AUSPI News Bulletin - August 2012 -

AUSPI News Bulletin - August 2012 -

ASSOCIATION OF UNIFIED TELECOM SERVICE PROVIDERS OF INDIAAUSPINEWS BULLETINAUGUST 2012Contents• SUBSCRIBER FIGURES – JULY 2012• TRAI DIRECTIONS / NOTIFICATION /CONSULTATION PAPER/ LETTERS• TRAI MEETING• DOT LETTERS• DOT MEETINGS• AUSPI LETTERS• JOINT INDUSTRY LETTERS• OTHER IMPORTANT LETTERS• UPCOMING EVENTS• TELECOM BYTESI. SUBSCRIBER FIGURES – JULY 2012 Total Telephone Subscriber Base reaches965.52 Million Wireless Subscription reaches 934.09Million Wireless Tele-density reaches 76.99 Broadband subscriber number reaches14.50 million Tele-density reaches 79.58%II. TRAI DIRECTIONS / NOTIFICATION /CONSULTATION PAPER/ LETTERSSourec: TRAIA. On 31 st August 2012, TRAI vide letter no. 302-15/2011-QoS, reminded the IndustryAssociations & TSPs to implement TRAIdirection on issues arising out of the audit ofthe metering and billing system of serviceproviders to configure service area wise mastertable for new number series allotted to themwithin 30 days.B. ON 27 TH August 2012, TRAI has issued Draftamendment to the standards of Quality ofService prescribing financial dis-incentives onthe service providers amounting to Rs.50,000/- per parameter for the first noncomplianceand Rs. 1,00,000/- per parameterfor subsequent non-compliance of thebenchmarks.TRAI sought stakeholders comments on theabove by 11 th September 2012.C. On 22 nd August 2012, TRAI has published ontheir website, Guidelines on AccountingSeparation Regulation.D. On 9 th August 2012, TRAI has issued a draftamendment to the Telecommunication TariffOrder (TTO), 1999 seeking comments of thestakeholders to prescribe financialdisincentives on the service providers in thefollowingsituations:-AUSPI | NEWS BULLETIN | AUGUST 2012 | 2

ASSOCIATION OF UNIFIED TELECOM SERVICE PROVIDERS OF INDIAi. Violation of Reporting Requirement -'financial disincentive' of Rs. 5,000/- perday (maximum Rs. 2 Lakhs). This for noncomplianceof reporting requirement ofthe existing regulation.ii.Levy of Excess Charges - Refund order asdecided by TRAI for refunding excesscharges levied by Service Providers.Penalty of an amount not exceeding theamount collected from the subscribers.E. On 3 rd August 2012, TRAI has released aConsultation Paper on “Review of ProcessingFee on Talk time Top–Up vouchers andCharges for Premium Rate Services”.i. Mandating a tiered structure of levyingprocessing fee.ii.Mandating processing fee ad valorem atten per cent of MRP with a ceiling ofrupees three.iii. Mandating that there should not be anyprocessing fee at all.iv. Mandating a ceiling of Rs.3/- for calls (perminute) and per SMS made for the abovepurposes.v. Doing away with the tariff ceiling for suchcalls and SMSs.F. On 3 rd August 2012, TRAI has released aConsultation Paper on “Review of the TelecomCommercial Communications CustomerPreference Regulation”. TRAI soughtcomments of Stakeholders on measures takenfor curbing unsolicited commercialcommunications.TRAI further sought comments ofStakeholders on the draft “TheTelecom Commercial CommunicationsCustomer Preference (TenthAmendment) Regulations, 2012”G. On 3 rd August 2012, TRAI has released a draftregulation on “Telecommunications MobileNumber Portability (Fourth Amendment)Regulations 2012”. TRAI sought commentsfrom Stakeholder on proposed penaltyprovision of Rs 10,000/ and Rs 5,000/- ondonor for rejecting of porting request forcontravention on different conditions.III. TRAI MEETINGSA. TRAI Meeting to discuss issue of ComboVouchers was held on 17 th August 2012 underthe chairmanship of Shri. N Parameshwaran inTRAI.B. In response to the joint industry letter of 16 thJuly 2012 regarding submission of monthlysubscriber base, TRAI convened a meeting on8th August 2012 in TRAI to discuss the issue ofsubmission of monthly data in HLR VLRformat..IV. DOT LETTERSA. On 28 th August 2012, DOT vide letter No.10-30/2009/AS.III/ICR/122/267 which is incontinuation of earlier letters of 20 th April 2010and 30 th May 2012 requesting ServiceProviders that arrangements entered on allintra circle roaming should be submitted toTERM cell as a consolidated list within 30 daysof issue of this letter i.e. by 29th Sept 2012.DOT further requested that half yearly updateddetails regarding this intra circle roamingarrangements has also to be provided to alldesignated security agencies and respectiveTERM Cells on 1st April and 1st October ofevery year.B. On 28 th August 2012, DOT vide letter No. 32-10/2012-EW intimated the IndustryAssociations that TEC has revised the “TestProcedure for measurement of Electro MagnetField from Base Transceiver stations” inpursuance of revised reference levels / limitsissued by DOT dated 30.12.2011 & 10.04.2012.The test procedure documents which providesprocedure for the self certification by TelecomService Providers and Compliance Audit isuploaded on the TEC website.AUSPI | NEWS BULLETIN | AUGUST 2012 | 3

