance Co.,Chicago, ILSmith Paper & Janitor Supply,Eldon, MOSMS Assist, LLC, Chicago, ILSMS Distributions, Shreveport,LASoCal Janitorial Supply, CanogaPark, CASofidel S.p.A., Porcari (LU), ItalySolid Bond Paper Products, Inc.,Toronto, ON, CanadaSolo, Inc., Newport News, VASoluteo, Montreal, QC, CanadaSorbo Products, Inc., PalmDesert, CASoteco S.p.A., Castelverde(CR), ItalySoundview Paper Co., ElmwoodPark, NJSource One Sales Corp., Valencia,CASource Supply Co., Inc.,Wilmington, DESouth Coast Group, HuntingtonBeach, CASoutheastern Chemical Sales,Wilmington, NCSoutheastern Distributor Sales,Inc., Greensboro, NCSoutheast Link, Atlanta, GASouthern California San SplyAssn., Miller MarketingAssoc., Anaheim, CASouthern Equipment & SalesCo., Daytona Beach, FLSouthern Janitor Supply, Inc.,Melbourne, FLSouthern Management SupplyDivision, Rossville, GASouthern Sweepers &Scrubbers, Inc., Horn Lake, MSSouth Jersey Paper Products,Inc., Vineland, NJSouth Seas International,Howell, NJSouthwest Paper Co., Inc.,Wichita, KSSouthwest School & OfficeSupply, Ontario, CASovereign Industries, Inc.,Euclid, OHSozio, Inc., Piscataway, NJSpark Clean Cleaning Services,Abu Dhabi, United ArabEmiratesSpartan Chemical Co., Inc.,Maumee, OHSpartan de Bolivia, S.r.l., SantaCruz, BoliviaSpartan do Brasil ProdutosQuimicos Ltda., Campinas,SP, BrazilSpectro B.V., Oss, NetherlandsSpectrum Bags, Inc., Cerritos,CASpectrum Paper Co., Inc., ElPaso, TXS.P.E. Elettronica Industriale,Crevalcore (BO), Italy2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org27

Spirit Group, LLC, Olathe, KSSpotless Building Services,Saint Louis, MOSpotless Commercial CleaningProducts, Inc., Deerfield, ILSpotless Janitorial Services,Inc., Lanham, MDSprakita Products, Mississauga,ON, CanadaS.P. Richards Co., Smyrna, GASpringfield Paper Co.,Springfield, MOSpringfield Sanitary Supply Co.,Springfield, OHSpringtime Janitorial Supply,Carlsbad, NMSpruce Industries, Inc., Rahway,NJS & Q Plastics, Mississauga, ON,CanadaS. Rasnick Co., Inc., Worcester,MASSAYS S.A.C., Lima, PeruSSC Service Solutions,Knoxville, TNStalker Flooring, Inc., NewLondon, WIStaples Facility Solutions,Portsmouth, NHStarco Chemical, EastRutherford, NJStark Consulting, Loveland, COStarline Supply Co., Oakland,CAStarr Janitorial, Inc., Roswell,NMStar Services Corp., Tarentum,PAStar Vacuum & JanitorialSupply Co., Saint Louis, MOState Farm Insurance,Bloomington, ILState Industrial Products,Mayfield Heights, OHState Vacuum of Tampa, Inc.,Tampa, FLStathakis, Inc., Trenton, MISteamMaster Restoration &Cleaning, LLC, Minturn, COStearns Packaging Corp.,Madison, WISteel City Vacuum Co., Inc.,Pittsburgh, PASteiner Co. International,Le Mont-Sur-Lausanne,SwitzerlandStein’s, Inc., Moorhead, MNStellar Industrial Supply,Tacoma, WASteratore Supply, Inc.,Washington, PASterling Professional Services,LLC, Kansas City, MOSterling Sanitary Supply Corp.,Woodside, NYSt. Francis Xavier University,Antigonish, NS, CanadaStiebel Eltron, West Hatfield, MAStigler Supply Co., Cincinnati, OHSt. Lawrence Supply, Potsdam,NYSt. Moritz Building Services, Inc.,Pittsburgh, PAStoko Skin Care, Div. of EvonikCorporation, Greensboro, NCStolzenberg GmbH & Co. KG,Georgsmarienhutte, GermanyStonehill Converting, LLC, DePere, WIStrader-Tano Associates (STA),Charlotte, NCStrategic Market Alliance,Charlotte, NCStrategic Packaging, Inc., PearlRiver, NYStratus Building Solutions, SaintLouis, MOStraubel Co., Inc., De