Download PDF-file - BIOGAS Jahrestagung und Fachmesse

Download PDF-file - BIOGAS Jahrestagung und Fachmesse

Download PDF-file - BIOGAS Jahrestagung und Fachmesse


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Invitationto our SPECIAL China Symposium “Framework for Sino-German Collaboration onBiogas Economy and Technology”Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,Biogas is an important part of environmental and energy programs in China and Germany.Biogas companies, national authorities, and scientists in both countries are aware that a suitabletechnical, economic, and political framework is the essential basis for strong and valuable furtherdevelopment.In the past many efforts were done to promote the collaboration of German and Chinesepartners and progresses were done with great success. Yet there is still a quite large economicpotential for an extension of the biogas market.Expert workshops led by the CATE-B network (China Applied Technologies for Environment –Biomass) in Hangzhou 2010, Chengdu 2011, and in Luebeck 2012 helped to identify obstaclesand to develop solutions for an improvement of the biogas technology and the biogas market.The scientific exchange of academics in the field of biogas for rural areas was f<strong>und</strong>ed by theRobert Bosch Fo<strong>und</strong>ation within its program “Sustainable Partners – Partners for Sustainability”.The collaboration respectively the network with many partners in China and Germany in thiscontext addressed and developed different technical solutions and economic approaches.Now the results of these activities shall be presented and discussed - with the objective tointensify the Sino-German biogas collaboration enriched by the analysis of useful strategies foran acceleration of economic developments.The event is embedded into the Annual Conference and Trade Fair of the German BiogasAssociation supported by the German Biomass Research Center (DBFZ); and TerraTec(http://www.leipziger-messe.de/LeMMon/terratec_web_eng.nsf/) as leading environment tradefairs in Germany takes place in Leipzig at the same time.Hereby it is our pleasure to invite you for theSpecial China Symposium“Framework for Sino-German Collaboration on Biogas Economy andTechnology”Organized by CATE-B, Fachverband Biogas e.V. and Centre of Excellence ofBiomass Schleswig-Holsteinat the Biogas Convention and Trade Fair in LeipzigDate: 31st of January 20139:00 – 17:30 hLocation: Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) at the Leipzig Trade Fair Leipzig /Leipzig. For travel information please check: http://www.ccl-leipzig.deConference Languages:German, Chinese (presentation and workshop groups with synchronous translation)

In the appendix you will find- the schedule of the Symposium (A1)- the registration form for the Symposium (A2) (also on:http://www.biogastagung.org/en/visitor/_ticketshop/annual-conference/)- the reservation form for the hotel (German (A3), English (A4)).Additional remark: By filling in the registration form A2 please choose the SPECIAL China.There are offered two choices for the participants of the SPECIAL China. Either the booking oftwo days – including the evening event and activities on January 30 – or the booking of just theSPECIAL China on January 31. Both includes lunch on January 31. For further informationplease check the registration form.Note: The interactive workshop part (after lunch) is limited to 80 participants.Interested participants can register on site in list of participants for the workshoppart.We are very much looking forward to welcome you in Leipzig.Best regards,Sebastian Stolpp Michael Bischoff Wolfgang Bonn(German Biogas Association e.V) (CATE-B, Luebeck University of Applied Sciences) (Centre of Excellence of Biomass Schleswig-Holstein)