ASSOCIATION OF UNIFIED TELECOM SERVICE PROVIDERS OF INDIAC. On 27 th August 2012, DOT has placed on theirwebsite Information Memorandum regardingAuction of 2G spectrum. The Auction TimeTable is as follows:-Auctions timetableSubjectDateQueries on IM By 5th September, 2012Pre-bid conference 6 th September, 2012 @ 1400Hrs. in Hotel Royal PlazaFurther queries By 7th September, 2012Issue of Notice Inviting 28th September, 2012ApplicationsLast date for submission 19th October, 2012of ApplicationsPublication of21st October, 2012ownership details ofApplicantsBidder Ownership 24th October, 2012Compliance CertificatePre-qualification of 28th October, 2012BiddersFinal List of bidders 6th November, 2012Mock Auction 7th - 8th November, 2012Start of the e-auction of 12th November, 20121800MHz BandStart of the e-auction of800MHz Band2 days from the day of closeof the e-auction of 1800MHzBandPayment of theSuccessful Bid AmountWithin 10 calendar days ofthe close of the respective e-auctionsD. On 22 nd August 2012, DOT vide email soughtcomments from Stakeholders on the followingrevised criteria of MSC codes:-Numbers Allocated VLR Figure (V) as %age of(N)Number Allocated (V/N)Less than 3 Million Subject to minimum of 40%3 Million & less than 6Million6 Million & less than 8MillionSubject to minimum of 45%Subject to minimum of 50%8 Million Subject to minimum of 55%9 Million Subject to minimum of 60%10 Million & less than 15MillionSubject to minimum of 63%15 Million & Less than20 Million20 Million & Less than25 MillionSubject to minimum of 66%Subject to minimum of 68%25 Million & More Subject to minimum of 70%E. On 9 th August 2012, DOT letter vide No.800-09/2010-VAS has issued instructions onverification of new mobile subscribers.Instructions contained in this circular of DOT isin supersession of its earlier instructions dated26.4.2004, 30.11.2004, 10.05.2005, 22.11.2006,23.03.2009 & 08.02.2010 and will be effectivefrom 9 th November 2012V. DOT MEETINGSA. Conference committee Meeting of IndiaTelecom 2012 was held on 28 th August 2012under the Chairmanship of JS (T) in SancharBhawan.B. First Meeting of DOT Committee on “BuildingIPv6 Talent Pool through Training:Development of Standardized IPv6 Trainingcertified Courses” was held on 22 nd August2012 in Sanchar Bhawan.C. First meeting of Expert Group for evolvingmethodology for collection of Statistics on ICTsector was held on 1 st August 2012 inSardar Patel Bhawan.VI. AUSPI LETTERSA. On 31 st August 2012, AUSPI submitted itsresponse to TRAI’s Draft Regulations on “TheTelecom Commercial CommunicationsCustomer Preference (Tenth Amendment)Regulations, 2012”.B. On 31 st August 2012, AUSPI submitted itsresponse to TRAI Consultation Paper on“Review of the Telecom CommercialCommunications Customer PreferenceRegulations, 2010”.C. On 31 st August 2012, AUSPI submitted itsresponse to TRAI’s Draft Regulations on“Telecommunications Mobile NumberAUSPI | NEWS BULLETIN | AUGUST 2012 | 4