Pere, WIStraubel Paper Co., Green Bay,WIStrauss Paper Co., Inc., PortChester, NYStu Silverman, City Of Industry,CAS.T.V. Sales, Saginaw, MISubstrate Technology, Inc.,Morris, ILSuccess Property Improvement(Pty.) Ltd., Glen Iris, VIC,AustraliaSUCITESA, Barbera del Valles,SpainSuffolk County Cleaning, Inc.,East Northport, NYSullivan Candy & Supply,Hibbing, MNSummit Catalog Co.,Centennial, COSummit Chemical, Baltimore,MDSunbelt Laboratories, Stafford,TXSunburst Chemicals,Minneapolis, MNSunrise Supply, East Peoria, ILSunset Commercial Services,LLC, San Diego, CASunshine Building Maintenance,Inc., Burlington, ON, CanadaSunshine Building Maintenance,Inc., Lakewood, COSun State Janitorial Products,Lakeland, FLSuperabrasive, Inc., Hoschton,GASuper Chem, Inc., Sarasota, FLSuperclean Service Co., Dallas,TXSuperior Chemical Corp.,Sheboygan, WISuperior Cleaning, Inc.,Marshalltown, IASuperior Interior Maintenance,Toronto, ON, CanadaSuperior Manufacturing Group,Inc., Chicago, ILSuperior Solutions Ltd.,Cambridge, ON, CanadaSuperior Supply Ltd., Baltimore,MDSuperlimpiezas Leyre S.L.,Pamplona, SpainSupplyLink Solutions, LLC,Owensville, OHSurtec, Inc., Tracy, CASusquehanna Paper & SanitarySupply Corp., Williamsport,PASutherland Products, Inc.,Mayodan, NCSwish Maintenance Ltd.,Whitby, ON, CanadaSydsvenska Stad AB, Malmo,SwedenSyobi Co., Ltd., Osaka, JapanSyr Clean.Com, Stourbridge,West Midlands, UnitedKingdomS & Y Trading Corp., BocaRaton, FLTacony Corp., Fenton, MOTadco Supply, Inc., San Jose, CATahoe Supply Co., Carson City,NVTaos Sanitary Supply, LLC,Ranchos de Taos, NMTarheel Paper & Supply Co.,Winston Salem, NCTartan Supply Co., Inc.,Brookfield, WITCD Parts, Inc., Smithville, MOTCI, Rockwall, TXTeam Clean, Inc., Honolulu, HITeam MJV, Lafayette, INTeam One Sales & Marketing,Inc., Lombard, ILTeam Software, Inc., Omaha, NETeam Systems, Inc., Stafford, TXTecnovap Srl, Pescantina (VR),ItalyTecServ, Blackwood, NJTecTo, LLC, West Ossipee, NHTeleNotes, Inc., Taylorsville, UTTemca GmbH, Polzig, GermanyTemco Service Industries, Inc.,New York, NYTenaquip Industrial Equipment& Supplies, Montreal, QC,CanadaTennant Co., Minneapolis, MNTeramoto Corp., Osaka, JapanTexas Christian University, FortWorth, TXT. Frank Mc Call’s, Inc., Chester,PAThayer, Inc., Benton Harbor, MIThe Andersen Co., Inc., Dalton,GAThe Armadillo Group, Northville,MIThe Betty Mills Co., San Mateo,CAThe Blackrock Group—North/Corporate, Federal Way, WAThe Buck Newell Co., Largo, FLThe Bullen Companies, Inc.,Folcroft, PAThe Burks Companies, Inc.,Atlanta, GAThe Clay Group, Olathe, KSThe Cleaning Co., Inc., Pacifica,CAThe Cleaning Station, NewMilford, CTThe Dissan Group, Inc., Anjou,QC, CanadaThe Ecology Works, West PalmBeach, FLThe Fairbank Corp., San Juan,PRThe Fountain Head Group, NewYork Mills, NYThe Fuller Brush Co. of PuertoRico, Inc., San Juan, PRThe Hearn Paper Co.,Youngstown, OHThe Henson Sales Group, Ltd.,Wayne, PAThe Highlands Group, Atlanta,GAThe Hode Group, Inc., CrystalLake, ILThe IBS Services Group, LongIsland City, NYThe Janitorial Store, Rogers, MNThe Janitor’s Closet, Yakima, WAThe Janitors Supply Co., Inc.,Fort Wayne, INThe Janton Co., Hilliard, OHThe Johnson Group, Charlotte,NCThe J.S. Vila Co., Inc., Philadelphia,PAThe Kleane Kare Team, Inc.,Richmond, VAThe Lebermuth Co., Inc., SouthBend, INThe Libman Co., Arcola, ILThe Malish Corp., Willoughby,OHThe M. Conley Co., Canton, OHThe Midland Group, FortWayne, INTheochem Laboratories, Inc.,Tampa, FLThe Ohio & Michigan Paper Co.,Toledo, OHThe Op Shop, Fairmont, WVThe Osbourne Group,Cincinnati, OHThe PacNorth Group, Inc.,Auburn, WA282012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

