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Serious SmileBy Michael PearlLife is very serious, and so it mustbe handled with a very serious smile. And it’s best to bring it with you, for quite often circumstanceswill not provide you with provocation. I am not telling you to “look within”.Sometimes <strong>the</strong> only smile you can find <strong>the</strong>re is that of a court jester or a cynic. <strong>No</strong>r am Isuggesting that you somehow transcend reality with some blind spiritual ecstasy. That isan escape reserved for concentration camps and extreme suffering.The creative mind finds it difficult to smile in <strong>the</strong> midst of drudgery. The differencebetween a smile and a gripe is not <strong>the</strong> circumstance, but <strong>the</strong> point of view. To <strong>the</strong> rancherit’s a useless place to raise cattle; to <strong>the</strong> oil man it’s a treasure trove. To <strong>the</strong> tired mo<strong>the</strong>r, repeating<strong>the</strong> same chores day after day, struggling to keep peace with <strong>the</strong> children, aware ofher fading youth and her failure to have achieved <strong>the</strong> self-expression she expected, wishingfor romance that died too quickly, today is just ano<strong>the</strong>r burden to be borne; whereas to<strong>the</strong> mo<strong>the</strong>r with a vision for eternity, today is an opportunity to be God’s nanny, teachingHis kids to honor Him. She doesn’t carry <strong>the</strong> burden of personal ambition.Borrowed worries can leave us pulling God’s load, probably in a direction He wouldnever take it. My Daddy used to say that he found life difficult until he resigned as chairmanof <strong>the</strong> universe. The common laborer smiles while his boss pulls his hair out. Ifyou’re not running <strong>the</strong> company, but assuming <strong>the</strong> responsibility anyway, you may neverfind rest. The song says, “Trust and obey, for <strong>the</strong>re’s no o<strong>the</strong>r way to be happy in Jesus,but to trust and obey.” If you look at <strong>the</strong> quality of your trust, your smile may vanish, butif you look to <strong>the</strong> success of Him whom you trust, <strong>the</strong>re will always be more than enoughmotivation to smile.Articles2 Serious Smile3 They’re Smarter Than You Think4 Survival8 The Ant10 The Chinese Waitress12 Light in a Dark Country14 Eating WILD20 Ministry Business22 A Hay Day23 Smart Pack<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> is a bimonthly publication by <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong><strong>Joy</strong> <strong>Ministries</strong>, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicatedto <strong>the</strong> advancement of <strong>the</strong> gospel of Jesus Christin America and in those countries where Christ is leastknown. A free subscription is available by writing to <strong>the</strong>address below or by visiting our website. Your questionsand comments are welcomed. Please send <strong>the</strong>m to <strong>the</strong>address below. All correspondence to <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>becomes <strong>the</strong> property of <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> and is availablefor publication unless <strong>the</strong> writer expressly requests thatit not be published.This material is copyrighted by Michael and Debi Pearl.Permission for <strong>the</strong> reprint of single articles is grantedbased on <strong>the</strong> following conditions:1. The article must be printed in its entirety.2. <strong>No</strong> more than one article per publication.3. Complete recognition must be given as to <strong>the</strong> source.4. Every reprint must include sufficient information for<strong>the</strong> reader to subscribe to <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>.5. <strong>No</strong> copyright privileges are conveyed by reprintingany portion of this publication.6. This license to reprint may be revoked for anyoneabusing this privilege to reprint.7. This license is in force until <strong>the</strong> printing of a publicstatement o<strong>the</strong>rwise.All Scripture taken from <strong>the</strong> Authorized Version(King James) Holy BibleNGJsept-oct2009Volume 15 | Number 5Printed in <strong>the</strong> USAEditors in ChiefMichael and Debi PearlPhotographyLaura Newman,Shoshanna Pearl EaslingOn <strong>the</strong> CoverLuke MillerArt Director Lynne HopwoodContributingWritersMel Cohen, Shalom PearlBrand, Shoshanna PearlEasling, Lynne Hopwood<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> <strong>Ministries</strong>, Inc. 1000 Pearl Road • Pleasantville, TN 37033 • www.nogreaterjoy.org

They’reSmarter ThanYou ThinkBy Michael PearlI am continually amazed at <strong>the</strong> rapidmental development of three- and four-yearolds.I didn’t notice it so much in my kidswhile <strong>the</strong>y were growing up as I do now inmy grandkids this second time around.At three years of age, Jeremiah is botha philosopher and <strong>the</strong>ologian. The o<strong>the</strong>r dayI invited him to come ride with me as I returnedto retrieve <strong>the</strong> carcass of a fox squirrelI had seen lying in <strong>the</strong> road earlier in <strong>the</strong> day.He, of course, asked why I wanted a deadsquirrel. I explained to him that I make artist’spaintbrushes out of <strong>the</strong>ir tail hairs, because you can’t buy <strong>the</strong>ir equal anywhere. Ofcourse, <strong>the</strong> idea of retrieving a dead animal was somewhat thrilling to him. As we wereriding along, he asked, “Why did <strong>the</strong> squirrel die”? “It got run over,” I replied. “But whydid it die,” he insisted. “It was trying to cross <strong>the</strong> road and didn’t watch for <strong>the</strong> traffic,” Isaid. Then he joined all <strong>the</strong> philosophers of past ages by asking, “Did God make it die?”Wow! That was a big one! Here was my half-pint grandson wrestling with reconciling<strong>the</strong> sovereignty of God with <strong>the</strong> free will of a squirrel.His parents freely share with him <strong>the</strong> fact that “God made beautiful flowers; Godsends <strong>the</strong> rain so our corn will grow; God made <strong>the</strong> fish so we can eat <strong>the</strong>m,” and so forth.So, Jeremiah freely attributed to God all things good and lovely. By his question, he hadobviously ga<strong>the</strong>red a sense that if anything was done, God must be <strong>the</strong> doer of it. Hislittle three-year-old mind had logically questioned: Is <strong>the</strong> almighty God also <strong>the</strong> author ofevil? God made <strong>the</strong> squirrels. God makes <strong>the</strong> trees bear nuts so <strong>the</strong> squirrels can eat. Godis all-powerful. So, how could a squirrel die unless God wills it? All of that was stirringaround in his little brain. How could I explain something to him that took me over twodecades to understand—if indeed I understand it yet?So I answered him according to <strong>the</strong> plane of reality revealed in <strong>the</strong> Scriptures. “Godmade <strong>the</strong> squirrel with a free will, so it could decide which tree it wants to climb, whereit wants to build its nest, and which nuts it wants to eat. He also made <strong>the</strong> squirrel to havesense enough to avoid getting eaten by a hawk or owl. God made <strong>the</strong> squirrel to know thatcars are a threat to its well-being. That is why you see <strong>the</strong>m run off <strong>the</strong> road when a carapproaches. But, God allows <strong>the</strong> squirrel to make a choice whe<strong>the</strong>r or not to take a chanceand cross <strong>the</strong> road. Obviously, this squirrel didn’t look both ways before crossing, so hegot hit by <strong>the</strong> car. God didn’t make him do it; God let him decide. He decided wrong.”“Oh,” he said. And he was satisfied for <strong>the</strong> moment. But he will certainly wrestlewith that question <strong>the</strong> rest of his life. My simple answer won’t always satisfy his concerns.He will have to contemplate <strong>the</strong> Scriptures and his own reality, but at least, hisjourney has begun.www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 3

SURVIVALBy Michael PearlSurvival, <strong>the</strong> most powerful instinct ofall, recently awakened by <strong>the</strong> financialcrisis and <strong>the</strong> threatening political climate,is <strong>the</strong> primary concern expressed in <strong>the</strong> many letterswe are receiving. It is not a new experience for me,because I remember many similar awakenings in my 63years. In <strong>the</strong> fifties and very early sixties, <strong>the</strong>re were manybusinesses advertising <strong>the</strong> construction of your own personalnuclear bomb shelter. Schools and businesses hadregular drills on how to protect oneself in <strong>the</strong> event of anuclear detonation. Then came <strong>the</strong> sixties with all <strong>the</strong> civilrights unrest, and an all-out race war seemed imminent.Nuclear weapons proliferated, and Vietnam revealed thatwe were not all powerful after all. Hippies, drugs, andsecularism spelled <strong>the</strong> end of society as we knew it, and“God is dead” was <strong>the</strong> state philosophy of <strong>the</strong> universities.Many of you can remember <strong>the</strong> seventies and eighties,marked by decreasing respect for morality and <strong>the</strong> Bible. Killing babies becamecommon, and God made his own statement with AIDS. The government responded bymaking Sodomites a protected species.4 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

The prosperity of <strong>the</strong> nineties ended with <strong>the</strong> fear and<strong>the</strong>n <strong>the</strong> fizzle of Y2K. Many were left feeling silly, sittingon <strong>the</strong>ir five gallon buckets of pressure-sealed dried foodssurrounded by a garage full of bottled water. This centurystarted off in fire and blood and has brought growing disunityand distrust of government.But none of this has been as alarming as <strong>the</strong> present politicalclimate, first launched during <strong>the</strong> previous Republicanadministration and now being unbelievably expanded underPresident Obama. We know that Christians, homeschoolers,and conservatives in general are now in <strong>the</strong> crosshairs ofgovernment assassins, right along with terrorists and anarchists.There is a strong sense amongst us that we are beingincreasingly isolated by <strong>the</strong> reigning world philosophies. Itall makes us feel that when <strong>the</strong> time is right, <strong>the</strong>y will feed usto <strong>the</strong> lions in <strong>the</strong> name of liberal morality.Christians and people concerned about keeping <strong>the</strong>ir hardearned money are fleeing California like fleas from a deaddog. “Where can we go to survive <strong>the</strong> impending collapse?”<strong>the</strong>y cry. “What can we do to prepare ourselves to survive?My response is short and simple: “Bring it on!” WhenI was younger, <strong>the</strong>se things affected me much more. I don’tknow if I have responded to <strong>the</strong> cry of wolf so many timesin <strong>the</strong> past that I no longer believe <strong>the</strong> warnings, or if it issimply <strong>the</strong> fact that now I am in a much better position tosurvive extreme adversities than I was when I was younger.I truly feel that I am able to wea<strong>the</strong>r <strong>the</strong> worst storm and, ifnecessary, be <strong>the</strong> last man standing. Which finally brings meto <strong>the</strong> reason for writing this article.I want to help you to achieve <strong>the</strong> same confidence I havegained. My confidence is not in stored gold or silver—I have none. It is not in food ando<strong>the</strong>r consumable supplies securely laid away. <strong>No</strong>r have I placed my confidence in defensiveweapons or fortified compounds. My confidence is in two things. First and foremostis <strong>the</strong> fact that I know my God is in control of all things, and that he is working allthings for <strong>the</strong> good of those of us who love him and are called to be part of his purposeon this earth (Romans 8:28). I don’t say that so as to sound spiritual. I truly find peace in<strong>the</strong> knowledge of him as my sovereign God, and, if necessary, I’m willing to accept hispurposes in <strong>the</strong> midst of suffering.But I will admit, without <strong>the</strong> arsenal of natural means that I have acquired over <strong>the</strong>years to wea<strong>the</strong>r adversity, I would have to pray much more and be more resigned tosuffer with <strong>the</strong> rest of society when it all goes up in smoke. As it is, I am equipped tosurvive—and fully expect to. And all of my equipment is carried in my head—acquiredknowledge and <strong>the</strong> skill to use it in any circumstances. It is farbetter to possess knowledge of how to ga<strong>the</strong>r food from <strong>the</strong>wild, or even from a vacant lot, than to have a storehouseof food. It is more comforting to know how to build a shelterin <strong>the</strong> city or in <strong>the</strong> wilderness, than to own a remoteand well-equipped retreat. It is better to know how tomake and use tools, than it is to possess <strong>the</strong> thingsa man thinks he might need to wea<strong>the</strong>r adversity.www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 5