ASSOCIATION OF UNIFIED TELECOM SERVICE PROVIDERS OF INDIAPortability (Fourth Amendment) Regulations2009”.D. On 31 st August 2012, AUSPI submitted itsresponse to TRAI’s Draft Regulations on"Standards of Quality of Service for MobileData Services Regulations 2012”.E. On 31 st August 2012, AUSPI submitted itsresponse to TRAI on 52nd Amendment toTelecommunication Tariff Order (TTO 1999).F. On 31 st August 2012, AUSPI submitted itsresponse to TRAI Consultation Paper on“Review of Processing Fee on Talk time Top-Up vouchers and Charges for Premium RateServices”.G. On 28 th August 2012, AUSPI submitted a letterto Secretary (T), DOT in Response to COAI’srepresentation dated 14th August, 2012 on theissue of dual technology.H. On 23 rd August 2012, AUSPI submitted a letterto Wireless Advisor, WPC in connection withAllocation of microwave access and microwavebackbone carrier to AUSPI member serviceproviders.I. On 22 nd August 2012, AUSPI submitted itsresponse to DoT ‘s draft Booklet on RadioWaves and Safety Guide handed over byAdvisor (T), during the Joint Industry meetingheld on 17 th August 2012.J. On 21 st August 2012, AUSPI submitted a letterto Secretary (T), DOT in connection with DoTinstructions for blocking of bulk SMS / MMS.K. On 20 th August 2012, AUSPI submitted areminder letter to Member (T), DOT inconnection with 3G roll out obligations - Nonavailability of test procedure and Rural SDCAlist.L. On 20 th August 2012, AUSPI submitted areminder letter to Secretary (T), DOT inconnection with pending approvals forWireless Operating License for GSM, 3G,CDMA and NLD at WPC.AUSPI requested the personal intervention ofSecretary (T) to expedite the issue of WirelessOperating Licenses from WPC immediately andit is also requested that till applications arecleared, TERM cells and WMOs may beadvised not to insist operating licenses forprocessing applications for interferences.M. On 13 th August 2012, AUSPI submitted a letterto CMD, BSNL requesting withdrawal of theBSNL Circular No 2-2/2009- R&C (CFA)(Circular R&C- CFA No. 11/11-12) dated12.06.2012 revising Active Infrastructurecharges retrospectively from 01-04-2009based on revised classification of citiesVII. JOINT INDUSTRY LETTERSA. On 31 st August 2012, a Joint Industry letter wassubmitted to CMD, BSNL in connection withRevision of Active Infrastructure sharingcharges by BSNL retrospectively w.e.f. 01-04-2009.B. On 23 rd August 2012, a Joint Industry letterwas submitted to Chairman, TRAI inconnection with Publication of the tariff plansin the newspapers.C. On 17 th August 2012, a Joint Industrysubmission was made to TEC on “TestProcedure Measurement of Electro MagneticFields from Base Station Antenna”.D. On 16 th August 2012, Joint Industry inputswere submitted to DOT on Report of theDepartmental Committee on BTS towersRecommendations.E. On 14 th August 2012, Joint Industry letterswere submitted to The Commissioner, MCD-South, The Commissioner MCD-North & TheCommissioner, MCD-East in connection withan article in the Hindustan Times News Paperwhich reports that Civic Authorities in Delhihave decided to take action against allegedillegal mobile phone towers and that the EastDelhi Municipal Corporation has already givendirections to seal about 250 towers that fallunder their jurisdiction will lead the drivewhich will start after August 15,2012.AUSPI | NEWS BULLETIN | AUGUST 2012 | 5

