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EXPLORESOUTH AMERICAEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICAAverage High Temperature (ºC / ºF)CITY JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DECLima 26 79 26 79 26 79 24 75 22 72 20 68 19 66 18 64 19 66 20 68 22 72 24 75Cuzco 17 63 17 63 18 64 18 64 19 66 18 64 18 64 18 64 19 66 20 68 19 66 18 64Rio de Janeiro 32 90 33 91 32 90 30 86 28 82 27 81 27 81 27 81 27 81 28 82 30 86 31 88Santiago 29 84 28 82 26 79 22 72 17 63 14 57 13 55 16 61 18 64 21 70 25 77 27 81La Paz 12 54 13 55 13 55 13 55 13 55 12 54 12 54 13 55 13 55 14 57 15 59 14 57Buenos Aires 29 84 27 81 26 79 22 72 18 64 15 59 14 57 16 61 18 64 21 70 24 75 27 81Quito 18 64 18 64 18 64 18 64 18 64 19 66 19 66 19 66 20 68 19 66 19 66 18 64Galápagos Islands 27 81 28 82 30 86 30 86 27 81 25 77 24 75 24 75 23 73 24 75 25 77 25 77Bogotá 18 64 18 64 19 66 18 64 18 64 17 63 17 63 17 63 18 64 18 64 18 64 18 64Salvador 30 86 30 86 30 86 30 86 29 84 28 82 27 81 27 81 28 82 28 82 29 84 30 86


GREAT SOUTH AMERICAN JOURNEYEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICAWith this easy touring concept,you can make an entire continentyour playground. Each segmentof the Great South AmericanJourney is designed to runback-to-back, so you have theflexibility to choose just one bitesizedsegment or mix and matchyour favourite chunks into onecustom-fit route. If time’s on yourside, why not do the entire trip?65 days equals one truly epicadventure! If we packed any moreamazing landscapes and uniqueexperiences into this trip, we’dhave to put a disclaimer on it!SEGMENT A:QUITO TO LIMA ADVENTUREQUITO LIMAFR$1,39915 DAYSSEGMENT B:ANDEAN DISCOVERYLIMA LA PAZFR$2,44921 DAYSDiscover the best of Ecuador and Peru as you explore the Andes,Amazon and Pacific Coast on this two-week adventure. FromQuito, head into the Amazon for a jungle homestay with naturewalks to appreciate the rainforest and its staggering animal andplant biodiversity. From here, travel through colonial cities, Incaruins, surf towns and arid deserts en-route to the Peruvian capital,Lima (see page 43).QUITO TO LIMA: GASEQMActive, awe-inspiring and absolutely amazing pretty much sumsup this three-week adventure. Starting from Lima, ponder themysteries of the Nazca Lines, admire soaring condors highabove the depths of the Colca Canyon and hang out with thewelcoming locals of Lake Titicaca before hiking the famous IncaTrail. Watching dawn break over Machu Picchu could well be theexperience of a lifetime (see page 42).LIMA TO LA PAZ: GAJMLLA PAZ TO LIMA: GAJLMSEGMENT C:LA PAZ TO BUENOS AIRES ADVENTURELA PAZ BUENOS AIRESFR$1,69915 DAYSSEGMENT D:IN SEARCH OF IGUASSUBUENOS AIRES RIO DE JANEIROFR$2,39917 DAYSThis amazing two-week adventure will take you from the dizzyingheights of La Paz, through the vast expanses of Chile’s AtacamaDesert, one of the driest places on earth. It’s a journey of intensecontrasts amidst some seriously impressive scenery, including a4WD crossing of the blinding white salt flats of Bolivia. From Salta,fly to the vibrant Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires to round thetrip off in style (see page 27).LA PAZ TO BUENOS AIRES: GASBLBBUENOS AIRES TO LA PAZ: GASABLTake 17 days to explore Buenos Aires, Rio and everything inbetween! Cross into Uruguay and travel to the nation’s capital,Montevideo, before getting your hands dirty on an authentic ranch.Admire mighty Iguassu Falls before hopping over to the tropicalpalm trees of Paraty and Ilha Grande to soak up the sunshine andsurf. The trip comes to an epic finale amidst the samba rhythms ofRio (see page 91).BUENOS AIRES TO RIO: GAJBRRIO TO BUENOS AIRES: GAJRB20

FR$7,39965 DAYSECUADORQuitoMancoraAmazon Jungle HomestayBañosCuencaPERUHuanchacoEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICALimaParacasNazcaMachuPicchuColca CanyonArequipaSan Pedrode AtacamaOllantaytamboCuzcoPunoLake TiticacaCHILELa PazPotosiUyuniSalt FlatsSaltaBOLIVIAARGENTINAColoniaIguassu FallsEstanciaBuenos AiresURUGUAYBRAZILMontevideoParatySao PauloIlhaGrandeRio deJaneiroYou might likeSEGMENTS A + B:QUITO TO LA PAZADVENTURE35 days, Quito to La PazTour Code: GASEQL (see pages 40-41)SEGMENTS B + C:LIMA TO BUENOS AIRESFRADVENTURE$3,89935 days, Lima to Buenos AiresTour Code: GASPMB (see pages 24-25)35 days, Buenos Aires to LimaTour Code: GASABMFR$3,799La PazBuenos AiresQuito LimaLima La PazBuenos AiresRio de JaneiroQUITO TO LIMA ADVENTUREANDEAN DISCOVERYLA PAZ TO BUENOS AIRES ADVENTUREIN SEARCH OF IGUASSUSEGMENTS B + C + D:FRLIMA TO RIO ADVENTURE $5,79951 days, Lima to Rio de JaneiroTour Code: GASPMR51 days, Rio de Janeiro to LimaTour Code: GASZRA (see pages 30-31)SEGMENTS A + B + C + D:GREAT SOUTHFRAMERICAN JOURNEY $7,39965 days, Quito to Rio de JaneiroTour Code: GASEQR21

SOUTHERN CROSSLima Rio de JaneiroPERUEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICALimaPiscoNazcaColcaCanyonMachuPicchuArequipaOllantaytamboCuzcoPunoBOLIVIALake TiticacaSanta CruzLa PazSucrePotosiCHILEUyuniSalt FlatsARGENTINAPARAGUAYPantanalBonitoIguassu FallsBRAZILRio de JaneiroSao PauloParaty Ilha GrandeHighlights• Watch condors in the Colca Canyon• Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu• Explore the islands of Lake Titicaca• Be awestruck on the Salar de Uyuni• Spot abundant wildlife in the Pantanal• Snorkel in Bonito’s crystal-clear rivers• Marvel at the force of Iguassu Falls• Samba in the sun on CopacabanaDAYDepartures 2014 01-02STARTFINISHJan 11 Feb 24Jan 14 Feb 27Feb 01 Mar 17Feb 08 Mar 24Feb 22 Apr 07Mar 01 Apr 14Mar 08 Apr 21Mar 15 Apr 28Mar 29 May 12Apr 08 May 22Apr 12 May 26Apr 15 May 29Apr 24 Jun 07InclusionsSTARTFINISHJun 09 Jul 23Jun 14 Jul 28Jun 21 Aug 04Jun 29 Aug 12Jul 06 Aug 19Jul 12 Aug 25Jul 19 Sep 01Jul 25 Sep 07Aug 10 Sep 23Aug 15 Sep 28Aug 23 Oct 06Aug 29 Oct 12Sep 07 Sep 21STARTFINISHSep 14 Sep 28Sep 19 Nov 02Sep 29 Nov 12Oct 11 Nov 24Oct 19 Dec 02Oct 25 Dec 08Oct 31 Dec 14Nov 08 Dec 22Nov 29 Jan 12Dec 06 Jan 19Dec 14 Jan 27Dec 20 Feb 02Dec 30 Feb 12Trip Style: Classic Service Level: StandardPhysical Grading: 4 Age Group: Any ageAccommodation: Hotels (33 nts), overnightbuses (2 nts), overnight train (1 nt), homestay(1 nt), camping (3 nts), tented room withhammocks (2 nts, multishare), basic hostels(2 nts, multishare) Transport: Public bus,plane, ferry, train, boat, hiking, 4WD Meals:8 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 8 dinners Budget:Allow USD $1110-1480 for meals notincluded Group Leader: Chief ExperienceOfficer (CEO) (not on Sucre-Santa Cruz flight),specialist CEO on Inca Trail, local guides GroupSize: Max 16, Avg 12 Tour Code: GASXMRMy Own Room Available: Fr $1,099You might likeGo In ReverseSouthern Cross Westbound(39 days, Rio to Lima, GASZRM) Fr $5,349Customise Your TripPeru Adrenalin Pack (see p.28) Fr $80This epic trip takes in some of the continent’s very best bits and you’ll be under the SouthAmerican spell in no time. From lively Lima to rambunctious Rio, this six-week trip provideslimitless opportunities for adventure. Explore the wetlands of the Pantanal, the depths ofthe Colca Canyon, thundering Iguassu Falls and the bizarre landscape of the Salar de Uyuni.In the thin air of the Andes, trek the challenging Inca Trail to legendary Machu Picchu andsail the world’s highest navigable lake before getting to know the locals at a homestay. Thisreally will be the time of your life.03-0405-07080910-1314-161718-19ITINERARYLima / PiscoArrive into Peru’s capital, with time to relax before meeting your group. Spend the morning of Day 2exploring Lima before catching a bus to Pisco, namesake of Peru’s famous cocktail, the Pisco Sour.NazcaRise early for your chance to see abundant wildlife on an optional visit to the Ballestas Islands.Afterwards, jump on the bus to Nazca where you’ll take a guided tour of a local potter’s studio and apre-Inca cemetery, complete with ancient pottery and 1,500-year-old mummies. There’s the optionto fly over the inexplicable desert-imprinted Nazca Lines. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a giantmonkey (supposedly a fertility symbol). On Day 4, catch the overnight bus to Arequipa.Arequipa / Chivay / Colca CanyonFrom Peru’s second-largest city Arequipa, you’ll spy the shadow of El Misti Volcano creeping over thecity’s skyline. A guided tour will take you to explore the Colca Canyon - twice as deep as the USA’sGrand Canyon. It is also home to the mighty Andean condors whose wingspan reaches an impressive3 metres (10ft). You’ll stay overnight in Chivay where you can take a dip in thermal springs and watchlive Andean music at a peña.CuzcoFly over to Cuzco and spend the afternoon getting under the skin of this beautiful colonial city.Check out the cobblestone streets, interesting museums, colourful markets and the nearby ruins ofSacsayhuaman (nicknamed ‘sexy woman’).Sacred Valley / OllantaytamboHead down through the picturesque Sacred Valley with your local guide, checking out some of thefascinating Inca sites along the way. You’ll visit a Planeterra weaving project in a local community andthere will be shopping opportunities at a local market. Spend the evening winding down in the prettytown of Ollantaytambo, whose narrow streets have been inhabited since the 13th Century.Inca Trail to Machu PicchuFrom Km 82, the hike of your life begins. With seriously speedy local porters who’ll literally give youa run for your money, the trek from start to finish will be worry-free, inspiring and a whole lot ofpure, clean fun. Feeling on top of the world you’ll reach Intipunku, the ‘Sun Gate’, just in time to seeMachu Picchu appear as the sun rises and the clouds clear. There’s also the option to climb up toHuayna Picchu or visit the Inca Bridge before returning to Cuzco by train and van. (3B, 3L, 3D)CuzcoTired from the Inca Trail? Not a valid excuse! Get out there and head off rafting, horse riding ormountain biking. Possibly you will need an hour or two of down time, in which case there are plentyof cafés in which to sip a cup of coca tea, and museums galore to wander round.PunoThere are lots of sights to be seen on the bus today as you travel through the altiplano to Puno. Spotthe traditional clay bulls atop the rooftops which are used for protection and prosperity.Lake TiticacaCruise across Lake Titicaca to see the Uros Islands and enjoy a guided tour of Taquile Island. Marvelat the engineering of the floating islands and the surreal silence. There’s also the option to visit theSillustani burial site. Stay overnight with a Peruvian family in a typical rural homestay village. (B, L, D)22

