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Code of conduct - Aker Solutions

Code of conductFrom principles to practice

It is the responsibility of every line manager in AkerSolutions to ensure everyone they manage is aware ofand complies with these guidelines for behaviour. Linemanagers are expected not only to actively communicatethese guidelines, but also to identify and act on any issuesthey raise and to access the necessary resources in thecompany to achieve compliance.Our vision is to be the preferred partnerfor solutions in the energy and processindustries through living our values.At Aker Solutions we have one set of values – HSEmindset; delivering results; customer drive; peopleand teams; hands-on management; open and directdialogue.Our values, underpinned by our history and combinedwith the inspiration of international norms such as theUN Global Compact, the Global Reporting Initiative(GRI) and the OECD Guidelines, form the basis of ourcorporate responsibility (CR) principles.This code of conduct is intended to offer practicalguidance and to inspire you, and others acting on behalfof Aker Solutions, to live our values and ensure our CRprinciples are reflected in our behaviour. After all, thoseprinciples can only become practice if they are broughtto life through the everyday actions of people like you.As an Aker Solutions employee it is your personalresponsibility to be familiar with this code of conductand to live up to its standards.This code of conduct is divided into four areas,representing the four building blocks of our CR principles:■■ Caring about people■■ Caring about environment■■ Caring about integrity■■ Caring about communityOur policy systemThe principles set out in this code of conduct are containedin Aker Solutions’ corporate policy system, available onthe Aker Solutions intranet, eNet, under Operating System.Our policy system consists of 25 policies ranging fromgovernance and business ethics to project execution.Within each policy is a set of related standards and tools.The various policies provide additional and more detailedguidelines for the conduct of business in Aker Solutions.As an Aker Solutions employee you need to be familiar withthe policies that are relevant to your work and to complywith their requirements.Best regardsSimen LieunghPresident and CEO

From principles to practiceAker Solutions code of conductcolour, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality,race or disability. You will not bully, harass, degrade,threaten or otherwise disrespect another individual.Caring about peopleA competent and motivated workforce, driving towardthe same goals, is vital to our success, With thousandsof employees around the world, representing manycultures, religions and ethnic groups, our focus isto help each individual employee realise his or herpotential and look after his or her own health andsafety. All our efforts are guided by a commitment toprotecting the human rights of our employees and of thestakeholders we influence.Equal opportunity, diversity and harassment: AkerSolutions employees shall expect a workplace whichis free from harassment or discrimination. (Ref: PeoplePolicy). Therefore you will behave with respect andintegrity towards anyone you come in contact withthrough your work. You will contribute to an environmentthat is free from discrimination due to religion, skinHealth and safety: Aker Solutions employees areentitled to a workplace which is safe (Ref: HSE Policy).We have a zero incident mindset. You will help createa safe workplace by taking personal responsibility foryour own and others’ health and safety. Focus on yourown behaviour and strive to prevent harm to others.Human rights: we shall ensure that all our businessactivities are conducted in line with applicable labourstandards and fundamental human rights norms asdescribed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(Ref: Business Ethics Policy and principles reflected inframework agreement entered into by Aker ASA andthe Norwegian Confederation of Trades Unions and theInternational Metalworkers Federation). You will respectthe human rights of those affected by our businessoperations.Drugs and alcohol: Aker Solutions has a zerotolerance approach to employees being adverselyaffected by alcohol or other drugs in the workenvironment (Ref: People Policy). You are responsiblefor ensuring that your work performance is not impairedby the use of illegal drugs, prescribed drugs or othermedicines, or alcohol. This applies while on companyproperty or conducting company business at any otherlocation whatsoever, including clients’ premises.

From principles to practiceAker Solutions code of conductCaring about environmentThe environment depends on companies like ours tocontribute to its positive development. We thereforework to minimise negative impact on the environmentby continuously developing technology, practises andbusiness opportunities compatible with sustainabledevelopment.It is important to develop new technologies. It is alsoimportant to combine existing technologies in smarterand more efficient ways.Our product innovation goes further and includes thefull life cycle – not just technology but product design,manufacture, operation and decommissioning. We shallhave an environmental focus in our own operations.The environment (Ref: HSE Policy): You will bear in mindthe environmental effects that work-related activitieshave on the environment and will worktowards environmentally-safe solutions.Environmental Reporting: We are responsible forreporting environmental incidents and the followingenvironmental data in accordance with our HSE Policy:■■ Energy use: electricity(reported according to location)■■ Energy use: non-renewable fuels■■ Energy use: renewable fuels■■ Waste disposal

From principles to practiceAker Solutions code of conductConflicts of interests: You will act in the best interestsof the company and take appropriate steps to avoidsituations and positions that may create or appear tocreate conflicts of interest (Ref: Business Ethics Policy).Competition: Aker Solutions is committed to fair andopen competition (Ref: Business Ethics Policy). Under nocircumstances will you engage in any anti-competitivepractices or other activities which violate anti-trust lawsor directives.Caring about integrityWe depend on a reliable, predictable businessenvironment. We therefore strive to maintainhigh ethical standards. We build a culture thatvalues honesty, integrity and transparency, andwe encourage the same behaviour among ourpartners.Bribery and facilitation payments (Ref: BusinessEthics Policy): You are responsible for complyingwith the various laws, rules and regulations of thecountries and regulatory authorities that affectthe company’s business. You will at all times dobusiness by lawful and ethical means and willnot compromise the company’s commitmentto integrity. You will not offer or accept gifts orany other remuneration to obtain any improperadvantage in representing the company’s interests.Confidentiality: You have an obligation to ensure theconfidentiality of all sensitive information which you becomeaware of or produce in connection with the work youperform for Aker Solutions (Ref: Information Security Policy).Information and IT: You must act responsibly whenaccessing information and systems. You will know andadhere to our IT/IS Acceptable Use Standard. You willhelp protect information and information systems frommisuse or accidents (Ref: Information Security Policy).Protection of assets and records: You as an individualhave a responsibility to assist in the protection of thecompany’s property, such as its equipment, buildings,documents and technology. The company’s propertymust not be used for personal purposes.Media: All requests from the media shall be referredto your communications network representative orcorporate communications (Ref: Communication Policy).Whistle blowing: If you identify breaches of law, inhouserules or ethical standards, you are encouraged toreport this according to our guidelines for whistle blowing(Ref: People policy)

From principles to practiceAker Solutions code of conductCaring about communityCreating win-win situations: as a large companywe are a significant part of the societies in which weoperate, both locally and globally. We believe in playingour part in the community through investing in building ahealthy, safe and stable society.As an Aker Solutions employee you will seek to minimiseany negative impact our business activities may have onsociety and you are challenged to look for opportunitiesthat benefit both society and our business.Red Cross: towards the end of 2007, Aker Solutionssigned a three year global partnership agreementwith the Norwegian Red Cross. The partnershipencompasses financial support, exchanges ofknowledge, expertise and best practise, andvolunteering.In addition Aker Solutions and the Red Cross havecollaborated on several projects.Sponsorship: no charitable donations shall be madeto political or religious organisations. All charitabledonations must be approved in advance by AkerSolutions’ Board of Directors.

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