intralogistik NEWS 2 / 2009 ... - viastore

intralogistik NEWS 2 / 2009 ... - viastore

THE POWER OF DELIVERY02|09intralogistiknewsviastore systemsintralogistik NewsVolume 10New warehouse forErbe Elektromedizin:From Tübingen to operatingrooms all over the worldPage 4More space and betterperformance:System modernizationat orochemiePage 8Warehouse softwareat a glance:New viad@t brochureout nowPage 12

THE POWER OF DELIVERYWe can support you in all aspectsof warehouse safetyDear Reader,ContentsSRM for efficient carton handlingPage 3Automated warehouse for ErbeElektromedizinPage 4More space and higher throughputat orochemiePage 8One WMS for various internationallocations and different warehousetypesPage 9Info servicePage 11New WMS brochurePage 12Cover pictureRoland Lachenmaier isHead of After Sales atviastore systems inStuttgartr.lachenmaier@viastore.comThe safety requirements for machinery and equipment laiddown in the relevant EC directives apply to your intralogisticsystem too. When, for example, the conveyor system or storage/retrievalmachines are technically upgraded or modifiedit is often necessary to conduct a new risk assessment and insome cases even to carry out complete CE conformity proceduresbefore putting the facility into operation once again.When specialists such as viastore systems perform thesemeasures then they will also ensure compliance with all therelevant standards. If, however, they are carried out in-house,such risk assessments are often neglected due to lack of therequired resources and insufficient expertise. Quite often thiscan pose a danger to life and limb of warehouse personnel.To rule this out we offer you as a service a safety check of yoursystem and then, if necessary, carry out the proceduresrequired to obtain CE approval. This includes, for instance, the investigationof relevant directives and standards, risk analysis, documentation in therespective national language as well as issuing and attaching the CE mark.We can also provide consultation when it comes to planning and buying newintralogistic machinery, equipment and components so that we can turnyour attention to safety-relevant aspects early on.Yours sincerelyRoland LachenmaierTo ensure that the wide product rangeof Erbe Elektromedizin arrives at theoperating table even more quickly andsmoothly and to further improve itscustomer services, the company hasraised its logistic processes to the stateof the art level.Page 42 intralogistik News 2|09

Retrofit and warehouseenlargementMore storage space forEaux Minérales de St. AlbanBack in 2004, viastore supplied a material flow system for the Cargill brandExcel facility in Friona, TexasStorage/retrieval machines forefficient carton handlingviastore wins large-scale order for the food industryviastore systems has won a large-scale order from Retrotech, be installed at U.S. food company Cargill Meat Solutions.viastore will supply 15 viaspeed storage/retrieval machines (SRM)for Cargill's expanded logistics center in Schuyler, Nebraska. Theload handling devices of the highly dynamic SRM can handle twocartons at a time. In addition, viastore will supply the conveyorand sortation systems. The logistics center has an expanded storagecapacity of about 50,000 cartons of beef. Meat processor anddistributor Cargill represents more than a dozen major U.S. brandsthat are sold in both retail and foodservice channels. Fast andreliable order processing is a must, especially in this business. Thefacility in Schuyler is scheduled to go live at the end of 1Q 2010.viastore is no stranger to Cargill. Back in 2004, it supplied amaterial flow system for the logistics center of the Cargill brandExcel in Friona, Texas.www.cargill.comAlong with expanding its productioncapacity, beverage supplier Eaux Minéralesde St. Alban has entrusted viastore systemswith the retrofit and enlargement of its automatedstorage & retrieval system (AS/RS) builtin 2005. As a first step, the driverless transportsystem will be replaced by a continuousconveyor system in three stages. Aneighth aisle with a new viapal SRM willbe added to the system in the fall of2009. In this context, the AS/SR conveyorsystem will be adjusted andextensions added to the existingsoftware applications viad@tWMS,viad@tMFC and viad@tVISU. Theproject is to be implementedin close collaborationbetween viastoreGermany andviastore France.St. Alban bottlesmineral waterfrom four localsources and alsoproduces beveragessuch as Pepsi,Lipton and Seven Upunder license. The companyhas a staff of 150 andis one of three French subsidiaries ofthe Dutch Refresco Holding.www.refrescoholding.comPhotos: REFRESCOintralogistik News 2|09 3