FR$6,49945 DAYSEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICA20-212223-252627-2930-3132-3435-3637-3839-4142-4344-45La PazYou’ll wind along the shores of Lake Titicaca until you reach La Paz, Bolivia – the world’s highestcapital. For many guests, the bustling street life and lively markets make La Paz one of the surprisehighlights of this trip. Head off for an optional excursion to the Valley of the Moon.UyuniTake a train and then bus to Uyuni and get yourself prepared for your upcoming three-day 4WDexcursion to the salt lakes.Uyuni / Salt Lakes ExcursionHop into a 4WD jeep and begin your explorations of the unforgettable Salar de Uyuni andsurrounding desert altiplano with spectacular scenery. The piercing blue skies and blinding whitesalt flats distort the view and make this vast space a perfect location for all you shutterbugs. Themoon-like terrain is some of the most isolated and dramatic geography in South America. This isonce-in-a-lifetime stuff! (2B, 3L, 2D)PotosíExplosive UNESCO World Heritage Potosí had a tumultuous history as a silver mining centre duringcolonial times. If you dare, descend into a working mine for a close-up look at how it’s all done.SucreSucre is a lovely town with museums and colonial buildings. It’s home to the Bolivian Government anda winner for self-confessed history geeks. Get lost in some dinosaur tracks on an optional trip out ofthe city.Santa Cruz / Puerto SuarezFly into Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s second-largest city, located at the foothills of the Cordillera Oriental.Then bed down on an overnight train bound for Puerto Suarez, one step closer to Brazil.Corumba / PantanalEat your hearts out, wildlife lovers! On a two-day exploration with local guides, you’ll travel by jeepand motorised canoe, getting back to nature amid the immense Pantanal wetlands. Special wildlifeguests include monkeys, macaws, Jabiru storks, giant otters and caiman. (2B, 2L, 2D)BonitoIn a word: beautiful. Snorkel with brightly-coloured fish in crystal-clear rivers and visit underwatercaves and waterfalls. If you need an adrenalin rush then head off rafting. It’s a great place foroutdoor extremists.Iguassu FallsYou’ll cross the vast cattle ranches of Mato Grosso do Sul while travelling overnight to themagnificent Iguassu Falls. Arriving at the Falls you can sit back and stare, soaking in the beauty andsheer power of nature unadulterated, or go and get soaked on an optional high-speed boat tour(which we can pre-book for you before you go) under the spray of the Falls.ParatyFly to São Paulo before continuing by road to Paraty, located on Brazil’s ‘Costa Verde’ (Green Coast).Cobblestones, cafés and cachaça (the local liquor) are coupled with a pretty historical centre and thenatural beauty of its surroundings. An optional cruise around the beaches and coves will help youappreciate those cachaça-based cocktails all the more.Ilha GrandeContinue by bus up the coast and take a ferry to Ilha Grande, one of the 65 islands that make up thispart of Brazil’s coastline. Let this be a welcome piece of heaven on earth as you near the end of yourtrip. Hike through the jungle to waterfalls, soak up the sun on a nearby black sandy beach, hire aboat and head off to secluded coves and swim in the beautifully clear, warm water. Alternatively, justhang back with a cold beer in the World Heritage-recognised town centre.Rio de JaneiroThe Cariocas, residents of this glorious city, claim ‘God made the world in six days, the seventh hedevoted to Rio’. Highlights include the fantastic views from Cristo el Redentor (Christ the Redeemer),Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf) and Santa Teresa’s coloured steps. The bright high-on-life atmosphere,echoed throughout the favelas and along the white beaches will have you buzzing. Explore it all fromyour centrally-located hotel in Copacabana, before this life-defining adventure draws to a close onDay 45.23

LIMA TO BUENOS AIRES ADVENTURELima Buenos AiresPERUEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICALimaParacasNazcaMachuPicchuColca CanyonArequipaSan Pedro de AtacamaCHILEOllantaytamboCuzcoPunoLake TiticacaLa PazBOLIVIAPotosiUyuniSalt FlatsSaltaARGENTINABuenos AiresHighlights• Browse the colonial streets of Lima• Decipher the mysterious Nazca Lines• Hike the challenging Inca Trail• Stroll the ruins of Machu Picchu• Visit the highest city in the world• Explore a silver mine in Potosí• Cross the Salar de Uyuni by 4WD• Sample fine wines in Buenos AiresDepartures 2014 01STARTFINISHJan 05 Feb 08Jan 20 Feb 23Feb 21 Mar 27Mar 10 Apr 13Mar 15 Apr 18Mar 25 Apr 28Apr 02 May 06Apr 11 May 15Apr 19 May 23Apr 27 May 31May 06 Jun 09May 11 Jun 14InclusionsSTARTFINISHMay 18 Jun 21Jun 02 Jul 06Jun 06 Jul 10Jun 17 Jul 21Jun 28 Aug 01Jul 08 Aug 11Jul 19 Aug 22Jul 28 Aug 31Aug 08 Sep 11Aug 13 Sep 16Aug 23 Sep 26Sep 09 Oct 13STARTFINISHSep 22 Oct 26Sep 26 Oct 30Oct 11 Nov 14Oct 17 Nov 20Oct 27 Nov 30Nov 03 Dec 07Nov 22 Dec 26Nov 29 Jan 02Dec 09 Jan 12Dec 13 Jan 16Dec 24 Jan 27Trip Style: YOLO Service Level: BasicPhysical Grading: 4 Age Group:Recommended for 18-39s Accommodation:Simple hotels (25 nts), basic hostels (2 nts,multishare), overnight buses (3 nts), homestay(1 nt), camping (3 nts) Transport: Public bus,plane, train, hiking, 4WD Meals: 6 breakfasts,6 lunches, 7 dinners Budget: Allow USD$1065-1400 for meals not included GroupLeader: Chief Experience Officer (CEO),specialist CEO on Inca Trail, local guides GroupSize: Max 16, Avg 12 Tour Code: GASPMBMy Own Room Available: Fr $999You might likeGo In ReverseBuenos Aires to Lima Adventure(35 days, GASABM) Fr $3,899Extend your tripLima to Rio Adventure(51 days, GASPMR) Fr $5,799South America rewards those willing to explore. This epic adventure from Lima to BuenosAires promises 35 fun-filled days, hiking the Inca Trail, spotting condors in the Colca Canyonand crossing the salt flats of Bolivia by 4WD vehicle. In Buenos Aires, you can try out yourtango and feel quite sophisticated discussing the merits of your delicious ‘New World’wine whilst tucking in to a juicy Argentinian steak. Along the way, you’ll engage with localcultures and meet a great group of fellow travellers. For those willing to invest their time,this big trip offers big returns.DAY02-0405-0809-1112-16ITINERARYLimaArrive into Peru’s capital city at any time today, relax at your hotel or head out to explore some of itsvibrant neighbourhoods. This evening, meet up with your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the rest ofyour group to learn about the five weeks’ worth of adventures that lie ahead!Paracas / NazcaSpend the morning exploring more of Lima, which was founded in 1535 and retains a colonial feeldespite its status as one of Latin America’s largest cities. Hop on a bus for the short trip down thecoast to Paracas, where you can sample a healthy seafood ceviche and a glass of Pisco Sour. Fromhere, you can choose to sail over to the wildlife haven of the Ballestas Islands to observe the sealion colonies and Humboldt penguins. Travel on to Nazca, stopping along the way at the oasis ofHuacachina for a visit to a local wine producer and perhaps some optional sandboarding. Nazcais home to the weird and wonderful Nazca Lines, fascinating symbols and designs that have beenetched into the desert on a vast scale. Some resemble animals, fish and birds, but all of them arebest appreciated with an aerial view so we recommend an optional sightseeing flight to take it all in.Historians debate their original meaning or purpose, and it’s fun to come up with your own theories!In the evening, enjoy a traditional Pachamanca meal that is cooked underground, before catching thenight bus to Arequipa. (D)Arequipa / Colca CanyonArequipa is Peru’s second city, but maintains a more laid-back atmosphere than the capital. It is alsoknown as ‘the White City’ due to the light coloured volcanic rock used in its construction. You have afree day to explore here and the top draws for visitors are the café-lined main plaza and cathedral.You may also wish to pay an optional visit to the Convent of Santa Catalina, which offers a briefrespite from the outside world and a unique view into a bygone way of life. Spectacular mountainssurround Arequipa and, on Day 6, you can marvel at El Misti Volcano, whose beautiful snow-cappedsummit stands at 5,822m (19,096ft). On Day 7, set off for an overnight guided tour to Colca Canyon,which incorporates a remarkable drive through Inca and pre-Inca terracing. Once at the Colca Canyon,look out for awesome Andean condors soaring overhead, as well as alpacas, llamas and vicuñas. Driveback to Arequipa on Day 8, before taking the night bus to Cuzco.Cuzco / OllantaytamboArriving off the night bus, Cuzco does not disappoint. It is one of Peru’s most attractive cities andcertainly its most popular amongst international visitors. There are great museums, churches andInca sites to check out, or, if you want to get your adrenalin pumping, then head off river rafting,mountain biking or horse riding. You can climb up the hill to Sacsayhuamán (pronounced ‘sexywoman’) or browse the markets for handicrafts and souvenirs. Travel through the Sacred Valley toOllantaytambo where you’ll stay the night before you embark on the Inca Trail. The town’s major Incaruin site will sufficiently whet your appetite for what lies ahead.Inca Trail to Machu PicchuAn undoubted highlight of the trip for anyone brave enough to tackle it, the Inca Trail is a legendarymulti-day hike. You’ll start at Km 82 and, over the next few days trek around 44kms (27 miles),crossing no fewer than three mountain passes. Warmiwañusca, or Dead Woman’s Pass, is the highest- standing at 4,198m (13,769ft). This world-famous trail takes you through beautiful cloud forestand original Inca constructions such as a causeway and tunnel. Take time to absorb the scenery whileyour porters race ahead to set up camp. Check your camera batteries for the final day as you head upto the ‘Sun Gate’ to see the breathtaking sunrise over Machu Picchu - enchanting and epic! Wanderaround the remarkable ruins of Machu Picchu with your guide before heading back to Cuzco to rest,shower and celebrate. (3B, 3L, 3D)24

