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2011 SERC CMEP Implementation Plan - SERC Home Page

2011 SERC CMEP Implementation Plan - SERC Home Page

NERC ID#Registered

NERC ID#Registered Entities to be Audited (based on NERC ComplianceRegistry as of 9/28/10) 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019NCR01313 South Eastern Electric Development CorporationNCR01314 South Eastern Generating CorporationNCR00163 South Louisiana Electric Cooperative AssociationNCR01315 South Mississippi Electric Power Association X X XNCR00070 Southeastern Power Administration X X XNCR01319 Southern Company Services, Inc. - Gen X X XNCR01320 Southern Company Services, Inc. - Trans X X XNCR01321 Southern Illinois Power Cooperative X X XNCR01322 Southern Power CompanyNCR10328 Southwest Louisiana Electric Membership Corporation X XNCR01143 Southwest Power Pool (MRO Registration) 4 (SERC lead) X X XNCR08087 Southwest Power Pool, Inc. 4 X X XNCR01323 Southwest Power Pool, Inc. - ICTE 4 X X XNCR01324 Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc.NCR01325 SOWEGA Power LLC X XNCR01329 Spruance Genco, LLC X XNCR01330 Spruance Operating Services, LLC X XNCR01331 SRW Cogeneration Limited PartnershipXNCR03043 TEE Contingency Reserve Sharing Group X XNCR01334 Tenaska Alabama II Partners, L.P.NCR01335 Tenaska Alabama Partners, L.P.NCR00632 Tenaska Frontier Partners, LtdNCR01337 Tenaska Georgia Partners, L.P.NCR00635 Tenaska Power Services Co. (MRO Lead) X XNCR01339 Tenaska Virginia Partners, L.P.NCR01151 Tennessee Valley Authority X X XNCR01341 Tennessee Valley Authority - TVAMNCR01342 Tex-La Electric Cooperative of Texas, Inc. (SERC Lead)NCR09037 The Dow Chemical CompanyXNCR00076 The Energy Authority, Inc. (RFC Lead)XNCR11014 Tilton Energy, LLC X XNCR01345 Town of Black Creek X XXXXXXXXXXXXX

NERC ID#Registered Entities to be Audited (based on NERC ComplianceRegistry as of 9/28/10) 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019NCR09026 Town of Culpeper Light & Power X XNCR01347 Town of Lucama X XNCR01348 Town of Sharpsburg X XNCR01349 Town of Stantonsburg X XNCR01350 Town of Waynesville X XNCR01352 Town of Winterville X XNCR08074 TransAlta Energy Marketing (U.S) Inc. (RFC Lead)XNCR01354 Union Power Partners, L.P.NCR01355 Union Power Partners, L.P. (PUPP) 1 X X XNCR01356 USACE - Charleston District X XNCR01359 USACE - Mobile District X XNCR01360 USACE - Nashville District X XNCR01361 USACE - Savannah District X XNCR01364 USACE - Wilmington District X XNCR01365 VACAR South X X XNCR09028 Virginia Electric and Power Company – Fossil and Hydro (GO, GOP) X XNCR09006 Virginia Electric and Power Company – Nuclear (GO, GOP) X XNCR01214 Virginia Electric and Power Company (DP, LSE, TO, TP) X XNCR00938 Virginia Electric & Power Company (PSE) (SERC Lead) X XNCR00940 Wabash Valley Power Association, Inc. (RFC Lead) X XNCR00658 Westar Energy, Inc. (SPP Lead)XNCR01370 Westmoreland PartnersNCR10386 WGPPS Hardin County Peaking FacilityNCR10387 WGPPS San Jacinto County Peaking FacilityNCR01320 Southern Company Services, Inc. - Trans RC X X XNCR01151 Tennessee Valley Authority RC X X XXXXXNOTE: All applicable registered entities will also be audited or spotchecked for compliance with CIP standards during their year of audit.

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