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2011 SERC CMEP Implementation Plan - SERC Home Page

2011 SERC CMEP Implementation Plan - SERC Home Page

Section 8: Key

Section 8: Key CMEP Activities and InitiativesSERC has scheduled four compliance seminars during 2011. Each of the seminars willbe held in a different SERC sub-region to promote attendance. Each of the seminarswill be specifically tailored to focus on current events of interest and compliance themes.SERC will also conduct quarterly “Open Forum” web conferences to convey keymessages and allow for Registered Entity questions and feedback.During 2010, SERC compliance facilitated the creation of a Registered Entity-directedforum, the Registered Entities’ Forum (REF) to serve as a formal platform for RegisteredEntities to discuss reliability and compliance issues, exchange information, lessonslearned, good practices, and success stories, and generate concerns and questions forthe SERC staff. The mission of the REF is to promote compliance excellence, elevatethe collective compliance culture and strengthen reliability among all SERC RegisteredEntities.Generic lessons learned regarding in-process and completed compliance actions will becompiled and posted to provide Registered Entities timely feedback and promotetransparency. Currently statistics on in-process violations are updated monthly andposted on the SERC public web site.SERC Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program2011 Implementation PlanDecember 1, 2010 (Rev. December 10, 2010) 23

Audit Schedule for 2011SERC Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program2011 Implementation PlanDecember 1, 2010 (Rev. December 10, 2010)

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