CFOA National Road Safety Awareness Day - Merseyside Fire and ...

CFOA National Road Safety Awareness Day - Merseyside Fire and ...

CFOA National Road Safety Awareness Day - Merseyside Fire and ...


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REPORT TO:Meeting of theMERSEYSIDE FIRE & RESCUE AUTHORITYCOMMUNITY SAFETY AND PROTECTIONCOMMITTEEAGENDA ITEM:DATE: 25 TH OCTOBER 2012REPORT NO.REPORTING OFFICER:CONTACT OFFICER:OFFICERS CONSULTED:SUBJECT:CFO/142/12DEPUTY CHIEF FIRE OFFICERAREA MANAGER MYLES PLATTSTATION MANAGER PREVENTION CRAIGWHITFIELD WATCH MANAGER JOHN COUSINSROAD SAFETY RTC REDUCTION COORDINATOR<strong>CFOA</strong> NATIONAL ROAD SAFETY AWARENESS DAYAPPENDIX A TITLE <strong>CFOA</strong> Form: <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Engagement –Tell us what you think? Evaluation form.Purpose of Report1. To inform Members of the success of the <strong>CFOA</strong> <strong>National</strong> <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> <strong>Awareness</strong><strong>Day</strong>.Recommendation2. That Members note the report.Introduction & Background3. On the 6 th July 2012 <strong>CFOA</strong> held their <strong>National</strong> <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> <strong>Awareness</strong> dayalongside UK <strong>Fire</strong> <strong>and</strong> Rescue Services with the goal of educating drivers aboutdriving within relevant speed limits <strong>and</strong> the importance of keeping a safe distancefrom the vehicle in front. To help reduce the number of serious or fatal road trafficcollisions in <strong>Merseyside</strong> <strong>and</strong> in turn support the <strong>CFOA</strong> national campaign MFRAconducted events across each of the 5 districts of <strong>Merseyside</strong>. The eventscompliment the community safety agenda detailed in the MFRA <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong>Strategy 2011-2014; ‘contributing to the reduction in the number of people killed orseriously injured on our roads’.4. In support of the <strong>National</strong> <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> <strong>Awareness</strong> <strong>Day</strong>, MFRA districts fullyengaged with a range of local partners through the road safety partnershipnetwork, for example, by working with the <strong>Merseyside</strong> <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> PlanningGroup (MERSPG) which coordinates <strong>and</strong> develops road safety strategies &initiatives across partner agencies; The <strong>Merseyside</strong> <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Officers Group(MERSOG) where officers from a range of organisations meet to discuss localissues, distribute work <strong>and</strong> share resources in line with set objectives; <strong>and</strong> at

district level the Community <strong>Safety</strong> Managers (CSM’s) work with Local Authority<strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Officers <strong>and</strong> <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Joint Action Groups.5. A key element of the campaign was to capture key information <strong>and</strong> feedback usingthe <strong>CFOA</strong> evaluation form. (See Appendix A). These forms were completed inhard copy <strong>and</strong> forwarded to Cheshire <strong>Fire</strong> & Rescue who are the <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong>Regional lead <strong>and</strong> contact for <strong>CFOA</strong>. <strong>CFOA</strong> use the feedback to underst<strong>and</strong> howeffective the day has been nationally; underst<strong>and</strong> whether different groups havedifferent driving habits <strong>and</strong> needs; how they can improve upon <strong>and</strong> plan for future<strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> days; <strong>and</strong> to ensure that road safety promotion is targeted to risk inthe community. Despite particularly poor weather on this day MFRA personnelcompleted in excess of 250 forms:The events conducted in <strong>Merseyside</strong> to support this national event were:6. Liverpool District; Liverpool City Central Bid offered MFRA a prime site to carry outextrication demonstrations at the top of Church Street. Vehicle extricationdemonstrations supported by an appliance from Station12 Kensington <strong>and</strong> Station19 Croxteth (SRT), took place between 10.00 until 15.00. Volunteer causalitieswere provided by Prince’s Trust Volunteers. Other partners in attendance wereNWAS HART Team <strong>and</strong> <strong>Merseyside</strong> Police. Community Prevention advocateswere responsible for capturing information for the evaluation forms.7. Liverpool District; At Asda’s Breck <strong>Road</strong> store the ‘demonstration crash car’ wasused to create a car crash scenario. Scattered around the inside of the vehiclewere indications as to how the collision occurred. Some talcum powder on thedash board together with a short straw (simulates cocaine use by the driver <strong>and</strong>passenger), some empty alcohol cans/bottles (drink driving), scattered CDs(distraction), pizza boxes (eating whilst driving) <strong>and</strong> a discarded mobile phone.Members of the public were invited to interpret what they saw <strong>and</strong> discuss theconsequences.The event took place between 11:00hrs <strong>and</strong> 15:00hrs. It was supported by<strong>Merseyside</strong> Police, Liverpool City Council <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Team <strong>and</strong> Station 12Kensington. <strong>Fire</strong> fighters from Kensington also engaged with the public bycompleting the <strong>CFOA</strong> evaluation form.8. Sefton District: The event took place in the car park of Tesco in Kew Southportbetween 11:00hrs <strong>and</strong> 15:00hrs. Crews from stations 32 Formby <strong>and</strong> 33 Southportdemonstrated stabilisation <strong>and</strong> extrication techniques to release two casualtiesfollowing a collision between a car <strong>and</strong> a motorcycle.<strong>Fire</strong> fighters <strong>and</strong> Community Prevention Staff engaged with the public as well aspupils invited from Bishop David Sheppard School.The engagement was captured on the <strong>CFOA</strong> evaluation form. The event wassupported by <strong>Merseyside</strong> Police <strong>and</strong> Sefton District <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Team.9. Knowsley District: The event took place in Kirkby town centre between 11:00hrs<strong>and</strong> 15:00hrs. Station 42 performed extrication demonstration, while road safetyadvice was given to members of the public by our Prevention <strong>and</strong> Protection stafffrom Knowsley.The event was supported by our partners from Knowsley <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Team <strong>and</strong><strong>Merseyside</strong> Police.

