It Starts at - Atlanta Habitat for Humanity
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It Starts at - Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

The Campaign for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity | 3EducationStarts at HomeLinette Perkins, a single mom with four boys,made a difficult but determined journeyfrom homelessness to homeownership.In 2000, Linette and her sons were living off and on with family and friends,or in a weekly rental efficiency room, despite being gainfully employed. She struggledwith money management and knew that something had to change. In her limitedspare time, she began attending financial literacy classes and taking charge of her life.Referred to Atlanta Habitat by a counselor at United Way, Linette says “I was workingso hard… and I was on the path to a better life, but I needed a nudge—a hand-up,not a hand-out.”Linette’s remarkable can-do spirit was recognized by the Atlanta Habitat staff,and she was offered the opportunity to purchase Atlanta Habitat’s 1000thhouse in 2008. “At the seven-day home build, I shook hands with Rosalynn andJimmy Carter. I met Clark Howard. I worked with people of all faiths during theInterfaith Build. I was overwhelmed by the kindness of people I had never met whothanked me for letting them work on my house.”Linette is now earning an associate’s degree in information technology, and shecontinues to work hard for her family. “As my sons (now 14, 19, 21 and 23 years old)grow up and start their adult lives, they will always have this home base. I had oneaddress throughout my childhood, and finally I can give that sense of permanenceand stability to my children. We have put down roots, and I can finally breathe asigh of relief knowing I’m not going anywhere. I’m home.”Children of homeowners are 116 percentmore likely to graduate from college.(Social and Demographic Research Institute,Univ. of Mass. at Amherst)116%

4 | It Starts at HomeRealizing the Dreamof HomeownershipAtlanta Habitat for Humanityhad its humble beginningsin a church basement in1983, and we dedicated ourfirst home in 1984. Nowlook how far we’ve come…At Atlanta Habitat, we are committed totransforming our community—one home,one family at a time. Atlanta Habitat hashelped stabilize over 150 neighborhoods overthe past three decades. We have become oneof the country’s most productive Habitataffiliates and one of the largest builders ofaffordable single-family houses in Atlanta.After educating thousands of individuals andfamilies about the value of homeownership,we know the many long-term benefits itoffers. We have operated in leased facilitiesthroughout our entire history, and now—like so many Atlanta Habitat homebuyersbefore us—we are preparing to move into ahome of our own.We’re getting ready to start a new chapterat 824 Memorial Drive, and we’ve launchedan $11 million capital campaign to fund theacquisition and revitalization of this 5.3-acreproperty. Our new Family Support Centerand ReStore will serve the community inincreasingly important ways, and bysupporting our efforts, you will too.Please join us in making the dreamof a permanent home come truefor Atlanta Habitat for Humanity.(Left) Atlanta Habitat’s volunteer force of nearly15,000 helps homeowners save $35,000–$40,000on labor costs during house builds.1,200+Over 1200 homes have beenbuilt in Metro Atlanta to date.

The Campaign for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity | 5Atlanta Habitat’sfirst home, 1984.• Approximately 40–50 homes constructedeach year• Sustainable, energy-efficient homes• 14,000–15,000 volunteers annually• 106 homeowner education classesattended by 256 Atlanta Habitatfamilies in 2011• Almost $450,000 net yearly revenuefrom ReStore operations• An estimated 4,500 tons of recycled andreused materials diverted from landfillssince 2001• Four-star rating from Charity Navigatorfor sound fiscal management for fourconsecutive yearsAtlanta Habitat’s1000th home.

6 | It Starts at HomeDollars and SenseFinancial planning isthe key to successfor Atlanta Habitathomebuyers, and itis also critical to ourorganization’s future.In 2009, we began strategically planning forupcoming facilities needs. We were motivated bytwo very compelling factors: (1) the lease on ourcurrent facility at 519 Memorial Drive would expireat the end of 2014; (2) our growing programs requirea larger, more efficient space to meet the needs ofthousands of homebuyers, homeowners, volunteers,donors, sponsors and community partners, andas well as our staff and Atlanta area affiliates.Staying in the 519 Memorial Drive facility was ruledout because Atlanta Habitat’s favorable lease termswould not be renewed by the landlord after 2014.Purchasing this facility would not be prudent giventhe challenges of the site. Atlanta Habitat’s remainingoptions included leasing in another location orpurchasing a suitable property for a permanent home.

The Campaign for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity | 7After months of searching, an ideal parcel wasidentified only one-half mile from our currentfacility at the corner of Chester Avenue andMemorial Drive. The property became availableduring the economic downturn, and we were ableto obtain it for $3.3 million, a fraction of the$8 million paid by the previous owner. Recognizingthe need to seize this extraordinary opportunityto relocate to Reynoldstown, near the future pathof the Atlanta Beltline and the newly developedTrees Atlanta headquarters, we moved forward withthe purchase of 824 Memorial Drive and beganre-envisioning the site as the permanent home ofour new Family Support Center and ReStore.The property at 824 Memorial Drive features anexisting 68,500-sq. ft. building that was formerlythe headquarters of a transmission parts business.We are moving forward with plans to renovatethis building in an efficient, environmentallysustainable manner to serve as our new FamilySupport Center.

