Newsletter July 2012 - Alzheimer's Australia

Newsletter July 2012 - Alzheimer's Australia


WINTERNEWSLETTERFor members and peopleinterested in the activities ofAlzheimer’s Australia SA Inc.PatronThe Hon Dr Kemeri Murray AOCEOMs Kathryn CunninghamBoard of DirectorsChairmanMr Tony NewmanVice ChairmanMr Tim WhiteCompany Secretary & Public OfficerMs Kathryn CunninghamMs Alison KimberMr John GilesMr Alan BevanMr Scott LangfordMs Jenny RichterMr Daniel EndenburgMr Michael JanusRosemary Foundation for MemorySupport Inc.PatronHis Excellency, Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce,AC, CSC, RANR, Governor of SAPublic OfficerMs Kathryn CunninghamBoard of DirectorsChairmanHon Ian Wilson AMVice ChairmanDr Jane HeckerHon SecretaryProf John McKellarTreasurerMr Ian ConradMr John GilesMs Kathryn CunninghamMrs Patsy BennettHon Greg CrafterMr John HaighMrs Joan LyonsProf Alistair GossCONTENTS3 CEO's MessageChairman’s Report4 Aged Care Reforms6 What The Reforms MeanCEO’S MESSAGEALZHEIMER’S AUSTRALIASA WELCOMES THE AGEDCARE REFORMS AND THEPLAN TO TACKLE DEMENTIAINCLUDED IN THEANNOUNCEMENT OF THE2012-2013 FEDERAL BUDGET.CHAIRMAN’S REP0RTTHE PUBLIC AWARENESSOF OUR ORGANISATIONAND ITS COMMITMENT TOSUPPORTING PEOPLE WITHDEMENTIA, THEIR FAMILIESAND CARERS IS MOSTDEFINITELY ON THE RISE.Alzheimer’s Australia SA Inc27 Conyngham Street,GLENSIDE SA 5065Phone: 08 8372 2100NATIONAL DEMENTIA HELPLINE:1800 100 500F: 08 8338 3390E: Articles in this publication provide ageneral summary only of the subject mattercovered. Any person with dementia or carer for aperson with dementia should seek professionaladvice about their specific case. Alzheimer’sAustralia SA Inc is not liable for any error oromission in this publication. Permission should besought from the editor before reproducing articles.Once permission is given the source must beacknowledged.7 Sunday Mail City-Bay Fun Run2012 Upcoming Events8 Members Make A DifferenceDr Alexandre Kalache9 Kiwis Can Fly10 Prof. Sube Banerjee12 Charting Your Journey With DementiaAlzheimer’s Consumers Alliance13 Dementia - A Public Health Priority14 Still Flourishing15 ConnexusJohn's Poem for Robyne16 Events Calendar17 10 Ways AASA Can HelpQ&A18 CommunityThe Government’s dementia plan hasput $268.4 million towards the key priorities in Alzheimer’sAustralia’s Fight Dementia Campaign, particularly in respect oftimely diagnosis, improved acute care services, improvedsupport for younger people with dementia and an expansion ofthe Dementia Behaviour Advisory Service.However, increased investment in dementia research was notaddressed. Research is the key to identifying those most at riskof developing dementia and to finding better treatments fordementia. It has been estimated that if the onset of dementiacould be delayed by five years, the number of people withdementia in Australia could be halved.In 2011-2012 the Australian Government, through the NationalHealth and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), providedapproximately $159.2 million for cancer research, $92.4 millionfor cardiovascular disease research, $71.2 million for research ondiabetes and $53.6 million for mental health research. Despite itbeing the third leading cause of death in Australia, dementiaresearch received just $24 million.Alzheimer’s Australia will be pursuing the issue of investmentin dementia research through the Strategic Review of Healthand Medical Research chaired by Simon McKeon. The Reviewis to report by the end of 2012 and recommend a 10-yearstrategic plan for health and medical research for Australia.Alzheimer’s Australia has made a submission to the Review andwould like to see an additional $40 million per annum injectedinto dementia research through the NHMRC to close the fundinggap between dementia and other chronic conditions.Alzheimer’s Australia SA has recently launched our firstAlzheimer’s Consumer Alliance SA group. This group