FR$3,69935 DAYSEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICA17-1920-2223-2425-2627-2930-3132-333435Puno / Lake TiticacaYou’ll travel by bus through the stunning altiplano region to Puno. From here, you’ll take a boat tripto visit the floating Islands of Uros before immersing yourself in Peruvian rural life with a homestayin a small village. Take in the extensive views of the lake and enjoy spectacular sunsets, starry skiesand a traditional evening of dinner and dancing. You’ll get a true feel for life on Lake Titicaca. (B, L, D)La PazCross the border into Bolivia and ascend to La Paz, regarded as the highest city in the world andsituated at nearly 4,000m (13,120ft) above sea level. At this altitude we don’t recommend anythingtoo strenuous! You have free time to explore La Paz with its many fine museums, religious buildingsand the fascinating Mercado de Hechicería (Witches’ Market), where you can purchase any numberof lotions and potions to remedy your illnesses... real or imagined! There’s a wealth of shops sellingfine alpaca wool products, silver jewellery and woven textiles, so take in a spot of shopping beforeboarding the overnight bus to Sucre on Day 22.SucreOften referred to as the ‘White City’, Sucre is Bolivia’s capital and former home of the Spanish RoyalCourt, who ruled from here over their vast colonial possessions. Sucre also has strong links withthe Latin American independence movement, gaining its present name in 1825 after General Sucre,who was Simon Bolivar’s second-in-command. Optional activities here include an excursion to walkin the footprints of dinosaurs, visits to a tin baron’s mansion or textile co-operative, hiking trails ormountain bike rides.PotosíTravel by bus to Potosí, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a fascinating history as a silver miningcentre during colonial times. There is time to visit the Casa de la Moneda Museum and for an eyeopeningexcursion to the working mines of the Mountain of Silver, where the methods used to extractthis precious metal are unchanged in decades, if not centuries. Much of the silver was shippedback to Spain, and countless numbers of indigenous people and African slaves lost their lives in themines. Perhaps surprisingly, by 1650, Potosí was the most populated city in the world - its 160,000inhabitants exceeded that of London, Paris, Madrid and other important ‘old world’ cities.Salar de Uyuni / Salt FlatsThe isolated town of Uyuni is the starting point for your salt flats excursion, and you’ll spend thenext three days in 4WD vehicles exploring the stunning landscapes between the Salar de Uyuni andthe Atacama Desert. The contrast of piercing blue skies and blinding white salt on the flat lakebed isquite unbelievable. The colour palette gets even more vivid at the Laguna Colorada, coloured red dueto algae and plankton, and then at the Laguna Verde which has a striking blue-green appearance dueto mineral concentrations in its waters. The area’s unusual landscape of mountains, active volcanoes,geysers and moon-like territory is like nowhere on earth. (2B, 2L, 2D)San Pedro de AtacamaDescend almost 3,000m from the high altiplano of Bolivia, and cross into Chile to arrive at the smalldesert resort of San Pedro de Atacama. The town is the gateway to the Atacama Desert, one of thebiggest and driest on the planet. It offers plenty of excursion opportunities like biking, exploringnearby ruins, horseback riding and visits to the dramatic Valley of the Moon.SaltaMake your way to Salta, situated in the Lerma Valley in northern Argentina and famous for itsdelicious local speciality, the empanada. On Day 13, you can pay an optional visit to the scenicQuebrada de las Conchas, sample the local wines from the vineyards of Cafayate or experience thecelebrations at a ‘Peña’ folklore show.Buenos AiresToday, you’ll skip the long journey to the coast with a quick flight over to Argentina’s stylish capital,Buenos Aires, which has a distinctly European feel. After an optional city tour, there’s time to exploreat your own pace. Head to some of the diverse neighbourhoods such as San Telmo, colourful La Bocaor stylish Recoleta to really get a flavour of the city and to sample the world’s best steaks and someof the fine wines for which Argentina has earned a well-deserved reputation.Buenos AiresThe tour comes to an end today, so it’s time to say goodbye to your new-found travelling buddies.25

SOUTHERN DIVIDELima SantiagoFR$3,89922 DAYSEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICAHighlights• Explore Cuzco’s colonial past• Visit a women’s weaving co-operative• Marvel at legendary Machu Picchu• Soak in Aguas Calientes’ hot springs• Visit the floating islands of Uros• Descend into a working silver mine• Cross the spectacular salt flats• Roam around cosmopolitan SantiagoDepartures 2014STARTFINISHJan 11 Feb 01Jan 25 Feb 15Feb 15 Mar 08Mar 08 Mar 29Mar 29 Apr 19Apr 12 May 03May 03 May 24STARTFINISHMay 31 Jun 21Jun 14 Jul 05Jul 12 Aug 02Aug 02 Aug 23Aug 16 Sep 06Sep 06 Sep 27Sep 20 Oct 11STARTFINISHOct 04 Oct 25Oct 18 Nov 08Nov 08 Nov 29Nov 22 Dec 13Dec 06 Dec 27Dec 20 Jan 10InclusionsTrip Style: Classic Service Level: StandardPhysical Grading: 3 Age Group: Any ageAccommodation: Hotels / guesthouses(19 nts), basic hostels (2 nts, multishare)Transport: Plane, train, boat, public bus, 4WDvehicles, hiking Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches,2 dinners Budget: Allow USD $480-760for meals not included Group Leader: ChiefExperience Officer (CEO), local guides GroupSize: Max 16, Avg 12 Tour Code: GASMSMy Own Room Available: Fr $1,049LimaPERUMachuPicchuPunoLa Paz BOLIVIASucrePotosíUyuniSalt FlatsCalamaSan Pedrode AtacamaCHILESantiagoYou might likeOllantaytamboCuzcoLake TiticacaARGENTINAStay longer in LimaCheck out pages 60-61Stay longer in SantiagoCheck out page 115Extend Your TripSouthern Discovery(8 days, Santiago to Buenos Aires)(GASSB) Fr $2,399Southern Explorer(15 days, Santiago to Rio de Janiero)(GASSR) Fr $4,699Peru, Bolivia, Chile. Three different countries, three different cultures, but all set withinthe spectacular landscape of the Andes. For those looking to experience South America’shistory, culture and wilderness, this adventure is jam-packed with many of the continent’smost iconic and popular highlights. Explore the Sacred Valley and uncover Incan history atlegendary Machu Picchu. View surreal landscapes across the Atacama Desert and the Salarde Uyuni salt flats, and encounter the vibrant traditions preserved by the locals on LakeTiticaca. It all winds up in Santiago, a springboard for trips to Argentina and Patagonia.DAY01-0304-0506-0708-0910-1112-1415-1718-1920-22ITINERARYLima / CuzcoArrive into Peru’s capital at any time, relax and explore before meeting your group in the evening. Flyto the dizzy heights of Cuzco (elevation: 3,400m) on Day 2. Cuzco is a unique destination that givesyou a taste of an age-old culture steeped in history, tradition and legend.Sacred Valley / Ollantaytambo / Aguas CalientesMarvel at the cleverness of Incan urban planning and engineering, as your guide introduces thesteep terrace system in the Sacred Valley. Visit the local community weaving project where quality,brightly-coloured cloth is produced. Spend the night in picturesque Ollantaytambo whose impressiveruined fortress is strategically situated above the Urubamba River Valley. On Day 5, board a morningtrain that winds through the spectacular valley to the end of the line: the colourful village of AguasCalientes, nestled in the hills at the foot of Machu Picchu. Bathe in its namesake hot springs.Machu Picchu / CuzcoEnjoy a guided tour of one of the trip’s highlights; majestic Machu Picchu. Explore the nooks andcrannies and let your imagination bring the Incas to life. Climb up to Wayna Picchu before returningto Cuzco, where there’s a free day for optional activities such as rafting, horse riding or biking.PunoTravel by bus through the spectacular high altiplano region to Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca.There are many communities on or around the lake, including the Uros people who live on ‘floating’islands made from layers upon layers of reeds. You’ll also visit Taquile Island with its unique culture,style of dress and lifestyle; the village men here are renowned for their high quality knitted goods.La PazSnaking around the shores of Lake Titicaca you’ll cross the Bolivian border and climb to the world’shighest city, La Paz, to explore its museums, churches and the fascinating Witches’ Market. You canexplore the crater-like formations of the Valley of the Moon on an optional excursion.Sucre / PotosíFly into Bolivia’s official capital; colonial-style Sucre. This World Heritage Site has been popular foryears - as proven by the 60 million-year-old dinosaur tracks! Potosí is the home of the silver mineswhose wealth was shipped off to Spain until the early 1800s. Take an optional trip underground!Salar de Uyuni / Salt FlatsVenture down to Uyuni, the gateway to Bolivia’s expansive salt flats. Jump in a 4WD for three daysexploring the unusual landscapes between the Salar de Uyuni and Chile’s Atacama Desert. Piercingblue skies contrast with blinding white salt, mountains, active volcanoes and geysers. (2B, 2L, 2D)San Pedro de AtacamaDescend from the high altiplano and cross the Chilean border to the small town of San Pedro deAtacama, an oasis in an otherwise barren, dry landscape. There are plenty of optional excursionshere, including biking, exploring nearby ruins, horse riding, and tours of the Valley of the Moon.SantiagoFly from Calama to Santiago, Chile’s capital and one of Latin America’s most modern, metropolitanareas, with its spectacular backdrop of the internationally-recognised vineyards and the snowcappedAndes. Visit the vibrant neighbourhood of Bellavista with its trendy cafés – the perfect placeto dine on the last night with your group - before your trip comes to an end on Day 22.26

