2010 queue guide.pdf


2010 queue guide.pdf

THE QUEUEThe operation of The Queue, for on-dayticket sales at The Championships,has been designed to provide a specialChampionships experience, to ensure fairnessand to create an area suitable for ourqueueing visitors. We acknowledge thehelp and cooperation of the MetropolitanPolice, the Wimbledon Park Golf Cluband the London Boroughs of Merton andWandsworth in providing a safe environmentfor those who wish to queue and/orcamp overnight for Championships tickets.There is one queue for the on-daysale of tickets at the Gate 3 turnstiles.We appreciate your cooperation withour Stewards, supported by experiencedSecurity OYcers and the Police, to ensuregood behaviour in the queue and restraintwith regard to noise and the consumptionof alcohol.The queueing and early morningprocedures (see pages 12–16), together withthe show court ticket allocations, will bevery similar to previous years. The queuewill traverse through the Wimbledon ParkGolf Club towards Gate 3 via the SecuritySearch Area and the Church Road Bridge.We would especially ask you torespect the environment.The Wimbledon Park and theWimbledon Park Golf Clubare facilities which are enjoyedby many others throughout the year.We very much appreciatethe use of these areas to improveyour experience and safety atThe Championships.Photograph: Neil Tingle/AELTC

No.1 Courts at 1.00 p.m. for the first eleven8Tdays and at 2.00 p.m. on finals days. On all otherhe championships grounds covercourts the start of play will be scheduled formore than 40 acres and are built on land912.00 noon for at least the first eight days and11.00 a.m. for Junior matches on the middleSaturday and the start of the second week.We hope that you enjoy your visitto Wimbledon.which is not totally level. As well as this, at certaintimes (for example, before, between and after matchesas well as during periods of inclement weather),parts of the Grounds can become very busy. Wetherefore urge you to take care and to consider yourown and others’ safety and comfort by heeding thefollowing advice:WELCOMEin addition, all drinks taken onto show courtsor into the stands of any court should becovered to avoid spillage. Hot and/or strongsmelling food will also be prohibited on theshow courts.Play is scheduled to start on Centre andSAFETY& COMFORT★ wear appropriate footwear (note: flip-flopsand high-heels are not recommended).This will help you as you make your wayto and from the Grounds, enter and exitthe stadia and negotiate some of the morechallenging areas of the site, especiallyduring, or as a result of, inclement weather.★ allow good time to reach your seat, or anyother destination, avoiding the need torush through any crowded areas.★ take particular care when negotiatingstairways, both inside and outside the stadiaand especially in crowded conditions.WELCOMEPhotograph: Neil Tingle/AELTC

In common with most other sportsand entertainment venues, there are nosupporting rails to the tiered sectionsSECURITYwithin the courts.★ beware of extreme weather conditions; inparticular, remember to take appropriateprotective measures when spending pe-This year, once again, comprehensivesecurity measures will be in place for allthose visiting The Championships; these will10SECURITYriods in the sun. Wearing a hat, applyingsunscreen regularly throughout the day anddrinking plenty of water are all stronglyrecommended in such conditions.include extensive searches on entry to theGrounds and the show courts. You shouldnote the restriction on the number and size ofbags which may be brought into the Grounds.11SECURITY★ do not leave any items unattended atany time.One bag only per person will be allowedand this bag must measure no more than★ if you face challenges/diYculties innego tiating distances or hilly ground, itmay be easier for you to bring a wheelchair.If this is the case and you have18˝ x 12˝ x 12˝ (45cm x 30cm x 30cm).Further, no hard-sided items (e.g.: picnichampers, coolboxes or briefcases) of any sizewill be allowed into the Grounds.tickets for a show court, please check tosee if your tickets are in an area whichaccommodates wheelchairs. If not,you will be asked to leave the chair inLeft luggage facilities will again be providedoutside the Grounds for items exceeding thesecriteria and for any other items you do notneed during the day. Every eVort will be madea designated area and then access yourto speed your progress through the searchseat by stairs or lift, if available. Pleaseprocedures; however, this process depends onnote that neither the AELTC nor St Johnthe requirements of the Metropolitan PoliceAmbulance provide wheelchairs for visitors.and you are strongly advised to arrive asearly as possible after the Grounds open at10.30 a.m. We know that these proceduresmay be inconvenient but we are equally surethat you will understand the need to protectthe safety and security of all our visitors.