8 | It Starts at HomeCommunityStarts at HomeKristie Andrews is a firm believer in settinggoals and working hard to achieve them.She had long held a dream of owning her own home, and in 2007, she contactedAtlanta Habitat to determine if she might qualify for a Habitat home.Her financial situation was in disarray, but she was willing to do whatever wasnecessary to make her dream a reality. She went through the application process threetimes before she was finally approved on her fourth attempt in 2010.Kristie explains, “I wanted to let Atlanta Habitat know that I wasn’t giving up. I keptchipping away at my debt, improving my finances, and reapplying to Habitat becausebecoming a homeowner was extremely important to me. And not just for me—for mydaughter too.”The Polar Rock neighborhood where the Andrews family lives has been in astate of transition over the past few years, and Kristie’s Atlanta Habitat “sweatequity” hours have directly contributed to the community’s revitalization.“I’ve helped build four houses on my street—and five others in my immediate area.Believe me, there’s no better way to get to know your neighbors! It feels good to beamong like-minded individuals striving to better themselves, their families and ourwhole community.”Atlanta Habitat has built in 168 different neighborhoodsand is often the catalyst for revitalization in Atlanta’sonce-challenged in-town communities.168

The Campaign for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity | 9“There’s power in numbers. The morepeople you have working toward acommon goal, the more power you have.We’ve claimed this neighborhood as ourhome, and we’re going to lift it up.”Kristie Andrews

10 | It Starts at HomeA new home for Atlanta HabitatThe new facility and Family Support Center is essential to the fulfillment of ourmission to provide affordable homeownership opportunities and to empowersuccessful families. In addition to more efficient administrative space, the SupportCenter will include much-needed space for more comprehensive services.Construction and Warehouse Staff and VolunteersAtlanta Habitat employs a full-time construction staff todesign houses, obtain permits, manage each of the builds,coordinate subcontractors and oversee hundreds of on-siteand warehouse volunteers and all aspects of job safety. Atany given time, our construction staff and volunteers areworking on five to ten houses. Meanwhile our warehousestaff is busy ordering materials and equipment andmaintaining the warehouse facility. These functions willbe greatly enhanced at our new Support Center. At therear of the building, we will build a secured 3,600-sq. ft.loading dock capable of serving up to 13 trailers for theconstruction staff, a significant upgrade from the facilityat 519 Memorial Drive.Atlanta Habitathouse designsEducationDuring the year following home construction, familiesin the Atlanta Habitat program lease their homesand are required to complete an extensive educationprogram prior to purchasing and closing. AtlantaHabitat was the first Habitat for Humanity affiliate inthe United States to implement such a requirement,and our educational offerings have become a modelfor many other affiliates. In the new Support Center,we will be able to provide education classes tomore homeowners in expanded classrooms outfittedwith enhanced instructional resources andimproved technology.Financial ServicesAtlanta Habitat provides homeowners with 30-year,no-interest mortgage loans to finance their purchaseof a new home for between $95,000 and $120,000. Weserve as the lender to our homeowners, managing andservicing more than 960 mortgages to maintain directrelationships with homeowners and generate ongoingsupport for future homebuilding. Many homeownersmake their mortgage payments in person and canreceive face-to-face financial counsel and coaching, ifneeded. As a result of these support services, we have anextremely low 2.75% foreclosure rate.