Confidence in one’s own resourcefulness cannot be stolen or deniedby a hostile government or a rogue gang.Think about this. If I had two years worth of food stored up andpeople around me were hungry, would I hoard my food and eat whileo<strong>the</strong>rs starved? I would not. I would share my food. If I had food anddesperate men with starving children tried to take my food by force,would I shoot <strong>the</strong>m in defense of my store? <strong>No</strong>, I would not. I wouldshare what I had.For that reason, I see no sense in depending on nonrenewable resources beyond atemporary crisis, like a power outage, or a temporary interruption of food deliveries tostores, or an economic collapse that produces chaos for a few days or weeks. It is alwayswise to have on hand enough food and water to wea<strong>the</strong>r a three-month emergency, plusa little more, knowing you will probably want to share with those who have no reserves.Raw grains, beans, rice and nuts are to be preferred—more food for less money and simplerto store. Three hundred pounds for <strong>the</strong> average family should see you through—allfor less than three hundred dollars. Ra<strong>the</strong>r than maintaining a fancy storage unit after <strong>the</strong>emergency has ended, eat it or throw it out every year, and <strong>the</strong>n refresh your supply.<strong>No</strong>w, <strong>the</strong>re is an obvious advantage to living in <strong>the</strong> country—a big advantage! Out<strong>the</strong>re you are much less likely to have to defend your food storage supplies. You willbe far removed from <strong>the</strong> urban violence that is likely to occur. Well water or purifyablegroundwater are available even if utilities are not functioning, and, best of all, you will beclose to <strong>the</strong> land where your foodstuffs can be renewed.You may be one of many who are disturbed because you live in a big city. You almostfeel trapped: Your job is <strong>the</strong>re, and with <strong>the</strong> dire economic conditions we’re presentlyin, this is no time to be changing your vocation or looking for a new job. Many of you,if you did move out into <strong>the</strong> country, would be helpless, poor, and destitute when yourmoney ran out. If you fit into this group of families, please consider this very practicaland workable suggestion, one that is both affordable and is almost guaranteed to be funfor <strong>the</strong> whole family.This weekend, take a family trip out into <strong>the</strong> country outside your city. Fifty to onehundred miles should be about right. Find a farm with an old abandoned shack on it.Locate <strong>the</strong> owner, and introduce yourself and your family. Make sure <strong>the</strong> kids are with6 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

you and at <strong>the</strong>ir most courteous—“Yes, Sir,” and “Thank you, Ma’am.” Tell <strong>the</strong> ownerthat you work in <strong>the</strong> city and are concerned about <strong>the</strong> troubling political and economicclimate we’re presently in. Tell him that you would like to have a get-away out in <strong>the</strong>country, but cannot afford to buy a place. Offer to lease his old shack for something like$500 a year, or less, on <strong>the</strong> condition that you make some improvements on it—possiblynew windows and doors, insulation, etc. You can replace windows and doors for about$100 each. If you cannot afford to do much improvement, you can buy a roll of clearall-wea<strong>the</strong>r clear vinyl that can be stapled over <strong>the</strong> windows in time of need.Tell him that your family would like to vacation <strong>the</strong>re as you work on it weekendsand summers. Volunteer to help him on his farm (if he has one) for <strong>the</strong> knowledge youwill gain. I am sure he will be willing to plow your garden, and cut <strong>the</strong> weeds around <strong>the</strong>place with his tractor. In time, you will accumulate all necessary tools and <strong>the</strong> knowledgeto use <strong>the</strong>m. Learn to garden by starting with a small plot no bigger than your livingroom. There is an abundance of good books that will provide you with <strong>the</strong> basic knowledgeyou will need. Knowledge is power, and <strong>the</strong> skills learned to apply that knowledgeproduces confidence.Following this very workable suggestion, you will be able to continue living in <strong>the</strong>city where you make your living, but you will also have all <strong>the</strong> advantages of living in<strong>the</strong> country. Always keep enough gas in <strong>the</strong> car to get <strong>the</strong>re, and enough food to last youuntil <strong>the</strong> next harvest season, and you will be all set for any worst-case scenario.On a small scale, you can learn <strong>the</strong> old-fashioned ways to store potatoes, pumpkins,turnips, cabbage, and beets. You can practice canning and drying food. Out <strong>the</strong>re in <strong>the</strong>country, you will be able to locate experienced old-timers who will love to share <strong>the</strong>irknowledge with you. Harvest wild nuts and berries. Learn <strong>the</strong> land and what it has to offer.Get comfortable with <strong>the</strong> outdoors. Hike. With <strong>the</strong> owner’s permission, cut your ownfirewood. Install enough solar panels for lights at night and to recharge electric tools.This can be <strong>the</strong> most bonding experience your family will ever have. The kids willlove it if <strong>the</strong>y see that you are relaxed and are having fun. And, be sure to not drive <strong>the</strong>mtoo hard. Let <strong>the</strong>m paint <strong>the</strong>ir own rooms. Visit <strong>the</strong> local swimming hole. Find <strong>the</strong> bestplaces to fish. Make it a point to go hunting <strong>the</strong>re in <strong>the</strong> wintertime. Learn to identify localplants that are edible. You can eat about half of what grows wild, but you must make<strong>the</strong> effort to know “which half.” Visit <strong>the</strong> local churches and get to know <strong>the</strong> people. Let<strong>the</strong>m know what you are doing, and <strong>the</strong>y will not only appreciate your effort, <strong>the</strong>y maystep in to help.By putting <strong>the</strong>se suggestions to work, you can be a commuting homesteader without<strong>the</strong> burden of being helplessly in debt. And let’s face it, most of you are not cut out forcountry life with its long winters and humid and sticky summers. A little dose can befun, where a total change in lifestyle can become a burden too heavy for you and <strong>the</strong>whole family.I say again: The best resource against hard times is knowledge. When you add toknowledge a convenient environment to put that knowledge to work, you will be a confidentand happy survivor of any local or national disaster. Then you can grin and joinwith me in saying, “Bring it on!”The following is a suggested list of good “how-to” books that we have used and accumulatedover <strong>the</strong> years. Many can be found at BulkHerbStore.com.· Just In Case: How To BeSelf-Sufficient WhenThe Unexpected Happens.· The Green Pharmacy· The Encyclopediaof Country Living· The Have More Plan· How to Grow More Vegetableswww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 7

There once was an ant namedChrista-Christa (Gracie’sThe Antfavorite name,) who lived ona very big farm. One morningin early spring, when <strong>the</strong> dewwas still on <strong>the</strong> leaves, Christa-The story I am about to tell you isChrista headed out her door towell-known by many folks. I told itlook for food to store away forto my daughter as we were pickinggreen beans this last week.must begin immediately if <strong>the</strong>re<strong>the</strong> coming winter. She knew shewas going to be enough to feedher family during <strong>the</strong> comingwinter months. As she was walkingdown <strong>the</strong> road, she passed alazy grasshopper who was lyingin <strong>the</strong> sun by <strong>the</strong> river, enjoying <strong>the</strong>warm spring morning. “Good morning,”she said, with a great big smile.“Good morning to you, too,” replied<strong>the</strong> long-legged grasshopper. Everymorning for <strong>the</strong> next few weeks asshe went on her morning rounds toga<strong>the</strong>r food, she would pass <strong>the</strong> lazy,lounging grasshopper, smile andsay, “Good morning.” In like mannerhe would reply, “Good morningto you, too.”Then one morning in <strong>the</strong> latesummer as Christa-Christa washeading home with a great big loadof food she had spent <strong>the</strong> day harvesting,<strong>the</strong> grasshopper stoppedher. “Why do you work all <strong>the</strong>time?” he asked with a smile. “Summerwill soon be over, and you havemissed all <strong>the</strong> good wea<strong>the</strong>r.” With asmile on her face, she paused to say,“I am ga<strong>the</strong>ring food while <strong>the</strong> harvestis abundant, for soon <strong>the</strong> winterBy shalom (Pearl) brand cold will be here, and <strong>the</strong>re will beno more food to ga<strong>the</strong>r to feed my family.” As she continued on her way, she heard<strong>the</strong> lazy grasshopper laughing and mocking. “That silly old ant; what does she know?There is plenty of time before winter; fur<strong>the</strong>rmore, <strong>the</strong>re will always be some kind offood available.”The next week, winter came to visit and stayed for a long time. The grasshopper becameso weak with hunger and so tired from searching for food that he could no longerhop. He was now a “grasscrawler” instead of a grasshopper. So he painfully crawled to<strong>the</strong> home of <strong>the</strong> wise ant. “Let me in, let me in!” he cried. Christa-Christa came to <strong>the</strong>door with tears in her eyes and said, “Go away; I only have enough food for my fami-8 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

ly,” and closed <strong>the</strong> door. The grasshopper, who nowcould nei<strong>the</strong>r hop nor crawl, fell down and died.When I was finished telling this story to Gracie,she exclaimed that she did not want to be <strong>the</strong> grasshopper.We continued to pick green beans for <strong>the</strong>next hour, and her little four-year-old hands workedright along beside mine. That night as we were eating<strong>the</strong> food that we had harvested that day, Gracietold her dad <strong>the</strong> story of <strong>the</strong> Ant and <strong>the</strong> Grasshopper,and told him that he did not have to worry,because when winter came, she and Mama wouldhave food stored and ready to feed us all.Over <strong>the</strong> past few weeks, I have been teachingGracie from Proverbs 31 <strong>the</strong> meaning of being avirtuous woman. As we are ga<strong>the</strong>ring food to feed<strong>the</strong> family, I point out that we are being virtuouswomen, and that <strong>the</strong> Bible says virtuous women are worth more than rubies. Every dayGracie wants to help me, telling me she wants to be a “<strong>No</strong>rmal Mama,” her replacementword for “virtuous,” a word she cannot remember. It is delightful to be raisingchildren who see that working for <strong>the</strong>ir food and serving those around <strong>the</strong>m is <strong>the</strong>norm, and do not expect <strong>the</strong> needs of winter to be supplied by someone else.Many parents today are raising children to be lazy grasshoppers who expect someonemore capable to supply <strong>the</strong>ir needs. When a mo<strong>the</strong>r allows her children to rushto <strong>the</strong> front of <strong>the</strong> line at a church dinner, ga<strong>the</strong>ring <strong>the</strong> best foods before <strong>the</strong> supplyis depleted, she is training <strong>the</strong>m to be grasshoppers. It takes a grasshopper to makea grasshopper. Mo<strong>the</strong>r Grasshopper, you need to read Proverbs 31:10-31 and beginapplying it to your life if you are ever going to teach your daughters to be virtuouswomen. It might be <strong>the</strong> summer of <strong>the</strong>ir lives now, but winter will come soon enoughin <strong>the</strong> lives of your children, so rise up early and lay up now for <strong>the</strong> winter. Don’t letyour children die, like <strong>the</strong> lazy, sun-bathing grasshopper.Dear Sir & Madam, We havegreatly benefited by reading aborrowed copy of Created To BeHis Help Meet. We thank you foryour frankness and for laying outmy responsibility as a wife. We alsothank God for this. The first time Iread <strong>the</strong> book through, I sometimesfelt like throwing <strong>the</strong> book across<strong>the</strong> room or burning it in our woodstove. There’s no way I can ever dothis I thought. My husband is verythankful for my efforts in reverencinghim and helping him with “his”work. He wants more of your books.Thank you again for letting Godwork through you. S. B.Mr. and Mrs. Pearl, Just wantedyou to know that my husbandand I have a number of your childtraining books and I am currentlyin two studies of Created To BeHis Help Meet. The second startedwhen friends of mine wanted tojoin <strong>the</strong> one that is going on at mysisters home, but couldn’t make<strong>the</strong> day work for <strong>the</strong>m, so now wemeet at our house <strong>the</strong> next day.Funny:). We are really enjoying <strong>the</strong>books, even when <strong>the</strong>y are truelyconvicting. Thank you for all youdo. God Bless. Amberwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 9