THE QUEUEarbitrate in any dispute. Your position in thequeue cannot be reserved by the placing ofequipment—you must be present in person.QUEUE CARDOn your arrival at the end of the queue youwill be issued with a Queue Card. This card12THEQUEUEWimbledon remains one of the very few major U.K.sporting events for which one can still buy premiumtickets on the day of play.is dated and numbered to show your positionin the queue. It must be retained and will bechecked on entry to the Grounds.13THEQUEUEThe queue has an allocation of tickets forQUEUEING PROCEDURESCentre Court, No.1 Court, No.2 CourtThere are teams of Stewards, appointed andand Ground Admission. A substantial queuetrained by the All England Club and availableforms for the daily allocation of tickets. For24 hours a day, to help and guide you. Pleasea Ground pass it is usually necessary to joinask them about any aspects of queueing andthe queue several hours before the Groundsinformation about The Championships. Inopen. For a show court ticket, many peopleparticular, on arrival, check the location ofchoose to queue overnight to maximise theirthe queue for the day you wish to visit Thechances of being able to purchase a ticketChampionships; on busy days there may befor Centre, No.1 or No.2 Court. However,queueing for more than one day.the Club is under considerable pressure fromneighbours and the police to discourageexcessive queueing, especially overnight,and the queue is requested to minimisedisruption by not causing health and safetyrisks by, for example, burning barbecuesand by respecting our neighbours and theenvironment in areas designated for queueing.Tickets are sold on a strictly one per personqueueing basis. The Honorary Stewardsoperate a Code of Conduct for queue and willAs you join the queue, you will be givena dated and numbered Queue Card. This isevidence of your presence and position in thequeue and must be retained until you reach theturnstiles and have purchased a ChampionshipsTicket (see also page 16).Overnight—Queuers may occupy reasonablygenerous space within the Park; however, earlyin the morning (approximately 6.00 a.m.)you will be woken by the Stewards, asked todismantle ‘camping’ equipment, move cars to

the car parks and then close up into tightercapacity has been reached, subject to prevailingformation so as to create space for those joiningweather/Ground conditions, in accordancethe queue on the day. Camping equipmentwith the Club’s Safety Certificate, queuers willand items exceeding the bag restrictions (seebe admitted on a ‘one out, one in’ basis only aspage 11) must be taken to a Left Luggagespectators finally leave the Grounds.14facility (open 6.30 a.m.) outside the Groundsbefore passing through the search procedures(see Security page 11). At approximately7.30 a.m., Stewards will issue wristbands toToilet Facilities—These are available 24 hoursdaily in Wimbledon Park and as required inthe Wimbledon Park Golf Club.15THEQUEUEthose towards the front of the queue who arequeueing for tickets for Centre and Nos.1 andTHEQUEUE2 Courts. The number of wristbands issuedexactly matches the quantity of tickets availablefor each court on that day.The Bridge—If you are likely to havediYculty negotiating the Church Road bridge,please advise a Steward.Mobility Impaired Visitors—There arefacilities for mobility impaired visitors to waitnearer the Grounds; entry to the Grounds willbe in Queue Card number order. Please askany Steward for further assistance.On the Day—Please ask a Steward to directyou to the end of the queue.Ground Entry—The turnstiles will open atapproximately 9.30 a.m., except for the twofinals days, although, with the exception ofsome catering and shopping outlets, toiletsand the Bank, most of the Grounds will notbe accessible until the scheduled openingtime at 10.30 a.m. Once maximum GroundPhotograph: Neil Tingle/AELTC

