Profitability with Service Assurance

Profitability with Service Assurance

Profitability withService AssuranceMade Possible by Lawson

“ Providing post-sales service and generating servicedrivenrevenue have emerged as the critical drivers ofrevenues, profits, customer satisfaction and competitivedifferentiation.”“Service as a Profit Center: The CFO’s View”, AberdeenGroup Report, September 2006.But what level of service should you offer to whichcustomer and at what price?Information “blind spots,” in other words, the lack of information to makeinformed decisions, is the leading obstacle to rental, service and maintenancecompanies’ ability to optimize business performance, develop and sell newservices, and exploit opportunities to generate more revenue and profit.What if you can determine in advance the cost andprofitability level of each service?Armed with that information, you will be able to offer suitable services tocustomers at appropriate prices. You will enter each service contract with confidenceand the assurance that this is the best deal for you and your customer.Service Assurance—Made Possible by LawsonWhat is service assurance?Lawson is providing a new service concept: Service Assurance. Service Assuranceprovides information unity and data visibility. It allows companies involved withequipment service management to use the information at hand to improveservice performance, revenue generation and profitability.How can service assurance help my company?Service assurance is made possible through Lawson M3 Equipment ServiceManagement, which eliminates information blind spots and enables youto see the business from a new angle, an integrated perspective.With Equipment Service Management, you have immediate access to informationthat was previously unavailable to you, allowing you to monitor the day-todayperformance of your entire operation and make decisions based on knownfactors. Ultimately, this information will help you ensure that the rightservice is provided to each customer, at the right price. That isservice assurance.

Driving Profitability with Service AssuranceStill not convinced? Hear what the experts have to say!A new report from AberdeenGroup shows that service-chain initiatives are emergingamong product-centric companies as critical drivers of revenues, profits,customer satisfaction, and competitive differentiation. It also reports, however, thatfor many companies, the lack of an integrated technological solution is preventingthese companies from turning post-sales service into a profit generator.Many of the report’s key recommendations can be easily achieved by implementingthe Lawson solution. These include:Improve the visibility to senior management of budgeting and forecasting ofservice-related revenues, costs and profits.Lawson M3 Equipment Service Management offers comprehensive enterprise performancemanagement functionality that allows you to monitor service chain performancethrough immediate access to operational, financial, and customer data.Slay the data dragonGood data help make good decisions. The Lawson solution provides you withclean, reliable and timely data that allows you to measure the impact your serviceshave on productivity, customer value, and financial performance.Measure top-line impact of service chains first by revenue recapture,then by revenue creation.The Lawson solution helps you to provide real-time service automationsolutions that produce timely, accurate, and granular data on service performance.You can leverage the point-of-service customer data to increase prices and targetcross-selling opportunities.Quantify impact of service activities and performance on asset operators(e.g. asset uptime)Lawson M3 Equipment Service Management helps you gain visibility intocustomer-centric indicators like machine availability, first-time resolution rate, andmean-time-to repair (MTTR). It shows you how service delivery ties directly toyour customers’ operations and performance.Reduce dependence on spreadsheet and evaluate other technologies foranalytical processes.The Lawson solution is an integrated, enterprise solution that eliminates both theneed to use spreadsheets and the errors caused by multiple manual data entry.To learn more about Lawson M3 Equipment Service Management and read thefull AberdeenGroup report, visit:

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