consistingof people with dementia, carers, associated peak bodies andgovernment representatives will allow us to greater understandthe needs and concerns of the community and strengthen ourability to engage with Government. We are honoured to haveDr Faizal Ibrahim as the inaugural Chair of this exciting newinitiative.The Alliance will strengthen the voice of people with dementiatheir carers and families in SA.Our Consumer Forums will begin rolling out over the next12 months in both metropolitan and regional SA. If you areinterested in attending a forum please check our website fordetails or phone Phil Saunders on 8372 2100.If you would like to add your voice to help Fight Dementia,you can become a member for only $20, like us on Facebookor join the Fight Dementia campaign, just log has never been a better time than now to have yourvoice heard!Kathryn CunninghamCEO Alzheimer’s Australia SAUnder the umbrella of the new branding,our Association and our related Associations throughout Australiahave been extremely active in spreading our message.It was gratifying to see a positive recognition of the need forincreased funding recognised in the recent Federal budget.As Kathryn Cunningham, our CEO, has pointed out in hermessage it is never enough. There is however clear evidencethat we have the ear of the decision makers and please beassured we will not slow down in our efforts to advocate the needin the area of dementia.With this increased focus comes a need to ensure that we asan organisation are best placed to meet the challenges anddeliver the services as we go forward.Whilst your Board continues to maintain its governanceresponsibilities in relation to ongoing operations, it is also activestrategically.Along with a review of AASA’s strategic plan, Strategy 2014,we are spending time looking at how best to achieve our missionin five and ten year’s time.We truly believe the future belongs to those who plan for it.On a more immediate front, I hope you can find time toparticipate in the upcoming Consumer Forums. It is my intentionto attend a number of these and I look forward to catching upwith some of you.Tony NewmanChairman Alzheimer’s Australia SAWINTER NEWSLETTER JULY 2012 3

C0VER STORYAGED CAREREFORMSALZHEIMER’S AUSTRALIA WELCOMES THE FEDERALGOVERNMENT’S AGED CARE REFORMS AND THEIRPLAN TO TACKLE DEMENTIA.ta Buttrose, President of Alzheimer’s Australia, saidthe Government’s package showed that the PrimeMinister and the Minister for Mental Health andAgeing, Mark Butler, have not only listened topeople with dementia but have respondedcomprehensively to their priorities.“Thousands have spoken out about the failingsof the health and care system in relation todementia; the Government’s decisions are both areward and a relief to those 280,000 Australianswith dementia and their 1.2 million carers,” MsButtrose said.“The centrepiece of the reforms from a consumerpoint of view is the strengthening of the community caresystem to make it possible for people with dementia tostay at home longer.This is central to any strategy for consumer choice, asis the emphasis in the reforms to empower consumers tohave more say over the services they need, when theyneed them and who delivers them.”The Government’s proposals for tackling dementiaaddress the key priorities in the Fight DementiaCampaign particularly; timely diagnosis; improving thequality of dementia care; improving acute care services;support for people with younger onset dementia; andexpanded support through the National DementiaSupport Program to improve access to bettercoordinated services.“There remains a concern about increasing the levelof investment in dementia research but this is an issuethat Alzheimer’s Australia will be pursuing vigorouslythrough the Minister’s review of Scientific and MedicalFunding in Australia,” Ms Buttrose said.