Silent Weapons for a Quiet War

Silent Weapons for a Quiet War

Silent Weapons for a Quiet War

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Liabilities:(1) checking accounts (5) automobile, etc.(2) savings accounts (6) safety deposit at bank(3) real estate (7) stock market(4) business(1) creditors (3) loans(2) enemies (see legal) (4) consumer creditGovernment sources (ploys)*:(1) Welfare (4) doles(2) Social Security (5) grants(3) U.S.D.A. surplus food (6) subsidiesGovernment sources (via intimidation)(1) Internal Revenue Service(2) OSHA(3) Census(4) etc.* Principle of this ploy -- the citizen will almost always make the collection of in<strong>for</strong>mation easyif he can operate on the 'free sandwich principle' of 'eat now, and pay later'.Other Government sources -- surveillance of U.S. Mail.Strengths and weaknesses:(1) activities (sports, hobbies, etc.)HABIT PATTERNS -- PROGRAMMING(2) see 'legal' (fear, anger, etc. - crime record)(3) hospital records (drug sensitivities, reaction to pain, etc.)(4) psychiatric records (fears, angers, disgusts, adaptability, reactions tostimuli, violence, suggestibility or hypnosis, pain, pleasure, love and sex)Methods of coping -- adaptability -- behavior:(1) consumption of alcohol(2) consumption of drugs(3) entertainment(4) religious factors influencing behavior(5) other methods of escaping from reality.Payment modus operandi (MO) -- pay on time, etc.:(1) payment of telephone bills(2) energy purchases (electric, gas...)(3) water purchases(4) repayment of loans(5) house payments(6) automobile payments(7) payments on credit cards

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