Toll Roads
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Toll Roads



What is TOLL ROAD Roads- offered complimentary from a state Toll Roads- raise a building fund from actual users

Results of TOLL BUSINESSIn PutRocksOut PutExpresswayAsconResultsSand Toll Reduced Congestion Reduced Distribution Cost Community Development

Productivity ‘QUANTITY’ also ‘QUALITY’

Productivity of TOLL BUSINESS Speed Facilities100Expressway80 60or Customer Service

Productivity of TOLL BUSINESS Antipathy reductionwith Customer Service

PART Ⅱ Production Sales Earning

Process of productionProductionSet up a PlanFeasibilityStudyGeneralDesignExecutionDesignBuild upOpeningto trafficCommence TOLL BUSINESS

ProductsProduction Closed toll business systemTGTGTGTG Open toll business systemOn the basis of actual driving distanceTGOn the basis of shortest useable distance

PricesSales Toll = Basic Rate + Driving Rate(driving rate per km × driving distance) Basic Rate- Open toll business system : 689 Won- Closed toll business system : 862 Won Driving RateCategory Rate / km RemarksCategory 1 40.5KW (0.0343USD) 2 Axles, Width: under 279.4 mmCategory 2 41.3KW (0.0350USD) 2 Axles, Width: over 279.4 mm, Length: under 1,800 mmCategory 3 42.9KW (0.0364USD) 2 Axles, Width: over 279.4 mm, Length: over 1,800 mmCategory 4 57.5KW (0.0487USD) 3 AxlesCategory 5 68.0KW (0.0576USD) 4 AxlesCategory 6 - Under 1,000cc displacement*Category 6 : 50% reduction from Category 11 USD = 1,180KW

Modes of salesSalesTCSETCS

Modes of sales - ETCSSalesElectronic Toll Collection SystemA toll collection system with electronic equipmentwhere the toll is collected while the vehicle is driving- the toll payment is made through wireless transmissionbetween the antennas on the road and in the vehicleHi - Pass

Modes of sales - TCSSalesToll Collection SystemTGTGArrivalDepartureTGTGAutomatic Ticket Issuing Machine

Modes of sales – TCS 2SalesOptical Vehicle DetectorCameraTollDisplayOptical VehicleDetectorAxle Detector Toll = Basic Rate + (Driving Rate per km × Driving Distance)Rate information from DetectorsDistance information from a ticketCategory RateCategory 1 40.5Category 2 41.3Category 3 42.9Category 4 57.5Category 5 68.0

Modes of sales – TCS 3SalesCashMagnetic CardRF Card(Radio Frequency)

Proceeds collectingEarning301 Toll Plazas on 3,364 kmSo, how do we gatherwhat we earn ?

Proceeds collecting 2Earning Agency of proceeds collectingKoreaExpresswayCorporationHANA BANKEntrustment Collecting of proceeds Supply small moneyVALEX KOREAEntrustment Transport cash

Process of collectingEarningToll Plazas(301)Report their resultsTransport proceedsVALEX KOREAToll Business Division(KEC)DepositHANA BANKReport deposit amountFinance Division(KEC)Withdraw

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