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Election Day

By Claire Aschner

Just to make sure, write yourself a note

November the eighth is the day to vote.

After the long campaign and the debates,

You get to select one of the candidates.

If Romney wins, there will be more government spending cuts.

And he’ll get rid of the garden and Barack’s butts.

If Obama is re-elected, I need not tell

You’ll get four more years of fit and fashionable Michelle.

Our Constitution, the foundation of our democracy,

Created a smooth transition for the Presidency

Not by revolution or by riot—

Your voice, your opinion with a ballot.

On election night we watch TV to see the numbers come in.

Of course, we hope that the one we want will win.

Some states are called battleground: some blue, some red

But we only care about who’s ahead.

In January we have the inauguration.

There are parades and parties, a big celebration.

If the candidate you wanted lost, wipe your tears.

You have another chance in just four more years.

In the end we must rejoice

That in America, we have a choice!

It’s About Your Dog….

Renaissance is a dog-friendly neighborhood. Please be considerate of your neighbors and of their guests and children who are “out and

about.” Dogs should always be on a leash and should be walked in the street near the curb. If your dog has a “call of nature,” make sure you

have some type of container so you can pick up and leave the area clean. Good doggy manners make for happy neighbors!

Robert N. Del Presto, DMD



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A Fair with Flair

By Marie Carol Cohen

Anticipation set on high, November seventeenth has arrived.

Artisans with their array and varied creations made to share.

Some bringing embroidery, pottery, wood carving, stained glass, cookies,

and treats,

Paintings, florals, prints, cards, needle work, mixed media.

All included to delight.

White tablecloths adorn each table, presentations possessing savoir faire.

Fashionable baskets replete with treats, gifts, surprises to be given to the

lucky ones.

Soft background seasonal music, neighbors engaging in cheerful social


Cheerful atmosphere.

The once-a-year Renaissance Fair with flair,

A must-go-to event.

A ten-year spectacular show of talented artisans showing,

Sharing their one of a kind creations

Unique items.

Caregivers of Ocean County has been the recipient of funds collected.

A special volunteer organization that does much

Gives helping hands to those in need.

Please come and join in the event.

You may be the lucky one to win

The beautifully decorated basket,

Replete with many varied treats and delicious eats.

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