ASSOCIATION OF UNIFIED TELECOM SERVICE PROVIDERS OF INDIAVIII.F. On 9 th August 2012, a joint industry letter wassubmitted to TRAI w.r.t. implementation ofGreen Technologies. Industry Associations(AUSPI, COAI & TAIPA) Requested TRAI to putits instructions of July 17, 2012, requiringService Providers to declare their carbonfootprint under abeyance till the ambiguityregarding the formula and procedure fordeclaring the carbon footprint is resolved. Thiswas follow up of the Joint Industry lettersubmitted to Secretary (T), DOT on 31 st July2012.OTHER IMPORTANT LETTERSA. On 16 th August 2012, Department of FinancialServices, Ministry of Finance circulated a draftReport on "Roadmap for Facilitating MobileFinancial Services in India".IX. MEETINGSA. AUSPI MEETINGSi. AUSPI meeting was held on 29 th August todiscuss certain important issues.ii. 123 rd AUSPI Executive Council meeting was heldon 6 th August 2012 in AUSPI office.B. JOINT INDUSTRY MEETING / ACT MEETINGI) On 17 th a Joint Industry meeting was held withDOT officials on EMF & tower issues. Thefollowing major items were discussed andagreed to:-a. DoT acknowledged the various problemshighlighted in our presentation as real andrequiring attentionb. DoT agreed that they would instruct allTERM cells to apply consistent proceduresand measures regarding EMF compliancec. DoT acknowledged the activity of certainvested interests in unnecessarily raisingconcern in the populationd. Industry agreed to “voluntarily” abide bythe new exposure limits set by DoT,although set arbitrarily and without anyscientific support. It expressed concernthat these limits could again be resetarbitrarily. DoT Secretary assured theindustry that there would not be any moreadjustments until the DST completed itsstudy and these were reduced to newnorms, if any. The DoT Secretary alsoindicated there would not be any punitivemeasures imposed on the industry whilethe industry adjusted to the new norms.e. The industry represented that we would becompliant with the new requirements for95% of the network by Sept. 1, 2012. DoTand operators would identify noncompliantcell towers as soon as possibleand work towards resolution of theproblems at these sites.f. All cell towers would be self-certifiedunder the new norms by March 31, 2013.g. DoT agreed to include the variousgovernment departments such as Healthand Environment in the formulation of anyguidelines relating to EMF for cell towers.h. DoT agreed to the various suggestionsand recommendations for joint action onvarious activities to provide confidence tocitizens on the safety of cell towers.i. A new booklet on EMF and Health, titled“Radio Waves and Safety Guide”, is in theprocess of being produced by the DoT andthe industry was invited to provide theirinputs.j. DoT would make a decision shortlywhether they would do jointadvertisements with industry or do themseparately.k. DoT agreed that they would create a website to list all cell sites tested by the TERMcells and showing compliance.AUSPI | NEWS BULLETIN | AUGUST 2012 | 6

ASSOCIATION OF UNIFIED TELECOM SERVICE PROVIDERS OF INDIAII) A Joint Industry meeting to discuss TRAI DraftAmendment to the Mobile Number Portability(MNP) Regulations 2009, Consultation Paperon the Review of Processing Fee on the Talktime Top-up vouchers and Charges forPremium Rate Services, Consultation Paper on"The Telecom Commercial CommunicationsCustomer Preference Regulations, 2010, Draftregulation - "The Standards of Quality ofService for Mobile Data Services Regulations,2012" etc was held on 14 th August 2012 inCOAI office.III) A Joint Industry Meeting of the Sub-Committee on Sub-Group on EMF Advocacywas held on 7 th August 2012 at COAI.C. OTHER IMPORTANT EVENTSI) 5th TCOE Coordinators' Meeting was held on29 th August 2012 in C-DOT campus.II) C-DOT Foundation Day Seminar/Workshop onNext Generation Services Networks andOptical Networks was held on 29 th August2012 in C-DOT campus.III) FICCI Organizing Committee Meeting ofInternational Conference on Internet andBroadband was held on 29 th August 2012.IV) ET Telecom Awards 2012 was held on 29 thAugust 2012 in Hotel Taj Palce.V) FICCI Organizing Committee Meeting ofInternational Conference on Internet andBroadband was held on 17 th August 2012.VI) First Meeting of CII ASCON 2012 was held on16 th August 2012.VII) TDSAT seminar on “Regulatory Framework andDispute Resolution in Telecom, Broadcastingand Cable Services Sectors” was held on 11 thAugust 2012 in Patna.IX) First Meeting of the CII Sub-Committee onTelecom Infrastructure was held on 1 st August2012 in CII office.X. UPCOMING EVENTSI) 6 th September 2012: Pre bid conference forAuction of Spectrum in 1800MHz and 800MHz band in Veneterian Conference Hall,Hotel Royal Plaza.II) 6 th September 2012: Curtain Raiser Ceremonyof India Telecom 2012 in Hotel Shangri-La.III) 6 th September 2012: 4th Meeting of DOTCommittee for Formulation of National IPv6Deployment in Sanchar Bhawan.IV) 10 th September 2012: CII's Special Sessionwith Hon’ble President of India, Shri PranabMukherjee in Hotel Taj Palace.V) 11 th September 2012: 124 th Executive CouncilMeeting of AUSPI.VI) 11 th September 2012: DCC meeting of ‘N’Division in TEC.VII) 13 th September 2012: ASSOCHAM's 2 ndNational Conference on e-Commerce in HotelLeela Palace.VIII) 13 th September 2012: First Meeting ofDevelopment Organization of Standards forTelecom in India in India Habitat Centre.IX) 28 th September 2012: 92nd ANNUALGENERAL MEETING of ASSOCHAM inASSOCHAM House, New Delhi.X) 28 th September 2012: DOT-CII BroadbandSummit 2012 "Broadband Ecosystem forInclusive Growth" in Hotel Le-Meridien.VIII) FICCI's Communication and Digital EconomyCommittee meeting to finalize views to DOTon Unified Licensing was held on 3 rd August inFederation House, FICCI.AUSPI | NEWS BULLETIN | AUGUST 2012 | 7

