CRC´s refineries

CRC´s refineries

CRC´s refineriesCRC‘s solutions• Historically, refineries constructed not to compete,but to cooperate!KRALUPY SITENew refineryNRK 197480 km distanceDiversify capacitiesProject replicatedLITVINOV SITEOld refinerysince 1942New refineryNRL 1984IsomerizationTechnology replicatedIsomerizationNew RFCC2001Technology should be replicatedNew HC1988PIPELINE 20055


CRC‘s solutionsINVESTMENTSConsider for both refineries Decision Result for both refineriesFeeds available /transferPlace availableFit to refinery specializationUtilities availableLogistic availableFit to micro environmentSimulationLocationLicenseCapacityAuxiliariesCrude dietComponents transferProduct portfoliomodificationKRALUPY SITENew RFCC2001Mogas shareVacuum distillateHydrowaxFCC gasolineLCOReformateMTBELITVINOV SITENHCRevamp 2007Mogas share7

CRC‘s solutionsPLANNING• All plans prepared for entire CRC, not individualrefineries or production complexes• One „multi-site“ LP model for both refineriesdeveloped Very complex – high number of units and streamsCharacteristicNumber of rows 2712Number of columns 2951Non zero cells (%) 0.68Number of recursion coefficients 877 Allocation of crude oils, capacity utilization, transfer ofsemi-products, dispatch of products, and GRM optimized8

CRC‘s solutionsPRODUCTION• Each refinery specialized as concerns product shareand portfolio• Now will be strengthened starting HMR studyKRALUPY SITE• RFCC type• Processing sweet crude oilsdelivered via TAL /IKL• 70 - 80% of CRC Mogasproduction• Specialized in JET, propylene,MTBE production• Units contributing to synergy:FCC, MTBELITVINOV SITE• Hydrocraking type• Processing of REB via Druzhba• 65 -70% of CRC dieselproduction• Specialized in bitumen andproduction of feed for SC• Units contributing to synergy:CCR, Hydrocracking, Ke HT,GO HT9

CRC‘s solutionsLOGISTICTransfers of components significant contributors tosynergy, despite only 4 - 6% of processed volumeKRALUPY SITEPIPELINECCR ReformateHT KeroDieselRAILRAILVacuum distillatesHydrowaxLITVINOV SITEC 4 hydrocarbonsVirgin naphthaFCC gasolineMTBELCO(Slurry oil)10

CRC‘s solutions• Central for both refineries• Management, strategy, planning, technicalservices, investments, procurement, IT, HSEQ,and HR the most important ones• RIIS, SAP, CRC´s Intranet, EDMS, and Lotus Notesare the main integrating tools• Significant costs savingsMANAGEMENTSERVICES• Focus on the best experts due to reduction ofpersons in technical disciplines11

CRC‘s solutions• Four shareholders (S/H)SHAREDOWNERSHIP16 1 / 3%51%• Main utilities and site services supply• CRC exploits experience and knowledge of allS/H, f.e.: Direct contacts and proven technological solutions fromS/H´s refineries ConocoPhillips economical expertise ENI research and laboratory capacities Shell standards, performance indexes, risk methodology,technical solutions12

CRC‘s solutionsConclusions:• Synergies existing between CRC´s refineries havehistorical roots• Involvement of Oil Majors in CRC brought new level ofsynergies• Exploitation of all possible synergies representsimportant method for CRC how to improvecompetitiveness and increase value of the company forS/H• Synergies can be further developed - ongoing HMRstudy represents important activity how to achieve this• Considering current ownership and CRC´s experienceother S/H´s refineries can be involved looking forfuture synergies13

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