TICKETSCourts 4–19—All seats are unreserved.Ticket Resale: seat ticket holders leaving beforethe end of play are requested to place theirtickets in the red boxes provided or have theirtickets scanned on exit from the Grounds. Theywill be re-sold inside the Grounds, after .16THEQUEUEDemand for Wimbledon tickets always exceedssupply; therefore the Club operates a publicballot for the sale, in advance, of a numberof Centre, No. and No.2 Court tickets.p.m., from the kiosk to the north of Court 8near the top of St Mary’s Walk.CANCELLATION OF PLAYDUE TO RAIN17TICKETSTickets are also sold through The LawnDetails of the Raincheck policy introducedTennis Association to affiliated clubs, schools,in 2001 are as follows and apply to all 13their membership scheme and foreign tennisscheduled days of The Championships,associations. Despite increasing pressure to theincluding the final Sunday.contrary, it is our policy to retain a significantnumber of tickets for the general public. We alsocontinue with extensive measures to minimisethe ‘black market’ and ensure that tickets areused by those who originally bought them.i. If there is less than one hour’s playbecause of rain on the court for whichtickets have been bought, the originalpurchasers of the tickets for that courton that day will be refunded withDAILY TICKETS & ADMISSIONCentre Court—A limited number of tickets isavailable daily, except for the last days whenall are sold in advance.No.1 Court—A limited number of tickets isavailable each day.the amount which they paid for thosetickets—the maximum refund payablewill be the face value of the tickets forthe day concerned.ii. Purchasers of ground passes at theturnstiles (except those purchased after5.00 p.m.) will be eligible for a full refundNo.2 Court—A limited number of tickets isif, due to rain, the average amount of playavailable for the first days.on those courts accessible with a groundCourt 3—Seats on west side and free standingpass and for which play was originallyare unreserved.scheduled is less than one hour.

2010 TICKET PRICES C ENTRE COURT NO.1 COURT NO.2 COURT GROUND TICKETS**After5.00p.m.Before5.00p.m.18Subject to confirmationMONDAY 21st JUNE £41 £38 £34 £20 £14FIRST WEEKTUESDAY 22nd JUNE £41 £38 £34 £20 £14WEDNESDAY 23rd JUNE £52 £47 £41 £20 £14THURSDAY 24th JUNE £52 £47 £41 £20 £14FRIDAY 25th JUNE £65 £56 £48 £20 £14SATURDAY 26th JUNE £65 £56 £48 £20 £14MONDAY 28th JUNE £74 £63 £52 £20 £14SECOND WEEKTUESDAY 29th JUNE £74 £63 £35 £17 £12WEDNESDAY 30th JUNE £85 £72 £32 £17 £12THURSDAY 1st JULY £85* £47 available only£16 £12FRIDAY 2nd JULY £95* £31 for as many days£15 £11SATURDAY 3rd JULY £95* £29 as a full programme £15 £11SUNDAY 4th JULY £104* £25 can be maintained£8 £5* The last 4 days on Centre Court are not sold at the turnstiles.**Ground tickets, available on the day of play only, entitle use ofunreserved seating and standing on Courts 5–19.ENTRY AT ANY TIME IS SUBJECT TO GROUND CAPACITYPLEASE NOTE THAT PAYMENT FOR TICKETS PURCHASED AT THE TURNSTILES IS BY CASH ONLY( TO MAINTAIN SPEED OF ENTRY). CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.iii. If there is more than one hour’s play, butless than two hours’ play, refunds will belimited to half the amount paid.iv. The Referee’s decision on how much playhas taken place will be final.v. Only the original purchasers are eligiblefor refunds under this policy. Refundswill be paid out automatically for ticketsbought in advance, but tickets bought atthe Club’s turnstiles ( prior to 5.00 p.m.only) should be returned without delay to:The Ticket OYce, The All England LawnTennis & Croquet Club, “Raincheck”, p.o.Box 98, London sw19 5ae.vi. In view of the numbers that could beinvolved, please do not call at the Club’sTicket OYce or telephone the Club.vii. Tickets purchased at the Ticket Resalekiosk are not covered by this policy asthe monies are passed to charity.viii. Separate terms and conditions apply a) toDebenture Holders as notified by The AllEngland Lawn Tennis Ground plc andb) to any extra days of play.In the event of any curtailment or cancellationof play, due to any cause (other than negligenceof the Club) other than rain, it is regretted thatno refund of money can be made. Refundswill not be made on the day; please do not callat or telephone the Ticket OYce.19TICKETS