“It’s great to see a genuine focus on dementia inthe aged care reforms. Dementia is getting the attentionit deserves.”Ms Buttrose thanked Minister Butler for taking thedementia issue to Cabinet and getting a good resultin a difficult budget.The CEO of Alzheimer’s Australia SA, KathrynCunningham, said she wanted to thank all thosemembers who showed their support and helped inthe campaign.“We could not have done this without you,”Ms Cunningham said.“Thank you to everyone who signed up asa Dementia Champion, who shared your stories,who wrote to your local MP or Senator, who marchedon Parliament House in Canberra in October last yearand who signed our Valentine’s Day cards.This has been a giant team effort and having so manypeople uniting to demand better services and care forpeople with dementia made all the difference. Thank youagain to you all."Although, not all our priorities have been addressed.Research in dementia is important if we are to reducethe future numbers of people with dementia. Alzheimer’sAustralia is concerned about the very low level ofinvestment in dementia research. This is an issue we willbe pursuing vigorously through the Minister’s review ofScientific and Medical Funding in Australia.The reforms will be reviewed at the end of five yearsand the government has rightly taken the view that thefull impact of the reforms will take ten years to work theirway through. This is because the reforms are not just aquestion of funding but changing the way services aredelivered. There will continue to be frustrations for manythousands of people with dementia and their carers asthe reforms work their way through.CRUNCH THENUMBERS$1.9BILLIONTO DELIVER BETTER ACCESSTO AGED CARE SERVICES$1.2BILLIONTO TACKLE CRITICALSHORTAGES IN THE AGEDCARE WORKFORCE$80.2MILLIONTO IMPROVE AGED CARELINKAGES WITH THEHEALTH SYSTEM$54.8MILLIONTO SUPPORT CARERS$268.4MILLIONTO TACKLE THE NATION’SDEMENTIA EPIDEMIC$192MILLIONTO SUPPORT THE DIVERSECARE OF AUSTRALIA’SAGEING POPULATION4 WINTER NEWSLETTER JULY 2012 WINTER NEWSLETTER JULY 2012 5

C0VER STORYRECENT NEWSTHE REFORMS WILL BE REVIEWED AT THEEND OF FIVE YEARS AND THE GOVERNMENTHAS RIGHTLY TAKEN THE VIEW THAT THEFULL IMPACT OF THE REFORMS WILLTAKE TEN YEARS TO WORK THEIR WAYTHROUGH.SUNDAY MAILCITY-BAY FUN RUN2012UPCOMINGEVENTSWHAT THEREFORMS MEAN:• First, the reforms hold out the promise of strengthening thecommunity care system to make it possible for people withdementia to stay at home longer. There will be morecommunity care packages and more funding for respitecare. This is central to any strategy for consumer choiceand avoiding premature entry to residential care. However,I have doubts on whether the growth in community serviceswill be fast enough.• Second, the reforms to empower consumers throughadopting consumer directed care in all care packageswill enable consumers to have more say over the servicesthey need, when they need them and who delivers them.This greater flexibility should be of help to diversecommunities, although there are special measures inthe reforms to assist in tailoring services to their needs.Registrations are open to the 2012 SundayMail City-Bay Fun Run! You can now choose tosupport Alzheimer’s Australia SA by creatingyour own personalised online fundraising page.You can upload images and inspirational wordsto build your page. Once you are happy with it,you can approach your supporters by emailingthem the unique link of your webpage.To create your fundraising page visit click‘Start Fundraising’ and then select Alzheimer’sAustralia SA.