Special China Symposium“Framework for Sino-German Collaboration on Biogas Economy andTechnology”Organized by CATE-B, Fachverband Biogas e.V. and Kompetenzzentrum BiomassenutzungSchleswig-Holstein at the Biogas Convention and Trade Fair in LeipzigSpecial China Symposium“Rahmenbedingungen für die Chinesisch-Deutsche Zusammenarbeit zu Biogas-Wirtschaft <strong>und</strong> Technologie“Organisiert von CATE-B, Fachverband Biogas e.V. <strong>und</strong> Kompetenzzentrum BiomassenutzungSchleswig-Holstein auf der Biogas <strong>Jahrestagung</strong> <strong>und</strong> <strong>Fachmesse</strong> in LeipzigDate/Datum: 31 st of January 2013 /31.01.2013Location/Ort:Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) at the Leipzig Trade Fair Leipzig / Congress Center Leipzig(CCL) auf der Leipziger Messe, Leipzig.9:00 Welcome and Greetings by German and Chinese officials / Begrüßung <strong>und</strong> Grußwortedurch Claudius da Costa Gomez, Geschäftsführer Fachverband Biogas, N.N.9:30 Sino-German Collaboration for Biogas - Experiences, Problems and Potentials / ReportingResults of the Network “CATE-B” f<strong>und</strong>ed by the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung, Michael Bischoff,Luebeck University of Applied Sciences / Sino-deutsche Zusammenarbeit Biogas -Erfahrungen, Probleme <strong>und</strong> Potenziale / Bericht über Ergebnisse des CATE-B-Netzwerk-Projekts gefördert durch die Robert-Bosch-Stiftung, Michael Bischoff, FachhochschuleLübeck9:50 Questionnaires and data collection about f<strong>und</strong>amental questions related to the biogasproduction in China at farms (small and medium scale plants), Kuichuan Sheng, RolfKloss, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou / Befragungen <strong>und</strong> Datensammlung zugr<strong>und</strong>legenden Fragen der Biogaserzeugung in der Landwirtschaft Chinas (kleine <strong>und</strong>mittlere Anlagen), Kuichuan Sheng, Rolf Kloss, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou10:10 Test Systems, Pilot Plants and Substrates in Biogas Processing, Kerstin Kuchta, Olaf Bade,TU Hamburg-Harburg / Testsysteme, Pilotanlagen <strong>und</strong> Substrate bei derBiogasproduktion, Kerstin Kuchta, Olaf Bade, TU Hamburg-Harburg10:30 The membrane biological reactor for waste gas purification and implication forapplication in biogas technology, Guangli Xiu, East China University of Science andTechnology, Shanghai / Ein membrane-biologischer Reaktor zur Abgasreinigung <strong>und</strong> alsImplikation für den Einsatz in der Biogas-Technologie, Guangli Xiu, East China Universityof Science and Technology, Shanghai1

10:40 Experimental study on the removal of CO2 from biogas by absorption with amine,Chunmian Lin, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou / Experimentelle Studie überdie Beseitigung von CO2 aus Biogas durch Absorption mit Aminen, Chunmian Lin,Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou10:50 - 11:15 Coffee Break / Kaffeepause11:15 Economic Treatment of Process Gases Utilizing Selective Adsorbents, Bernd Niemeyer,Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Tim Täffner, Ying Dong, Jose Fernandez /Wirtschaftliche Behandlung von Prozessgasen mit Hilfe von selektiven Adsorbern, BerndNiemeyer, Tim Täffner, Ying Dong, Jose F. Fernández, Helmut Schmidt UniversityHamburg11:35 Alternative Substrates for Biogas Production and State of Biogas Upgrading in China,Bernhard Raninger, GIZ, Hong Jun Zhou, China University of Petroleum Beijing /Alternative Substrate zur Biogasproduktion <strong>und</strong> Biogas-Upgrading in China, BernhardRaninger, GIZ, Hong Jun Zhou, China University of Petroleum Beijing11:55 Chances of Sino-German Biogas Initiatives for Mutual Development of Research Activitiesand Technologies, Michael Nelles, Jan Liebetrau, Jens Giersdorf, German BiomassResearch Center (DBFZ), Leipzig / Potenziale chinesisch-deutscher Biogas-Initiativen zurgemeinsamen Entwicklung von Forschungsaktivitäten <strong>und</strong> Technologien, Michael Nelles,Jan Liebetrau, Jens Giersdorf, German Biomass Research Center (DBFZ), Leipzig12:15 Introduction to the Workshop, Michael Bischoff / Einführung in den anschließendeninteraktiven Workshopteil12:30 Lunch Break / Mittagspause13:30 Start with Interactive Workshops / Beginn des interaktiven WorkshopsTopics (depending on Interest):Obstacles and Strategies to the Chinese Biogas Market / Hemmnisse <strong>und</strong> Strategienfür den chinesischen BiogasmarktPolitical Framework for Successful Sino-German Biogas Development / PolitischeRahmenbedingungen für erfolgreiche chinesische-deutsche BiogasentwicklungenBiogas - Further Treatment and Energy-Efficient Applications / Biogas - Aufbereitung<strong>und</strong> energieeffiziente Anwendungen15:00 - 15:30 Coffee Break / Kaffeepause16:30 Presentation of Results and Summary / Vorstellung der Ergebnisse <strong>und</strong>Zusammenfassung17:30 Finish / Voraussichtliches Ende2