22ENJOYINGTHECHAMPIONSHIPSPROVISIONALPROGRAMME OF PLAYThe following is only a guide and may changedue to circumstances beyond the Club’s control,e.g. weather, player injury etc.23THEEARLIEST START DATESTHETENNISGROUND OPENING & MATCHESThe Grounds are open from 0.3 a.m. dailyuntil one hour after close of play or 10.00 p.m.,whichever is earlier.MondayTuesdayThursdayFIRST WEEKGentlemen’s & Ladies’ SinglesGentlemen’s & Ladies’ DoublesMixed DoublesTENNISOn Courts – play is provisionallyscheduled to start at . midday for at leastthe first eight days and at . a.m. for Juniormatches on the middle Saturday and duringthe second week. On Centre and No. Courtsplay will start at . p.m. except on the finaltwo days when play on these courts will start at. p.m. Please check the daily order of play.In the first week the early rounds of the Men’sand Ladies’ Singles, Gentlemen’s, Ladies’ andMixed Doubles will be played on all courts, withtop seeds’ matches played on the show courts.On the middle Saturday the Juniors’ eventscommence and will be played on the outsidecourts as well as on some of the show courts.Non-Ticket Holders cannot be admitted after 8.00 p.m.SaturdayBoys’ & Girls’ SinglesSECOND WEEKTuesday Ladies’ Singles Q.F. Centre & No.Boys’ & Girls’ DoublesVeterans’ Invitation DoublesWednesday Gentlemen’s Singles Q.F.Centre & No.Thursday Ladies’ Singles S.F. Centre CourtChampionship Doubles S.F. Centre or No.Friday Gentlemen’s Singles S.F. Centre CourtChampionship Doubles S.F. Centre or No.Saturday Ladies’ Singles Final Centre CourtGentlemen’s Doubles Final Centre CourtLadies’ Doubles Final Centre CourtSunday Gentlemen’s Singles Final Centre CourtMixed Doubles Final Centre Court

CARPARK4Competitors’PracticeCourts24THETENNISTHE LAWN TENNISCHAMPIONSHIPSWIMBLEDON2010Recommended Routes for Wheelchair UsersTicket Holders’ EntrancesNon-Ticket Holders’ Entrance via The QueuePrivate and Contractors’ EntrancesAccess under StandsReserved SeatingUnreserved SeatingThe Wimbledon ShopRefreshmentsToiletsToilets for those in the QueueFirst AidInformationDrinking FountainNORTHTheAutomobileAssociationToWimbledonCommonTO CAR PARK 4CAR PARK220S O MN E W S T E A D W A YCoveredCourts20E RCARPARK3Programme OfficeLost PropertyTaxis (south)Covered Courts151413LeftLuggageCAR PARKD1Buses forPark & RideS17E T R D16LeftLuggageETunnelS O M E R S E T R DM A R R Y A T R O A DBroadcastCentre12Buses forWimbledonPressCentreTHEMILLENNIUMBUILDINGCompetitors’ComplexMembers’EnclosureCOURT3UNDERCONSTRUCTION11ATıcketResaleCOURT18St Mary’s WalkPlayTennis1118 19St Mary’sGateOrchardSt Mary’s WalkCOURT111097 654PrivateMarquees23110St Mary’sWalk8AorangiFood CourtCOURT19COURT14COURT12AorangiCaféLiftCourtBuffetRefreshmentsAORANGITERRACE5South Concourse151413128,9North ConcourseCOURT COURT COURTCOURTLargeScreenTVL.T.A. Sponsors’ SuiteCOURT15Aorangi CaféSuite LLawn Tennis Association OfficesSuite FCENTRECOURT6 7COURTCOURT16COURT9 10 11212019Private18 Marquees1716PoliceClubhouseNO.2COURTC H U R C H R O A DAorangiPavilionBritish TennisMembership SuiteSuite ANO.1COURTDebenture Holders’ LoungeSuites E, DThe Renshaw RestaurantTheWimbledon ShopLEVEL 5COURT17ATMSkyview SuitesDebenture Holders’ LoungeWingfield RestaurantLiftCompetitors’PracticeCourtsAutographIslandViewingPlatformSuites C, BConservatory BuffetSuites G, H, J, KLong Bar&LawnBuffetTeaLawnTheWimbledon ShopMeeting PointTheBaseline7CaféPergola6LiftThe BakeryFredPerryStatueLast 8ClubFood VillageHSBCBankAELTCOfficesMuseumTheWımbledonShop54TunnelC HC H U RCAR PARK6Competitors’PracticeCourts3Buses forSouthfields,Victoria& Marble ArchR OA D11Debenture Holder EntranceTaxis (north)BandstandCAR PARK5CAR PARK8Lower Level:PharmacyNewsagentBritish Tennis InformationFirst AidKiosks:Wimbledon ShopATP World Tour FinalsMatch StatisticsOfficial Banking PartnerNon-Ticket Holders’ Entrance(via The Queue)Museum(entry viaThe Wimbledon Shop)LeftLuggageCToSouthfields& WandsworthCAR PARK 10& The Queue25THETENNISyardsToWimbledon