“Still Flourishing”Art Exhibition OpeningFriday August 31 2012Pepper Street Arts CentreCarers ConferenceTuesday September 18 2012(Health Professionals)Wednesday September 19 2012(Carers)InterContinental AdelaideDementiaAwareness WeekFriday September 21 to 28 2012Memory WalkSunday October 21 2012The Adelaide Zoo• Third, the approach to funding will embrace the principleof supplementary funding to meet the extra costs ofdementia care in both residential and community settings.In other words there is a focus on dementia in the agedcare reforms.Annual General MeetingWednesday October 16 2012Alzheimer’s Australia SA"We must continue to speak up for people with dementia,their families and carers and make sure our voices are heard."said Ms Cunningham.You can keep up with what we need to do next at ourcampaign website• Fourth, there are measures that should help reassureconsumers that there will be greater transparency in thequality of aged care through the independent Aged CareFinancing Authority, the new Australian Aged Care QualityAgency, My Aged Care website and greater independenceof the Aged Care Complaints Scheme.• Lastly, there is a plan to tackle dementia. The Government’sproposals for tackling dementia address the key prioritiesin Alzheimer’s Australia’s Fight Dementia Campaign,particularly in respect of timely diagnosis, improved acutecare services, improved support for younger people withdementia and an expansion of Dementia BehaviourAdvisory Services.For more informationon any of theseevents please referto our call the NationalDementia Helpline1800 100 500HELP US FIGHT DEMENTIALike Alzheimer’s Australia SA on WINTER NEWSLETTER JULY 2012 WINTER NEWSLETTER JULY 2012 7

MEMBERSMAKE ADIFFERENCEWe have been ableto produce somewonderful newsstories latelyand to help thepolitical parties situp and take noticeabout dementiaand Alzheimer’sAustralia SA.This has in a largepart been due tofantastic supportfrom ourmembers.We are at a critical stagein the community awarenessof dementia and the tide isturning in our favour!We want to continue thisand really make thecommunity, the media andour Governmentsunderstand and support us.To help us achieve thiswe need your help, we needyou to join us not only inspirit but in a way thatshows we have a greatgroundswell of people andlarge numbers of supporters.The best way to do this is tobecome a Member ofAlzheimer’s Australia SA.Membership is crucial inthe fight against dementia,can you help?If you would like moreinformation or to joinplease contact theMarketing Department on8372 2100or NEWSDR ALEXANDREKALACHE:ADELAIDE THINKER IN RESIDENCEDr Alexandre Kalache (centre) with the AASA staffDR KALACHE, FORMER DIRECTOR OF AGEING WITH THEWORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (1994 TO 2008), IS ANINTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED EXPERT ON VARIOUSASPECTS OF AGEINGAGED FRIENDLY CITIES –A SOCIETY FOR ALL AGESOn Monday April 23 2012, the staff ofAASA had the privilege and pleasure ofattending a presentation by, and consultationwith, Dr Alexandre Kalache.Dr Kalache, former Director of Ageing withthe World Health Organisation (1994 to2008), is an internationally recognised experton various aspects of ageing, including agedcare, the epidemiology of ageing, migrationageing and cultural attitudes to ageing.He is currently an Adelaide Thinker inResidence with a focus on “Age FriendlyCities - a society for all ages”.His consultation with the staff of AASA willassist Dr Kalache to think in broader terms ofmaking our cities and communities not onlymore ‘aged friendly’ but more ‘dementiafriendly’ as well.His residency is examining how we aredevising and implementing state policy andwill provide recommendations on theimplementation of both new and existinginitiatives as part of the State Reform Agenda- Adding Years to Life.RECENT NEWSKIWIS CAN FLYTHROUGH A FLYING VISIT TO ADELAIDE IN 2009 TO ATTEND OUR NATIONALCONFERENCE, A TEAM FROM NEW ZEALAND DECIDED THEY NEEDED TO KNOW MORE!THIS RESULTED IN JANINE BURTON AND ROBYN RIDDLE FROM WAIKATO HOSPITALVISITING AASA IN MARCH 2012. JANINE IS A MEMORY SERVICE NURSE AND ROBYNA SOCIAL WORKER AT THE MEMORY SERVICE.L to R - Front row Di Francis, Janine Burton (NZ) Rowena Garcia, Pamela Aldridge. Back row Debra Belperio, Robyn Riddle (NZ) Monica CationsROBYN &JANINE’S STORY:Last year our Memory Service team identified the need for aprogram for our clients recently diagnosed with dementia; toeducate and empower them and their carers to cope with thejourney ahead. Having heard that AASA were running such aprogram we sent a request to Pamela in the Early InterventionTeam to help us develop our version of the program. Not onlywas permission given to share resources but actually an invite tovisit and receive facilitator training. We had the opportunity inMarch to spend a week at AASA.