The MIA and Motorsport Valley® - Motorsport Industry Association

The MIA and Motorsport Valley® - Motorsport Industry Association

High Performance Engineeringand MotorsportAerospaceElectronicsAutomotiveDefenceHighPerformanceEngineering &MotorsportMaterialsITMarineRapidPrototyping© MIA 2007

Motorsport to Defence…why?• Motorsport companies are...‘high-performance engineering solution providers’• Highly competitive and motivated , ‘world beating’ engineers• Understand the ‘ real value of ON TIME delivery’...go out of business if deliver late, no second chance!• Flexible - small batch - innovative - prototype specialists• very different from mass automotive manufacture© MIA 2007

Map of the UK motorsport cluster= Race Circuits= Formula 1 Teams= World Rally Teams= Major Race CarConstructors= Major ComponentManufacturers= Major Engine Builders© MIA 2007

What is Motorsport Valley?A business cluster, unique to the UK, which boasts– 30% of turnover reinvested in R&D– £6 billion turnover – 65% exports– Over 3,000 businesses, employing 40,000 peopleincluding 25,000 engineers"a mature economic business cluster which is number one in the world....the UK is global leader in the sport and business of motorsport."Professor Michael Porter - Harvard University, USA© MIA 2007

What is Motorsport Valley?• An innovative, globally successful business clusterthat ‘ just happens’ to be based in the UK• “Know-how and can-do” attitude• Best-value solutions; low volume; fast growing• Good rewards; re-invest profits; world classDominating the billion dollar world competition that is Formula One...75% are UK teams with UK engines and chassis© MIA 2007

The Bases and Sources of Major Components forGrand Prix World Championship Constructors in 2010Team Base Engine ChassisRenault F1 UK France UKMcLaren UK UK UKFerrari Italy Italy ItalyWilliams UK UK UKMercedes GP UK UK UKRed Bull Racing UK France UKVirgin F1 UK UK UKUS F1 USA/Europe UK USAScuderia Toro Rosso Italy France ItalyForce India UK UK UKCampos F1 Spain UK ItalyLotus F1 UK UK UK...correct at this moment in time - watch this space!© MIA 2007

© MIA 2007Motorsport to Defence Press Coverage

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