Photograph: Chrisia Reichert, sxc.huThe Chinese WaitressFreida LansingAbout eight years ago, my husband, Ken, and I went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant.Our Chinese waitress was trying very hard to do a good job, so Ken encouraginglysaid, “You are really on <strong>the</strong> ball.” She looked puzzled and said in broken English, “On...<strong>the</strong>...ball?” The more we tried to clear up <strong>the</strong> misunderstanding, <strong>the</strong> worse her confusionbecame.My heart went out to <strong>the</strong> young woman. She wanted so much to please us, yet <strong>the</strong>language barrier caused her to fear failure. Then I had an idea. I asked her if she wouldlike to come to my house and learn to speak English. I wasn’t sure that she understoodme, but she said yes, so I gave her my address and phone number. I really didn’t thinkthat she would call, but she surprised me by calling <strong>the</strong> very next day. I could barelyunderstand her, and I’m sure it was mutual, but we set a time for her to come for herfirst lesson. A missionary friend had told me about a simple Bible study guide that <strong>the</strong>yused in China, so I found my copy and had it ready. She came every week, during whichwe read through one of <strong>the</strong> SOL Bible studies. I was amazed at how well she read. Ofcourse, I took for granted that she was comprehending what <strong>the</strong> words meant. But oneday she stunned me when she said, “<strong>No</strong>w tell me again; this Mo-ses, is this a group ofsomething?” I sighed…“so much for homeschooling a Chinese girl,” I thought. We beganagain, but this time I explained any words out of <strong>the</strong> ordinary. I drew pictures, didcharades, anything to help her visualize what <strong>the</strong> words and story meant. (If I had had<strong>the</strong> Good and Evil illustrated Bible storybook, this would have been so much easier).Angela (her chosen English name) was very intent; she really wanted to learn. Wejust read and read, and talked and talked. I never pushed <strong>the</strong> salvation issue, but kepton studying <strong>the</strong> Bible lesson book with her. After about 12 weeks, when we came to<strong>the</strong> invitation part of <strong>the</strong> lesson, she said that she wanted to receive Jesus. I was a littleuneasy about doing it with her, because I wasn’t sure she understood, but she seemedvery happy afterwards.After that, she came to church with us a few times, and we had her husbandand friends over to eat. They in turn had us over to eat a wonderful Chinesemeal. We took that occasion to give <strong>the</strong> gospel to <strong>the</strong> whole family. I alsohelped her with legal decisions and paper work, and nurtured her through<strong>the</strong> time that her 3-year-old son arrived from China, when his arm gotcaught in <strong>the</strong> escalator at <strong>the</strong> airport upon arriving and sufferedmajor damage. I was her friend.She and her family moved away. We lost touch. Yearspassed. Then God, in his tender mercy, gave me back infull measure <strong>the</strong> bread I had cast upon <strong>the</strong> waters overeight years earlier.One afternoon <strong>the</strong> phone rang. Angela wason <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r end calling from California, whereshe and her family now live. She was callingto thank me for leading her to Jesus. Shesaid that she just wanted me to know howthankful she was for my spending 12afternoons of my life teaching her toread, while at <strong>the</strong> same time teachingher about <strong>the</strong> Savior.Photograph: Melanie Kuipers, sxc.hu10 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Good and Evil on <strong>the</strong> shelvesat <strong>the</strong> hanawon (school)Refugee residing in a hanawon(school) in South KoreaGood and Evil WorldwideOutreach Moving Forwardby Mel Cohen, CFP, RFC, General ManagerThe Good and Evil project continues moving forward. Twonew languages have been added to <strong>the</strong> translation process.Good and Evil in Arabic website has been viewed by peoplefrom Germany, Poland, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt,China, Algeria, Morocco, France, England, Belgium, Malaysia,New Zealand, Philippines, and Sweden with <strong>the</strong>highest concentration of viewers in <strong>the</strong> United States.Printed:BurmeseCebuanoEnglishHmongJinghpaw(Kachin)KarenKhmerKoreanLaoLisuPortionsprinted:MongolianSothoTsongaTswanaMongolianNepaliSimplifiedChineseSpanish(Latin American,Mexican)ThaiUkrainianVietnameseWaLithuanian (on press now)2 or moreprintings:CebuanoEnglishSimplifiedChineseSpanishThaiIn Final Proofing:Afrikaans RomanianCastellano RussianCatalan TibetanFinished/awaiting funds to print:Falam Chin ZaiwaHawa NagaIn Progress:AhkaAnungBahasa MalaysiaBislamaChichewaChin, HakaChin, FalamCzechDaiDutchDzonkhaFinnishFinuntuk(Philippines)FrenchGermanGuji Oromo(Ethiopia)Hindi (NEW!)HungarianBahasa IndonesianKhmuJapaneseKyrgyzLahuLiang tuLuoMaka (NEW!)MaruMongul(China)Ngochang<strong>No</strong>rwegianPidginPolishPortugueseRawangSamoanSichlaSinhaleseSlovakSwahiliSothoSwedishTagalogTeluguTetunTswanaTurkishPlease see <strong>the</strong> order form for donation to <strong>the</strong> Good and Evil Project.o$5 o$10 o$20 o$25 o$50 o$75 o$100 oO<strong>the</strong>r $_____ oMonthly Gift $______www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 13

eating WILDBy Shoshanna (Pearl) EaslingYou Can Do It!Eating wild! I know many of you are thinkingthis is far out and old fashioned. Old-fashionedit might be, but more in-fashion than you think.Many “normal people” eat things out of <strong>the</strong> wild,such as soups, salads, meat, and many more“wild dishes” that can be prepared and in a deliciousway. <strong>No</strong>, you will not be malnourished, andin fact, it can be much more nutritious than yourdaily diet is right now. Knowing how to eat in <strong>the</strong>wild can save money, and it can even save yourlife. I am going to show you how to cook a fewwild foods. We are going to cook <strong>the</strong>m over acampfire, but you can cook <strong>the</strong>m in <strong>the</strong> comfort ofyour home even more easily.Here in Tennessee, we have cattails, dandelions,lambs-quarter, watercress, walnuts, wildonions, red clover, chickweed, fish, rabbits,deer, snakes, blackberries, and <strong>the</strong>list keeps going. Depending on whereyou live, your wild edible plants, wildgame, herbs, nuts, and berries willbe somewhat different. All you haveto do is to go to your local libraryand get a book of <strong>the</strong> edible plantsin your state.Caution:Avoid ga<strong>the</strong>ring any herbs incontaminated soil. And beware ofmalodorous look-alikes (Safe-to-eatplants do not emit a bad or resinoussmell when you crush <strong>the</strong>ir leavesbetween your fingers.). It is good tostart slow when first eating wild plants.The vitamin and nutritional levels can beso high that it takes some getting used to.When researching o<strong>the</strong>r edible plants, payattention when books tell you to double- boil certainplants; follow <strong>the</strong>ir advice. If it is a strong plant, it14 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

will taste much better boiled in water twice. Double-boiling can also reduce <strong>the</strong>potential toxicity of <strong>the</strong> plant.Young shoots can be used like celery. Flower petals are used to thickensoups/stews. Root tubers can be used just like pearl taters or water chestnuts.Cattails, dandelions, lambs-quarter, plantain, berries, fish, and red clover can befound almost everywhere, so I am going to show you one way I like eating wild.About Dandelion-Weeds to FoodDandelions are best picked where <strong>the</strong> grass grows tall andfree. Dandelions in your yard do not always tasteas good as <strong>the</strong>y do in <strong>the</strong> wild. Dandelion greensare <strong>the</strong> leaves above <strong>the</strong> surface. To cook <strong>the</strong>greens, wash <strong>the</strong>m, <strong>the</strong>n place <strong>the</strong>m in a pan andpour boiling water over <strong>the</strong>m—boil for fiveminutes. Season with salt and butter. Eathot! Dandelion leaves are best ga<strong>the</strong>redbefore <strong>the</strong> plant blooms, just before <strong>the</strong>bloom bud appears, and before <strong>the</strong> stalkgrows. If you allow <strong>the</strong>m to mature and get old,<strong>the</strong>y will taste bitter, but you can get most of that bittertaste out by boiling <strong>the</strong>m a second time in fresh water.The flowers are great in salads, soups, and in stir fries.The root can be roasted, dried, and <strong>the</strong>n ground for acoffee substitute.You can find it everywhere. It loves fields, meadows,yards, and more. If in doubt, ask a friend to show youwhat it looks like.DandelionDandelion roots, leaves, and flowers have a numberof medicinal properties.Modern science has analyzed dandelion greens andfound <strong>the</strong>m to be a good source of calcium, potassium,vitamin A, vitamin C, and to be one of <strong>the</strong> bestblood purifiers.About Red CloverRed Clover’s most defining characteristicsare <strong>the</strong> purple-red globe-shaped flowerand <strong>the</strong> v-shaped stripe of whiteacross <strong>the</strong> green leaves. The flowersgenerally bloom early—springthrough mid-fall. You can find it infields, thickets, and roadsides—aboutanywhere. Clover in general is healthy to eat and verynutritious, and it is downright delicious. It’s good in sal-www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 15

ads, as a cooked green, groundto flour, or as a specialty tea. Themost commonly eaten parts of <strong>the</strong>clover are <strong>the</strong> flower heads and<strong>the</strong> leaves. They are easier to eat ifsoaked for about an hour or boiled.CattailsMedicinal purposesClover is high in protein and manyo<strong>the</strong>r nutrients. It has antispasmodic andexpectorant properties that give relief tocongestion of <strong>the</strong> lungs and <strong>the</strong> respiratorysystem. It is used to treat whooping cough,bronchitis, asthma, and much, much more.About berriesStudies show cranberries, blueberries, andblackberries to be among <strong>the</strong> best antioxidantsavailable.About FishFish are lower in saturated fat, total fat, and caloriesthan a comparable portion of meat or poultry.Some fish, particularly fatty, cold-water fish such assalmon, mackerel, and herring, are high in omega-3fatty acids, something we do not always get enoughof. Anchovies, sardines, and lake trout are o<strong>the</strong>r goodsources of omega-3 fatty acids.About CattailsYou can find cattails beside most water sources. It is oftenfound in swamps and growing beside lakes and ponds. Cattailshave a wide variety of parts that are edible to humans.It is a plant you should learn to recognize and use. Differenttimes of <strong>the</strong> year, various parts of <strong>the</strong> plant are more tenderand tasty. The rhizomes are a pleasant, nutritious and energyrichfood source, generally harvested from late fall to earlyspring. They are starchy, but also fibrous. In late spring, when<strong>the</strong>y are still tender, <strong>the</strong>re is a shoot that comes up that tastes alot like a raw cucumber, but when cooked tastes like corn. When<strong>the</strong> flower spike develops and is still green in early summer, it can16 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Fish ’n RiceYou can cook your fish over <strong>the</strong> fire like a hotdog,or fry it in a pan with butter. You can even coat it withclay or mud, and cook it in <strong>the</strong> coals. Any way youcook it, adding a little salt and herbs makes it tastereally good.Rice and CattailsWash and cut up into bite size pieces:*1/2 cup of each: young dandelion leaves,lambs-quarter (tops of plant), young leaves,tender young plantain leaves*1 to 3 cups cattail horns or shoots*1 or 2 cups cooked brown riceSauté <strong>the</strong>m in butter, sprinkle with sea saltand herbs (I like <strong>the</strong>m with a dash of rosemary,thyme, oregano, and pepper. YUMM!)Don’t feel that you need to stop with myrecipe; add wild onions, water crest, andmaybe even some cactus. You would besurprised to discover that not only is it goodsurvival food, it is gourmet.On my website BulkHerbStore.com,I have a list of books and websites forrecipes, finding wild plants, and learningto prepare <strong>the</strong>m. Here are some additionalbooks that will help you learn more, alsoavailable at BulkHerbStore.com:· Feeding The Whole Family: Cooking withWhole Foods· Primitive Wilderness Skills Applied, DVD· Fire and Cordage, DVD· Making Herbs Simple, DVD(also available at <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>!)Homeschool CurriculumCalendar issue coming!One will be mailed to everyoneon our mailing list. If youwould like extra copies, <strong>the</strong>ywill cost $2.95 each. Look foryour issue coming soon!NGJm i n i s t r i e sCome and get it!2010 Homeschool Calendar CurriculumThe heart of <strong>the</strong> prudentgetteth knowledge;and <strong>the</strong> ear of<strong>the</strong> wise seekethknowledge.Proverbs 18:15www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 19

MinistryBusinessBy Mel Cohen, CFP, RFCWe recently returned from <strong>the</strong> International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) in Denver.It is sponsored by Christian Booksellers Association (CBA). This year’s event was<strong>the</strong> 60th annual convention. This is <strong>the</strong> largest Christian Retail Show in <strong>the</strong> country.The purpose of <strong>the</strong> show for NGJ is to have Christian and church bookstores sell NGJmaterial.The attendance this year was down about 20% from 2008 according to CBA. Internationalattendees numbered 534, down 28% from last year, with 56 countries representedat <strong>the</strong> Show.Despite smaller numbers than previous years, <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> did very well. By <strong>the</strong>end of <strong>the</strong> first full day, we had surpassed last year’s totals. By <strong>the</strong> end of <strong>the</strong> show wedid more business than <strong>the</strong> three previous ICRS shows combined. We were preparedfor <strong>the</strong> show!To attract new business and to reward <strong>the</strong> stores that do business with us, we offereda higher discount than in previous years and free shipping only if <strong>the</strong>y ordered andpaid at <strong>the</strong> show. This promotion was widely successful. We signed up 20 new accountswith 10 of <strong>the</strong>m being located overseas, and spoke to at least 20 international customersabout rights agreements. We have distributors selling our material all over <strong>the</strong> world.The Gospel message is being spread by o<strong>the</strong>rs that purchase our material. The profit wemake on <strong>the</strong> sales go right into funding <strong>the</strong> ministry part of NGJ.The reason we are sharing this is <strong>the</strong> business part of our ministry. The sale of ourtop 10 best sellers provides <strong>the</strong> income to minister to o<strong>the</strong>rs throughout <strong>the</strong> world. If wedid not stay on top of <strong>the</strong> latest business and marketing ideas to continually expand ourincome base, we would not be able to minister adequately. We are a small ministry thatis making a big impact. We have several parts to our ministry:· Missionary Support· Prison Ministry· Military Ministry· Good and Evil Translation and Distribution Ministry· Free Ministry material from our websiteAs a Ministry we support missionaries in o<strong>the</strong>r countries, provide free material toprisons, send military packages out to active duty military personnel and <strong>the</strong>ir families,and have provided <strong>the</strong> funding to translate and print Good and Evil into 25 languagesas well as create an Arabic website for Good and Evil.<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> is dedicated to <strong>the</strong> advancement of <strong>the</strong> Gospel of Jesus Christ. Forthis reason we filed <strong>the</strong> proper forms to have <strong>the</strong> privilege of operating as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization under religion. This provides us with several advantages.Among <strong>the</strong>m are: we do not pay federal or state income tax, we do not pay sales tax onour purchases, we often receive higher discounts, reduced rates on mailings and severalo<strong>the</strong>r financial advantages.To maintain this status we file <strong>the</strong> appropriate federal and state paperwork eachyear, and undergo an audit by an independent CPA firm. Several times a year we areasked why we are willing to be under federal and state authority. If we were a for profitbusiness, we would have to complete <strong>the</strong> same amount of paperwork, but at <strong>the</strong> endof everything have at least $100,000 per year in taxes due that are now being used forministry purposes. It is a great tradeoff.20 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