From Tübingen to operating rooms all over the worldMedium-sized Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH relies on automated warehousesWhenever surgeons anywhere in the world use instruments forhigh-frequency surgery or cryosurgery, vessel sealing or noncontacthemostasis, then there is a good chance that theseinstruments have been supplied by Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH.With more than 550 employees and annual sales of more than€90 million, this family-run company is represented in morethan 100 countries around the globe both through its own subsidiariesand through the medical trade. Erbe's export rateamounts to 80 percent. To ensure that the wide range of productsarrives at the operating table even more quickly and smoothlythan before and to achieve further service improvements, Erbehas raised its logistic processes to the state of the art level.viastore was entrusted with implementing the automated storagearea.Logistics as an additional core competenceErbe was established in Tübingen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)back in 1847. Run by fifth generation family members, thecompany today is a leading global supplier of high-frequencyand waterjet technology. The great number of patents registeredevery year provides evidence of its successful and intensive R&Dactivities. Another main focus at Erbe is on production which isorganized extremely efficiently according to KAIZEN principles.However, the logistic processes used to take a back seat up untilrecently. "We simply stored our materials and products whereverthere was free space," explains Michael Ankele, Head of MaterialsManagement, Purchasing and Logistics at Erbe. But the requirementswere rising steadily. The company's increasing level ofinternationalization meant that customers worldwide had to besupplied quickly and reliably with the some 1,800 different salesitems. An efficient and future-proof warehousing solution wascalled for. In this context, it also had to be taken into considerationthat decentralized warehouses were to be closed down,at first in Germany and later on in the whole of Europe, in orderto avoid stock redundancies and achieve a higher level of transparency.In addition, the Materials Management Department wastaking over more and more logistic tasks from production lately.Certified systemIn close collaboration with logistics specialist Martin Sayer,Managing Director of the Stuttgart-based consulting and planningcompany mips Consulting GmbH, Erbe developed a newmaterial flow and warehousing concept. A major element of thisconcept is a new warehouse section. Altogether the reconstructedexisting facility, the new building and the new offices coverabout 54,000 sq.ft. (5,000 sq.m) and have 49,700 cubic yards(38,000 cu.m) of storage capacity. The new section was builtdirectly next to the hall that was used as warehousing and goodshandling area. Today the goods receipt and the packaging ofmanufactured goods are handled here. The new logistics centerand the new procedures comply with the stringent demands ofthe U.S. Food and Drug Administration, who also issues direct-4 intralogistik News 2|09

ives for the correct handling of medical devices. This complianceis crucially important for Erbe, since the U.S. market still holdsenormous growth potential.Tray warehouse a central elementCentral to the new logistic system is the three-aisle automatedmini-load system (MLS) with 4,854 tray locations. It accommodates60 percent of the finished goods and 1,800 replacementparts as well as loan equipment, testing and measuring devices.Larger products such as high-frequency or waterjet surgery devicesare placed directly onto the 23.6x47.2 in. (600x1,200 mm)trays. For smaller items such as probes or vessel sealing instruments,the trays are subdivided by means of standard plastic containersand inserts. A conveyor loop in front of the MLS efficientlysupplies the three pick stations. These can also handle inboundprocesses. Order picking is supported by laser beam technology.In addition to the screen display, a laser beam indicates to thepickers which container and location they should pick from.viaspeed provides dynamicsThe MLS is fitted with viaspeed storage/retrieval (S/R) machines.These can handle up to 260 storage and retrieval processes anhour. "viaspeed offers highly innovative technology and ismatched especially to the organization of mini-load and traywarehouses," explains viastore's Project Manager WolfgangKönig. viastore as a general contractor also supplied the rack andconveyor systems, the ESD protected pick stations as well as thecontrollers and the viad@tMFC material flow system.The MLS is complemented by several conventional, manuallyoperated storage areas, including a bulk location area and apallet section. They accommodate those products that are tooCentral to the new logistic center of Erbe is the tray mini-load system supplied byviastore.intralogistik News 2|09 5