REGISTRATION FAXOnline registration:www.biogastagung.org/ticketshopRegistration by fax: +49 (0)911 86 06-12 83 6822. Annual Meeting of the German Biogas Association with<strong>BIOGAS</strong> Exhibition, 7 workshops discuss practical topics ofbiogas use and Excursion on February, 1, 2013Closing date for registrations: January, 10, 2013(An administration charge is made for later registrations)Registration address (please print)Invoice addressRegistration address = invoice addressAddress/title First name SurnameAddress/title First name SurnameFirm/institutionFirm/institutionStreetZIP/city or townStreetZIP/city or townPhone/faxe-maillPhone/faxe-mailI will take part in the plenary program of the 22 nd <strong>BIOGAS</strong>Annual Conference on30.01. 31.01.I’m planning to visit the following panels:P1 Biogas: Ready for the future (30.01.)P3 Anaerobic digestion of biogenic residues (30.01.)SPECIAL China-Symposium (31.01.)I will take part in the evening event at 7:00 PM on January 30, 2013I will take part in the international excursion on Friday, February,1st (Departure at 8.00 am at the Congress Center Leipzig).Special fee: 100 EURPlease send information material for membership in theGerman Biogas AssociationI would not like my name to be entered in the list of attendants which isissued at the Meeting. (The list of attendants contains the following data:Firm name, attendant‘s name, company address)Costs:30.01./31.01.: 120 EUR31.01.: 65 EUR01.02. / Excursion: 100 EURThe fee includes the proceedings volume and drinks during the coffee breaks.The registration for 30/01/2013 includes the lunch and the evening event, forthe 31/01/2013 includes the lunch.I payagainst invoice (possible only until 30/11/12)by credit cardCard holder‘s nameCard numberVerification numbernot valid afterMastercard VISA American ExpressPlace, date, company stamp and official signaturePlease register early. The participation fee is 15 % higher for registrations after theofficial closing date 1/10/13 to account for extra administrational effort.

Hotel Reservation FormFAX: 0511-89881311 | TELEFON: 0511-898813029.01. 31.01.2013 22 nd Annual Conference German Biogas Associationfairgro<strong>und</strong> Leipzigwith <strong>BIOGAS</strong> Trade FairSINO-GERMAN <strong>BIOGAS</strong> SYMPOSIUMRESERVATIONGuest name(s):no. single rooms no. double roomsarrival: after 6.00 h p.m. arrival smoking roomdeparture:special wishes:Please choose the hotel number and indicate your travel dates. The booking confirmation represents a valid and binding obligation on your part.1. choice HOTEL no. 2. choice HOTEL no.no. Hotel Sgl DblD istance tofairgro <strong>und</strong> B remen1 nH Hotel Leipzig Messe ****28.1.2013: 28.1.2013: 1,6 km2 Achat Comfort Hotel Messe-Leipzig *** 3,6 km3 Vivaldi Hotel Leipzig *** 4,5 km4 Schlosshotel Breitenfeld **** 6,4 km5 Precise Accento Hotel Leipzig **** 6,6 km6 Galerie Hotel Leipziger Hof **** 6,6 km7 Seaside Parkhotel **** 7,7 km8 Ramada Hotel Leipzig City Centre **** 7,7 km9 Victor`s Residenz-Hotel Leipzig **** 7,9 km10 Radisson BLU Hotel Leipzig **** 8,0 km11 Mercure Hotel Leipzig Am Johannisplatz **** 8,3 km12 Hotel Berlin, Leipzig *** 9,7 km13 The Westin Leipzig **** 12,3 km14 Ramada Hotel Leipzig **** 12,5 km15 Ramada Hotel Leipzig-Halle **** 32,6 kmClosing date for the submission of hotel accommodation orders is the 03 rd January 2013. Applications received after this date will be handled on a request basisand bookings will be made subject to contingent availability. The room rates mentioned below are per night and include breakfast buffet and all local taxes. If thehotel required is fully booked we will book the best alternative. It is possible to book the hotel accommodation direct through our reservation system. Please find allimportant information <strong>und</strong>er: www.biogastagung.org.Changes and cancellations to bookings must be advised through our office direct. Overnight stay costs are payable direct to the hotel. Please be aware that the contractconditions of the hotels themselves apply, in particular but not limited to payment conditions in the event of a subsequent cancellation.The booking of hotel rooms will be effected by CongressCheck GmbH. CongressCheck is neither a tour operator within the meaning of §§ 651 a ff BGB nor is CongressCheck aparty to the accommodation contract. The booking will constitute a contract between you and the hotel providing the accommodation. CongressCheck only accepts liabilityfor its intervention in effecting the booking. This liability is limited to cases of gross negligence.InstitutionContact personAddressZip code/ TownPhoneFaxEmailDateSignatureBultstr. 7-9 | 30159 Hannoverfon:(++49)-(0)511-8988130 | fax:(++49)-(0)511- 89881311email: info@congresscheck.de |web: www.congresscheck.de

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