“The ‘Living with Memory Loss’ training was excellent and theopportunities we had to sit-in on some groups was a bonus. Thisenabled us to see how both clients and carers confidence hadincreased over the course of the program; being strengthened bytheir increased knowledge and the support they were receiving.Meeting with most of the other teams was also very inspiring.It was so encouraging to see what excellent work can be donewith and for people with dementia, and their carers.I was especially impressed with the Dementia BehaviourManagement Advisory Services team, and their ability to respondto individual clients and develop programs to support them andtheir carers.We came away with our minds bursting with information andour suitcases full of resources and now the challenge is for usto focus on the development of our ‘Living with Memory Loss’program, to enable us to provide something worthwhile forour clients.Thank you to everyone who welcomed us so warmly and tooktime to talk about your valuable work. After five days in thatwonderful and stimulating environment, it was hard to leave.We were so impressed with the hospitality of South Australiansand the beauty of your city.”They are now busy developing their own culturally appropriateresources Living with Memory Loss program. Janine regularlyemails updates to keep us in the loop of their progress.8 WINTER NEWSLETTER JULY 2012 WINTER NEWSLETTER JULY 2012 9

EVENTS CALENDAR10 WAYSAASACAN HELPQ&ARegistration isessential as numbersare limited. Registervia the NationalDementia Helplineon 1800 100 500.LIVING WITH MEMORYLOSS PROGRAMA FREE six week program forpeople living with dementia andtheir family member:Date: Monday 30 July to 3 September2012 (Six consecutive Mondays)Venue: GLENSIDETime: 10:30am – 12:30pmDate: Thursday 23 August to27 September 2012(Six consecutive Thursdays)Venue: OLD REYNELLATime: 10:30am – 12:30pmDate: Monday 8 October to12 November 2012(Six consecutive Mondays)Venue: SEMAPHORE PARKTime: 10:30am – 12:30pmLIVING WITH MEMORYLOSS WORKSHOPA FREE two hour workshop forpeople living with dementia andtheir family memberDate: Friday 10 August 2012Venue: MOUNT BARKERTime: 1:30pm – 3:30pmDate: Friday 5 October 2012Venue: VICTOR HARBORTime: 1:30pm – 3:30pmGIVE IT A GOA recreational and social activityfor people with dementia and theirfamily membersDate: Monday 23 JulyVenue: GLENSIDETime: 1:30pm – 3:30pmDate: Thursday 23 AugustVenue: SEMAPHORE PARKTime: 1:30pm – 3:30pmDate: Monday 27 AugustVenue: ABERFOYLE PARKTime: 1:30 – 3:00pmDate: Tuesday 28 AugustVenue: GLENSIDETime: 1:30pm – 3:30pmDate: Tuesday 23 OctoberVenue: GLENSIDETime: 1:30pm – 3:30pmDate: Thursday 22 NovemberVenue: HENLEY BEACHTime: 1:30pm – 3:30pmDate: Monday 26 NovemberVenue: GLENSIDETime: 1:30pm – 3:30pmDate: Monday 26 NovemberVenue: ABERFOYLE PARKTime: 1:30pm – 3:30pmFAMILY CARER PROGRAMDates: Monday 29 October to19 November 2012(Four consecutive Mondays)Venue: ABERFOYLE PARKTime: 10:00am – 12:30pmFAMILY CARERWORKSHOPDate: Monday 13 August 2012Venue: REGENCY PARKTime: 10:30 – 1:00pmDate: Monday 20 AugustVenue: HENLEY BEACHTime: 10:30am – 1:00pmAASA IS HERE TO SUPPORT PEOPLEWITH DEMENTIA, THEIR FAMILIES ANDCARERS. LET US COUNT THE WAYS!12345678910Support at time of diagnosis helps you and your family to make sense ofthe diagnosis and the next stepsPractical advice helps you minimise the impact of dementiaLiving with