LA PAZ TO BUENOS AIRES ADVENTURELa Paz Buenos AiresFR$1,69915 DAYSHighlights• Inhale the dizzying air of La Paz• Walk in the steps of ancient dinosaurs• Descend into a silver mine in Potosí• Discover colonial history in Sucre• Cross the Uyuni Salt Flats by 4WD• Experience a scenic sense of isolation• Journey across surreal landscapes• Sip new world wines in Buenos AiresDepartures 2014STARTFINISHJan 11 Jan 25Jan 25 Feb 08Feb 09 Feb 23Feb 22 Mar 08Mar 13 Mar 27Mar 22 Apr 05Mar 30 Apr 13Apr 04 Apr 18Apr 14 Apr 28Apr 22 May 06May 01 May 15May 09 May 23InclusionsLa PazSan Pedrode AtacamaCHILESTARTFINISHMay 17 May 31May 26 Jun 09May 31 Jun 14Jun 07 Jun 21Jun 22 Jul 06Jun 26 Jul 10Jul 07 Jul 21Jul 18 Aug 01Jul 28 Aug 11Aug 08 Aug 22Aug 17 Aug 31Aug 28 Sep 11BOLIVIAPotosiUyuniSalt FlatsSaltaARGENTINASTARTBuenos AiresFINISHSep 02 Sep 16Sep 12 Sep 26Sep 29 Oct 13Oct 12 Oct 26Oct 16 Oct 30Oct 31 Nov 14Nov 06 Nov 20Nov 16 Nov 30Nov 23 Dec 07Dec 12 Dec 26Dec 19 Jan 02Dec 29 Jan 12Trip Style: YOLO Service Level: BasicPhysical Grading: 2 Age Group:Recommended for 18-39s Accommodation:Hotels (11 nts), overnight bus (1 nt), basichostels (2 nts, multishare) Transport: Publicbus, plane, 4WD truck Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2lunches, 2 dinners Budget: Allow USD $145-190 for meals not included Group Leader:Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout,local guides Group Size: Max 16, Avg 12 TourCode: GASBLBMy Own Room Available: Fr $699You might likeGo In ReverseBuenos Aires to La Paz Adventure(15 days, GASABL) Fr $1,699TWITTER.COM/STATRAVELAUThis amazing two-week adventure will take you from the dizzying heights of La Paz,through the vast expanses of the Bolivian altiplano to the Atacama Desert, one of thedriest places on earth. It’s a journey of intense contrasts that takes in some of the planet’smost impressive scenery along the way. Sucre and Potosí lend a historic and sometimeschilling perspective to these isolated areas which have played such important roles in SouthAmerica’s past. This is spine-tingling, once-in-a-lifetime stuff and it can be the here andnow for anyone with the sense to take it on.DAY0102-0405-0607-0910-1112-1314-15ITINERARYLa PazArrive into La Paz, which is situated at nearly 4,000m (13,120ft) above sea level. At this altitudewe’d suggest taking it easy on your arrival day in order to acclimatise, before meeting your ChiefExperience Officer (CEO) this evening.La Paz / SucreFree day to explore La Paz with its many fine museums, religious buildings and the fascinatingMercado de Hechicería (Witches’ Market), where you may purchase any number of lotions andpotions! There’s a wealth of boutiques too selling fine alpaca wool products, silver jewellery andtextiles, so take in a spot of shopping before boarding the overnight bus to Sucre on Day 2. Oftenreferred to as the ‘White City’, Sucre is Bolivia’s capital and former home of the Spanish Royal Court.The city also has strong ties to the Latin American independence movement, gaining its presentname in 1825 after Simon Bolivar’s second-in-command, General Sucre. Optional activities include anexcursion to explore dinosaur footprints, visits to a textile co-operative or mountain bike rides.PotosíTravel by bus to Potosí, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a tumultuous history as a silver miningcentre during colonial times. There is time to visit the Casa de la Moneda Museum and for an eyeopeningexcursion to the working mines of the Mountain of Silver. Believe it or not, by 1650, Potosíwas the most populated city in the world - its 160,000 inhabitants exceeded that of London or Paris.Salar de Uyuni / Salt FlatsThe isolated town of Uyuni is the starting point for your salt flat excursion but, before you head offcheck out its main attraction, the ‘train cemetery’, a collection of spookily rusting railway relics. Thenext three days you’ll spend in the stunning landscapes between the Salar de Uyuni and the AtacamaDesert, exploring by 4WD vehicles. The contrast of piercing blue skies and blinding white salt on theflat lakebed is quite unbelievable and the distorted perspectives even more so. The area’s unusuallandscape of mountains, active volcanoes, brightly-coloured lagoons, geysers and moon-like territoryis like nowhere on earth. (2B, 2L, 2D)San Pedro de AtacamaDescending almost 3,000m from the high altiplano of Bolivia, you’ll cross into Chile to arrive at thesmall desert oasis of San Pedro de Atacama. The town is the gateway to one of the biggest anddriest deserts on the planet; the Atacama. It offers plenty of excursion opportunities like biking,exploring nearby ruins, horseback riding and visits to the dramatic Valley of the Moon.SaltaMake your way to Salta, situated in the Lerma Valley in northern Argentina and famous for itsdelicious local speciality, the empanada. On Day 13, you can pay an optional visit to the scenicQuebrada de las Conchas, sample the local wines from the vineyards of Cafayate or experience thecelebrations at a ‘Peña’ folklore show.Buenos AiresSkip the long journey to the coast with a quick flight to Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capitalcity of Argentina, which perhaps has more in common with the glamorous cities of Europe thanwith other places in South America. After an optional city tour, there’s time to explore the diverseneighbourhoods such as San Telmo, colourful La Boca or stylish Recoleta to really get a flavour of thecity and to meet the friendly Porteños, as the residents of Buenos Aires are known. The tour comesto an end on Day 15, and you’re free to go your own way any time you choose.EXPLORE SOUTH AMERICA27

SOUTHERN CROSS WESTBOUNDRio de Janeiro LimaPERUEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICALimaMachuPicchuOllantaytamboCuzcoPunoBOLIVIALa PazCHILELake TiticacaSalt FlatsSucrePotosiUyuniSanta CruzARGENTINAPARAGUAYPantanalBonitoIguassu FallsBRAZILRio de JaneiroSao PauloParaty Ilha GrandeHighlights• Challenge yourself on the Inca Trail• Stand in awe at Iguassu Falls• Search for weird & wonderful wildlife• Explore the Uyuni Salt Flats by 4WD• Meet locals on a Titicaca homestay• Enjoy Pisco sours and caipirinhas• Relax on the beaches of Ilha Grande• Browse the markets of colonial CuzcoDepartures 2014 01STARTFINISHJan 04 Feb 11Jan 20 Feb 27Feb 07 Mar 17Feb 21 Mar 31Mar 05 Apr 12Mar 11 Apr 18Mar 21 Apr 28Mar 28 May 05Apr 11 May 19Apr 22 May 30May 02 Jun 09InclusionsSTARTFINISHMay 13 Jun 20May 20 Jun 27May 29 Jul 06Jul 15 Aug 22Jul 18 Aug 25Jun 22 Aug 29Jul 29 Sep 05Aug 08 Sep 15Aug 19 Sep 26Aug 29 Oct 06Sep 09 Oct 17STARTFINISHSep 19 Oct 27Sep 30 Nov 07Oct 03 Nov 10Oct 14 Nov 21Oct 24 Dec 01Nov 07 Dec 15Nov 21 Dec 29Nov 28 Jan 05Dec 05 Jan 12Dec 15 Jan 22Trip Style: Classic Service Level: StandardPhysical Grading: 3 Age Group: Any ageAccommodation: Hotels (26 nts), overnightbus (2 nts), overnight train (2 nts), camping(3 nts), homestay (1 nt), basic hostel (2 nts,multishare), tented room in hammocks (2 nts,multishare) Transport: Bus, plane, 4x4 vehicle,train Meals: 8 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 8 dinnersBudget: Allow USD $550-650 for meals notincluded Group Leader: Chief ExperienceOfficer (CEO), specialist CEO on Inca Trail,local guides Group Size: Max 16, Avg 12 TourCode: GASZRMMy Own Room Available: Fr $1,149You might likeShorten Your TripAtlantic to the Andes Experience(25 days, Rio de Janeiro to La Paz)(GASXRL) Fr $3,799Get a taste for the diverse landscape and people of Peru, Brazil and Bolivia in this SouthAmerican adventure. Explore the wetlands and wildlife of the Pantanal, take in the bizarrelandscape and vibrant colours of the Uyuni Salt Flats and revel in the mists of thunderingIguassu Falls. Get off the beaten track and jump on local public buses, stay in an authentichomestay on Lake Tititaca and follow the footsteps of the Incas. With beautiful beaches,bustling cities, colonial towns and tropical jungles, this is the perfect tour to experience avibrant cross-section of South America. What are you waiting for?DAY02-0304-0607-0910-1112-1516-1819ITINERARYRio de JaneiroArrive in Rio de Janeiro at any time and the day is yours to explore! Chill out on the brilliant, whitebeaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, swim in the deep blue waters of the Atlantic and discover thethe bare slopes of Sugar Loaf Mountain. Whilst you’re here, make sure you visit the incredible statueof Christ the Redeemer, offering the best panoramic views of the city.Ilha GrandeIt’s off to retreat to the beautiful paradise island of Ilha Grande. Spend the next couple of days withclean, fine white sand beneath your feet, soaking up the sun and bathing in the island’s warm waters.If you fancy taking to the waves, grab your surf board and head to the famous beach of LopezMendes. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes of tropical beaches, virgin Atlantic rainforest and all ofits local fauna and flora, this really is an idyllic start to this awesome adventure.ParatyGet away from it all and continue on to the colonial town of Paraty, on the coast between Rio deJaneiro and São Paulo. Spend the afternoon wandering its quaint cobblestone streets and hangingout in one of its cafés. Paraty boasts over 65 tropical islands and dozens of beaches, each offeringsomething different, so why not island-hop from beach to beach, go snorkelling in its warm watersor head to an authentic farm and sip on local cachaça; a sweet distilled spirit made from sugarcanejuice. Alternatively, wander around one of the nearby national parks to find wildlife and waterfalls.Iguassu FallsTransfer to magnificent Iguassu Falls, which borders Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina and is set in thetropical jungle. To appreciate the best of this natural wonder of the world, head to both the Brazilianand the Argentine sides, and then sit back and take in the stunning beauty of these cascading falls. Ifyou’re up for getting up close, take an optional boat tour directly into the spray of the falls.BonitoJump on board an overnight bus to Bonito, which aptly translates as ‘beautiful’, a water and jungleenvironment. Get a glimpse of the underwater world and snorkel in crystal-clear rivers for glimpses ofvibrantly-coloured fish. If you want to get out and explore the area, head to the nearby underwatercaves and waterfalls, jump on board a raft or spend a lazy day chilling out by the river.Pantanal / Corumbá / Santa CruzTake a two-day excursion into the wetlands of the Pantanal, one of the best places in the continentto observe wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready as if you’re lucky, as you may spotmacaws, howler monkeys, caiman, giant river otters, anacondas or anteaters. On the evening of Day15, board an overnight train to Santa Cruz. (2B, 2L, 2D)SucreOn Day 16, take an internal flight to Bolivia’s White City and the country’s official capital, Sucre.Wander around this beautiful historical city and visit its many fine museums and colonial buildings.Whilst you’re here, opt to visit the nearby dinosaur trail to see dinosaur footprints, visit an old tinbaron’s mansion or take a trip a textile co-op.PotosíHead to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Potosí; the highest city of its size on earth! Mentallyprepare yourself for harsh working conditions and take an optional visit underground to a workingsilver mine - although it can be distressing, it’s an experience not to be missed.28