10. St Helens District: The event took place in Church Square St Helens between11:00hrs <strong>and</strong> 15:00hrs. Crews from Station 50 St Helens carried out an extricationdemonstration involving 2 live casualties <strong>and</strong> two vehicles. Members of the StHelens prevention <strong>and</strong> protection team engaged with the public by completing the<strong>CFOA</strong> evaluation forms.The event was supported by St Helens <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> team <strong>and</strong> <strong>Merseyside</strong>Police.11. Wirral District: Wirral ran two events in the form of community open days atstations 24 <strong>and</strong> 25 West Kirby <strong>and</strong> Wallasey. Due to operational commitments theevents on Wirral took place on the 8 th <strong>and</strong> 14 th of July 2012.Extrication techniques were carried out at both events. Live casualties from thePrinces Trust Teams were used in both extrications.The event was supported by Wirral <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Team from Wirral BoroughCouncil. The two events attracted in the region of 700 people; evaluation wascompleted via the <strong>CFOA</strong> feedback form.12. Education <strong>and</strong> engagement with communities delivered by prevention teams <strong>and</strong>operational staff in each District of <strong>Merseyside</strong> has contributed to LocalPerformance Indicator (LPI) 36 – The number of <strong>Road</strong> Traffic Collisions attendedwith persons trapped – The target set for 2012/13 is 505. The predicted outcomebased on current performance is 330. (LPI) 41 – Number of Injuries in <strong>Road</strong> TrafficCollisions – Last year there were 317 injuries, this year the predicted outcomebased on current performance is 160. (LPI) 42 – Fatalities at <strong>Road</strong> TrafficCollisions – This year’s predicted outcome is for 10 casualties which reflect the 3year average.Equality & Diversity Implications13. A full EIA has been completed for the MFRA <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Strategy 2011 – 2014.Monitoring forms were completed as part of the questionnaire.Staff Implications14. NoneLegal Implications15. NoneFinancial Implications & Value for Money16. The delivery of the <strong>National</strong> <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> <strong>Awareness</strong> <strong>Day</strong> 2012 <strong>and</strong> all road safetyawareness sessions are undertaken by MFRA staff. This resource providesadditional value to our road safety partners across <strong>Merseyside</strong>. No additionalstaffing costs were incurred as a result of MFRA’s involvement.Risk Management, Health & <strong>Safety</strong>, <strong>and</strong> Environmental Implications17. Risk assessments have been completed for each event <strong>and</strong> were available to allattendees.

Contribution to Our Mission – To Achieve; Safer Stronger Communities – SafeEffective <strong>Fire</strong> fighters”15. The <strong>National</strong> <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Awareness</strong> <strong>Day</strong> will contribute to making the roads of<strong>Merseyside</strong> safer through education <strong>and</strong> awareness <strong>and</strong> contributes toperformance <strong>and</strong> outcomes detailed in paragraph 12 relating to RTC, s MFRArespond to.BACKGROUND PAPERSMFRA <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Strategy 2011-14.http://intranetportal/sites/cs/YouthEngagement/<strong>Road</strong><strong>Safety</strong>/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx.*Glossary of TermsPlease list any acronyms used within this Report <strong>and</strong> appendices, including theirmeaning.RTC – <strong>Road</strong> Traffic Collision<strong>CFOA</strong> – Chief <strong>Fire</strong> Officers AssociationEIA – Equality Impact AssessmentSMG – Strategic Management GroupMFRA – <strong>Merseyside</strong> <strong>Fire</strong> & Rescue AuthorityMERSPG – <strong>Merseyside</strong> <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Planning GroupMERSOG – <strong>Merseyside</strong> <strong>Road</strong> <strong>Safety</strong> Officers GroupCSM – Community <strong>Safety</strong> ManagerNWAS HART – North West Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response TeamSRT – Search & Rescue TeamLPI - Local Performance Indicator.

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