THELONG TERMPLANNew Court 4, like new Court 3, is alsoscheduled to open in 2011, but for 2010the concrete base will take a temporarygrandstand to enable Court 5 to bescheduled as a show court.St Mary’s Walk is the major pedestrianaccess route running from the top of26LONGTERMPLANSince the 2009 Championships, workhas progressed at the southern endof our Grounds towards the creationof a new Court 3, together with a newAorangi Terrace past Centre Court down tothe southern courts. For 2010 it has beenextended to the south end of Court 8 tomake it much easier for spectators to move27LONGTERMPLANCourt 4 on the other side of the extendedaround this part of the Grounds.St Mary’s Walk.As part of the same project, otherNew Court 3, a 2,000 seat open bowlfacilities at the southern end of the Groundsstadium, with commentary and TV cameraare also under construction, including apositions and two large screens, will besingle storey Facilities Building, as well asopened in 2011. Underneath the terracinga new Groundsman’s OYce, Maintenancewill be amenities such as public toilets andWorkshop and related storage.a lost property oYce.Below: artist’s impression of new Court 3

EATING& DRINKINGTHE BASELINEDiner—serving hot and cold foodincluding burgers, salads and drinksCafé—serving sandwiches, hot paninis,cakes and freshly ground coVee28 TEA LAWNEATING&DRINKINGChampagne and Pimm’s,strawberries & cream,light refreshments including pizza,dutchee sausages, sandwiches, salads,cookies, pastries, baguettes,ice cream and the Long BarTHE BAKERYfast service of baguettes, sandwiches,freshly baked pastriesand hot and cold beveragesCONSERVATORY BUFFETself-service hot and cold lunches,afternoon tea, light refreshments and supper29EATING&DRINKINGCAFÉ PERGOLAservice-assisted lunch and afternoon tea,light refreshments, beverages and wine barAORANGI FOOD COURTself-service hot and cold food, roast to go,pizzas, salads, sandwichesstrawberries & cream and light refreshmentsWINGFIELD RESTAURANTwaitress service luncheon and afternoon teabooking advised—reservations.fmc@aeltc.comor fax: 8 FOOD VILLAGEfast service of hot food take-aways(including stir-fry, fish & chips, pizza,burger & chips), sandwiches, salads,pastries, cookies and beverages fromThe Pantry, the ice cream parlour and theVillage BarAORANGI CAFÉfast service of southern-fried chicken,sandwiches, light refreshments and barAORANGI TERRACEPimm’s, ice cream and light refreshmentsCOURT BUFFETsandwiches, light refreshments, beverages& Pimm’s barPLAY TENNISsandwiches and light refreshmentsPhotograph: Tom Lovelock/AELTC