FR$5,34939 DAYSEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICACUSTOMISE YOUR TRIPWhy not add an optional theme pack tocustomise your trip?Peru Adrenalin PackWhitewater rafting (Cuzco, full day),Horseback riding (Cuzco, half day). Fr $80Iguassu Falls Boat RideGet up-close with a speedboat ride(Iguassu Falls, 30 minutes). Fr $7020-2324-2526-2728-2930-313233-36373839Uyuni / Salt Flats ExcursionHead off by bus to Uyuni. Jump on a 4x4 for a three-day trip to the Uyuni Salt Flats and Chile’sAtacama Desert. Absorb the incredible piercing blue skies which contrast with the blinding white saltas you drive across the flat lakebed. See the incredible Laguna Colorada, a large red lagoon whichis coloured by algae and plankton and Laguna Verde, a striking blue-green colour due to the lead,sulphur, copper and other minerals in its waters. Visit the numerous geysers, boiling mud pools andthermal baths coming from the active Licancabúr volcano whilst you’re here. (2B, 3L, 2D)La PazArrive in La Paz where you’ll have time to browse its many markets. Soak in the vibrant atmosphere,take a city tour if you fancy or just stroll around its winding streets. Visit the Mercado de Hechicería(Witches’ Market) where you can buy potions made from all sorts of herbs, seeds, and secretingredients as an illness remedy or as a protection from evil spirits. Whilst you’re here. opt to visitone of its many museums, explore the world’s highest ski resort, Chacaltaya, or head south of thecity to the Valley of the Moon, with crater-like formations made of sand.La Paz / Tiahuanaco / PunoSpend today on an included trip exploring the mysterious pre-Incan Tiahuanaco ruins before headingback to La Paz. On Day 27, you’ll be off Puno where you’ll see spectacular views along the way!Lake Titicaca / Taquile IslandSet sail on Lake Titicaca as you’re off to Taquile Island, passing the unique floating islands of theUros people. Stop for a tasty lunch in a local restaurant and browse the many weaving co-ops. Fromthere head to the village of Amantani where you’ll stay the night with a local family and enjoy thearea’s typical music. The following morning, visit the islands of Uros en route back to Puno. (B, L, D)CuzcoYou’ll next be whisked off from Puno to Cuzco where you can take in the stark but beautiful sceneryalong the way. Once in Cuzco, you’ll find you’ve stepped back in time due to its old-fashioned culture.Spend the next couple of days relaxing and exploring the many colonial churches, the city’s museumsand local markets.Sacred Valley / OllantaytamboHead out with a local guide through the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Discover the impressive Pisacruins, wander around the colourful artisan market and visit a Planeterra weaving project in a localmarket. Finish the trip in the picturesque village of Ollantaytambo with its narrow byways, stonebuildings and cobblestone streets. Get an early night to prepare for your hike the next day!Inca Trail / Machu PicchuLeave Ollantaytambo and follow the footsteps of the Incas. Pass many small ruins, follow the trailthat goes through some beautiful cloud forest and take in the panoramic views of the UrubambaValley below. On the final morning, climb the steps to the Sun Gate which overlooks the mountainpeaks surrounding Machu Picchu. Get lost in your surroundings and watch the mist rise off themountains revealing the famous ruins right in front of your eyes. Incredible! (3B, 3L, 3D)CuzcoBack in the beautiful colonial town of Cuzco, spend your day as you fancy. Perhaps you need torelax after your challenging hike or perhaps you are still raring to go and ready to explore? Why notsoak in its atmosphere as you wander around its cobblestoned streets, pausing to visit museums orchurches along the way? If you’re feeling particularly energetic, opt to go horseback riding aroundarchaeological sites such as Sacsayhuaman, Tambo Machay and Puca Pucara; whitewater rafting onthe Urubamba River; or mountain biking back down to the Sacred Valley.LimaGet a taste Peruvian city life in the ‘City of Kings’, Lima. With many great museums in and aroundthe city, why not wander around to get a feel for the national culture? If you fancy, take a tourto discover many of the city’s highlights. In the evening, head to the affluent coast districts ofMiraflores, Barranco and San Isidro, sit back and relax in one of their cafés and, if you like seafood,try a tangy, citrusy ceviche. Celebrate your final night on tour and dance the night away with yourtravel buddies in one of Lima’s popular nightclubs. Salud!LimaSadly all good things come to an end, including this tour. So, with a camera full of memories, sayfarewell to your new mates and depart at anytime on Day 39.29

RIO TO LIMA ADVENTURERio de Janeiro LimaPERUOllantaytamboLima MachuPicchu CuzcoPiscoPuno BOLIVIAParacasLake TiticacaNazcaLa PazColca Canyon ArequipaPotosiBRAZILEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICASan Pedrode AtacamaCHILEUyuniSalt FlatsPARAGUAYIguassu FallsSaltaARGENTINASaltoColoniaMontevideoBuenos AiresRio de JaneiroSao PauloIlha GrandeParatyHighlights• Play beach volleyball on Copacabana• Relax on a tropical island paradise• Be awestruck by mighty Iguassu Falls• Cross the Salar de Uyuni by 4WD• Go deep into a working silver mine• Trek the Inca Trail’s cloud forests• See the depths of Colca Canyon• Solve the mystery of the Nazca LinesDepartures 2014START FINISH STARTJan 24 Mar 15Jan 30 Mar 21Feb 06 Mar 28Feb 14 Apr 05Feb 21 Apr 12Mar 06 Apr 25Mar 08 Apr 27Mar 12 May 01Mar 27 May 16InclusionsFINISHApr 03 May 23Apr 21 Jun 10May 08 Jun 27May 19 Jul 08May 29 Jul 18Jul 13 Sep 02Jul 19 Sep 07Aug 11 Sep 30Aug 21 Oct 10STARTFINISHSep 25 Nov 14Oct 02 Nov 21Oct 18 Dec 07Nov 06 Dec 26Nov 23 Jan 12Dec 05 Jan 24Dec 14 Feb 02Trip Style: YOLO Service Level: BasicPhysical Grading: 4 Age Group:Recommended for 18-39s Accommodation:Simple hotels (38 nts), overnight buses (4 nts),basic hostels (2 nts, multishare), estancia /ranch (2 nts, multishare), camping (3 nts),homestay (1 nt) Transport: Public bus, plane,train, hiking, ferry, 4WD truck Meals: 7breakfasts, 8 lunches, 8 dinners Budget: AllowUSD $1065-1400 for meals not includedGroup Leader: Chief Experience Officer (CEO),specialist CEO on Inca Trail, local guides GroupSize: Max 16, Avg 10 Tour Code: GASZRAMy Own Room Available: Fr $1,659You might likeGo In ReverseLima to Rio Adventure(51 days, GASPMR) Fr $5,799Customise Your TripIguassu Falls Speedboat Ride Fr $70Peru Adrenalin Pack Fr $80Whitewater rafting (Cuzco, full day),Horseback riding (Cuzco, half day).If you’ve got time for this trip, you’ve got time for a quick maths lesson. Six countries + 51days = one hell of an adventure! You’ll think it’s plain sailing at first, lazing on the tropicalbeaches of Brazil with a caipirinha in hand, but we soon step up the pace. Get your handsdirty on a Uruguayan ranch, jump in a 4WD to traverse the salt flats of Bolivia, visit thehighest city in the world and cross into Peru to tackle the mighty and awe-inspiring IncaTrail. And the reward for your efforts? A sunrise glimpse of Machu Picchu at its breathtakingbest. Trust us, South American trips don’t come much bigger than this beast.DAY0102-0607-0910-1112-1415-1718-19ITINERARYRio de JaneiroArrive into Rio at any time today, check-in to your hotel and head straight out to explore all that thisvibrant and colourful city has to offer. Rio is one of the most spectacularly-sited cities in the world,at the base of lush green hills and the dramatic Sugar Loaf Mountain, and straddling its two brilliantwhite sandy beaches, Ipanema and Copacabana. Meet your Chief Experience Officer (CEO) and therest of your group this evening, and dive straight into this carnival city’s nightlife scene.Ilha Grande / ParatyFrom Rio, head south along the Atlantic coast to the port of Angra dos Reis to catch the ferry overto the fabulous island retreat of Ilha Grande, with its virgin rainforest parklands. Relax with a coolcaipirinha on the beautiful tropical beaches or try your hand at surfing. Back on the mainland andheading farther down the coast, you encounter the cosmopolitan colonial town of Paraty, famous forits centuries-old architecture, beautiful churches and secluded beaches.Iguassu FallsHead to São Paulo and avoid a mammoth 19-hour overland journey by catching the plane to IguassuFalls, or Foz do Iguaçu as it’s known in Brazil. Iguassu Falls forms the border of Brazil, Paraguay andArgentina and you can get the grand overview from the Brazilian side before crossing over to theArgentinian side for a closer look. Fill an enjoyable couple of days here with optional boat rides tothe base of the Falls or visiting the bird park. On Day 9, you’ll travel by overnight bus to Salto.Estancia StayCross into Uruguay for a taste of rural life at a local estancia (ranch), where you can get your handsdirty participating in farming activities, go hiking or explore the area on horseback. Alternatively, sitback and relax with a nice glass of wine over a typical barbecue dinner. (B, 2L, 2D)Montevideo / ColoniaSpend some time in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo, which was founded by the Spanish in1726 and is home to more than half the country’s population. Montevideo is a modern city with alively atmosphere where you can grab a chivito beef sandwich at the Port Market and explore thefascinating Carnival Museum. Travel along the banks of the Rio de la Plata to the charming city ofColonia del Sacramento, to explore its cobblestone streets and soak up its relaxed atmosphere. (B)Buenos AiresCatch the ferry across the Rio de la Plata to cross into Argentina and reach the dynamic city ofBuenos Aires, whose famously stylish and sophisticated streets are reminiscent of the glamorouscities of Europe. So much so, in fact, that Buenos Aires is known as the ‘Paris of the Americas’. It’salso the birthplace of tango, so make sure you catch a show at one of the famous tanguerías. Taketime out to explore the city’s many varied districts to really get a taste of local life - we’d recommendLa Boca for its colourful houses, upmarket Recoleta for its thriving café culture or San Telmo for itstalented street artists.SaltaOnce again, save yourself a long (and boring!) overland trip by flying to the happening city of Salta,situated in the Lerma Valley in northern Argentina and famous for its tasty empanadas. Check outthe barren sandstone landscapes of the Quebrada de las Conchas, canyons of multi-coloured rockstrata exposed by river erosion, on the way to Cafayate. Known for its vineyards and fine cuisine, thepopular resort of Cafayate is also home to many young craftspeople and artists, so it’s a good placeto stock up on some interesting souvenirs. Catch the overnight bus on Day 19 towards Chile.30

