San Diego CORE Proposal - Del Mar North
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San Diego CORE Proposal - Del Mar North

Traffic PatternsAbraxas3dPaulSan Diego CORE ProposalDocument saved November 5, 2012 9:40 AMProposal Presented 3 November 2012at CORE Planning Meeting 2

ConceptTraffic as Play Within A Structure••Traffic Patterns is a Three-Dimensional Maze••A mundane experience is transformed by art••Cooperation enhances traversal

Alpha ModelAlpha Model - Cardboard••Maze generator used to create images••Images printed and given walls••Layers stacked together to make puzzle cube

Alpha Model - Edits• Maze was improved by editing the paths of the papermodel. Ups and downs were placed in order to allow twocompletely separate vertical solutions.• A two-level secret chamber was placed in the maze.Access is by hidden panels on both of the levels. Theselevels are connected vertically.• Top level dominated by open-air lounge.Design Review

SecretChamberUpBeta ModelDownDownBeta Model - SoftwareDownThe conversion of a physical model to a software model enablespowerful editing and visualization. Materials calculation andUpautomated cutting are simplified by using a software model.Additional physical models are simple to construct from asoftware model.The model was made using Adobe Illustrator and Rhino.DownUpDownOpen Air LoungeUpDownDownUpDownUpUpSecretChamberDown

12.5sheetsplywoodfor eachof 5 floors.Plywood Required62.5 fullsheets ofplywoodfor floors.Up10 fullsheets ofplywoodfor outerwalls foreach of5 floors.Up50 fullsheetsplywoodfor floors.Inner wallsfloor 1 has 7 sheetsfloor 2 has 8.5 sheetsfloor 3 has 9 sheetsfloor 4 has 8.5 sheetsfloor 5 has 5 sheetsInner wall total is 38 sheets.Inner walls could be done in fabric in order to save some amount of money,but would not have the same effect.Total of 150.5 sheets of plywood.

StatementsThere is plenty of room for themed decorations with this structure. There aremany possibilities for themes. Each floor could be a different theme of puzzle,transportation, area of San Diego, community-sourced art, transportation challenge,etc. 150 sheets of plywood is a lot of space for planned as well as unplanned art.The design is simple. The construction is regular. Construction can beginimmediately upon any level of funding, leaving more time for art installation.It will burn bright and fast due to the spacing of the floors and the amount of aircirculation in the layers.Enormous opportunity for complex lighting effects.Secret chambers!Forked path design: there are areas you can’t get to unless you go up or down andbridge over.

QuestionsIs a ramp or ladder a better idea than an open square to go up and down?How should it be architected?How much and what type of lumber is required for the framing?Should the open-air lounge have a bar?Should food be served at the top?

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