The Vision, a novel by Debi Pearl, isgetting rave reviews. It was on Amazon’sbest sellers list two days running reaching#30. One reviewer wrote:“I have just finished devouringThe Vision. It was well written andfilled with complicated, real characters.The Gospel and all Bible teachingwere neatly tucked into <strong>the</strong> plot.<strong>No</strong> pauses for an obvious sermon, asin some Christian fiction I have read.There’s enough action to keep youturning <strong>the</strong> pages, but also good dialogueand even a love story (minus <strong>the</strong>typical romance novel junk). I haveread a lot of end-of-<strong>the</strong>-world type sciencefiction/fantasy, and while someleft me disturbed emotionally by <strong>the</strong> imagery, none have sent me to myknees or to my Bible as this book has. There are some scary and sad scenes,but always with a constant reminder that God is in control, caring for Hischildren, and some well-placed humor helped to keep <strong>the</strong> book positive,ra<strong>the</strong>r than depressing. I also liked <strong>the</strong> tidbits of factual knowledge in <strong>the</strong>occasional notes at <strong>the</strong> bottom ―although sometimes that was more disturbingthan <strong>the</strong> story line! ~ HIGHLY recommended by this picky reader.”This fiction book by Debi Pearl, <strong>the</strong> first in a series, is a thrilling read, greatentertainment, but it is designed to send you to your knees, to motivate you to share<strong>the</strong> gospel, to love <strong>the</strong> unlovely, and to develop your own vision of how to live a passionatelife in Christ. It is finding wide acceptance outside our regular readers. Wehave sent out entire pallets of books to secular distributors. The Vision is just ano<strong>the</strong>rmedium by which we can deliver our message to those beyond our regular circle ofinfluence.“This writer kicks down <strong>the</strong> boundaries of religious and church experiencesand places her characters in <strong>the</strong> thick of some pressing life crisis. Tensionbuilds as environmental concerns, racial bigotry and terrorist extremistsall seem to be set at odds against <strong>the</strong> main characters. Scattered throughout<strong>the</strong> story line are snippets of information that range from helpful hints on howto use herbs to how to extend <strong>the</strong> gas mileage of a vehicle using water. Thewriter weaves a tale that brings assorted elements toge<strong>the</strong>r into an adventuroussaga, and she includes real-life references at <strong>the</strong> bottom of <strong>the</strong> pages. Thisis one book that left me feeling like I hadn’t just wasted my time. It spurredme on to fur<strong>the</strong>r research and reading to investigate some things for my own.That, to me, is <strong>the</strong> mark of a master teacher. This is one I’ll read again!”~ Amazon Reviewwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 21

A Hay Dayn <strong>the</strong> 2009 NGJ calendar page for December, <strong>the</strong>re are instructionson how to build a simple mini-greenhouse suitablefor growing greens in <strong>the</strong> cold months or as a place to startyour seeds in late winter or early spring. If you are like me—noBy Lynne Hopwood tools and no ability as a builder―have no fear: you can makea simple mini-greenhouse with straw bales and old windows ordoors. Why pay high prices for organic fresh greens? This is sosimple, anyone can do it, and you can do it anywhere!Find a south-facing sunny spot outside, take 4-6 straw balesand arrange <strong>the</strong>m on <strong>the</strong> ground (yes, on top of <strong>the</strong> grass) in a rectangle—<strong>the</strong>two long sides are made with two bales, end to end, and<strong>the</strong> two short ends have one bale each. The thick straw walls provideStart on top of <strong>the</strong> grassexcellent insulation. Spread out a few layers of newspaper or brownpaper bags (I used old maps) on <strong>the</strong> ground inside your rectangle.Fill <strong>the</strong> rectangle half-full with good soil from your compost pile orpotting soil from a garden center.Plant cold-hardy seeds or young plants in <strong>the</strong> soil and lay <strong>the</strong>windows on top of <strong>the</strong> bales. You can keep a <strong>the</strong>rmometer inside <strong>the</strong>mini-greenhouse to watch <strong>the</strong> temperature. If it gets too hot (above80 degrees), prop up one side of <strong>the</strong> window or slide it off to let <strong>the</strong>Fill half full with dirt hot air escape. I keep clear plastic on top of <strong>the</strong> glass to cut down on<strong>the</strong> amount of intense sun that sometimes comes with sunny winterdays. If <strong>the</strong> plants get too hot, it will burn <strong>the</strong>m up. If it gets too coldat night, just cover <strong>the</strong> glass with an old quilt or blanket to keep <strong>the</strong>warmth inside.The best kind of plants are lettuce, spinach, kale, collards, turnipgreens, beet greens, Swiss chard, green onions, cilantro, parsley,dandelions, etc. Some people have been successful extending <strong>the</strong>Plant seeds and cover growing season of warm-wea<strong>the</strong>r plants, like cucumbers or tomatoes,by covering <strong>the</strong>m just before frost.An alternative to growing food in <strong>the</strong> mini-greenhouse is makingit a “hothouse” for starting your spring garden. You can addadditional warmth to your little hothouse by first placing green manureseveral inches deep on <strong>the</strong> ground, <strong>the</strong>n add <strong>the</strong> compost andpotting soil inside your little greenhouse. Place seeds in starting flatsor directly into <strong>the</strong> soil. The decomposing manure gives off heat thatkeeps <strong>the</strong> greenhouse temperature “hot” even on cold nights. TheProp open with rockscomposting manure will provide heat for abouttwo weeks, but <strong>the</strong> rotting straw will continue toprovide some heat.The straw bale mini-greenhouse can be usedin very cold climates as long as care is taken tokeep snow off <strong>the</strong> glass in <strong>the</strong> day and to place ablanket over <strong>the</strong> glass at night to keep it warm. Thestraw will decompose slowly and can be used formulch on your spring garden. Get started now togive your plants a couple months of growing timeand enjoy delicious, home-grown vegetables rightfrom your own garden!22 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

By Shoshanna (Pearl) EaslingIn an emergency have you ever scrambled to collect <strong>the</strong>things you need? Well, you need something like what we calla Smart Pack. It can be a serious and life-saving pack, or justa fun pack for fun occasions. Those of us who have deliveredbabies have already employed this concept. Knowing that <strong>the</strong>baby is coming soon, we ga<strong>the</strong>r up and pack <strong>the</strong> things wemay need for our home birth, or if necessary, <strong>the</strong> things totake to <strong>the</strong> hospital.My three-year-old loves his fun pack. He knows it has snacks, water, a change ofclo<strong>the</strong>s, a blanket, books, and more. He has so often seen me pack mine that he has takenit upon himself to keep his own packed and ready for any eventuality. He adds a few moretoys, snacks, and especially chocolate, if he can find any.Smart Packs are not only for pregnant women and children; <strong>the</strong>y are also for smartpeople. You never know when <strong>the</strong> unexpected will actually “unexpectedly” happen. Keepingon hand an Extreme Pack is also a smart idea. It is better to be prepared than perplexed.Ideas for a 1-AdultWater bottle with filterEden SalveBand-AidsGauzeAthletic wrapTylenolBenadrylPepto-BismolAntisepticComfrey leavesPlantain leavesEchinaceaActivated charcoalCopy of Edible Plantsin <strong>the</strong> WildNeedle and threadDuct TapeEnergy barsClo<strong>the</strong>s and coatBlankets orsleeping bagLighterKnifeCopy of passportFlashlightMapCandlesSmall BibleBeef or venison jerkyHeavyweight plasticto cover or constructa shelterRain gearStrong, lightweight cordKid’sWater bottle with filterEden SalveEnergy barsBand-AidsChildren’s TylenolChildren’s BenadrylAntisepticCopy of Edible Plantsin <strong>the</strong> WildClo<strong>the</strong>sBlanketFlashlightReading booksToysWater bottles with filter, plantain, comfrey, echinacea, charcoal, Eden Salve, andmuch more are available at BulkHerbStore.com or write me to sign up for ourfree catalog at 26 W. 6th Ave., Lobelville, TN 37097.www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 23