ulky for the automated system, and in the future they will alsobe used for storing materials for production replenishment. "Thisensures high system reliability," explains Martin Sayer. Fast-movingitems are stored in a zone next to the packing zone. Moreoverthere are special areas for hazardous materials and sterile goods.Efficient inbound order handling"We have extremely heterogeneous flows of goods into thewarehouse," says logistic specialist Martin Sayer. On one hand,there are finished goods coming in from production. These arepacked outside the production area in front of the warehousingzone and brought to the pick stations on trolleys. From here theygo to the MLS. The adjacent goods receipt area handles thereceipt of products manufactured for Erbe by other companies."These are about 25,000 items annually," says Michael Ankele.Every day round about 50 trucks approach the site to deliver orpick up goods. Every month 500 or so pallets are received and justas many sent out. In addition, about 2,500 packages a month aresent to customers.The warehouse operators unpack the supplied goods and posttheir receipt. At this stage it is already determined in which warehousezone the goods will be stored. Products destined for theMLS are placed into containers with barcodes that are transportedto the pick stations. Here the containers are allocated to thetrays and transported to the storage location by the viaspeedSRM according to the FIFO principle. Equipment in need ofrepair, loan equipment given to customers to bridge repair timesand trade fair exhibits are also delivered to the goods receipt area.From here they go to a special room for decontamination, aretransported to the service department and eventually stored inthe warehouse.Efficient order pickingThe pick operators in the MLS trigger the earmarked outboundorders. The material flow system controls the transport of therespective tray from the warehouse to the corresponding workstationwith the utmost efficiency. Here the screen display and alaser mark on the goods indicate to the pick operator from whichtransport unit to retrieve the items and how many. As a precautionarymeasure, the operator first scans the pick container, thenthe goods and finally the container in which the item is placedfor further transport to the pack station. Order consolidation ofthe products from the different warehouse zones takes placeeither in lanes in front of the packaging zone or – for smallershipments – in the throughput channels of a staging rack. "Wehave three separate lanes for rush orders so that they can bypassthe normal orders," explains Martin Sayer. Following thesystem-based check for order completeness, the respective ship-6 intralogistik News 2|09

The conveyor loop in front of the tray warehouse supplies the three pick stations.ment is released for packaging and for shipment to subsidiaries,partners and end customers all over the world. This makes over92,000 delivery note items annually, not including internaldeliveries.Fit for the future"The new system enables us to respond flexibly to futuredevelopments," Michael Ankele sums up. The central warehousegenerates synergies and enables high inventory security.Moreover, the processes have become transparent and stable.Now there's nothing in the way of continuing internationalization– at least from the goods replenishment point of view.www.erbe-med.comPicking is confirmed several times by scanning to ensure high process security.Delighted with the successful project: mips Managing Director Martin Sayer, ErbeManager Michael Ankele and viastore Project Manager Wolfgang König (from left).A laser-generated cross indicates from which module the operator should pickthe goods.intralogistik News 2|09 7

THE POWER OF DELIVERYMore space andbetter performanceSystem modernization at orochemieThe warehouse modernization at orochemie has resulted in more space andbetter performance.orochemie, based in Kornwestheim (Baden-Württemberg,Germany), has entrusted viastore systems with the modernizationof its unit-load warehouse. A member of the Dürr-Dental Group, the company specializes in the manufacture ofdisinfecting and cleaning agents and has operated a threeaisleautomated storage/retrieval system (AS/RS) equippedwith a viapal SRM and a transfer car since 1997. Due to thecompany's continuous growth and the enlargement of theproduct range this warehouse was bursting at the seams sothat an enlargement became inevitable and the building wasextended by 105 ft. (32 m). In order to optimize the facility'sefficiency, the viastore modernization specialists analyzed thewarehouse processes. This revealed that it would be advantageousto replace the transfer car by two more viapal storage/retrievalmachines. The control system of the existingSRM and the material flow system will be brought to thelatest state of the art. Moreover, a couple of additional functionswill be added to the pallet conveyor system and the racksystem. The new conveyor elements will be integrated into theupgraded S7 pallet conveyor system control. To ensure that theSRM can operate without any problems both in the old and inthe new warehouse areas, the design of the racking systemwill remain unchanged. However, the subdivision of the storagelocations was adjusted in order to allow storage of the extendedproduct range accordingly. The existing viad@tWMSwarehouse management system will then be extended to coverthis new warehouse area too and the material flow computerwith the obsolete DOS operating system will be replaced byup-to-date hard- and software. A high-performance computerwill map the entire material flow in the future. Due tothe extension and modernization of the warehouse sections,orochemie will not only win space, but also achieve significantimprovements in overall system performance.www.orochemie.comForever Young?If you are interested in learning how to make your warehouseand logistics center fit for the future, we invite youto order your rejuvenation package free of charge at+49 711 9818-128 or contains everything you need to know about how you cansubstantially increase the performance capacity of yoursystem.8 intralogistik News 2|09