Memory Loss programs for people in early-stage dementia toincrease knowledge and confidence for managing memory lossIndividual and family consultations to help you with planning for the futureEducation programs for understanding and living well with dementiaUp-to-date information and resources about dementia and access tomembers’ lending library keeps you and your family informedConnections with other people living with dementia enable you to shareinformation and experiencesSocial and creative activities provide opportunities for meaningfulparticipationRecommendations and advice about dementia support services in yourarea ensure suitable careOur provision of information to GPs and other health care providers helpsthem improve their care and support for youTo find out more, contact AASA on the National Dementia Helpline:1800 100 500. An interpreter service is available.(The National Dementia Helpline is an Australian Government Initiative)SAVE THEDATE!MEMORYWALKSundayOctober 212012The Adelaide What is themedication forAlzheimer’s thatI’ve heard peopletalk about?A These medications, such as Aricept,can slow the progression of the dementiabut will not change the course of thedisease process and will not prolong life.Results are usually modest at best, somepeople show little or no improvement andit is good to have realistic expectationsof them.Q Should I tellsomeone that Dadhas dementia andis still driving?A In all States and Territories, exceptWA, drivers do have an obligation to tellthe licensing authority of any medicalcondition that may affect their drivingincluding diabetes, some heart conditionsand dementia. A diagnosis of dementiadoes not mean that a person isimmediately incapable of driving, but thelicensing authority will recommend thatyour Dad see a doctor or have a drivingtest to assess his abilities. There is aHelpsheet that has been developed toguide you and offer suggestions that mayhelp your Dad through this difficult time.They are available on the or to speak toone of our counsellors, contact theNational Helpline on 1800 100 500.CROSSWORD SOLUTIONPICKBRASSIERESSAAEUROUYAKSOCKSARCEDCETATQKSHEDGELEANINGSORLIRUPUPPIESNEWMOONALSHUDTRACKERGRAPPLEHYEETRRAILWAYSEVILSMCACTVSTASTERHOUSEADOMEGERRAOADDRESSEESACED16 WINTER NEWSLETTER JULY 2012 WINTER NEWSLETTER JULY 2012 17

COMMUNITYCOMMUNITYLEAVING A GIFT IN YOUR WILLAs our population ages we constantlyneed to extend our services to meet thegrowing demand.Leaving AASA a gift in your will cangive us the long term financial confidenceto maintain and extend our vital supportservices, continue to educate carers andhealth professionals and invest in researchto stop this deadly disease.HOW TO MAKE ABEQUESTSimply make a will or update your existingwill and include a bequest to AASA.A bequest could be a specified amount,a gift of a particular asset such as sharesor property, or a share of your estate.You should always seek the servicesof a solicitor or trustee company to prepareyour will to ensure that it is correctlydrafted and is practical in meetingyour wishes.MORE INFORMATIONTo find out more about how you can helpAASA by leaving a gift in your will, pleasecontact us. T: (08) 8372 2100IN LIEU OF GIFTSPlanning a celebration to mark a specialoccasion? A birthday, wedding oranniversary? Instead of gifts, encourageyour guests to make a donation to AASA.Donations in lieu of gifts are amemorable way to celebrate a specialoccasion and will make a practicaldifference to people and families livingwith dementia.We will recognise your generousgift with a receipt and appropriateacknowledgement and thanks.E: (08) 8372 2100IN MEMORIAM DONATIONBy making a donation in memory of aloved one you ensure their memory liveson by helping others. You can celebratetheir life by asking for a donation to AASAin lieu of flowers.In Memoriam envelopes can be madeavailable at the funeral, church, wake orservice where friends and