Prisons are Mission Fields White Unto Harvest!Dear bro<strong>the</strong>rs & sisters in Christ,Thank you for <strong>the</strong> kind & encouraging phone calls today. We rejoice in <strong>the</strong> hopeof receiving ano<strong>the</strong>r case of Good and Evil. Most churches are relativelyunaware of a vast mission field in <strong>the</strong>ir own backyard. That fieldthat is white unto harvest is <strong>the</strong> area prison.Menard Correctional Center is a maximum security State facility of 3600 men.The majority are lifers. The need for proven evangelistic materials is great. In <strong>the</strong> past,when we were receiving several hundred copies of Good and Evilat a time, we were able to make rounds in a Gallery of 50 cells(up to 100 men), and distribute one copy per cell with virtual98% success. All I had to do was hold <strong>the</strong> book up so <strong>the</strong>ycould see it and say, “Have you ever heard of Marvel Comics?”Frequently, I did not get any fur<strong>the</strong>r before <strong>the</strong>y were up off <strong>the</strong>irbunks saying, “I’ll take one!” My method <strong>the</strong>n was to thumbthrough <strong>the</strong> pages revealing <strong>the</strong> excellent artwork while explainingthat here was an excellent Biblical presentation of <strong>the</strong> messageof <strong>the</strong> Bible from Genesis to Revelation.The subsequent testimonies we received were too numerousto count of men who testified that <strong>the</strong>y had become christiansas a result of reading through <strong>the</strong> book. My supervisor told me, and this was about15 months ago, that I had to go see a man in healthcare. I arrived and found a manwho instantly came to <strong>the</strong> solid door, speaking through <strong>the</strong> small crack of an opening.He began with earnestness saying how thankful he was that he was not going tohell. How grateful to God he was for <strong>the</strong> knowledge of salvationthrough Jesus. He was praying daily <strong>the</strong> blood of Christ over him as he wouldbring his sins before God. As I listened I was amazed. I do not oft’ hear such testimoniesrevealing such apparent depth of understanding. After a bit I inquired as to hisbackground religiously. He had none. I asked, “Did you ever attend a church of anykind?” He responded, “<strong>No</strong>”. I asked, where did you come to this understanding of Jesusas your God & Savior? He <strong>the</strong>n told me, that while in Segregation (a punishmentcell house), he had been handed a copy of a book called Good and Evil.Brethren, I have wept over similar testimonies. Even to this day, and its beenover a year since we had any copies to hand out, we still receive “kites” (hand notes)from Inmates requesting “that comic book bible” or sometimes <strong>the</strong>y know <strong>the</strong> name.Periodically, I’ll come across one in a cell and <strong>the</strong> man will tell me it was handed tohim by ano<strong>the</strong>r Inmate. But to look at <strong>the</strong> books is to see page worn, faded, sometimesfalling apart copies. They are read & reread.I confess that I believe it is God <strong>the</strong> Spirit through Holy Scripture that brings aman to knowledge of <strong>the</strong> truth. Yet, I have found no better nor more effective evangelistictool for getting <strong>the</strong> proverbial foot in <strong>the</strong> door than this tool. In <strong>the</strong> past, touringa Gallery, we might hand out 35 bibles. But we would hand out one Good and Evil percell; with <strong>the</strong> men wanting one each. And once a Good and Evil went into a cell, it hasbeen our experience, that it is a very easy thing to next place a Gideon NKJV Bible<strong>the</strong>re and explain, “<strong>No</strong>w you’ll be able to read <strong>the</strong> Bible itself with a much betterdegree of understanding!”I write on behalf of <strong>the</strong> thousands of incarcerated men & women who wouldrespond to <strong>the</strong> Gospel if such tools were being made available to <strong>the</strong>m. I urge <strong>the</strong>churches reading this to prayerfully consider funding a case of24 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Good and Evil to a prison that has a Bible Believing EvangelicalChaplain on a regular basis. At Menard we could easily distribute twocases per month. And that would barely touch <strong>the</strong> surface. My prayeris that <strong>the</strong> Body of Christ will prayerfully consider laying up treasure in heaven byfunding this excellent evangelistic tool to <strong>the</strong> prisons.Humbly yours in Christ,Pastor/Chaplain Jim ClaycombRick Batson’s Testimony (from 2001 to today)I used to be a bar owner and drug dealer in Nashville, Tennessee. One day, as I wasgoing to pick up my drugs to sell, I got caught by <strong>the</strong> Governor’s Task Force. I foundmyself in prison with a 15-year sentence. All my money couldn’t buy my way out ofthis one. After living in prison for about six months, I found myself alone and with nohope. All of my so-called friends had left me.A fellow inmate, Bro<strong>the</strong>r Greene, came to me one day and shared his testimony.Somehow, I was drawn to what he was saying to me about Jesus. For <strong>the</strong> first time inmy life, I took <strong>the</strong> time to listen. Two weeks later, I got saved. God began to change mylife, and all <strong>the</strong> bad things that I had been and was doing didn’t seem right anymore:TV, cursing, lying, smoking, evil thoughts, etc. <strong>No</strong>w, I just wanted to read my Bibleto see what God was like. I also started to witness to o<strong>the</strong>rs in prison, just like Bro<strong>the</strong>rGreene. Later that month, I felt <strong>the</strong> call of God to preach His Word. But how? And whowould teach me?Some time after that, things went really bad at MTRC Prison, and I was on myway to South Central Prison. This facility was where Michael Pearl was preaching andteaching <strong>the</strong> Bible every Saturday. For 18 months, I listened to Bro<strong>the</strong>r Mike teachfrom <strong>the</strong> Word of God and answer my questions. I never missed a meeting with him; itwas simply too important. He taught me <strong>the</strong> Bible and helped me with books, tracts andtapes. After serving 29 months of a 15-year sentence, I was released to <strong>the</strong> free world.But where would I go now? “Go to <strong>the</strong> streets,” Bro<strong>the</strong>r Mike said! I thought hewas crazy at first. There were nasty people out <strong>the</strong>re, and I was on parole; one slip up,and back in <strong>the</strong> slammer for me. But Mike was right. I was learning how to preach.<strong>No</strong>w, after three years of street preaching and passing out tracts in Nashville, I am abetter preacher. My kids even like to go with me. I just want to thank God for all thatHe has done in my life since I got saved, and for all of <strong>the</strong> people of God who havehelped me along <strong>the</strong> way. It has not been easy. Even though <strong>the</strong>re are many trials andeven persecution, I plan on finishing <strong>the</strong> race. ~RickToday Rick Batson is a missionary. He takes <strong>the</strong> book, Good andEvil, in <strong>the</strong> Cebuano language to local fishing boats. These boats go out for threeweeks at a time, each carrying about 10 men. By <strong>the</strong> time <strong>the</strong> boats come back from<strong>the</strong> long fishing trips, <strong>the</strong> Good and Evil books are falling apart from use. Every portin every small village has fishing boats leaving <strong>the</strong>ir docks. There are very few familiesin <strong>the</strong> Philippines who do not have someone who is a fisherman on one of <strong>the</strong>seboats. By going to <strong>the</strong> fishermen, he can reach <strong>the</strong> whole country of <strong>the</strong> Philippines.Rick also takes films to <strong>the</strong> local schools and prisons. He is always welcome to show<strong>the</strong> Jesus stories, usually to crowds of hundreds of people. He leaves <strong>the</strong> Good andEvil books wherever he goes to show <strong>the</strong> films. Because people have so little readingmaterial in <strong>the</strong>ir language, <strong>the</strong>y highly value <strong>the</strong> Good and Evil books.A few short years ago, Rick was a loser sitting in a prison cell, lonely, depressedand without hope. <strong>No</strong>w, he is a child of <strong>the</strong> Living God giving out <strong>the</strong> gospel to thosewho have never heard. Hallelujah! We serve a risen Savior. ~ Mike & Debiwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 25

You asked for it... andasked... and <strong>the</strong>n begged.But you didn’t know whata colossal job it would be!I don’t let anyone edit mymessages. I must do that myself,and it sometimes takes all day long to workthrough and clean up a single message. But wehave answered your call; we have digitized andput in MP3 format our taped series on John, Ephesians, and, a very popular message,Authority Praying. I am so thankful for <strong>the</strong> MP3! A series like John tookso many tapes or CD disks to produce that it made <strong>the</strong> product too expensive topurchase. As I edited Ephesians, I was blessed all over. I now realize that I nolonger have <strong>the</strong> energy I did 15 years ago when I delivered those messages. Youmust get <strong>the</strong>se MP3s and listen to <strong>the</strong>m carefully. If you are not blessed beyondyour ordinary blessings, give <strong>the</strong> MP3 to someone else, and <strong>the</strong>n let us know sowe can refund your money.AVAILABLE SEPT 1! SEPT 15!Authority Book of EphesiansPraying CD $5.95 MP3 $12.95Book of JohnMP3 $12.95From Joshua Steele, serving in <strong>the</strong> Ukraine: When we mail outcopies of <strong>the</strong> Ukrainian version of Good and Evil, we also includea short survey, asking people for <strong>the</strong>ir thoughts/commentson <strong>the</strong> book. We are starting to get some of <strong>the</strong>se back now, and<strong>the</strong> response has been overwhelmingly positive! In addition toanswering <strong>the</strong> survey questions, several people have written personalletters. The following was sent to us recently by a man named Sergiy:Peace to you, dear bro<strong>the</strong>rs and sisters!I am immeasurably grateful to you for <strong>the</strong> book Good and Evil! The quality illustrationsare helpful in visualizing major [Bible] events. Such an account of <strong>the</strong>Bible is a good guidebook not only for children, but also for people of <strong>the</strong> oldergeneration. For example, my mo<strong>the</strong>r really liked your book. She’s 78years old. She says that <strong>the</strong> <strong>the</strong> illustrated format makes it much easier tounderstand.Again, thank you so much for your wonderful gift! I wish you success in yourvery beneficial work. May God bless you generously. ~ Respectfully, Sergiy P.N.26 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936

Sick DaddyBy Debi PearlSometimes I think <strong>the</strong> Devil uses Mike as one of his favoritepunching bags. You need to pray for him EVERY DAY!Please, do pray for him as one whose life and ministry is edifying<strong>the</strong> saints and helping to bring <strong>the</strong> lost to <strong>the</strong> Savior.Many of you know that <strong>the</strong> week before <strong>the</strong> July 4th holiday,Mike got a fever. I woke up during <strong>the</strong> night feeling himBecause he hath set hisburning hot and shaking like a dog. We went to <strong>the</strong> doctor <strong>the</strong>love upon me, <strong>the</strong>reforenext day. Mike hit <strong>the</strong> floor just as he walked in <strong>the</strong> door. Theywill deliver him: I will setgot him up and put him in a wheelchair. After a blood test <strong>the</strong>ysent him straight over to <strong>the</strong> hospital. The blood test revealedhim on high, because hethat Mike’s white blood cells and platelets were falling. A bloodhath known my name.smear showed that his blood cells were fea<strong>the</strong>red. It appeared to He shall call upon me,be some sort of cancer of <strong>the</strong> blood.and I will answer him,By <strong>the</strong> time <strong>the</strong>y got him into a room, his fever was so high and honor him. With longthat <strong>the</strong>y packed him in ice and started him on antibiotics. About life will I satisfy him, andthat time, our son Nathan called from Texas and suggested we show him my salvation.call <strong>the</strong> local brethren to pray for Mike. Within <strong>the</strong> hour, ten men Psalm 91:14-16came to pray. His fever broke while <strong>the</strong>y were <strong>the</strong>re.I told Shoshanna to get on Threadtree.com and Facebook and tell people topray for Mike. I wanted <strong>the</strong> people who knew and loved us praying…I needed to know thatyou knew we needed you to pray. Shoshanna set up an e-mail address for updates on hiscondition, and many people wrote back saying <strong>the</strong>y were praying. Doctors, nurses, and researchersall wrote us, giving us <strong>the</strong>ir best advice and telling us <strong>the</strong>y were praying for Mike.Knowing I was not standing alone during all this stress meant so much. A special doctor, Dr.Paine, called and read to me Psalm 34:15-22. He also told us that he would help as needed.After four days in <strong>the</strong> hospital, Mike was stabilized and sent home. But additionalblood test showed fur<strong>the</strong>r deteriation in <strong>the</strong> ability of his bone marrow to produce healthyblood. The doctors set up appointments with cancer doctors to decide what <strong>the</strong> best courseof treatment would be.The following Sunday, one of <strong>the</strong> ex-prisoners Mike had preached to came to churchand read Psalm 91, inserting Mike’s name in place of <strong>the</strong> pronounds. Mike said that as Rickread <strong>the</strong> passage, he felt <strong>the</strong> blessings of God.On Tuesday, we went to a pathologist to get a bone marrow sample from <strong>the</strong> hip bone.We were gloomy. The small Indian doctor came out and looked Mike up and down thoroughly,<strong>the</strong>n announced that he wanted a blood test first. I suddenly had hope. I could seepuzzlement in <strong>the</strong> doctor’s eyes. Mike looked too healthy to be that sick. They drew <strong>the</strong>blood sample, and we waited. When <strong>the</strong>y called us to <strong>the</strong> consultation room, <strong>the</strong> doctorhad all of Mike’s blood tests, going back a year, laid out and was comparing <strong>the</strong>m wi<strong>the</strong>ach o<strong>the</strong>r. They all showed a constant decline in his white blood count and platelets up to<strong>the</strong> one taken at <strong>the</strong> hospital, which was really bad. But <strong>the</strong> test this doctor had just doneshowed Mike totally healed. The WBC and platelets were very normal. The smear showednothing but normal blood cells. God had answered ours and your prayers.We really need you to continue praying for us. God could heal without prayer, if hechose to, but God used our prayers as his means of healing and restoring Mike to us. Thankyou for teaching your little ones to pray for us. Thank you for mentioning us by name whenyou thank God at <strong>the</strong> dinner table. Thank you for praying for this ministry to go forth, for<strong>the</strong> gospel to be faithfully given out, for <strong>the</strong> missionaries to be protected, and <strong>the</strong> workers tobe faithful in <strong>the</strong>ir part of <strong>the</strong> ministry. YOU and your families are a special and importantpart of what is happening in NGJ <strong>Ministries</strong>. We truly and gratefully rely heavily on you tobe our faithful prayer warriors.www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 27

Dear Mrs. Pearl,I cannot tell you how your book CreatedTo Be His Help Meet has blessed me andso many o<strong>the</strong>r women. I am currentlyin prison I am married and have a newrevelation of my role as a wife beforecoming my priorities were God, work,<strong>the</strong> my family and a whole. My husbandwas trying to teach me <strong>the</strong> correct orderand show me that he was a “Mr. Steady”however, I was trying to change him intoMr. Command. When I read you book itnot only convicted me but it changed <strong>the</strong>way I viewed my husband as well as howto treat him. Today I realize how muchof an amazing man he is. <strong>No</strong>t only do Ireverence and honor him but I am hissupport and help. I feel this book shouldbe required reading for every women whowants a Godly marriage.Thank you for <strong>the</strong> helpfulmaterial. We share it frequentlyand pray it helps o<strong>the</strong>rs as muchas it has helped us -- or evenmore! Next January we will havesix teenagers - two sets of twins- and we are so thankful for yourinsights on helping our wonderfulchildren reach adulthood to serve<strong>the</strong> Lord. Our children read <strong>the</strong>magazines and books and apply<strong>the</strong>m to <strong>the</strong>ir own lives. Yours are<strong>the</strong> only magazines we keep in <strong>the</strong>bathroom and often we hear oneof <strong>the</strong> kids knock and say “Hey,are you reading in <strong>the</strong>re?” When<strong>the</strong> answer comes back “Yes”, Ismile because I know what <strong>the</strong>yare reading!I’ve recently finished reading your Good and Evil book. It truly caught my eye.As a child I loved comic books. It spoke to me louder than any pastor everhas. It encouraged me to pick up my bible and read it as well. <strong>No</strong>w everyday I’m in <strong>the</strong> word trying to find out more and more about staying faithfulto Christ our Lord. I have so many questions though. I’m currently spending6 months in mobile county metro jail. I’m not proud of it, but its for <strong>the</strong> best.I’ve been clean off of crystal meth now for months now. I’ve devoted my selfto our Savior. My family has seen a complete turn around in my attitude fromwhat <strong>the</strong>y say. I believe it has everything to do with your book Good and Evil.Thanks again, C. S.