FR$5,79951 DAYSEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICA20-2122-2425-2930-3435-4344-4748-4950-51San Pedro de AtacamaArrive into the arid region of northern Chile for a two-night stay in the little town of San Pedro deAtacama, the gateway to the Atacama Desert. There are lots of optional excursions such as biking,horse riding and exploring the nearby ruins. You can also take an optional tour to the lunar-likelandscape of the Valley of the Moon, whose craters and dunes are brilliantly illuminated at sunset.Salar de Uyuni / Salt FlatsClimbing almost 3,000m up to the altiplano region, jump in a 4WD vehicle and embark on a three-daydesert crossing into Bolivia. Travel through the stunning landscapes that lie between the AtacamaDesert and the Salar de Uyuni, where the unusual mountains, active volcanoes, geysers, bubblingmud pools and multi-hued lagoons are like nowhere else on earth. Twice submerged by a large,high-altitude lake, the blindingly white salt flats of the Salar de Uyuni offer stunning views of saltencrustedlakebed surrounded by snow-capped peaks under a beautiful blue sky. (2B, 3L, 2D)Potosí / SucreThe city of Potosí is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its important but often tragicrole in the colonial silver mining industry. Native workers and slaves from Africa worked undergroundin appalling conditions to produce large quantities of precious silver, much of which was shippedback to Spain. There is time here for an optional, eye-opening visit to a working silver mine. Travelby overnight bus to Sucre, Bolivia’s beautiful capital and former headquarters of the Spanish RoyalCourt. Optional activities include biking and a chance to see dinosaur footprints. On Day 29, boardthe overnight bus for the journey to La Paz, the largest city in Bolivia and the highest city on earth.La Paz / Puno / Lake TiticacaSpend a couple of days exploring La Paz, with its many fine museums and religious buildings andhead to the Mercado de Hechicería (Witches’ Market) where you can cure your ailments with a herbalremedy, or ward off evil spirits with mysterious secret potions. Drive the impressively scenic routearound the inviting, deep blue waters of Lake Titicaca and cross to the Peruvian town of Puno fromwhere there’s an overnight excursion to visit the floating Uros Islands and to enjoy a family homestayon Taquile or Amantani Island. This is a great opportunity to experience a rich and unique culture.Cuzco / Ollantaytambo / Inca TrailTravel by bus to Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire, whose noble past and age-old traditions havelong been a magnet for any traveller to Peru. There’s free time for optional city tours, whitewaterrafting, horse riding or mountain biking. Learn about the Sacred Valley on the way to the small townof Ollantaytambo, which offers the major Inca ruin site of Pisac. A good night’s sleep is in orderso that you’re well rested for the start of the world-famous Inca Trail. Over four days, you’ll bephysically challenged on this 44km (27 mile) trek, starting from Km 82 and crossing three mountainpasses, the highest of which is at an elevation of 4,200m (13,776ft). Porters run on ahead with themajority of the gear, so you’re free to admire the spectacular views of cloud forest and lesser-knownInca sites such as Llactapata and Phuyupatamarca, or ‘Town Above The Clouds’. On the final day, riseearly to reach the famous ‘Sun Gate’ to see the breathtaking sunrise over Machu Picchu. Explore thesite with your knowledgeable guide before returning to Cuzco to rest and recuperate. (3B, 3L, 3D)Arequipa / Colca CanyonPeru’s second city of Arequipa maintains a traditional colonial charm and the older buildings heredazzle in the sun, thanks to the light coloured volcanic rock used in their construction. You mayalso be able to glimpse of El Misti Volcano whose beautiful snow-capped peak stands at 5,822m(19,096ft). History buffs will enjoy an optional visit to the Convent of Santa Catalina, which offersa unique view of life in bygone times. On an overnight excursion to the dramatic Colca Canyon, thedeepest in the world, you can enjoy the stunning highland scenery whilst looking for soaring condors.Nazca / ParacasTravel north to one of the world’s greatest archaeological mysteries, the Nazca Lines - perfectpatterns etched into the desert on a massive scale. Depictions of birds, insects and animals arerecognisable from the air, so an optional sightseeing flight is highly recommended. Who drew thelines, and why, remain unanswered but latest thinking points to some kind of complex agriculturalcalendar. Enjoy a ‘Pachamanca’ style meal here, which involves burying food in banana leaves andcooking it underground on pre-heated rocks. Travel north to Paracas for an optional visit to thepenguin and sea lion sanctuary of the Ballestas Islands. (D)LimaTravel on to Peru’s capital for one last night with the group before this epic tour ends on Day 51.31