A–ZRefer to the map on pages 24 and 25Bicycles left in other areas will be removedby the Police.Children—A ticket (full price) is requiredfor all children aged 5 years old and over.Children in this category are allowed intoall courts provided that they have their own30A–ZAA Office—in Car Park , off Somerset Roadinside Gate .Autograph Island—interviews and signingsessions with top players near theAorangi Pavilion.Babies—We recommend that babes in armsand pushchairs are not brought to TheChampionships as the Grounds are large andcrowded. However, a ticket is not requiredfor those under 5. Babes in arms andchildren under 5 are not allowed into theShow Courts (Centre, No.1 and No.2 Courtsand Courts 5, 12 & 18). A limited numberseat and do not disturb other spectators.note: Children under 12 years must beaccompanied by an adult at at all times.Cushions—Souvenir cushions are availablefrom The Wimbledon Shops.Drinking Water—see map on pages 24 & 25for the location of drinking water fountains.First Aid Posts—the St John AmbulanceBrigade runs four First Aid posts (see mapon pages 24 & 25).Information Desks—a wide variety ofinformation is available from six pointsaround the Grounds.31A–Zof baby changing facilities are available butthere are no facilities for mothers to ‘express’milk. (See also ‘Children’ below).Lawn Tennis Association—details ofmembership (British Tennis Membership),literature and other information are availableBank (HSBC)—situated just to the northfrom the British Tennis Information Area inof Gate and open each day of TheNo. Court (Level ) near Gate 3.Championships from Ground openingto 8. p.m. Automatic till machines arealso available in the Bank, in the NorthConcourse and outside Gate 1.Left Luggage—left luggage facilities areprovided at a number of locations the Grounds. Camping equipment, oversizebags, picnic hampers and other prohibitedBicycles—public bicycle racks are availableitems or bags not required during your visitfree, at the owner’s risk, in Car Parks 6 & 8.to The Championships must be left in one

of these facilities. In the interests of securityup to date scores, results and other publicand the safety of all our visitors, information are situated around the Grounds. F F .Pass-outs—to exit and re-enter the Groundsa valid ticket and the appropriate wristbandLost Property—a Lost Property Office isare required. Pass-out wristbands are availablesituated under Court West Stand—nearat most gates.Gate . Telephone enquiries 8 .Pharmacy—toiletries, pharmaceuticals and32Museum—The Museum Building is at Gatephotographic services are available from the33A–Z. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museumis open daily throughout the year (.0a.m.–. p.m.) and, for ticket holders only,during The Championships from . a.m.to 8. p.m. : Adults—£10.00;OAPs, students and concessions—£8.75; childrenunder 6—£5.50.Newsagent—newspapers (English andforeign) and magazines are available from thekiosk in No.1 Court (Level 1) near Gate 3.Order of Play & Results—the full draw ofthe main Championships events, the dailyorder of play and results to date are displayedin the piazza inside Gate (the turnstileentrance) and outside the DebentureHolders’ Lounge at the north side of CentreCourt. Scoreboards showing point by pointscores for matches on Centre and No.kiosk in No. Court (Level ) near Gate 3.Photography—photographs (still or motion)taken inside the Grounds may only be usedfor private, not commercial, purposes.Picnic Hampers—see Security below.Play Tennis—interactive game, set and matchfun for kids south of Court 12Police—a Metropolitan Police office is locatedin the North Hall of Centre Court.Programmes—official programmes,containing daily order of play, essentialinformation and articles about TheChampionships, may be purchasedfrom kiosks around the Grounds. Finalprogrammes are available from Sport& Leisure, Bradford House, East Street,Epsom, Surrey K .A–ZCourts are located on the main concourseRadio Wimbledon—on air, daily fromand outside the No. Court Stadium. Full8. a.m., throughout The Championshipsmatch information displays are available onproviding latest scores, match reports,the Main Concourse opposite Court 4 andbackground information, local traffic andnear Gate 5. Television monitors showingweather news, broadcasting live on 8. F