ASSOCIATION OF UNIFIED TELECOM SERVICE PROVIDERS OF INDIAXI. TELECOM BYTESSource: Media Anger management tools are varied andeveryone’s way of venting their rage differs. If youhave had a horrible day, you can simply dial anumber and swear your guts out. Twobusinessmen in Germany have come up with theidea of ‘ Schimpf- los ; or “ Swear away”, a payperminute hotline that is run by operators fullyprepared to deal with as much profanity as anangry person is capable of. The founders believethey are providing a kind of social service byproviding angry people an opportunity to directtheir anger away from loved ones.Source: Mail Today RTI query status to be sent via SMSOffice of deputy commissioner, Kamrup (metro),Guwahati has taken a step to send the status ofthe queries of RTI applicants through SMSes. Thepeople of the city no longer have to make roundsof the DC's office to know the status of theirqueries.Immediately after the application is accepted, anSMS is sent to the respective person confirmingthe acceptance. A text message is again sent tothe applicant after his/her queries are forwardedto the concerned department. If the RTIapplication gets rejected, they get another SMS.Source: Times of India Committee for Internet Related Policies ( CIRP)Ministry of External Affairs, the Government ofIndia made a proposal to UN General Assemblyfor a Committee for Internet Related Policies(CIRP) with the endorsement of the Departmentof Information Technology. It is visualised as a 50-member intergovernmental body (politicians andbureaucrats) supported and funded by the UN(the biggest intergovernmental bureaucracy). Itsambit includes overseeing all the commercial andtechnical functions of the Internet and writingtreaties and conventions to regulate the way theInternet operates and is used by over 2 billionNetizens across the worldSource: Mail Today Funny Quotes on Telecom“This ‘telephone” has too many shortcomings tobe seriously considered as a means ofcommunications. The device is inherently of novalue to us”- Western Union Internal Memo 1876“I will remember my disgust when someone toldme it was possible to send conversations alonga wire”- Enos N Barton, Co-founder, WesternElectric Co.“Well informed people know it is impossible totransmit the voice over wires. Even if it were,it would be of no practical value”- Boston Post 1865Revenue Parameters GSM CDMARental Revenue 20% 22.50%Revenue from calls 51% 41.50%Revenue from SMS 7% 2%Revenue fromRoaming9% 3%VAS Revenue etc 13% 31%Monthly ARPU Rs. 97 Rs.75Outgoing MoUIncoming MoU167Min197Min117Min112MinSource: TRAIView on AUSPI website www.auspi.inAUSPI | NEWS BULLETIN | AUGUST 2012 | 8

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