family can makea donation to AASA.A receipt will be sent to the donor, andwith their permission, a letter will be sent tothe family to advise them of your kind gift.The amount of your gift will remainconfidential and gifts $2 and over aretax deductible.E: (08) 8372 2100Win thisfor just $ 10First prize: Furnished home at Pipers Crest, Strathalbyn, valued at $450,000 or $250,000 cash. Donated byDistinctive Homes, Lanser Communities, Taste Furniture and Supreme Kitchens. Second prize: $25,000 cash.Sponsored by MMadvertising & tav productions.Channel 9TelethonDistinctiveHome andLand LotteryTickets $ 10Book of 5 for $ 40Licence No. M12406. Photos for illustration purposes only.COMMUNITY FUNDRAISINGCOMMUNITYFUNDRAISERSThank you to all our supporters of ourcommunity fundraisers so far this year. Wehad some great events helping us raisemuch-needed funds and awareness forour cause.• Southern Cross Care – RebbeccaBratovich• Aveo Ackland Retirement Village• Seacliff KindaGym• The Good Guys Hectorville• Move Through Life – Jo McDonald• Million Kilo Challenge• Burnside PodiatryIf you are considering planning yourown community fundraiser pleasecontact Madeline on (08) 8372 2100 US YOUR STORYWOULD YOU LIKE TOSHARE YOUR STORY?Some of our members have helped uswith our fundraising and awareness-raisingefforts by sharing their story of dementia.Would you like to share your story also? Itcan make an enormous difference to ourfundraising and awareness-raising efforts.The stories can be funny, heartfelt,empowering, uplifting, inspirational, oremotional.If you would like to help our fundraisingand awareness-raising efforts by tellingyour story, please call Madeline on(08) 8372 2100.FUNDRAISINGSIGN-OFFIf you are not already on ouremail data base and would liketo be updated with all the newsand events from AASA pleaseemail and ask to be added toour email list or call Madelineon (08) 8372 2100.Alzheimer’s Australia SA IncOrder FormNameAddressPhonePlease send me 1 book $40 2 books $80 ……tickets @ $10 each4 books $160 ……books @ $40 eachI would like to make a donation of $ ………………..(thank you, an official receipt will be forwarded)Enclosed is my payment for $………………Marketing Department. 27 Conyngham Street, Glenside SA 5065CARDHOLDERS NAMECARDHOLDERS SIGNATURECHEQUE MONEY ORDER CREDIT CARDVISA MASTERCARD AMEXEXPIRY DATETHANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR WORK.IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE FURTHER INFORMATION LOTTERY INFORMATION FROM US PLEASE FROM US TICK PLEASE THIS BOX. TICK THIS BOX/Buy a bookfor $ 40receive a freeticket and achance to win$5,000 cashverificationcode18 WINTER NEWSLETTER JULY 2012 WINTER NEWSLETTER JULY 2012 19

COMMUNITYGO TO THE MOVIES MORE OFTENWITH TAKE 9!THANKS TO CHANNEL 9 TELETHON, WALLIS CINEMAS AND ROBERN MENZTHE 2012 TAKE 9 CARD IS NOW AVAILABLE.FOR ONLY $19 THE CARD OFFERS:• Two FREE movie tickets• 9 movies for only $9 each for you & a friend• A bag of Menz Fruchocs to share• Available all sessions at Wallis Cinemas• Valid until end of March 2013.Proceeds from the sale of each card will supportAlzheimer’s Australia SA. To purchase a card pleasecall the Marketing Department on (08) 8372 2100 oremail 2 3 4 5 6 7 89ACROSSDOWN10 111. Violent maniac6. Mother10. Coated (with mud)11. Pretended (4-5)12. Keyboard star key14. Jumbo16. Remembers18. Arrives at20. Suffer (injury)22. Signal with hands23. From Baghdad25. Anything that28. Pop band (4,5)29. Scientist, Sir ... Newton31. Soap bubbles32. Comprehended1. Choose2. Jabber3. Leafy fence4. Young dogs5. Game hunter7. Showy flower8. Letter recipients9. Train networks13. Shoes & ...15. Support garments17. Inclinations19. Provide shelter for21. Lunar phase (3,4)22. Wrestle24. Short-circuited26. Wicked aspects27. Delivered unreturnable serve30. Commotion12 13 141516 17 18 1920 21 2223 24 25 2628 29 3031 3227

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