Knowing what's up:A camera attached to the SRMhelps to monitor storage andretrieval processes.For even better serviceWebcams in the SRMIn a number of facilities, viastore systems has installed camerasystems onboard the SRM for monitoring the storage andretrieval processes. Equipped with fish-eye lenses that can flexiblyadapt to varying exposure conditions, these cameras offer agood view of the load handling devices and the respective storagelocation. Depending on the aisle length, the necessary accesspoints are installed either on the warehouse ceiling or at the frontside of the warehouse. In long aisles, they are equipped with additionalbeam antennae. The cameras are attached to the hoistcarriage without complex cabling. They send their image data tothe central control station via WLAN connection. The controlstation operator can view the filmed image sequences either viathe viad@tVISU system visualization or via a separate computer.viastore systems can access the image data via the camera's IPaddress and via the web browser. Thus the viastore servicedepartment can support the customer wherever necessary. In theevent of system failure, a series of 20 images before and 20images after the failure occurring are saved internally. Thisenables instant analysis of the situation and mere hiccups can bedifferentiated from real failure. Quick remedy is possible and thenumber and duration of downtimes reduced.viad@t for Viega USASoftware for various international locations anddifferent warehouse typesViega, a system supplier for plumbing and heating equipmentheadquartered at Attendorn (North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany),and viastore systems have maintained close collaboration regardingwarehouse logistics for as long as since the 1990s.Recently this collaboration advanced to an international levelwhen Viega introduced the viad@tWMS warehouse managementsystem at its three locations in the USA.With its viad@tWMS software solution, viastore helps to ensurehigh throughput and maximum transparency in the conventionallyoperated Viega warehouses in Reno, Nevada and Merrimack,New Hampshire as well as in the company's highly automatedfacility in McPherson, Kansas. The multilingual features ofviad@tWMS make it possible that Germany-based Viega employeescan switch on to the American systems and find dialogsin German – and this also functions vice versa with English andother languages. Due to close collaboration between viastore andMcPherson, Kansas is one of three locations of Viega USA, where they not onlydistribute but manufacture parts.Viega's software development team, Viega employees will be ableto modify the viad@tWMS on their own, if required."Thanks to viad@tWMS we are now able to further expand ourexcellent distribution network," says George E. Kilpatrick, Directorof Distribution at Viega USA. "Our distribution system is based onhigh flexibility, an extremely low error rate and order processingwithin 24 hours. The viastore software ensures that we can liveup to these principles."www.viega.comintralogistik News 2|09 9

Come and join us:THE POWER OF DELIVERYStorage Transportation Logistics, Moscow, Oct. 26-30, 2009Logistica, Utrecht, Netherlands, Nov. 10-14, 2009CeMAT 2011, Hanover, May 2-6, for CeMAT RUSSIADeutsche Messe organizes new intralogistic fair in MoscowFrom September 28 to October1, 2010, German exhibitioncompany Deutsche MesseHannover will be holding theCeMAT RUSSIA trade fair inMoscow for the first time. Thenew fair will premiere at theAll-Russian Exhibition Center,one of Moscow's top three exhibitionvenues. Just like theworld's leading intralogisticsfair CeMAT (next to take placein Hanover from May 2-6,2011), CeMAT RUSSIA will spanon all aspects of intralogistics,including materials handling and storage technology, packagingand order picking solutions, material flow and ware-housing systems, workshop equipment and transport systemsas well as warehouse management software, logistics servicesand outsourcing.CeMAT RUSSIA will be held concurrently with and at the samevenue as MDA RUSSIA, Surface RUSSIA and IndustrialAutomation RUSSIA under the parent brand "Industrial TradeFair Moscow". This arrangement will allow the four industrialtradeshows to feed into each other, generating excellent crossindustrybusiness opportunities. International exhibitors willbenefit from this latest international rollout of DeutscheMesse's winning trade fair formula.www.cemat.comOptotrap light curtainAlternative for profile checksUntil 2000, the rotating beam light curtain "Optotrap" was awidely used profile checking device for load carriers installed inmany intralogistic facilities. Manufacturer Sick stopped the productionof this component in 2004; repair options were still availablefor a further five years which means that this support endsthis year. Now viastore has developed an alternative solution inthe form of a light grid. It can be installed quickly and costeffectivelyeither during major upgrades or as an individualsolution. The modernization can be implemented within a veryshort time, including dismounting, installation and replacementof contacts. The new light grid can be mounted into the existingOptotrap steel frame; the PLC requires only minor adjustment.User Conferences:Modernization, SAP, WMSDuring a number of events, viastore systems will provideinformation regarding modernization options, introductionof SAP in the warehouse or new features of theviad@t standard software for logistics managers, IT staffand maintenance personnel in logistic facilities.With the viastore User Conferences we offer our customersthe opportunity to learn about the latest viastoretopics. Here you can also exchange experience with otherusers and discuss individual requirements.For more detailed information, please intralogistik News 2|09