Just imaginewhat’s in store…Homeowner SupportBecause of the unique role that Atlanta Habitat playsin the lives and success of homeowners, programparticipants view our staff as a key resource for anynumber of challenges they may encounter. Maintainingthe Support Center at a central, convenient and safelocation is critical to our ability to effectively serve ourhomeowners and help them address issues that inevitablyarise during the purchase and maintenance of their homes.Community PartnersAtlanta Habitat works with many community partnersincluding the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA), theAtlanta Housing Association of Neighborhood-BasedDevelopers (AHAND), and the Piece by Piece RegionalForeclosure Initiative coordinated by the AtlantaNeighborhood Development Partnership, Inc. (ANDP).Over the past several years, we have diligently builtstronger relationships with the seven other Habitataffiliates in our area as well as Habitat for HumanityInternational. We have taken a lead role in conveninglocal affiliates to share best practices and learn from oneanother. Easy access to our new facility and enhancedmeeting spaces inside the new Support Center will allowus to continue to build strategic partnerships, strengthencollaborations, serve as a community convener, andprovide a central gathering place for all of our constituents.Current and Future Donors and SponsorsAt Atlanta Habitat, we are proud to share our missionwith the public, and we enjoy inviting potential donorsand sponsors to our facility to see our classrooms,warehouse operations and ReStore. We believe that theoperational enhancements provided by the new SupportCenter will make our mission-driven work even moreapparent to visitors.Since 2001, Atlanta Habitathas been operating ourReStore, a discount retail storeselling donated new and gently usedhome improvement materials, homefurnishings, building supplies, officefurniture, and indoor plants to the publicat up to 75% off retail prices.In addition to helping the environmentby preventing reusable materialsfrom entering landfills, the ReStoreoffers Atlanta Habitat a very valuableunrestricted earned income stream.Our ReStore annual net income hasgrown from $1,200 in its first year ofoperation to almost $450,000, makingthe expansion of ReStore operationsan important part of our long-termoperational and financial plans.Atlanta Habitat’s current 14,000-sq. ft.ReStore is among the most successful inthe country—yielding one of the highestprofit margins per square foot of spaceof any major affiliate ReStore. As Habitatfor Humanity International looks toexpand the ReStore retail model, bothin metro Atlanta and nationally, our newReStore can serve as a showcase forbest practices.A larger free-standing ReStore will beconstructed on our new property alongChester Avenue, with signage visiblefrom Memorial Drive and dedicatedoff-street ReStore parking. Given ourexperience and increase in profitabilityover the last ten years, combined withHabitat International’s marketing expertise,we are confident that operating ourReStore in a larger and more efficientspace will further boost sales andprofitability, helping us secure AtlantaHabitat’s future and further our mission.

The Campaign for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity | 13LegacyStarts at HomeDoris and Bud Pittman worked hardall their lives and taught their childrenabout the value of a job well done.Paychecks coming in month after month. Mortgage payments made. Dailyroutines accomplished. Laundry folded and dinner simmering on the stove.Gardens tended and grass mowed. For twenty years, the Pittmans stayed focused onthese very things, and in 2011, they paid off their Atlanta Habitat home.Doris recalls the moment when their last mortgage payment was made, surroundedby friends and family at the Atlanta Habitat offices. It was an extraordinary milestone,a testament to the power of perseverance and faith.When the Pittmans moved into their house in Grant Park in 1991, three of their ninechildren were still living at home. Now they have thirteen grandchildren, including agrandson at Stanford University who calls with news of his classes and choir practice.Although her family is now spread coast to coast, Doris always welcomes her childrenand grandchildren home with open arms.Homeownership made remarkable things possible in the lives of Doris andBud Pittman, their children and their grandchildren, and they could not bemore appreciative. “We might not have ever owned a home if it hadn’t been forAtlanta Habitat. They made it affordable, and they helped us understand what it takesto buy and keep a home.”In April 2012, Bud Pittmanpassed away. He served as aninspirational role model for hisfamily, and his legacy lives on inhis children and grandchildren.59%Childrenof homeowners are 59 percent morelikely to own a home within 10 years of movingfrom parent’s household.(Social and Demographic Research Institute,Univ. of Mass. at Amherst)

14 | It Starts at HomeWe’re making a smartmove for Atlanta Habitat.At 824 Memorial Drive, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity will—for the first time in its 29-year history—have a place it cantruly call “home.”We are excited to lead this historic capital campaign to take what is currently a blighted warehouse andturn it into a premier affordable home-building and educational training facility, next to one of thenation’s best ReStores.Atlanta Habitat’s new home will provide significant benefits beyond the organization itself by helpingto revitalize the Reynoldstown community, just as every Habitat home has brought positive change inthe area where it was built. When a neighborhood thrives, property values increase, crime decreases,and surrounding communities begin to feel the effect. It’s transformational.It is a momentous time for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, and we hope you will join us in supportingthis growth opportunity for the organization. Together we can help more working families realize thedream of homeownership. Together we will build a brighter future.Melanie PlattCapital Campaign Co-ChairBrantley BarrowCapital Campaign Co-ChairIt Starts at$3,350,000$4,360,000Cost of property acquisitionRenovations to existing building and site improvements$1,570,000Construction of ReStoreThe Campaign forAtlanta Habitat for Humanity$730,000$990,000Moving costs, furnishings and contingencyDesign fees and other soft cost$11,000,000CAMPAIGN TOTAL

The Campaign for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity | 15So many wonderfulthings start at home…A feeling of security. A senseof belonging. Traditions. Values.Hopes and dreams.At Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, we providethe opportunity for low and moderate incomehard-working families to start a new life in ahome of their own. And they take it from there,building a future.Your support will provide stability for the future,an access point for education, a catalyst forneighborhood development, a focal point forcommunity revitalization, and a significantlygreater capacity to serve those in need.Now Atlanta Habitat has an unprecedentedopportunity to move into our own permanenthome, and you can help us achieve thismonumental goal.With your help, so many more new homeownerscan begin living out their dreams and strengtheningour community.

StartHere.Atlanta Habitat for Humanity,Resource Development Department519 Memorial Drive, SEAtlanta, GA 30312404-223-5180 Ext. 115

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