The Paperhouse Corp., SanJuan, PRThe Paul Samios Co., Irwin, PAThe Rhiel Supply Co.,Austintown, OHThe Russell Hall Co., Meriden, CTThe Safety Zone, Centerbrook,CTThe Service Fort, LLC, Atlanta,GAThe Shannon S. Martin Co.,Phoenix, AZThe Tuway American Group,Troy, MIThe United Group, Monroe, LAThe Wegbreit Group, LLC,Phoenix, AZThornell Corp., Smithville, MOThornton Brothers, Inc., Athens,GATietex International, Spartanburg,SCTimePayment Corp., Burlington,MATKH Design, Inc., Orange, CATLC Janitorial, Inc., Wrentham,MATMA Chem-Net, CrescentSprings, KYT & M Environmental Services,Inc., Pompano Beach, FLTNT Unlimited, Palatine, ILToei Buhin Co., Ltd., Tokyo,JapanTolco Corp., Toledo, OHTomar Industries, Inc., Adelphia,NJTool Equipment Center, Inc.,San Juan, PRToolworks, Inc., San Francisco,CATop Dog Manufacturing,Summerside, PE, CanadaTornado Industries, Inc., WestChicago, ILTosho & Co. Ltd., Tokyo, JapanTotal Concept Marketing, Inc.,Bedford, NHTotal Green CommercialCleaning & Maintenance Ltd.,Coquitlam, BC, CanadaTotal Paper & Packaging, Inc.,Chatsworth, CATotal Services Aruba N.V.,Oranjestad, ArubaToxcel, LLC, Gainesville, VATrace, Inc., Garden City, IDTraction Auditing, LLC,Southlake, TXTractores y Maquinaria Real,S.A. de C.V., San Nicolas delos Garza, N.L., MexicoTraddex, S.A. de C.V.,Queretaro, Qro., MexicoTradePro Products, LLC, NorthMiami, FLTradex International, Inc.,Cleveland, OHTraining Rehabilitation &Development Institute, Inc.,San Antonio, TXTranstar Sanitation Supply Ltd.,Burnaby, BC, CanadaTRC Marketing, Inc., Denver, COTreat’s Solutions, Inc.,Oklahoma City, OKTrebor, Inc., Matawan, NJTreleoni Group, LLC, Manning,SCTriad Service Center, Kentwood,MITriad Service Solutions,Littleton, COTriangle Services, Inc., LongIsland City, NYTrimega PurchasingAssociation, Rosemont, ILTriple A Supplies, Inc.,Newburgh, NYTriple S, North Billerica, MATriton LC, Wyoming, MITrojan Battery Co., Santa FeSprings, CATropical Services Corp.,Panama City, PanamaTrust Building Services, Inc.,Birmingham, ALTruvox International Ltd.,Southampton, Hampshire,United KingdomTTS Marketing & Sales,Mississauga, ON, CanadaTualatin Valley Workshop, Inc.,Hillsboro, ORTucel Industries, Inc., ForestDale, VTTucker Janitorial Supply, Tulsa,OKTundra Equipment Co., Summit,NJTVH, Olathe, KSTwin Ports Paper & Supply, Inc.,Duluth, MNTwo Peppers Sales & Marketing,Wylie, TXTycho Services, Inc., Burbank,CATylos Building Cleaning, Dubai,United Arab EmiratesUBM Facility Services, Inc.,Dallas, TXUFP Technologies, Inc.,Georgetown, MAULINE, Waukegan, ILUltimate Solutions, Inc.,Englewood, NJUltraClenz, LLC, Jupiter, FLUltra Shine Building Maintenance,Inc., Edmonton, AB, CanadaUMF Corp., Skokie, ILUnger Enterprises, Inc.,Bridgeport, CTUnisource Canada, Inc.,Richmond Hill, ON, CanadaUnisource Worldwide, Inc.,Norcross, GAUnited American Supply, LLC,Nicholasville, KYUnited Building MaintenanceGroup, Inc., Charlotte, NCUnited Chemical & Supply Co.,Inc., Greenville, SCUnited Cleaning Services Ltd.,Brampton, ON, CanadaUnited Electric, Burlington, NCUnited Laboratories, Inc., SaintCharles, ILUnited Maintenance Co., Inc.,Chicago, ILUnited Sales Concepts, ValleyStream, NYUnited Sanitary, Baltimore, MDUnited