Dear Debi,Missionary to <strong>the</strong> MuslimsI have been battling cancer since 2005. It will go away for a time, and <strong>the</strong>n return. It hasbeen a tough row to hoe. My major focus has been to be <strong>the</strong> best wife that I can be for whatevertime that I may have left. I keep my Created To Be His Help Meet by my bedside. When I amnot feeling well, it is so easy to “slip” back into old patterns. I try to stay on my toes. I know thatif I am a good wife, <strong>the</strong>n I will be a great mo<strong>the</strong>r, too.My cancer battle took me to <strong>the</strong> University of Texas Hospital, and M.D. Anderson, in Houston,TX. It was <strong>the</strong>re (#1 Cancer hospital in <strong>the</strong> World) that my eyes were opened to <strong>the</strong> numberof Muslim families coming to <strong>the</strong> USA for treatment. I immediately began leaving Christianmaterial in <strong>the</strong> waiting areas. The most tremendous burden came over me, as if I were runningout of time. There were so many people who had no idea about Jesus―who he is, what he’s donefor <strong>the</strong>m, or what will happen to <strong>the</strong>m if <strong>the</strong>y don’t know him as Savior. I felt helpless as I wouldstare at <strong>the</strong> sheer number of people. I couldn’t get to everyone. I stayed in a continual state ofprayer as I would meet people in wheel chairs, on crutches, etc. who had been ravaged by thishorrible disease. The thought kept hitting me: What could “I” ever do to make an impact on <strong>the</strong>Muslim people?I was traveling to Houston every three months for scans and checkups. Incredibly, all ofmy drivers were Muslims! I began choosing one in particular, and we became friends. I shareda lot with him about God. I’ll never forget <strong>the</strong> look on his face when I told him that it was notby anything that we can do, but by faith in what Jesus did that will get us to heaven. It was hisCatholic x-girlfriend who got hold of <strong>the</strong> Good and Evil Book. As she read it, she would call himasking questions, like, did you know Isaac and Ishmael were <strong>the</strong> start of <strong>the</strong> Jewish nation and<strong>the</strong> Muslim nations? He said every little while his phone would ring again, and she would haveano<strong>the</strong>r question.After my second battle with cancer, I met a new Muslim doctor originally from Pakistan. Hetold me his mo<strong>the</strong>r was coming for a visit. I knew that she could not drive and that he would bespending long hours at work, and she would be left all day alone in an apartment on <strong>the</strong> outskirtsof town. I offered to give her rides, etc. They are used to going to <strong>the</strong> market daily, so I knew thiswould mean a lot to her. I invited <strong>the</strong> doctor’s family over to eat a big pot of home-made vegetablesoup and sweet corn bread muffins! At lunch that day, we had <strong>the</strong> best conversation. Theylove to visit, and time means nothing when <strong>the</strong>y are visiting and enjoying company! They kepttalking about <strong>the</strong> President this and <strong>the</strong> President that. I finally asked about who <strong>the</strong> presidentwas, and <strong>the</strong>y told me <strong>the</strong>y were speaking of <strong>the</strong> president of Pakistan. It turns out that my doctor’sfa<strong>the</strong>r had been <strong>the</strong> personal physician to <strong>the</strong> last several presidents! My friend was leavingsoon, so I made sure that he got a copy of Good and Evil, By Divine Design, some old issues ofNGJ and Learning from <strong>the</strong> A<strong>the</strong>ist. He took <strong>the</strong> audio of The Man Jesus Christ. He bought a CDplayer so he could listen on his very long flight back home. By that time I was so on fire for God,I knew that “His word would not return unto Him void.”I lost a lot of my zeal for witnessing during this last debilitating battle with cancer (Jan 2009till Aug 2009). I had even given up on witnessing to Muslims or leaving literature. Then I readDebi’s new book, The Vision. I love information books, so I had to go through <strong>the</strong> whole thingand read all of <strong>the</strong> information boxes first!The Vision lit my witnessing fire again!!! <strong>No</strong>w I am receiving my chemo treatments inano<strong>the</strong>r Muslim doctor’s office. I always leave NGJ magazines, <strong>the</strong> tract, Jesus Was Made to BeSin, <strong>the</strong> flyer, Who Is Your Man, and <strong>the</strong> small NGJ cards.Back to “my witnessing fire” for a moment, my bro<strong>the</strong>rs always said that I was a rebelwithout a cause! I always did things that I thought were right, no matter how “unpopular” thatmovement was to everyone else. I say now that “I am a rebel WITH a cause!” It’s true that weare probably only about 10 years away from being a Muslim nation!!(See The Vision) When <strong>the</strong>Shah of Iran was chanting with <strong>the</strong> people and burning U.S. flags, etc.., <strong>the</strong>y were shouting, “Wewill not stop till <strong>the</strong> U.S.A. is a Muslim nation!” Muslims are <strong>the</strong> last people group of <strong>the</strong> Gentilesto receive <strong>the</strong> message of Jesus. If we aren’t friends with <strong>the</strong>m and don’t share Jesus, whowill, and what will happen if we don’t? ~ Blessings, Becky Morgan

Family ResourcesA-B-C Bible Verse SongsBeka and some of <strong>the</strong> kids in <strong>the</strong> church sing<strong>the</strong> A-B-C Bible verse songs that her mo<strong>the</strong>rtaught her when she was growing up. Yourlittle ones will want to listen to this day andnight, and by doing so <strong>the</strong>y will learn 26Bible verses with <strong>the</strong> references. This is <strong>the</strong>smilingest tape you will ever hear.1 CD 1010-45 $5.95Alabama SeminarTwo hours of Michael Pearl speaking on childtraining. These tapes are geared toward <strong>the</strong>fa<strong>the</strong>r’s role in <strong>the</strong> family. Tales of Mike andhis sons’ wild adventures. Boys love it!2 CDs 8325-45 $10.95authority prayingMichael Pearl preaches on <strong>the</strong> NEW!believer’s position in Christ and how prayeris based on <strong>the</strong> authority that is ours in Christ.1 CD 1330-45 $5.95Balanced patriarchToday <strong>the</strong>re is a twisted Christian doctrinepreached that justifies not cutting <strong>the</strong> umbilicalcord, all in <strong>the</strong> name of “Children, obeyyour parents.” It is based on <strong>the</strong> assumptionthat one’s offspring remain children, dutyboundbefore God to always be subject to <strong>the</strong>chain of command. This is <strong>the</strong> second sessionfrom <strong>the</strong> Jan. ‘09 sou<strong>the</strong>rn California seminar.1 DVD 1407-75 $12.95Becoming a ManThis message is for parents concerned aboutraising <strong>the</strong>ir boys up to be men, and for encouragingboys and young men to take <strong>the</strong>steps to manhood, and it is for fa<strong>the</strong>rs whonever learned to be real men. It tells you whatyou need to do to become more than just anadult—how to become a real man.1 CD 1417-10 $5.95Best Homeschooling IdeasDebi discusses her best homeschooling ideas.20+ years of accumulated wisdom. This messagecan remove your burden. A best-seller!1 CD 6170-45 $5.95California seminar DVD Set3 DVDs: Child Training 101, Balanced Patriarch,and Movers & Shakers. Great price!3 DVDs 2009-75 $29.9530 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936CHILD TRAINING 101This message takes <strong>the</strong> viewer back to <strong>the</strong>basics. If you want to introduce child-trainingprinciples to a friend, this professionallyproducedDVD will make a great impact.1 DVD 2007-75 $12.95KNIFE AND TOMAHAWK THROWINGFOR FUNMichael Pearl demonstrates and teachesknife and tomahawk throwing.1 DVD 5300-75 $16.95EE-Taow & Next Chapter DVD setThis is a remarkable story of a native tribebeing won to <strong>the</strong> Lord. The gospel is presentedchronologically and <strong>the</strong> results arespectacular. It is a great video to watch withyour children, grandchildren, Sunday Schoolstudents, etc.2 DVDs 2910-75 $19.95From <strong>the</strong> End of <strong>the</strong> EarthSongs by Rebekah Pearl. All alone in a bamboohut on <strong>the</strong> top of a mountain in NewGuinea, <strong>the</strong> first white woman ever seenby <strong>the</strong> Kumboi village, Rebekah writes andsings songs about her God. She accompaniesherself on a classical guitar.1 CD 3020-41 $8.95homesteading for beginnersLearn everything from starting and maintaininga garden, raising and butchering chickens,cutting firewood, to baking bread, makingcheese, and much, much more. This videois for anyone who would like to have basiccountry life skills but is not sure how to evenstart. It is entertaining for <strong>the</strong> entire family.1 DVD 4126-75 $19.95Jumping ShipThere is a troubling trend showing up amongsome of <strong>the</strong> “homeschool crowd.” Their childrenare discontent and rebellious, jumpingship as soon as <strong>the</strong>y think <strong>the</strong>y can survivewithout <strong>the</strong> family—some as young as sixteenyears old. Michael Pearl addressed thisissue in a series of NGJ magazine articles in2006. These have now been compiled intothis book, along with new material and anadditional two chapters covering fur<strong>the</strong>r issues.106-pg. Book 4940-10 $5.958 or more copies ea. $3.57

Good and Evil $19.95To Michael and Debi Pearl, I accepted <strong>the</strong> LordJesus as my personal Savior August 17 th 2008.Before I accepted Jesus in my life I was a gangmember, who was on a serious road of self destruction.I was homeless and doing what everI had to do in order to stay alive. It is a shamethat I had to come to prison in order to find Jesus,but I guess God puts you in a place thatyou need to be just to get you attention. ThankGod for bro<strong>the</strong>rs, prison ministries and outsidesupport to help you with your walk. Good andEvil helps me to visualize what took place andimagine how it was back in those time of B.Cand A.D. Thank you for helping me maintainmy growth in Christ Jesus. Praise be to God forbro<strong>the</strong>rs like you, for spreading Gods Gospeleven behind prison walls. C.<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> - Vol. 1Reprints of <strong>the</strong> first two years of <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong><strong>Joy</strong> articles. Covers <strong>the</strong> subjects of sibling rivalry,pouting, bad attitudes, and much more.Book 6230-10 $5.958 or more copies ea. $3.57<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> - Vol. 2Let your children listen to great bedtimestories. Covers <strong>the</strong> subjects of rowdy boys,homeschooling, grief, and much more.Book 6235-10 $5.958 or more copies ea. $3.57<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> - Vol. 3Children learn wisdom and enjoy listening to<strong>the</strong> stories as you read to <strong>the</strong>m volumes 1, 2,and 3. Covers <strong>the</strong> subjects of marriage relationshipsand how <strong>the</strong>y affect children, joy,much more.Book 6240-10 $5.958 or more copies ea. $3.57Four Book SetGet <strong>the</strong> <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Series and To TrainUp A Child in this four book set. This is a perfectgift for friends or anyone who is seekinghelp in parenting.4 Book Set 3200-00 $19.0032 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936Created to be His Help MeetWhat God is doing through this book isamazing! We are receiving thousands ofletters from people giving testimony tomarriages restored and made new. Pastors,bookstores, and teachers are ordering and reorderingcases. UPDATED—The book nowcontains a word index at <strong>the</strong> back of <strong>the</strong> bookto aid you in topical searches.296-pg. Book 2020-10 $13.95Box of 24 books 2020-99 $200.889 CDs 2020-45 $34.951 MP3 2020-55 $12.95Creada Para Ser Su AyudaIdóneaSpanish Translation of Created To Be HisHelp Meet, Debi’s best-selling book.Spanish Book 2020-12 $13.95The Help Meet’s JourneyThe Journey is a 184-page year-long companionworkbook/journal for Created To BeHis Help Meet. There are extra pages foryour stories, doodlings, studies, and pictureswhere you will create a lasting memory of<strong>the</strong> miracle God is doing in you. This is aperfect study guide for individuals or women’sstudy groups.Workbook 2030-10 $10.95Box of 24 books 2030-99 $157.68Holy SexMichael Pearl takes his readers through arefreshing journey of biblical texts showingthat God designed marriage to be in <strong>the</strong>context of erotic pleasure. The world and <strong>the</strong>devil have attempted to make <strong>the</strong> subject ofsex <strong>the</strong>ir domain. <strong>No</strong> longer.82-pg. Book 4125-10 $5.958 or more copies ea. $3.57Spanish Book Sexo Santo 4125-12 $5.958 or more copies ea. $3.57

