English 10 Syllabus - Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School


English 10 Syllabus - Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School

English 10: World LiteratureOur Lady of Mercy Catholic High SchoolEnglish 10HutchesonInstructor: Mr. Brian Hutcheson School Year: 2012-2013Email: bhutcheson@mercycatholic.orgWebpage: mrhutch.wikispaces.com/Phone: 770.461.2202 x447Office Hours: Tues. 2:45-3:30 or By AppointmentRoom: 130Course DescriptionEnglish 10 is the study of World Literature with an emphasis on:• Reading• Writing• Speaking• Research skills• Critical thinking and analysisIn addition to reading selections in their textbooks, students study seven (7) major works, expand their vocabulary,prepare for the PSAT and SAT, and participate in a major research paper.Texts• Selections of short stories, myths, essays, and poetry from Elements of Literature, Fourth Course• Vocabulary Workshop, Level E, Sadlier-Oxford• MLA Handbook, 7 th Edition• Outside reading of 7 major works (see below)• Other works as assignedMajor WorksFirst Semester• First They Killed My Father, Loung Ung• Antigone, Sophocles• Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare (In textbook)Second Semester• Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe• Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse• The House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros• Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor FranklClass Materials• 3-ring binder• Loose leaf, college-ruled, notebook paper• Black or blue ink pens• Pencils***Students must have First They Killed My Father in class by Fri. August 17 ***ProcessesThis class strives to impart and improve reading comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary, grammar, usage, andwriting skills through varied texts, activities, and instruction. As such, students can expect to encounter the followingprocesses in and out of the classroom, throughout the year.Students will complete three-four (3-4) novels and coinciding units each semester. In addition to the study of a particulartext, each unit will also include reading supplementary textbook materials, weekly reading quizzes, weekly writtenhomework assignments, a special project (defined below), at least one major essay, and a final test and in-class essay.Students will complete six (6) units of vocabulary each semester, including completion of the workbook exercises, unitquizzes, and comprehensive tests (3 units each). Instruction will accompany this partially independent study.Students will practice for SAT regularly at the beginning of class, both objective and essay portions.1

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High SchoolEnglish 10HutchesonPapersStudents will be required to write several papers/essays of various lengths and styles throughout the year, as well as a 7-9page research paper.All papers will be graded on a departmental, standardized rubric. (Refer to the last page of this syllabus). Students whoreceive a score of a one (1) in any of the categories, may be required to rewrite the paper for a maximum score of 79. Therevision is due two class meetings after the original paper is returned.Research PaperAll students will write a research paper demonstrating effective use of library skills, note-taking, formal outlining, andsynthesis of material from many sources to prove a thesis. This 7-9 page paper, due Friday, March 30 th , will use the MLAHandbook research paper format. Throughout the first semester, students will learn the steps of the writing process andwill use these skills to write their own research paper.Special ProjectsStudents will take part in a “project” that accompanies each reading unit. These will vary in type and setup, but willtypically include varying degrees of research, creative writing, public speaking, visual presentation, memorization,recitation, and group work. These projects will be presented and assigned at the beginning of each unit and will be dueeither gradually throughout the unit or collectively at the end.Turnitin.comAll formal writing assignments will require submission to Turnitin.com. This is to aid in assessment, plagiarism checks,and access to work.These assignments must also be typed, printed and submitted to Mr. Hutcheson at a date and time convenient to the class.To Clarify: All formal assignments will be submitted BOTH in digital format at Turnitin.com AND in printed format toMr. Hutcheson.Class ID numbers and passwords follow:Students should not open a new account if they have used the website for a class at Mercy in the past.P1 English 10 – 5332220:hutchP5 English 10 – 5332223:coreP7 English 10 – 5332224:textGradingAll grades are based on the following numeric scale:A=90-100B=80-89C=74-79D=70-73F=0-69First Semester:Second Semester:__________Homework assignments 10% Homework assignments 10%Quizzes (usually unannounced) 15% Quizzes 10%Special Projects 25% Special Projects 20%Tests and Essays 25% Tests/Essays 20%Participation & Preparation 10% Participation and Preparation 10%Final Exam 15% Research Paper 15%Final Exam 15%2