THE ADVENTURERLima Rio de JaneiroFR$6,86525 DAYSEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICAHighlights• View Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate• Stay at an Amazon Rainforest Lodge• Tour vibrant Buenos Aires by bike• Learn tango and watch a show• Feel the spray of thundering Iguassu• Enjoy a hot spring swim in Chivay• Chill out on the beaches of Buzios• View Rio from Christ the RedeemerDepartures 2014STARTMachuPicchuPERU OllantaytamboAmazon LodgeLimaSacred ValleyCuzcoColcaCanyonFINISHJan 04 Jan 28Jan 18 Feb 11Feb 04 Feb 28Mar 15 Apr 08Mar 22 Apr 15Apr 12 May 06Additional dates are available, please ask for details.*Tour operates during 2014 Football Tournament. Higher pricesapply & itinerary is subject to change.InclusionsSTARTFINISHApr 19 May 13May 10 Jun 03May 17* Jun 10Jun 07* Jul 01Jun 14* Jul 08Jul 05 Jul 29Puno/Lake TiticacaArequipaBOLIVIAIguassu FallsBuenos AiresARGENTINASTARTBRAZILAirportFINISHJul 12 Aug 05Aug 02 Aug 26Sep 27 Oct 21Dec 27 Jan 20Service Level: Superior Age Group: Exclusivelyfor 18-35s Accommodation: Hotels (22 nts,twin-share), Amazon Jungle lodge (1 nt), ColcaCanyon lodge (1 nt) Transport: 1 internationaland 5 internal flights & transfers, privateair-conditioned coach, mini-coach or vanMeals: 24 breakfasts, 3 lunches (4 lunches fortrekking option), 9 dinners Group Leader: TourManager, English-speaking local guides GroupSize: Max 30 Tour Code: COLIRJ/COLIRJTYou might likeBuziosRio deJaneiroShorten your tripPeru Uncovered(14 days, Lima - Lima)(COLILI/COLILIT) see page 59 Fr $3,125Argentina & Brazil Experience(10 days, Buenos Aires - Rio de Janeiro)(COBARJ) see page 95 Fr $3,099Take an epic journey through the highlights of Peru, Argentina and Brazil. Follow in thefootsteps of the Incas at Machu Picchu, which you have the option to trek to or take thetrain. Explore colonial Cuzco and marvel at the incredible wildlife of the Amazon Jungle.Delve into the cool vibes of Buenos Aires, not to mention the steaks and fine wine, beforeexperiencing the thunder of Iguassu Falls. From beaches to caipirinhas, experience the bestof Brazil in Buzios and finish up in the home of Carnival, Rio de Janeiro. You will literally seetwo sides of South America on this trip which takes you from the Pacific to the Atlantic.DAY01-0405-080910-1314-1718-2122-25ITINERARYLima / Arequipa / Colca Canyon / PunoMeet your group and check out busy Lima, a city that’s never short of things to do! On Day 2, flyto Arequipa and uncover the city’s history on a walking tour. Then on Day 3, Visit Aguada BlancaNational Reserve to see wild vicuña before reaching the Colca Canyon. Chill at the hot springs beforeheading to your rustic lodge for the night. On Day 4, head to Cruz del Condor where you’ll look forthe Andean condor, then pass Andean mountains and lakes along the way to Puno. (3B, L, 2D)Puno / Cuzco / Sacred ValleyCatch a lift on a triciclo before cruising Lake Titicaca. Experience the island of Taquile and thefloating Uros Islands. On Day 6, meet Pukara and its ancient Inca ruins before reaching the heart ofthe ancient Incan empire, Cuzco. Explore its highlights on a walking tour and then, on Day 8, visit theSacred Valley with a guided tour of the Pisac ruins before a night in Ollantaytambo. (4B, 2D)Sacred Valley / Aguas Calientes /Machu PicchuAdventure and adrenalin await! From biking andhiking to rafting there’s loads to experience todaybefore you take the train to Aguas Calientes, thebase village of Machu Picchu. (B)Option: Inca Trail Trek (1 Day)For a modest supplement you can walk in thefootsteps of the Incas on the trail to the highlightof Machu Picchu! Take a train to Kilometre 104and trek amongst the cloud forest to the SunGate for amazing views of this ancient site. (B, L)Machu Picchu / Cuzco / Puerto MaldonadoWitness an unforgettable sunrise from Machu Picchu, then on Day 11, feed your adrenalin urges withsome heart-pumping activities. Later, try a ‘Cerveza Cusquena’ and get into Cuzco’s nightlife. On Day12, fly over the Andes to Puerto Maldonado where, after a city tour, you’ll visit the native Infiernocommunity, take a hike and spend the night at a Amazon Jungle lodge. On Day 13 board a catamaranwith a guide and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife or try your luck fishing for a piranha. (4B, 2L, 2D)Puerto Maldonado / Lima / Buenos AiresFly back to Lima to explore its diverse areas or just relax and savour your last Pisco Sour. On Day15, it’s time to say ‘hola’ to Buenos Aires, the birthplace of tango, filled to the brim with music, artand football. On Day 16, tour important city spots and get ready for a tango lesson followed by aprofessional show and dinner. Next day is free for you to catch a football game, drink Champagne ata polo match or visit the historic Gran Café Tortoni. Alternatively, you have the option to kayak theTigre River Delta on an excursion that includes a picnic lunch and wine. (4B, D)Buenos Aires / Iguassu Falls / BuziosCatch a flight to Puerto Iguassu then travel to the Brazilian side to see the thundering Iguassu Falls.Enjoy a delicious Brazilian barbecue and savour your first taste of the national drink, a caipirinha.On Day 19, visit the Argentinian side of Iguassu Falls for a different perspective. Later, the day is allyours - maybe try a speedboat ride to feel the spray of the Falls? On Day 20, take it down a notch asyou fly north to Buzios with its white sand beaches. Bask in the sunshine, enjoy a spot of snorkellingor just catch your breath and take in the beautiful coastline. On Day 21, catch an early sunrise or, ifyou’re up for it, try optional activities such as surfing. (4B, D)Buzios / Rio de JaneiroWelcome to Rio, home to the world’s largest Carnival, Copacabana Beach and the bikini. Visit theChrist the Redeemer statue for amazing city views and take a boat cruise on the harbour. On Day 23,take in this lively city’s best bits on a tour, before opting in to catch the cable car to the summit ofSugarloaf Mountain. On Day 24, check out Rio’s favelas before your adventure ends next day. (4B, D)32

THE EXPLORERCuzco Rio de JaneiroFR$5,74519 DAYSHighlights• Explore the intriguing sites of Cuzco• Admire the views from Machu Picchu• Tour a favela in Rio de Janeiro• Sip on a Pisco Sour or two in Lima• Get your tango on in Buenos Aires• Indulge in a Brazilian barbecue feast• Sail the beaches and islands of Buzios• Opt to trek the epic Inca Trail TrekDepartures 2014STARTPERUInca TrailLimaFINISHJan 10 Jan 28Jan 24 Feb 11Feb 10 Feb 28Mar 21 Apr 08Mar 28 Apr 15Additional dates are available, please ask for details.*Tour operates during 2014 Football Tournament. Higher pricesapply & itinerary is subject to change.InclusionsMachu PicchuAmazon LodgeBRAZILPuerto MaldonadoOllantaytamboSTARTFINISHApr 18 May 06Apr 25 May 13May 16 Jun 03May 23* Jun 10Jun 13* Jul 01Sacred ValleyCuzcoBOLIVIAPARAGUAYIguassu FallsBuenos AiresARGENTINASTARTFINISHJun 20* Jul 08Jul 11 Jul 29Jul 18 Aug 05Aug 08 Aug 26Oct 03 Oct 21Service Level: Superior Age Group: Exclusivelyfor 18-35s Accommodation: Hotels (17 nts,twin-share), Amazon Jungle Lodge (1 nt)Transport: 1 international and 4 internalflights & transfers, private air-conditionedcoach, mini-coach or van Meals: 18breakfasts, 2 lunches (3 lunches for trekkingoption), 6 dinners Group Leader: TourManager, English-speaking local guides GroupSize: Max 30 Tour Code: COCURJ/COCURJTYou might likeBuziosAirportRio deJaneiroShorten your tripAndes & Amazon Highlights(8 days, Cuzco - Lima)(COCULI/COCULIT) see page 58 Fr $2,125Extend your tripGalápagos & Andes(26 days, Quito - Lima)(COQOLI/COQOLIT) Fr $6,845Get geared up for the best of Peru, Argentina and Brazil. Let culture and adventure takeover in Peru - friendly locals, furry llamas, adrenalin activities, ancient ruins and the mightyAmazon are all sure to impress. Take the challenge and trek to Machu Picchu or hop on thetrain for an easier ride. Argentina is up next, with its cosmopolitan vibes, the big city feelof Buenos Aires, colonial culture and roaring Iguassu Falls. You’ll finish up in Brazil, home toCarnival, Copacabana and caipirinhas. If you want to get in touch with your inner explorer,but still enjoy plenty of downtime to sunbathe and party, this tour is just the ticket.DAY01-020304-0809-1213-1516-19ITINERARYCuzco / Sacred ValleyAs the modern-day starting point for visits to Machu Picchu, you’ll tour the ancient city of Cuzco onfoot, then the afternoon is yours to discover its architecture, cuisine and adrenalin activities. On Day2, visit the Sacred Valley and take a tour of the Pisac ruins before a stop in Ollantaytambo. (B, D)Sacred Valley / Aguas Calientes / MachuPicchuAdventure and adrenalin await! This region is agreat base for activities of all sorts, from bikingand hiking to rafting. There’s loads to experiencebefore you take the train to Machu Picchu Puebloin the afternoon. (B)Option: Inca Trail Trek (1 Day)For a modest supplement, you can get active witha day hike to Machu Picchu! Take a train to Km104 and trek amongst the cloud forest to the SunGate for incredible views of this magnificent site.Your guide will give you an insight to the Incasbefore heading back to the pueblo by train. (B, L)Machu Picchu / Cuzco / Puerto Maldonado / LimaWake early and be among the first to enter Machu Picchu to see the sun rising above the mistymountain tops. On Day 5, feed your adrenalin urges with activities like mountain biking and rafting.Don’t miss out on Cuzco’s amazing nightlife, try a ‘Cerveza Cusquena’ and dance the night away tojoin the Illary (Sunrise) Club. On Day 6, fly over the Andes to Puerto Maldonado in the southern partof Peru’s Amazon Jungle. You’ll tour the city and then meet the native Infierno community. From yourJungle Lodge, which is home for the night, you’ll hike through the jungle to the canopy tower. On Day7, board a catamaran with a guide and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. Later, visit a market tosample local delicacies before spending your last night relaxing as tomorrow is all about Argentina!(5B, 2L, 2D)Lima / Buenos AiresCatch a flight to cosmopolitan Buenos Aires. As the birthplace of tango there’s a love of music, art,dance and football here – not to mention world-renowned beef and red wine. On Day 10, you’ll visitthe a variety of cool neighbourhoods like San Telmo and Puerto Madero on a guided tour. Later, getready to tango with the locals as you learn the moves at a dance lesson and enjoy a show and dinner.Day 11 is all yours to explore all this fascinating city has to offer and later experience Buenos Airesby night, you won’t be disappointed. On Day 12, fly to Puerto Iguassu and travel to the Brazilian sideto see the dazzing Iguassu Falls. Once you’ve snapped the torrents from all angles, it’s time to washdown a delicious Brazilian barbecue with a caipirinha. (4B, D)Buenos Aires / Iguassu Falls / BuziosCross back into Argentina and get a different perspective of Iguassu Falls. There will be the chanceto try a speedboat ride to feel the spray of the Falls, or take a short hike to the edge of the Devil’sThroat. On Day 14, it’s time for relaxation as you head to Buzios with its white sand and endlessbeaches. Sit back with a caipirinha on a cruise while basking in the sun, snorkelling and taking in thecoastline. Get up bright and early on Day 15 and marvel at the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean andfor the adventurous amongst you, perhaps try a spot of surfing. (3B, D)Buzios / Rio de JaneiroHome to the world’s largest Carnival celebration and the famous Copacabana Beach; get ready forgood times in Rio. On Day 17, take in the spectacular city views from Christ the Redeemer statueand get an insiders-only experience as you visit a favela and see the contrast of how some cariocaslive. Day 18 is all yours to explore this amazing city. Perhaps try hang gliding and later chill on a boatcruise around Rio Famous harbour. Your trip comes to an end after breakfast on Day 19. (4B, D)EXPLORE SOUTH AMERICA33