Marriage God’s WayHusbands, learn how to sanctify your wifeand cleanse her of spots, wrinkles, and blemishes.You have <strong>the</strong> power to bring your wifeinto <strong>the</strong> fullness of all that God intended herto be. Wives, learn <strong>the</strong> freedom of honoringand ministering to your man. You can helphim become all that God intended him to be.2 DVDs 4140-75 $19.95Only MenMichael Pearl speaks directly and frankly tomen about <strong>the</strong>ir responsibilities as husbands.Wives should not listen to this tape. We don’twant you taking advantage of your man.1 CD 6650-45 $5.95Spanish CD Solo Hombres 6650-12 $5.95<strong>the</strong> visionWhat do you get when Islamic terrorists andWhite Supremacists go up against a smallgroup of Bible believers in <strong>the</strong> hills of EastTennessee? Get your hands on a copy of thisintensely exciting, informative novel!336-page Book 9350-10 $14.95Young Adults & MarriageThis message, spoken by Michael Pearl inCalifornia, was given to help parents and<strong>the</strong>ir young adult children make wise decisionsconcerning marriage. It has <strong>the</strong> story ofall five of our children finding <strong>the</strong>ir mates.1 CD 9810-45 $5.95Bible TeachingThere is a dearth of Bible knowledgeacross this land. Bible teaching has beenreplaced with principle-based, self-improvementpsychology. More than ever, we wantto get <strong>the</strong>se Bible messages into your hands,so we have priced <strong>the</strong>m right down to what itcosts us to provide <strong>the</strong>m.swordsearcher software<strong>No</strong>w you can use <strong>the</strong> Bible search softwarethat Mike uses to study <strong>the</strong> Bible. Includesover 70 study references such as <strong>the</strong> KJV,KJV 1611, early translations by Tyndale andWycliffe, commentaries and much more!PC only.Software CD 8375-10 $49.95Books of <strong>the</strong> Bible1 CorinthiansHere is a book of radical answers for radicaltimes. Michael covers every verse in 1 Corinthiansin a straightforward manner. This isnot devotional teaching. It is practical Bibledoctrine on a host of controversial subjects.Paul answers questions put to him by <strong>the</strong>church at Corinth.10 CDs 2060-41 $36.951 Corinthians & Colossians MP3Two books on one MP3 CD.MP3 (1 CD) 2060-55 $12.951 & 2 Peter1 & 2 Peter introduces subjects that <strong>the</strong>Apostle Paul never touched on. Exotic, somepeople call it. Learn about election, addingto your faith, Paradise, <strong>the</strong> seven baptisms,Christian suffering, corrupt shepherds, andmuch more. There are more practical teachingsin <strong>the</strong>se two letters than one can imagine.Thirteen messages totaling over ninehours of teaching.13 CDs 7010-45 $42.951 MP3 7010-55 $12.951 & 2 THESSALONIANSThese two letters written by <strong>the</strong> Apostle Paulcontain teaching on departed loved ones, <strong>the</strong>rapture, <strong>the</strong> second coming of our Lord, aswell as some of <strong>the</strong> most practical teachingsin <strong>the</strong> New Testament.8 CDs 8440-45 $29.95MP3 (1 CD) 8440-55 $12.95ColossiansIf you enjoyed Romans, you need to hearColossians. Learn about your spiritual circumcision.Rise to complete victory inknowledge that you indeed have risen withChrist and are an overcomer of <strong>the</strong> world, <strong>the</strong>flesh and <strong>the</strong> devil.5 CDs 2050-41 $19.95EphesiansPractical and Scriptural Bible NEW!teaching encourage <strong>the</strong> believer.Includes teaching on husbands and wives.MP3 (1 CD) 2930-55 $12.95GalatiansMany professing Christians who don’t havea personal relationship with Christ are seek-<strong>Download</strong> Mike’s entire teachingon <strong>the</strong> book of Romans and o<strong>the</strong>rFREE messages on our website!www.nogreaterjoy.orgwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 33

ing meaning in Rabbinical Judaism, keepingfeast days and Sabbaths, and resorting to usingHebrew words for God and Jesus. Manyare “falling from grace” in <strong>the</strong>ir attempt togive <strong>the</strong> Law of Moses a place in <strong>the</strong>ir dailylives. God gave us <strong>the</strong> book of Galatians toanswer this ancient, and now modern, heresy.6 CDs 3410-41 $24.95HebrewsThis is a book that will bless you like no o<strong>the</strong>r.As you study <strong>the</strong> book of Hebrews, you willnot only learn about faith, you will actuallyhave faith built into you by <strong>the</strong> Word of God.12 CDs 3800-45 $39.95MP3 (1 CD) 3800-55 $12.95JohnEvery verse is discussed, every NEW!critical word examined. Here is doctrinal andpractical teaching to enrich your life.MP3 (1 CD) 4610-55 $12.95MarkMichael teaches through <strong>the</strong> book of Markverse by verse.MP3 (1 CD) 5950-55 $12.95Mat<strong>the</strong>wMichael Pearl opens new insights as heteaches <strong>the</strong> Gospel of Mat<strong>the</strong>w, describing itas <strong>the</strong> last book in <strong>the</strong> old covenant. A graspof this unique book is essential to a properunderstanding of <strong>the</strong> New Testament.24 CDs 6020-41 $72.95MP3 (1 CD) 6020-55 $12.95RomansVerse by verse, word by word, this is a commentaryon <strong>the</strong> book of Romans. We continuallyreceive testimonies of lives changed andsouls saved through listening to this greatestof all New Testament books. Until you know<strong>the</strong> book of Romans you don’t know <strong>the</strong> Bible.If you have never listened to any Bibleteaching by Michael Pearl, this is <strong>the</strong> place tostart. Michael also has a printed commentaryon Romans 1-8 which is much more extensivethan <strong>the</strong> audio.20 CDs 8140-45 $56.95MP3 (1 CD) 8140-55 $12.95Romans chapter 1-8 CommentaryThis commentary contains a careful wordfor-wordexamination of every phrase and34 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936addresses all <strong>the</strong> hard <strong>the</strong>ological issues thathave been <strong>the</strong> foundation of <strong>the</strong> Christianfaith down through <strong>the</strong> centuries.222-pg. Book 8140-10 $8.95Revelation Poster & HandbookThis poster is a print of an original paintingdone by Michael Pearl which shows <strong>the</strong>events of Revelation in chronological order.It is 40"x19" on heavy, glossy paper. Thehandbook which accompanies it is filled withOld Testament references and commentary to<strong>the</strong> events in Revelation.Poster 8130-10 $12.95O<strong>the</strong>r AuthorsFIVE POINTS of CalvinismEach of <strong>the</strong> much-touted 5 points of Calvinismis carefully compared with <strong>the</strong> clearteaching of God’s holy and infallible Word,providing both serious Scriptural challengeand correction to <strong>the</strong> extremes of Calvinism.125-pg book.Book 3050-10 $5.95King James, His Bible, and ItsTranslatorsThis collection of essays on <strong>the</strong> subjects ofKing James, his Bible, and its translators is<strong>the</strong> result of painstaking, original research,with an emphasis on primary resources.Book 5200-10 $8.95Which Version is <strong>the</strong> Bible?Author: Floyd Jones. Answers all your questionsabout Bible versions. Proof that <strong>the</strong>King James Bible is <strong>the</strong> perfect Word of Godto <strong>the</strong> English-speaking people.Book 9510-10 $12.95The answer bookAuthor: Samuel Gipp, Th.D. Contains answersto 62 most-often-asked questionsconcerning Bible translation issues and <strong>the</strong>preservation of <strong>the</strong> Bible in <strong>the</strong> AuthorizedVersion. It is scrupulously researched andbeautifully written—a pleasure to read.165-pg. Book 1318-10 $6.95The 2006 Geneva Bible –The Trojan HorseThis is Dr. Gipp’s answer to <strong>the</strong> all <strong>the</strong> hooplasurrounding <strong>the</strong> “Geneva” Bible. Recently,a Bible has been promoted as <strong>the</strong> “1599

THANK YOU! This is <strong>the</strong> first case of Created that Iam purchasing. I prayed for a ministry and this fellinmy lap! I gave one copy away and <strong>the</strong> lady I gaveit to told a friend (who wanted one), and she told afriend (who wanted one). I had three, so now I amout! I am thrilled that it is being passed around ourchurch. In fact, we had revival here this week and <strong>the</strong>evangelist’s wife was talking about it too. She saidthat when she first read it, she thought “oh! I am supposedto be doing THAT?!” She had been married 30years and it had helped her understand her responsibilityfor <strong>the</strong> first time! So, from our church... THANKYOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! – A ReaderCreated to be HisHelp Meet $13.95Geneva Bible” when in fact, it is not. UnsuspectingBible believers may be deceivedinto thinking it is safe to read and study from<strong>the</strong> “Grandfa<strong>the</strong>r” of <strong>the</strong> King James Bible.It isn’t. Dr. Gipp is direct and concise in thisbrief 112 page examination of <strong>the</strong> “2006 GenevaBible”.104-pg. Book 3430-10 $5.95The O<strong>the</strong>r Side of CalvinismAuthor: Laurence M. Vance, Ph.D. This is adetailed historical examination and criticalbiblical analysis of Calvinism. Extensivelydocumented from Calvinistic authorities,this book presents <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r side to <strong>the</strong> over400-year-old debate of <strong>the</strong> doctrines of Calvinism.Mike Pearl states, “This is <strong>the</strong> bestbook exposing <strong>the</strong> heresies of Calvinism.If you are a Bible believer concerned aboutTRUTH, this is a ‘must-read.’” Hard boundbook.788-pg. Book 6610-00 $21.95Books about <strong>the</strong> BibleEight KingdomsThe Bible speaks of eight kingdoms. Youcan’t see one of <strong>the</strong>m. One is coming but youcan’t be a part of it. Ano<strong>the</strong>r must be resisted.You have been removed from ano<strong>the</strong>r. Youmust honor ano<strong>the</strong>r that is evil. One is nowfighting for its life. One is going to smash all<strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>rs and reign forever on <strong>the</strong> earth. Ifyou don’t want to be challenged, don’t bo<strong>the</strong>rbuying this book. This book would be agift your pastor would truly enjoy.Book 8328-10 $12.95Box of 34 8328-99 $265.00Good and EvilWritten by Michael Pearl and featuring spectacularartwork by former Marvel Comicartist Danny Bulanadi. Over 300 pages illustratedin comic book format show <strong>the</strong> Biblestories in a chronological approach. Great forany child, teen or as Sunday School material.English Book 3760-10 $19.95Box of 26 3750-99 $311.22Spanish Book -(El Bien y El Mal) 3760-12 $19.95Box of 26 3712-99 $311.22Good and Evil - Comic BooksOur popular book, Good and Evil, has beenprinted in one-chapter comic books. Perfectfor giveaways. Kids will beg you for <strong>the</strong> nextchapter. 6 1/2" x 10 1/4" 28 pages each, softcover, full color.EnglishChapter 1 3761-10 $2.99Chapter 2 3762-10 $2.99Chapter 3 3763-10 $2.99Chapter 4 3764-10 $2.99Chapter 5 3765-10 $2.99Chapter 6 3766-10 $2.99G&E Comic 6-pk Special 3766-15 $9.00SpanishChapter 1 3761-12 $2.99Chapter 2 3762-12 $2.99Chapter 3 3763-12 $2.99Chapter 4 3764-12 $2.99Chapter 5 3765-12 $2.9925 or more copies ea. $2.00El Bien y El Mal Comic 5-pk. 3765-15 $7.50www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 35

Eight Kingdoms $12.95Good and Evil - Kids’ coloringBooksYour children will love coloring <strong>the</strong> pagesof <strong>the</strong>se four books! Based on <strong>the</strong> popularGood and Evil book. Sold separately or in a4-Book Set.Book 1 3775-01 $2.00Book 2 3775-02 $2.00Book 3 3775-03 $2.00Book 4 3775-04 $2.0025 or more copies ea. $1.504 Book Set 3775-05 $6.5025 or more sets ea. $5.50BookletsAll booklets are $1.50 each or $1 each for25 or more copies of any one of <strong>the</strong> below.These are great resources for teachers to usein Bible classes.1 John 1:9 <strong>the</strong> ProtestantConfessionalA core belief held by most conservativeChristians is that Christians who have unconfessedsins in <strong>the</strong>ir life are in need of forgiveness,are out of fellowship with God, andare walking in darkness. The underlying assumptionis that God forgives only sins thatare confessed. What does <strong>the</strong> Bible teach?Does God withhold forgiveness until sin isconfessed? <strong>No</strong>t on your life.23-pg. Booklet 4650-10 $1.50Baptism in Jesus’ NameThere are those who insist that New Testamentwater baptism is not valid unless <strong>the</strong>one doing <strong>the</strong> baptism vocally utters <strong>the</strong>36 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936words “in Jesus’ name.” It is <strong>the</strong> conclusionof this study that <strong>the</strong> verbal utterance is neveran issue in Scripture. It is erroneous to insiston any certain phrase being pronounced over<strong>the</strong> baptized.17-pg. Booklet 1410-10 $1.50In Defense of BiblicalChastisementMichael brings clear understanding back into<strong>the</strong> confusing and often misunderstood subjectof corporal chastisement. After firmlylaying <strong>the</strong> Biblical foundation for chastisement,he <strong>the</strong>n answers <strong>the</strong> question, “How doI apply corporal chastisement properly?” Finally,he shows <strong>the</strong> effectiveness of Biblicalchastisement demonstrated in those familiesthat practice it as taught.29-pg. Booklet 4530-10 $1.50Justification and <strong>the</strong> bookof JamesJames clearly teaches that works justify aman while Paul teaches that a man is not justifiedby works. Are <strong>the</strong>y contradicting eacho<strong>the</strong>r? Which one is correct? This study resolves<strong>the</strong> issue once and for all.26-pg. Booklet 4960-10 $1.50LEARNING FROM THE ATHEISTSMike tackles <strong>the</strong> arguments for <strong>the</strong> faith bytaking <strong>the</strong> A<strong>the</strong>ists’ own logic to prove JesusChrist is God.32-pg. Booklet 5600-10 $1.50Pornography - Road to HellWhile most ministers avoid <strong>the</strong> subject, MichaelPearl addresses <strong>the</strong> deadly scourge ofpornography head-on. He shows how repentancetoward God and <strong>the</strong> power of <strong>the</strong> gospelof Jesus Christ can break <strong>the</strong> bondage ofthis wicked perversion through <strong>the</strong> abundantmercy and grace of a loving God. There ishope for <strong>the</strong> man caught in <strong>the</strong> snare of pornographyand hope for <strong>the</strong> helpless, angrywife who finds it difficult to honor him.12-pg. Booklet 7030-10 $1.50Spanish Book 8610-12 $1.50(La Pornografía: Camino al Infierno)Great is <strong>the</strong> LORD, and greatly tobe praised ~ Psalm 48:1

