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DEC-00146-Environment Binder Cover.indd - Atlantic Climate ...

DEC-00146-Environment Binder Cover.indd - Atlantic Climate ...

Recommendations for

Recommendations for Workbook CompletionTable 1 outlines a recommended course of action for assessing climate changeissues in your community.Table 1: Organizing Action in Your CommunityAction1. Establish maincommunity contacts2. Gather backgroundinformationResponsibilities❏ Select main contacts to participate as members of theproject team❏ Gather relevant community information, such as:• Climate data• Emergency and sustainability plans• Maps• Infrastructure and environmental studies❏ Determine who would be interested in participating in thisprocess and have important information to contributePhoto credit: Department of Transportation andWorks, NL.Slope movement from floodingafter Tropical Storm Chantal hitNewfoundland and Labrador, 2007.3. Set up a communityworkshop or series ofmeetings❏ Choose how you want to work through the 7 steps:• 1 half-day or full-day community workshop• A series of 2-3 meetings❏ Identify a date, location and participants for the workshopor meetings4. Investigate adaptationoptions❏ Contribute suggestions and ideas❏ Consider examples from other communities❏ Consider how your community has adapted in the past5. Present and discusssummary of findings❏ Present findings to committee and community members❏ Assess your adaptation options6. Moving forward onadaptation options❏ Develop a workplan to implement your adaptation optionsand incorporate them into community planningAt the back of this workbook there is a resource guide that includes additionalinformation on the issues identified throughout the workbook, a list of definitions,a section on funding opportunities and a section on other decision-making toolsavailable. Here you will also find case studies that offer examples of how othercommunities have adapted to climate-related issues.IntroductionV

As you go through this process, use the resources available to identify, exploreand address the issue(s) your community faces. Resources include previous studiesin your area conducted by government, universities or other groups; newspaperarticles; local knowledge; maps; on-line sources; museums and archives.Establishing a climate change adaptation committee, hosting a workshop andconducting interviews are all useful ways to collect information from communitymembers. People you may want to contact include:❏ Current and past mayors and councillors❏ Town staff❏ Elders and seniors❏ Members of environmental organizations❏ Emergency service personnel (police, fire, search and rescue)❏ Planners❏ Engineers❏ Water and sewer workers❏ Lands management personnel❏ Fish harvesters❏ Farmers❏ Members of volunteer organizations❏ Community researchers❏ Foresters❏ Coast guard personnel❏ Members of stewardship groups❏ Public health nursesStrong winds and waves can battercommunities, causing damage tohouses and docks along the coast,as seen in Port-aux-Basques, NL.Photo credit: Don PittmanVI7 Steps to Assess Climate Change Vulnerability in Your Community

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