BAMBA EXPERIENCEEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICABamba Experience passes includeconvenient transport optionsand exciting activities alongthe route of your choice. Youhave the flexibility to chooseyour departure dates and makeunlimited changes on the go. Allyou have to do is choose a routeand a departure date; the rest istaken care of. Bamba believe thatthe freedom to travel how youwant will bring you happiness. Itis for this reason that Bamba hasa team dedicated to making surethey always have happy travellers,assisting you before, during andafter your trip.What’s Special About ourHop-On Hop-Off PassesCustomer service: The Happy Team is hereto make sure you enjoy your trip every stepof the way.Online trip manager: Access your triponline to make as many changes to youritinerary as you wish anywhere, any time.Great value: Bamba has the best qualitytransportation and activities with trustedand reliable local operators at the mostcompetitive rates.Travel independently: Explore the worldexactly as you have always dreamed bytravelling freely at your own pace to thebest hotspots with no tour leader or setschedule.Unlimited schedule changes: Makeunlimited changes to your schedule beforeand during your trip. Your pass is valid for12 months so you can take all the time youneed to enjoy your journey!Unique experiences: Experience tonsof adventure plus historical, natural andcultural moments that will change the wayyou see the world.Type of transportation: Travel on safe andreliable public buses, shuttle vans, trains,planes and boats.Choose your own accommodation:Accommodation is not included so youchoose where to sleep every night with thehelp of recommended hotels. Please seeyour STA Travel Expert.Ready Made itinerariesChoose from many of the ready made itineraries on offer. Allroutes incorporate the best of each country ensuring you getfrom A to B without any hassle. Take your pick of routes overthe next few pages or ask your Travel Expert to show you therest of our selection in store.Do it YourselfWe can arrange transport to take you wherever your heartdesires. Think of the most obscure route possible and we’llmake it happen. From the simplest of trips to intricateitineraries, just let your Travel Expert know where you want togo and we will give you a quote for your tailormade adventure!34

MULTI-COUNTRY PASSESIncluded Experiences1.Cuzco - Milhouse Backpackers &Hotel Dorm2. Quito - Cotopaxi Bike Day Trip3. Huaraz - Llanganuco Lagoon4.5.6.Paracas - Ballestas Islands &Paracas National ReserveIca/Huacachina - Sand-Buggy &Sand-BoardingArequipa - Colca Canyon 3D/2NTrekking7. Cuzco/Puno: Andean Explorer Bus8. - Amantani HomestayExperience 2D/1NUyuni - Salt Flats & DesertAdventure 3D/2NLa Paz - La Paz Local CityEncounterPantanal - Pantanal Adventure4D/3NIguazu (Bra/Arg) - Day Trip toArgentina Falls13. Paraty - Schooner Boat Trip14. Rio de Janeiro - Favela Experience15.16.Salta - Cafayate & Villages DayTripBuenos Aires - Tango NightExperience17. Mendoza - Wine Experience18. Bariloche - Circuito Chico19.20.21.El Calafate - Perito MorenoGlacier Alternative TripUshuaia - Tierra del FuegoNational ParkPuerto Varas - Osorno VolcanoDay Trip22. Santiago - Bike City Trip23. Atacama - Moon Valley Day Trip24.Baños - Canopy & BridgeExperience25. Baños Waterfall Experience26. Cuenca - HopOn HopOff City Tour27. Bogota - Bike City Day Trip28. San Gil - Cueva del Indio2930.31.32.Cartagena - Mangrove Forest DayTourMedellin - Pablo EscobarEncounterManizales - Coffee Experience2D/1NGuamote - Local Encounter2D/1NCaliPopayánSan AgustinQuitoECUADORMontañitaGuayaquilMancoraTrujilloCartagenaMedellínTenaBañosGuamoteCuencaHuarazSanta MartaPERULimaVENEZUELABucaramangaSan GilBogotaCOLOMBIACuzcoParacasBOLIVIAIcaPunoNazcaLa Paz Santa CruzArequipaPantanalSucre Puerto QuijarroPotosiCampo GrandeIquiqueUyuniBonitoPARAGUAYSan Pedro AtacamaSao Paulo ParatyPAO DE QUEIJOWAYSLa SerenaValparaisoSantiagoCHILEPuerto VarasPuerto MonttPuerto NatalesPunta ArenasSaltaBarilochePerito MorenoEl ChaltenEl CalafateRio Buenos AiresRecommended trip time 11 -13 DaysIncluded Experiences: 12, 13,1 4 & 16FUNKYPAPA WAYSManausFoz do IguazuPuerto IguazuARGENTINAPuerto MadrynUshuaiaBRAZILCuritibaCordobaPorto AlegreURUGUAYMendozaColoniaBuenos AiresPunta del EsteMontevideoPuconFR$910FR$3,630Rio LimaRecommended trip time 53 -55 Days IncludedExperiences: 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,16 & 23FlorianopolisBuziosRio de JaneiroIlha GrandeJericoacoaraFortalezaSalvador de BahiaMorro do São PauloItacaréPorto SeguroRecifeBAMBA NETWORKCheck out all the ground you can cover withBamba! The orange line shows the extentof Bamba’s vast network throughout SouthAmerica. Plan your own journey or select fromone of the many routes. The four most popularmulti-country routes shown on the map coverthe key highlights of South America ensuringyou have an unforgettable experience.SAMBA TOANDES WAYSRio LimaRecommended trip time 47- 49 DaysIncluded Experiences: 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 & 14COCK OFTHE ROCK WAYSFR$3,261FR$1,709Lima SantiagoRecommended trip time 28-30 DaysIncluded Experiences: 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,22,23 & 25EXPLORE SOUTH AMERICA35

BAMBA SOUTH AMERICA PASSESEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICAPERU PERU & BOLIVIA PERU & BOLIVIAMYSTICAL INKA WAYSFR$620 INTO LA PAZ WAYSFR$368 CHICHA MORADA WAYSFR$878Lima CuzcoCuzco La PazLima La PazRecommended Trip Time 11-13 DaysRecommended Trip Time 5-7 DaysRecommended Trip Time 5 -7 DaysIncluded experiences: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8Included experiences: 1, 7, 8 & 10Included experiences: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10MAGICAL INKA WAYSFR$631 INTO CUZCO WAYSFR$368 CHIRIMOYA CUZCO WAYSFR$889Cuzco LimaLa Paz CuzcoLa Paz LimaRecommended Trip Time 11-13 DaysRecommended Trip Time 5 -7 DaysRecommended Trip Time 5 -7 DaysIncluded experiences: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8Included experiences: 1, 7, 8 & 10Included experiences: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10QUICK CHOCLO WAYSFR$526 TAQUILE WAYSFR$883 PERU & BOLVIA WAYSFR$1,388Lima CuzcoCuzco La PazLima La PazRecommended trip time 7-9 DaysRecommended trip time 15 -17 DaysRecommended trip time 15 -17 DaysIncluded experiences: 1, 4, 5, 6 & 7Included experiences: 1, 7, 8, 9 & 10Included experiences: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10QUICK QUINOA WAYSFR$541 TITICACA WAYSFR$878 AMANTANI WAYSFR$1,404Cuzco LimaLa Paz CuzcoLa Paz LimaRecommended trip time 7-9 DaysRecommended trip time 15 -17 DaysRecommended trip time 15-17 DaysIncluded experiences: 1, 4, 5, 6 & 7Included experiences: 1, 7, 8, 9 & 10Included experiences: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10PeruBrazilBrazilLimaPeruParacasIca HuacachinaNazcaCuzcoArequipaPunoBoliviaPunoCuzcoBoliviaCopacabanaLa PazSucrePeruLimaCuzcoParacasPunoIca HuacachinaNazcaArequipaBoliviaCopacabanaLa PazSucrePotosiPotosiUyuniUyuni36

ANDES & DESERT WAYSLima Lima (clockwise)Recommended trip time: 31-33 DaysIncluded experiences: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 23FR FR$1,657 PERU LOOP WAYS$831Lima Lima (anti-clockwise)Recommended trip time: 14-15 DaysIncluded experiences: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8LimaPeruIcaNazcaParacas ArequipaCuzcoTacnaAricaIquiqueSan Pedro AtacamaChileBoliviaPuno CopacabanaSucreLa PazPotosiUyuniPeruLimaParacasIcaNazcaCuzcoArequipaPunoEXPLORE SOUTH AMERICABRAZIL & ARGENTINA BRAZIL COLOMBIALA BOCA WAYSFR$994 PELE WAYSFR$715 LOCOMBIA WAYSFR$1,015Buenos Aires RioFoz do Iguazu RioBogotá Bogotá (anti-clockwise)Recommended Trip Time 11 -13 DaysRecommended Trip Time 13 -15 DaysRecommended Trip Time 20 -22 DaysIncluded experiences: 12, 13, 14 & 16Included experiences: 12, 13 & 14Included experiences: 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31PAO DE QUEIJO WAYSFR$910 CARIOCA WAYSFR$710Rio Buenos AiresRio Foz do IguazuRecommended Trip Time 11 -13 DaysRecommended Trip Time 13-15 DaysIncluded experiences: 12, 13, 14 & 16Included experiences: 12,13 & 14FRCOLOMBIA WAYS$1,015Bogotá Bogotá (clockwise)Recommended Trip Time 19 -21 DaysIncluded experiences: 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31TANGO & SAMBA WAYSFR$1,141 BEACHES & FALLS WAYSFR$483 CHEVERE WAYSFR$1,215Buenos Aires RioRio Foz do IguazuBogotá Bogotá (anti-clockwise)Recommended trip time 7-9 DaysRecommended trip time 8-10 DaysRecommended trip time 23-25 DaysIncluded experiences: 12, 13, 14 & 16Included experiences: 12, 13 & 14Included experiences: 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31SAMBA & TANGO WAYSFR$1,136 FALLS & BEACHES WAYSFR$568 HUEVON WAYSFR$1,215Rio Buenos AiresFoz do Iguazu RioBogotá Bogotá (clockwise)Recommended trip time 7-9 DaysRecommended trip time 9 -11 DaysRecommended trip time 25-27 DaysIncluded experiences: 12, 13, 14 & 16Included experiences: 12, 13 & 14Included experiences: 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31ParaguayBrazilSao Paulo ParatyRio de JaneiroBrazilCartagenaSanta MartaFoz do IguazuPuerto IguazuArgentinaCuritibaFlorianopolisIlha GrandeParaguayFoz do IguazuArgentinaParatySao PauloRio de JaneiroIlha GrandeCuritibaFlorianopolisMedellínManizalesPereiraArmeniaVilla deLeyvaBucaramangaSan GilTunjaBogotaUruguayColoniaBuenos AiresSan AgustinCaliPopayánColombia37

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