The gap factThe Bible clearly declares that <strong>the</strong> Earth existedbefore <strong>the</strong> six-day creation. Don’t letwell-meaning creation scientists cloud thisBiblical truth for you. Study it for yourself.30-pg. Booklet 3425-10 $1.50To Betroth or not to BetrothAll Christian parents want <strong>the</strong>ir children tohave God’s first and best in all areas of <strong>the</strong>irlives, and this includes marriage. In an effortto avoid <strong>the</strong> dangers of <strong>the</strong> modern datinggame, families are giving attention to <strong>the</strong>concept of betrothal. The dangers of <strong>the</strong> betrothalsystem are exposed with <strong>the</strong> light ofbiblical truth, bringing objectivity back to anoften-misunderstood subject.28-pg. Booklet 1420-10 $1.50Bible Topics50 SinsSin brings misery, even when we are unawareof it as <strong>the</strong> source of our troubled spirit.To allow <strong>the</strong> Holy Spirit to chase lifelongtroublesome sin out into <strong>the</strong> light is purgingin and of itself.1 MP3 CD 3012-55 $12.95Am I Saved?Three message set: Born Again, Am I Saved?and Repent, discusses <strong>the</strong> nature of repentanceand faith as it pertains to salvation.2 CDs 1310-45 $10.95Angels, Good and BadThis is everything you ever wanted to knowabout angels, demons, Cherubim, heavenlybeasts, living creatures, and UFOs. Thesemessages are not going to sanctify you, but<strong>the</strong>y will excite you to study your Bible.2 CDs 1315-45 $10.95Balaam & his AssInsightful and entertaining story of Balaamand his ass.1 CD 1405-45 $5.95Body, Soul, & SpiritFive messages discussing <strong>the</strong> nature of man,temptation and sin, <strong>the</strong> sovereignty of God,and <strong>the</strong> free will of man. Illustrated diagramincluded.3 CDs 1435-45 $14.95By Divine DesignIf you are philosophically-minded, this bookwill appeal to you. Michael discusses someof <strong>the</strong> basic presuppositions that lead us tobelieve in and trust <strong>the</strong> unseen God. We arepart of a great drama that is perfectly orchestratedby both <strong>the</strong> sovereignty of God and <strong>the</strong>free will of man.85-pg. Book 2330-10 $5.958 or more copies ea. $3.57Chronological PropheciesThe infidel is silenced with this irrefutabletestimony of <strong>the</strong> Bible’s accuracy.1 CD 2080-45 $5.95Generational SinsMichael Pearl addresses <strong>the</strong> faddish teachingon generational sins, sins of <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>rs visitedon <strong>the</strong> children, family curses, etc. Let<strong>the</strong> word of God free you from <strong>the</strong> curse ofpop <strong>the</strong>ology.1 CD 3730-45 $5.95God’s Eternal ProgramMost of Michael’s tapes and CDs are teachings.This one is a sermon preached at a campin California. It is fun and a blessing.1 CD 3610-45 $5.95God Hates SinnersIt’s time you knew <strong>the</strong> truth.1 CD 3615-45 $5.95RepentanceWhen <strong>the</strong> Bible warns a sinner to repent,what is <strong>the</strong> nature of that repentance? MichaelPearl examines all 112 uses of “repent”in <strong>the</strong> KJV. Designed to put hearts at rest inChrist, and correct error.44-pg. Book 8120-10 $4.508 or more copies ea. $3.15repentance, true and falseUndoubtedly <strong>the</strong> most misunderstood wordin <strong>the</strong> Bible. Have you repented? If youhaven’t you cannot be saved. Did you knowthat <strong>the</strong> most oft used phrase, “Repent ofyour sins,” is not to be found in <strong>the</strong> Bibleeven one time? Then what is this vital actthat God requires as a condition of salvation?Michael Pearl explores this subject in depthand gives definitive Biblical answers. Thismessage could be <strong>the</strong> one that will changeyour life forever and forever.1 CD 8125-45 $5.95www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 37

RighteousnessFour messages on salvation: Blood, ImputedRighteousness, The Man Christ Jesus, andSaving Righteousness.4 CDs 8135-41 $18.95Righteousness, TEMPERANCE &jUDGMENTWhen <strong>the</strong> Apostle Paul had just one opportunityto communicate <strong>the</strong> gospel to <strong>the</strong> paganruler Felix, he spoke of righteousness, temperance,and judgment. Felix was so movedhe trembled. Preachers need to go back to <strong>the</strong>source and redefine <strong>the</strong>ir message.1 CD 8138-45 $5.95Sabbath RestWhat does <strong>the</strong> Bible say about keeping <strong>the</strong>Sabbath, be it Saturday, Sunday or Tuesday?1 CD 8310-45 $5.95SanctificationThree sermons by Michael Pearl contain <strong>the</strong>good news of complete and immediate deliverancefrom any and all sin by <strong>the</strong> miracle of<strong>the</strong> gospel alone.3 CDs 8320-41 $14.95Security of <strong>the</strong> BelieverYou will be surprised at what you hear. TheChurch (at large) has been divided, bothsides holding to a portion of Scripture whileexplaining away <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r Scripture. Can onebelieve all <strong>the</strong> Scripture on both sides of <strong>the</strong>issue? Absolutely.3 CDs 8322-45 $14.95Sinful NatureThese four messages answer some of <strong>the</strong>ridiculous teachings of an ancient heresysometimes called “Calvinism.” For too long,38 www.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936Reformed <strong>the</strong>ology has robbed <strong>the</strong> church of<strong>the</strong> power of God. The petals fall off of Calvin’stulip when it is held up to <strong>the</strong> light ofScripture.3 CDs 8330-45 $14.95Sin <strong>No</strong> MoreThe big question is: “So how do I stop sinning?”You have confessed your sins, received<strong>the</strong> baptism of <strong>the</strong> Holy Ghost wi<strong>the</strong>vidence of everything but ceasing to sin; yetyou are still a Romans 7 Christian. I assureyou, God not only saves his children from<strong>the</strong> penalty of sin but he saves <strong>the</strong>m from itspower as well. You can stop sinning.9 CDs 8315-41 $34.95Sin <strong>No</strong> More & Sanctification MP3Two sets of messages on one MP3 CD.MP3 (1 CD) 8315-55 $12.95Sons of God and GiantsThe Jews have taught it for 3,500 years. Thechurch fa<strong>the</strong>rs believed it and wrote of it. Ithas been commonly believed by Bible believersdown through <strong>the</strong> ages, but it is tooradical for our present generation. They willridicule you if you believe it.1 CD 8336-45 $5.95When Forgiveness is a SinThe Bible does not teach that Christians areto forgive everyone. In some cases it wouldbe a sin to forgive. See what <strong>the</strong> Bible saysand free yourself from <strong>the</strong> bondage of modernpsycho babble.1 CD 9580-45 $5.95In God I will praise his word, inGod I have put my trust~ Ps 56:4Our family has been so blessed by your ministry! I read and re-read Created To BeHis Help Meet (aka <strong>the</strong> wife bible) monthly. I never tire of it and <strong>the</strong> Lord managesto reveal more to me at each reading. I have given a copy to all my friends and whenwe get toge<strong>the</strong>r we always find ourselves talking about how good God is. I have beenhomeschooling for ten years now (I have four children ages 5-11) and I am still learning“my style” of teaching. I taught for a few years in a Christian school, but with each yearmy “training” (I graduated from a Bible college w/BA in Education) in <strong>the</strong> educationalfield is dramatically changing. I am enjoying my children in so many ways. I am so differentfrom that “fresh-out-of-Bible-College” girl. I am nothing without my Lord anddaily I thank Him for allowing me to be <strong>the</strong> wife of my husband and <strong>the</strong> mo<strong>the</strong>r of mychildren, everything else takes second place. I have listened to your homeschooling CDand thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact at times, Mrs. Pearl’s voice sounds like my preciousmo<strong>the</strong>r, who went to be with her blessed Saviour 19 years ago. Thanks for that blessing!I LOVE your child training books and your marriage books and DVDs. Thanks forbreathing fresh life into <strong>the</strong> stale culture of Christianity! ~ Michelle Finch

Join <strong>the</strong> ExplosionNGJ’s Distributorship ProgramBy Mel Cohen CFP, RFCOn July 15, 2009 we completed our three year anniversary for <strong>the</strong> Distributor Program.The success has been overwhelming. We now have over 460 ministries, churches,individuals and families distributing our material in 14 countries. What are you waitingfor? Take a look at our website for all of <strong>the</strong> details www.nogreaterjoy.org/businessin-a-boxbefore calling, as most of your potential questions will be answered <strong>the</strong>re. Yourfamily can get started right away–we can ship your order within two business days. A fewdays later you will receive your order via UPS if in <strong>the</strong> US and USPS if shipped directlyoverseas. This is a good way for you to minister to individuals and families, spread <strong>the</strong>Gospel, and earn extra income at <strong>the</strong> same time. It can be a ministry or business or both.After reviewing our website, call Mel Cohen at 931-593-2484 to answer all of yourquestions or to sign up for <strong>the</strong> program. Email questions to: mcohen@nogreaterjoy.org.Existing DistributorsAvailable upon request:• Your complete contact informationon our website. Youprovide <strong>the</strong> text and NGJ willdo <strong>the</strong> rest.• A listing of homeschoolconventions in your area.Homeschool conventionsare usually from February toAugust each year.• Images and product descriptionsfor you to use on yourwebsite or advertising.• Answers to your tax, merchandisingor marketingquestions.• Advance notification on newproducts with special discountsfor Distributors.NEW! Be sure to go to <strong>the</strong> Distributorpage on <strong>the</strong> NGJ websiteand sign up for <strong>the</strong> Distributoronly email.Phone: 931-593-2484Email: mcohen@nogreaterjoy.orgNew arrivals:Audio:- John MP3- Ephesians MP3- AuthorityPraying CDwww.nogreaterjoy.org | 1-866-292-9936 39

sept-oct 2009<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> <strong>Ministries</strong>, Inc.1000 Pearl RoadPleasantville, TN 37033ELECTRONIC SERVICE REQUESTEDNON-PROFITUS. POSTAGEPAIDNO GREATER JOYMINISTRIESSHOP EARLY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!September-October SpecialsGOOD THROUGH OCTOBER 31, 2009ABOUT THE TEEN YEARSSPECIALJumping Ship book $5.95,Jumping Ship DVD $12.95,Starting Over CD $5.95,Teaching Responsibility DVD $19.95(#1110-05)$44.80 X 40% = $26.88SPANISH OUTREACHSPECIAL(3) Good & Evil books(Black & White version)(#8337-03) $14.95 X 3 = $44.85$44.85 X 40% = $27.00GIFTS FOR LITTLE GUYSSPECIALAlabama Seminar CD $10.95,ABC CD $ 5.95,Coloring Book Set $8.00(#3520-05)$24.90 X 40% = $15.00GIFTS FOR LITTLE GALSSPECIALRebekah’s Diary $ 5.95,From The End of <strong>the</strong> Earth CD$8.95,Coloring Book Set $8.00(#3510-05)$22.90 X 40% = $13.75

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