The Contact Service Centre: Supporting outsourced customer ...

The Contact Service Centre: Supporting outsourced customer ...

Humble beginnings…..• From 1995 - seasonal campaigns only• From 1998/1999 - full time operations• Buildings 1 & 3, Campbelltown Campus• 8 workstations• 12 casual staff (student ambassadors)• Approximately 35,000 calls per year

Today• Building AF,Werrington NorthCampus• 25 workstations• 25-35 casual staff(UWS students)• 3 full time staff

Average Yearly Statistics• 93,000 calls• 38,000 emails• 17,000 web contacts• 11,000 outbound calls• 15,000 information packages• 89% of calls answered within 20 seconds• 280,000 minutes speaking with enquirers!

Core Business• Undergraduate and postgraduateprospective (domestic) student recruitment:– Provision of course information andadmissions / application advice– Phone, email, web, and mail communication– Representation at marketing / recruitmentevents (e.g. open day)

Initiatives & Projects• Customer Service Community of Practice• Postgraduate Client Relationship Strategy• Social media monitoring for UWS• Outbound phone campaigns



Web Forms


Quality Assurance Program• Internal Quality Monitoring:– 5 phone calls bi-monthly– 5 emails bi-monthly• External Quality Monitoring: (via CSBA)– 100 mystery shopping calls per quarter• Customer Satisfaction Survey: (via CSBA)– Annual survey of 50 ‘real’ CSC enquirers

CSBA Benchmarking ResultsReport PeriodNSW TertiarySectorAustralianTertiary SectorAustralia –All SectorsJan - Mar 2010 1 st / 6 2 nd / 19 6 th / 193April - June 2010 1 st / 6 2 nd / 19 6 th / 195July - Sept 2010 1 st / 6 1 st / 20 1 st / 179Oct - Dec 2010 1 st / 6 2 nd / 22 3 rd / 191Jan - Mar 2011 1 st / 6 1 st / 23 5 th / 209

Customer Satisfaction Results• Information pack met needs and wasreceived swiftly• Enquiries were adequately resolved innearly 100% of cases (‘first call resolution’)• Agent manner scored highly• Customers’ impression of UWS increasedafter interaction with CSC!

Intermission Entertainment• Customer Service can be fun!

Outsourced Services• Inbound customer service:– Calls & emails (through formal SLA)• Outbound customer services:– Calls (e.g. surveys, event follow-ups, etc)– Direct mail campaigns– Direct email campaigns– Event support

Our Clients / Stakeholders• 3 Service Level Agreements:– Capital Works and Facilities– Parking– UWS International• Close partnerships with:– RO: Admissions, and Enrolments (for Tut Reg)– Complaints Resolution Unit

Core v Non-Core WorkCSC Queue Call Distribution - 2011 YTDInternational7.5% Complaints Advice0.2% Tutorial Registration10.5%CWF4.8%Parking5.8%Course Information(Core Business)71.3%

CWF• Assist UWS staff and entities with facilities/ maintenance enquiries and requests via:– 9852 5800–• CSC staff enter data directly into the CWF‘Archibus’ system• Average annual statistics:– 5,000 calls– 6,000 emails– 9,000 maintenance requests logged

Parking• Assist staff, students and members of thepublic with parking enquiries and requestsvia:– 1800 622 362–• Average annual statistics:– 2,000 calls– 1,200 emails

UWS International• Assist prospective international studentswith course information and admissionenquiries via:– 9852 5499–• CSC staff capture enquirer data in theMarketing database reporting• Average annual statistics:– 8,000 calls– 8,500 emails

Tutorial Registration• Assist new and current UWS students withenquiries regarding the tutorial registrationprocess– Tutorial Registration Line: 9852 5471• During TR period only (February and July)• Central hub of communication betweenRegistrar’s Office, Schools, and students

Reporting• Calls / emails answered• Call / email wait times• Calls abandoned• Talk time / processing time• Service levels• Enquiry types (‘wrap ups’)• Cost breakdown

Other Services / Resources...• Pool of 25-35 casual staff (current students)• 9 workstation call centre training facility• Statistics on course enquiries / demand,enquirer demographics, etc• Priority response / crisis managementhotlines (e.g. Swine Flu, campusemergencies, etc)

How can you support us?• Provision of information / updates on:– New courses / course changes– Events and activities– Changes to contact details• Provision of feedback on our services• Provision of training, briefings and otherhelpful resources for managing enquiries


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