to a – mile radius from Wimbledon.Play Tennis marquee (proceeds to charity).Two further channels broadcast matchcommentaries from Centre Court (96.3 fm)and No.1 Court (97.8 fm).Telephones, Public—located inside theGrounds near Gates and , in the No.Court stadium and outside the Grounds nearRefreshments—see page 28.Gate and in Marryat Road.34Security—in the interests of security The AllEngland Club reserves the right to searchbags, vehicles and the person as a conditionTelevision Screen—a giant television screenshows current matches and tennis informationto all areas of the Aorangi Terrace.35A–Zof entry to the Grounds. One bag onlyToilets—see map on pages 24 & 25 forA–Zper person will be allowed and thisthe toilet facilities which are availablebag must measure no more than 18” x 12”throughout the Grounds.x 12” (45cm x 30cm x 30cm). Further, nohard-sided items (e.g. picnic hampers,coolboxes or briefcases) of any size willbe allowed into the grounds. Transport—Buses—for Wimbledon station leave fromSomerset Road, by Gate ; for Southfieldsstation leave from the terminal near Gate V K on Church Road. .Underground—the nearest undergroundShopping—the Wimbledon Shops, in thestations are Southfields (to the north—Centre and No.1 Court Stadia, betweenapprox. minute walk), Wimbledon (toGates 3 & 4 and in kiosks around thethe south—approx. minute walk); bothGrounds, stock all official Wimbledonon the District Line.merchandise and a wide range of gifts andsouvenirs; the funds generated contributetowards the further development of lawntennis in Great Britain.Show Courts—Centre Court, No.1 Court,Taxis—in Church Road outside Gate (heading north) and in Somerset Roadoutside Gate (heading south).Tram—‘Tramlink’ runs regularly betweenCroydon and suburbs and WimbledonNo.2 Court and Courts 5, 12 & 18 areStation.defined as the ‘show courts’.Weather/Sun—You are reminded to takeSpeed of Service Net—try your service,the appropriate measures for protection ofcompared with the professionals, at thethe skin against the sun. You may be in

sunlight for long periods when the use ofACCESSIBILITY36A–Zsunscreens and protective hats and clothesis essential. However, even on warm days,it may be cooler in the covered and/orshaded areas of the stands in Centre andNo.1 Courts and an extra layer of clothingmay be required. (See also Safety & Comfortat The Championships page 9.)Wimbledon Village—a short walk up a steephill from The Championships and you willdiscover an excellent selection of restaurantsand public houses together with manyspecialist and exclusive shops.The Committee and Management of TheAll England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Clubendeavour to provide a high standard ofaccessible facilities for visitors and spectatorswith a disability, including those using awheelchair. If you have any comments orsuggestions for further improvement pleasewrite to the Chief Executive at the followingaddress: The All England Lawn Tennis &Croquet Club, Church Road, Wimbledon,London sw19 5ae.37ACCESS———PUBLICBALLOT———CONTACTWheelchairs—a special map/informationleaflet is available at all gates. The recommendedroutes are shown on the map.Wheelchairs may only be taken into designatedpositions in the show courts.PUBLIC BALLOTFOR THE 2011 CHAMPIONSHIPSA leaflet explaining how to enter the publicballot or the ballot for wheelchair spaces forThere will be reserved spaces for wheelchairusers on Centre and No. Court, No.2 Court2011 is available from either of the Gate 3 orCentre Court (sw) Information Desks duringand Court 3 at the 2011 Championships. AThe Championships. leaflet explaining how to enter the ballot for .these spaces is available from either of theGate 3 or Centre Court (sw) InformationDesks during The Championships.CONTACTINGT H E A L L E N G L A N D L A W N T E N N I S C L U Bwww.wimbledon.orgGeneral (non-ticket) Enquiries: 020 8944 1066Ticket OYce (not ‘box oYce’): 020 8971 2473Museum Enquiries: 020 8946 6131The Wimbledon Shop: 020 8879 5255Lawn Tennis Association: 020 8487 7000