Info ServiceIf you wish to obtain further information about viastore or our systems, products and services,please do not hesitate to contact us at or fax this coupon to +49 711 9818-184.THE POWER OF DELIVERYCompany Profile S/R Machines Cold Storage Freezer HPPSSmall, CompactWarehouses (German)Lifetime PartnershipWarehouse ManagementSystem viad@tLogistics Executionwith SAPviad@tACADEMYBasics of WarehouseTechnology (German)Rackinginspectionsviastore systems GmbH · Magirusstr. 13 · 70469 Stuttgart · Tel.: +49 711 9818 - 0viastore systems Inc. · 4890 Kendrick SE · Grand Rapids MI 49512-4048 · Tel.: +1 616 977 3950viastore systems S.A.R.L. · 31 Allée du Grand Coquille · F-45800 St.-Jean-de-Braye · Tel.: +33 2 38 61 98 60viastore systems B.V. · Elektrostraat 17 · NL-7483 PG Haaksbergen · Tel.: +31 53 57 43861viastore systems S.A. · c/Paletes, 8 Edificio B · Parc Tecnològic del Vallès · E-08290 Cerdanyola · Tel.: +34 93 59 10 ^800viastore systems s.r.o. · Dopravni 139 / 33 · CZ-318 00 Plzen-Nová Hospoda · Tel.: +420 377 495 406viastore systems Ltd. · Westgate Lodge · Low Street · UK-North Wheatley, DN22 9DS · Tel.: +44 142 788 30 12000 viastore systems · Odinzovo area Barwichinskij Selskij district, 1st km, Rublevo-Uspenskoye shosse · Building no.: 6Office 301-2 - RUS-143082 · Moscow Region · Tel.: +7 495 663 2124Please send us the following brochure(s):www.viastore.cominfo@viastore.comFax +49 711 9818 - 184Please also send 'intralogistik News' to mycolleague (see contact details on the right)NamePlease send us references from thefollowing sector(s):Thank you for sending me this 'intralogistikNews'. Unfortunately my address was incorrect;please amend your records with the data givenon the right.I am not interested in receiving 'intralogistikNews', please delete my name from yourdistribution News 2|09 11

THE POWER OF DELIVERYWarehouse software at a glanceNew viad@t brochure out nowviad@t is a modern, efficient, well-proven and future-proofstandard software for managing and controlling all types ofintralogistic systems. The software offersversatile functions both for small warehouseswith low turnover and for largedistribution centers with several thousandorderlines a day. In addition, it is equallysuitable for highly automated systems aswell as conventional or forklift servedfacilities. The WMS is multilingual andworks independent of databases, operatingsystems and hardware. Based on 40years of intralogistic experience, viad@t isa stable product that can be easily configuredand upgraded.viad@t consists of a basic package, havingfunctions that can be turned on or off,depending on the specific demands, systemtype and performance requirements.Thus the WMS can be used for complex systems with high performancecapacity, for automated warehouses with low tomedium turnover rates and also for conventional warehouseareas and logistics centers. viad@t is a highly flexible warehousemanagement system that will adapt through the years to acompany's growth of business, changing demands and newprocesses.The new viad@t brochure describes the versatile functions andapplication options of this flexible warehouse management softwarein a well-structured and reader-friendly manner withaccompanying detailed charts and tables. The brochure can beordered at intralogistik News 2|09Masthead:viastore systems intralogistik NewsPublisher and responsible for contents: viastore systems GmbH,Magirusstr. 13, 70469 Stuttgart/Germany, Tel. +49 711 9818 - 0Editors: Dr. Matthias Schweizer (responsible),Götz Bartling, Katrin Freese, Angelika WaizeneggerVolume 10, Edition 2/2009viastore systems intralogistik News is published three times Atelier Herbstreuth, Stuttgart

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