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High SchoolEnglish 10HutchesonParticipation & PreparationAll students are expected to conduct themselves in the classroom according to the guidelines listed below.• Be On Time: be in assigned desk at the bell• Be Prepared: have homework, texts, pens, pencils, paper, erasers, etc• Be Attentive: focus on task, actively listen to teacher or speaker• Be Respectful: raise hand to speak, respect others property, space, and opinions• Be Engaged: contribute positively to discussions and activities• Be Diligent: work hard, don’t give up, ask questions, seek help• Be Responsible: take ownership of work and behavior, be honest, be proactiveStudents will receive at least two participation grades per month, on a scale of 1-5, contingent upon their daily classroombehavior. These grades will be determined according to the rubric below.Participation & Preparation Grade Rubric5 pts 4 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 ptThe student ignores directions, is without class materials, completely disengages from discussionsand other activities, and generally does not take part in class.The student was ...Engaged constantly usually occasionally not at allRespectful always usually occasionally rarelyAttentive always usually occasionally rarelyOn Time &Preparedfor all activities for most activities for some activities for one activityDismissalClass begins at the bell and ends at the bell. Unless told otherwise, students are expected to abide by the above guidelinesfor the entire duration of class. This includes any time devoted to prayer and announcements.Academic HonestyA brief word about PLAGIARISM: DON’T. Plagiarism involves willfully claiming work that was done by someoneother than you. The English Department and I take this offense very seriously. Passing off another person’s work asyour own will result in a late grade for the assignment (see “late work” policy, p.4), and a complete rewrite of theassignment, to be submitted with the original, plagiarized version within two class meetings of the original due date.Subsequent incidents will result in a zero for the assignment as well as disciplinary referral. Please refer to your studenthandbook for disciplinary action regarding plagiarism. All students will read the MLA Handbook regarding plagiarismand will sign a contract stating they understand what constitutes plagiarism.A brief word about CHEATING: DON’T. Once again, the English Department and I take this offense very seriously.Students found cheating on tests and quizzes will immediately lose the right to complete the test/quiz and will receive azero for the work. Subsequent incidents will result in a zero for the work as well as disciplinary referral. Please refer toyour student handbook for disciplinary action regarding cheating.3

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High SchoolEnglish 10HutchesonHonor Code Pledge (as stated in the OLM student handbook):In order to protect the aforementioned values, students will pledge all submitted work for every subject including classwork, homework, quizzes, tests, papers, and projects. The pledge for all work is as follows:"I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment."Any work turned in without the pledge will be deemed inadmissible by the teacher until the pledge is included. If astudent refuses to write and/or sign the pledge on any work, the grade will be a zero.Absences / Late Work / Make-Up WorkAll work is expected on the due date announced in class.AbsencesIf you are absent, excused by the front office, the homework assigned and tests/quizzes taken during your absence may bemade up for full credit, but only if you consult Mr. Hutcheson first.If your absence is unexcused, you may be allowed to make up work for a maximum of 69%.Late WorkIf you do not turn in work on the due date, you may submit it late at any time before the final week of classes for amaximum grade of 69%. Please place it in the folder marked “late work” attached to the front of my desk.ResponsibilityIt is your responsibility to turn in work and complete tests and quizzes according to the preceding policies. All gradedmaterial is subject to those policies, without exception, unless you have made special arrangements with Mr.Hutcheson beforehand.Restroom & Class Exiting PolicyStudents have five minutes between all classes, 10 minutes between second and third period, and a 50 minute lunch periodin which to use the restroom and complete other tasks not related to English. As such, students should not need to leavethe English classroom.However, students will be given three “exit passes” per semester to use as they see fit (restroom, office, locker, etc). Eachwill be worth two bonus points on the final exam (6 total). Once all three are gone, students will not be allowed to leavethe room until after class is released by the bell, unless they are requested by the front office.Extra CreditExtra credit opportunities will be provided multiple times each semester. These vary in assignment, but generally replacethe lowest quiz or homework grades on a student’s grade report. Zeros for missing and failed assignments are alwaysreplaced first.Emergencies/DrillsPlease look at the exit route diagram for this classroom posted by the door. We will walk quietly and orderly out to thepractice fields where I will take attendance.In all cases you are responsible for the code of conduct as specified in the OLM Handbook.4

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High SchoolEnglish 10HutchesonCourse: English 10 World LiteratureInstructor: Mr. HutchesonI, _________________________ (parent/guardian), have read this syllabus and discussed its contents with mychild ___________________________ (student). We understand all the classroom procedures above, and mychild agrees to abide by them for the benefit of all students and the teacher.Signatures:_____________________________ Parent/Guardian_____________________________ Student5

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