ADVICETO SPECTATORS★ smoke within the stands of any court or inany enclosed space★ take glass or uncovered drinks containers orhot and/or strong smelling food onto theshow courts.38 DO★ leave prohibited items at Left LuggageEMERGENCYIf you discover an accident, fire or suspect39package etc. contact a member of staff★ switch off mobile telephones and communicationor steward/guard immediately [ordevices in the stands and around the courtstelephone ext.2666 or 020 8971 2666★ hand in or offer your ticket for scanning, forfrom an external line or direct from a redresale on behalf of charity, as you leaveemergency telephone]. Give your name,the Grounds.the nature of the incident and the location.ADVICEDO NOTThe relevant emergency service(s) will be★ buy tickets from touts (Schwarzhändler,despatched immediately.Bacarinagios, Scalpers, ), they willEVACUATIONnot gain you entry. Tickets are checked atIf you are asked to evacuate a court or theall entry gates.Grounds, please leave by the nearest exit★ enter or leave the stands except at a changeor as directed by uniformed stewardingof ends and NOT during a tie-breakstaV, taking all your personal belongings★ make a noise during a rallywith you. Please note that, in order to★ applaud a net cord or double faultensure the eVectiveness of any emergency★ use flash photography from the stands—evacuation, the All England Club regretsautomatic flashlights must be suppressedthat spectators using wheelchairs are★ bring babes in arms or children under 5 intoonly permitted access to designated areasany show courtwithin the stands.ADVICE

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY TO THE GROUNDSEntry to the Grounds of The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club (aeltc)requires a valid ticket or pass, which must be retained at all times and impliesacceptance of the following conditions which have been established for the safety andenjoyment of all our visitors and may be amended from time to time:SECURITYThe aeltc reserves the right to limit items which may be brought into the Groundsand to search bags, vehicles and the person before granting entry to the Groundsand other specific facilities.PROHIBITED ITEMSThe following items are prohibited from the Grounds of the aeltc:✽ any bag exceeding 18” x 12” x 12” (45cm x 30cm x 30cm);hard-sided items of any size;✽ any item which may be interpreted as a potential weapon including sharp orpointed objects (e.g. knives, large corkscrews) and ‘personal protection’ sprays;✽ large flags (over 2’ x 2’), banners, rattles, klaxons or oversized hats;✽ any objects or clothing bearing political statements or commercial identificationintended for ‘ambush marketing’.Visitors in possession of prohibited items may be refused entry or ejected fromthe Grounds. Prohibited items may be left in the Left Luggage facilities outsidethe Grounds or handed to aeltc security staV for disposal.ALCOHOL & REFRESHMENTSAlcohol may be brought into the Grounds but is limited to the equivalent of onebottle of wine or two 500ml cans of beer per person. The consumption of alcohol ispermitted only in public bars and other authorised areas. Glass drinking vessels maynot be used on the Show Courts; all drinks taken onto the Show Courts must becovered to avoid spillage. Hot and/or strong smelling food may not be taken onto theShow Courts. The aeltc reserves the right to refuse entry to the stands of any courtto anyone carrying alcohol and to ask anyone drinking alcohol in the stands to leave.BEHAVIOURThe use of any annoying or dangerous behaviour, foul or abusive language, obscenegestures, the removal of shirts or any clothing likely to cause oVence and the climbingonto any building, wall or other structure/equipment and the use of wheeled footwearis forbidden and may result in ejection from the Grounds.COURTSUnauthorised persons are not permitted on the courts at any time.PHOTOGRAPHYThe use of photographic equipment must not inconvenience any other person in theGrounds. Still photographs, film, videotape or other audio-visual material recordedwithin the Grounds may not be sold or used commercially in any way whatsoeverunless authorised by the aeltc and may be confiscated by the Club if such sale orcommercial use is suspected.MOBILE TELEPHONES, COMMUNICATION DEVICES& RADIOSThe use of mobile telephones, communication devices or radios must notinconvenience any other person in the Grounds; in particular they must beswitched off in and around the courts in play. Personal headphones must be usedwhen listening to radios inside the Grounds.TICKETSChampionships tickets may not be bought, sold or distributed without lawful authority.FILMING & BROADCASTING AT THE CHAMPIONSHIPSDuring the Wimbledon fortnight, various filming, photography and broadcastingtakes place. By your presence at The Championships, you grant your permission foryour likeness and voice to be included on film and their exploitation and advertisingwithout compensation or credit.the aeltc reserves the right for its servants, agents and police officers toremove from the grounds any person who contravenes the above ‘conditionsof entry’ and any person whose presence and/or behaviour in the groundscould reasonably be construed as dangerous, a nuisance or annoyance toany other person in the grounds.

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