Mentoring and Developing an Academic Clinical Research Career

Mentoring and Developing an Academic Clinical Research Career

Academic Career StagesEarly careerProfessional trainingFirst faculty appointmentMid-careerDeveloping national reputationMultiple institutional responsibilitiesEmergence of leadership styleEstablished-careerSustaining and renewalInstitutional leadership

Mentoring is important…To attract, retain and engage high performersTo swiftly acculturate new membersTo foster a collaborative environmentTo increase stability and productivityTo promote diversity of thought and styleTo develop leadership talentBeing a mentor is the most effective wayof extending one’s s professional contributions

M E N T O R I N GDIMENSIONSROLESFUNCTIONSASSUMPTIONSCareerSponsorGuides, protects, opens doors,and makes introductionsEngenders TrustOrTechnicalCoachTeaches, challenges, andprovides feedbackReciprocatesRespectPsychosocialOrPersonalRoleModelCounselorDemonstrates behaviors,attitudes, and valuesProvides support, advice, andcoping strategiesDemonstratesCommitmentIssues ChallengesProvides SupportOffers Vision

Providing Advice as MentororBeing a MenteeSuccessful mentoring requires trustby the mentee and mentorthat discussion will be confidential

Keys to Success with Your MentorEstablish a working relationshipKeep your mentor informedBe willing to share your accomplishmentsand difficulties with your mentorProvide feedback on adviceKeep your wordBegin your relationship by a joint discussionof common expectations and goals

Develop an Action PlanGoal setting can be helpful to establisha framework for planningShort term goalsLonger term goalsPublicationPost-tenuretenureGrant application5 years6 months10 years24 months New role

Strategies for Successful MentoringManage When and WhereSet a regular scheduleFrequency will depend on the scheduleof both mentor and menteeInclude time for face-toto-facediscussionsRespect boundariesOn-site location can be convenientOff-site location can avoid distractions

Assist withnetworkingMentorsA mentor can…Provideseasoned adviceKeep mentee’son trackProvideconfidence tothe mentee

MentorsA mentor canhelp menteeslook forward tothe futureA mentor canbe a life-longcolleagueand friend

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