Services & MaintenanceGroup, Feasterville Trevose,PAUnited States Pumice Co.,Chatsworth, CAUnited Stationers, Deerfield, ILUnitex International, Inc.,Suwanee, GAUnivar Canada Ltd., Weston,ON, CanadaUniversal Building Services &Supply Co., Richmond, CAUniversal Business Systems,Inc., Branchburg, NJUniversity of Alberta,Edmonton, AB, CanadaUniversity of Central Missouri,Warrensburg, MOUniversity of Guelph, Guelph,ON, CanadaUniversity of Minnesota,Minneapolis, MNUniversity of Toronto, Toronto,ON, CanadaUnlimited BuildingMaintenance, Lenexa, KSUpright Commercial Cleaning,Phoenix, AZUrine Off by Bio-Pro Research,LLC, Hickory, NCU.S. Battery Mfg. Co., Corona,CAUS Formula Technology, LLC,Alpharetta, GAUSM, an Emcor Co., Norristown,PAUtah’s Extreme Carpet Cleaning& Janitorial, West Valley City,UTVacland Wholesale Distributing,Inc., Milford, OHValerie Lewis Janitorial,Oakland, CAValley Janitor Supply Co., Inc.,Hamilton, OHVan Der Reest Cleaning &Handling, Urk, AB,NetherlandsVanguard Soap, LLC, Memphis,TNVariety Disposable Products,Nassau, BahamasVarsity Facility Services, SaltLake City, UTVa-Vite Pty. Ltd., HeidelbergWest, VIC, AustraliaVCC Janitorial Supply, BossierCity, LAVDTA/Floor Care Professional,Des Moines, IAVectair Systems, Inc., Memphis,TNVenture Cornerstone Sales,Hopkinton, MAVentures Associates, Inc., Lihue,HIVernon Sanitation Supply Co.,Inc., Vernon, CAVforce, Inc., Victoria, BC,CanadaVida International, Inc., Taipei,TaiwanVikan A/S, Skive, DenmarkVileda Professional - Marino,Concord, ON, CanadaViper North America, Hamilton,MIVirox Technologies, Inc.,Oakville, ON, CanadaVista Building Services, Inc.,Medford, ORVistaServ, Sarasota, FLVitech International, Milton, WIVMC-Technical AssistanceCorp., Dallas, TXVoith Industrial Services, BlueAsh, OHVonachen Services, Inc., Peoria,ILvon Drehle Corp., Hickory, NCVVF Amenities, Houston, TXW.A. DeHart, Inc., NewColumbia, PAWagner Supply Co., Inc.,Odessa, TXWarehouse Direct OfficeProducts, Des Plaines, ILWarsaw Chemical Co., Inc.,Warsaw, INWaterford Services, Inc.,Markham, ON, CanadaWaterloo Community SchoolDistrict, Waterloo, IAWatson Building Care,Tuscaloosa, ALWAT Supplies, Div. of 1558775Ontario Ltd., Sudbury, ON,CanadaWausau Paper, Harrodsburg, KYWBM Supply Co., Kansas City,MO2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org29

WCP Solutions, Kent, WAWeber Burstensysteme GmbH,Bad Camberg, GermanyWechem, Inc., Harahan, LAWegmans Food Markets,Rochester, NYW.E. Greer Ltd., Edmonton, AB,CanadaWeiman Products, LLC, Gurnee,ILWeiss Bros. of Hagerstown, Inc.,Hagerstown, MDWelco Co. Ltd., Tokyo, JapanWepak Corp., Charlotte, NCWesclean Equipment &Cleaning Supplies Ltd.,Edmonton, AB, CanadaWest Coast Maintenance, Inc.,Gardena, CAWestern Paper Distributors,Inc., Denver, COWestern Specialty Sales, Brea,CAWest Florida Supply Co.,Sarasota, FLWest Marketing, Inc., Elburn, ILWest Virginia Associationof Rehabilitation Facilities,Charleston, WVWest Virginia University,Morgantown, WVWhisk Products, Rockford, ILWhitehall Products, Inc., Tampa,FLWhite & Hodge Co., Inc.,Atlanta, GAWhiteley Corp. Pty. Ltd., NorthSydney, NSW, AustraliaWhite River Paper Co., WhiteRiver Junction, VTWhiteway Building Services,Inc., Omaha, NEWhitman Global Carpet & FloorCare, Woodinville, WAWind Associates, Tukwila, WAWindsor, Englewood, COWinPro Solutions, Inc., Lenexa,KSWinworld Enterprise, Inc.,Bellevue, WAWiper Supply & Chemical, Inc.,Albuquerque, NMWisconsin Plastics, Inc., GreenBay, WIWithers-KC Sanitary Supply,Kansas City, MOWitt Industries, Mason, OHWizzards Janitorial Systems,Inc., Bellefonte, PAWMC Associates, Hopkinton, MAWoodrow Janitorial Service,Calgary, AB, CanadaWood Wyant, Div. of the SaniMarc Group, Laval, QC,CanadaWoongjin Chemical Co., Ltd.,Seoul, South KoreaWoori Enterprises, Inc.,Honolulu, HIWork, Inc., Dorchester, MAWorld Cleaning Services, BurrRidge, ILWorld Dryer Corp., Berkeley, ILWorld Technical Services, Inc.,San Antonio, TXWorldwide Integrated Resources,Inc., Montebello, CAWrangler Industries, LLC, RioMedina, TXWrightway Industries, Inc.,Denver, COXaact Products, Coeur D Alene,IDxpedx, Loveland, OHXpress Paper & Chemical, LLC,Calhoun, GAX-Treme Clean Team, Alton, ILYamazaki Corp., Hyogo, JapanYellowtop, LLC, Saint Louis, MOYoredale Consulting, Victoria,BC, CanadaYuletide Office Solutions,Memphis, TNZephyr Manufacturing Co., Inc.,Sedalia, MOZimmer Sales & Services Corp.,Rochester, NYZschimmer & Schwarz,Milledgeville, GA302012 ISSA Foundation Annual Reportwww.issafoundation.org

Contribution FormYOUR SUPPORT WILL BE RECOGNIZED AS FOLLOWSPlatinum $50,000+Gold $40,000-$49,999Silver $25,000-$39,999Founder $10,000-$24,999Patron $5,000-$9,999Benefactor $1,000-$4,999Sponsor $500-$999Partner $250-$499Supporter $50-$249I would like to make this contribution to theindicated fund:Foundation General FundFoundation General Fundin memory/honor of _______________________________District Fund Sponsor for District ____________________in the name of ____________________________________Designated Fund in the name of _____________________Your Support will be recognized as follows:Please find enclosed a contribution in the amount of $______to be used for supporting the activities of the ISSA Foundation.(Donations to the ISSA Foundation may be deducted ascharitable contributions in the United States and Canada.)NameCompany __________________________________________Address ___________________________________________City/State/Province __________________________________Zip/Postal Code ______________Country_________________Telephone ___________________Fax____________________Please send to:ISSA Foundation7373 N. Lincoln Ave.Lincolnwood, IL 60712-1799 USA800-225-4772/847-982-0800 • Fax: 847-982-1922E-mail: tracy@issa.com • Web site: www.issafoundation.orgDesignated funds include:Francis T. Callahan FundDiversey FundGOJO Industries’ Jerome Lippman FundGolden Star, Inc., Leland Gradinger andEarl C. Julo FundEdward Lane National Sanitary Supply Co FundMaintex/Silverman FundThe Manufacturer Rep FundHarry Maziar/Zep Manufacturing FundNCL Alfred Pollack Memorial ScholarshipFundNew England Sanitary Supply AssociationFundNew Jersey Sanitary Supply Association FundNYCO/Robert J. & MaryAnn Stahurski FundRoger & Victoria Parrott FundThe RDA Advantage Scholarship FundJack D. Ramaley FundJerome E. Rau FundSouthern California Sanitary SupplyAssociation FundSpartan Chemical Co.’s E.T. Swigart FundSpartan Chemical International ExecutiveHousekeeping Association Educational FundTEC Products SSWA Bob & Jacob HoltzmanFundWaxie’s Enterprises Inc.’s Morris andJeannette Wax FundYES Continuing Education GrantMalcolm Zucker Fund

7373 N. Lincoln Ave. Lincolnwood, IL 60712-1799 US • 800.225.4772 / 847.982.080O • Fax: 847.982.1922 • tracy@issa.com • issafoundation.org

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