UWS Australian Research Council Grants for 2013 - University of ...


UWS Australian Research Council Grants for 2013 - University of ...

UWS Australian Research CouncilGrants for 2013

UWS Australian Research Council Grants for 2013 • 2UWS Australian ResearchCouncil Grants for 2013UWS has been successful in receiving morethan $5.8 million in Australian ResearchCouncil (ARC) Grants for 2013.UWS researchers have been awarded18 Discovery Project grants totalling$5,839,238, two Discovery Indigenousgrants valued at $1,015,000, and aDiscovery Early Career Researcher Award(DECRA) of $375,000. In addition, the ARChas supported the University’s LinkageInfrastructure, Equipment and Facilitiesproposal with $400,000.A number of UWS researchers are alsocollaborating on ARC Discovery projects withresearch partners in other institutions.Congratulations to the following UWSresearchers who have been awardedARC grants for 2013. Recipients are listedalphabetically by their University ResearchInstitute, University Research Centre,University Research Group or School.

UWS Australian Research Council Grants for 2013 • 3Discovery ProjectsINSTITUTE FOR CULTUREAND SOCIETY (2)Primary FoR 2002 CULTURAL STUDIESDP130103720 Neilson, Prof Brett M; Rossiter, Prof Ned;Huws, Prof Ursula; Walters, Prof William; Samaddar, ProfRanabir; Mezzadra, A/Prof Sandro; Kambouri, Dr Eleni; Cuevas,Dr HernanLogistics as global governance: labour, software andinfrastructure along the new Silk RoadTotal $390,000.00Project SummaryAustralia’s regional and economic position is changing with thegrowth of China-centred networks of trade and production. Thisproject will increase public knowledge about how these changesaffect our cultural and working lives. Digital strategies will informcitizens about the pressures and opportunities occasioned byexpanding Asian trade power.Primary FoR 2002 CULTURAL STUDIESDP130104502Rowe, Prof David CA nation of ‘Good Sports’? Cultural citizenship and sport incontemporary AustraliaTotal $200,000.00Project SummaryAustralia is widely regarded as both characterised and unitedby sport, but the established sport-nation nexus is undergoingsignificant change. This project addresses current uses andmeanings of sport, media and spectatorship in advancingknowledge and policy relating to sport’s dynamic relationship tonational identity and cultural citizenship.HAWKESBURY INSTITUTEFOR THE ENVIRONMENT (3)Primary FoR 0501 ECOLOGICAL APPLICATIONSDP130102576 Ellsworth, Prof David S; Boer, Dr Matthias M;Resco de Dios, Dr Victor; Bradstock, Prof Ross AWhen fire and water mix: do carbon dioxide-related watersavings drive woody plant thickening and fire dynamics in agrassy woodland?Total $405,000.00Australia’s woodland landscapes have experienced widespreadshrub expansion in the last century due to changes in fire,grazing and atmospheric carbon dioxide. This project willendeavor to fill critical gaps in the nexus between carbondioxide-induced effects on vegetation and fire disturbance tohelp explain this phenomenon and help manage Australianwoodlands into the future.Primary FoR 0605 MICROBIOLOGYDP130102501 Powell, Dr Jeff R; Cairney, Prof John W;Anderson, Prof Ian C; Rillig, Prof Dr MatthiasSwitching partners: a driving force for tree productivity in achanging environment?Total $325,000.00Project SummaryEucalypts take part in a mutually beneficial association withdiverse communities of mycorrhizal fungi to satisfy nutrientdemands. The fungi that eucalypts interact with change as theygrow but the reasons for this shift are not known. To improveforestry management strategies, the project will determine whyand how this shift occurs.Primary FoR 0605 MICROBIOLOGYDP130104841Singh, A/Prof Brajesh K; Reich, Prof PeterCan ecological theory help to unravel microbial regulation of soilfunctions?

UWS Australian Research Council Grants for 2013 • 4Discovery ProjectsTotal $310,000.00Project SummaryMuch attention has been paid to relationships betweenecosystem health and biodiversity in above-groundcommunities, yet little notice is taken of the vast below-groundsoil microbial communities. This project will reveal if soil microbialdiversity is similarly important for ecosystem function in the faceof future environmental challenges.THE MARCS INSTITUTE (3)Primary FoR 2004 LINGUISTICSDP130104237Best, Prof Catherine T; Kitamura, Dr Christine MChildren’s generalisation and adaptation to unfamiliar regionalaccents reveal the path of early word learningTotal $390,000.00Project SummaryThis project will use accent variation to probe how normalchildren, and those with language difficulties (dyslexia andautism), handle the complementary skills of word distinctivenessand word constancy. It will provide important new insights fortheories of language development, as well as for early diagnosisand intervention for children with language delays.Primary FoR 2004 LINGUISTICSDP130102181 Escudero, Dr Paola; ten Cate, Prof Dr Carel J;Aslin, Prof Richard; Schiller, Prof Niels O; Boersma, Prof Dr PaulUnderstanding different speakers vs. different accents: applesand apples or apples and pears?Total $460,000.00Project SummaryThis project will examine how human infants, human adultsand songbirds learn the variability in the speech signal and willshow whether the underlying skills are uniquely human andspecific to certain languages. Converging data using innovativetechnologies will reveal the details of speech comprehension, animportant component of human cognition.Primary FoR 1701 PSYCHOLOGYDP130104447 Kim, A/Prof Jeesun; Davis, Prof ChristopherW; Cooke, Prof MartinUnderstanding speech in noise: linking perception andcomputationTotal $438,000.00Project SummaryThis interdisciplinary project aims to better understand speechrecognition in noise. This will be done through collaborationbetween human and machine speech recognition, usinga computational model and behavioural experiments. Theoutcomes of this project will advance speech recognitiontheories and through a better intelligibility model providenumerous practical applications.CENTRE FOR HEALTH RESEARCHPrimary FoR 1117 PUBLIC HEALTH AND HEALTHSERVICESDP130100723A/Prof JanetteGilbert, Dr Emilee; Ussher, Prof Jane M; Perz,Young women’s experiences of cigarette smoking: a qualitativeexamination of the intersection of gender, class, cultural andsexual identityTotal $171,663.00Project SummaryThe effects of smoking unique to women, the slow decline inwomen’s smoking rates and the lack of anti-smoking strategiesthat are sensitive to gender, social class, cultural, and sexualidentity means that this project addresses a significant issuefor young women smokers, the Australian government and thehealth and wellbeing of Australians.

UWS Australian Research Council Grants for 2013 • 5Discovery ProjectsCENTRE FOR POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGYAND EDUCATIONPrimary FoR 1701 PSYCHOLOGYDP130102713 Marsh, Prof Herbert W; Morin, A/ProfAlexandre J; Parker, Dr Philip DMaking Australia internationally competitive: driving educationalattainment by academic motivation, self-concept, engagementand aspirationsTotal $343,458.00Project SummaryThis project will extend and test predictions from motivation theoryabout educational choice and attainment, using multiple largenational/international databases and new statistical models. This willresult in better strategies to meet government targets of increasingtertiary enrolments, particularly for disadvantaged students.URBAN RESEARCH CENTREPrimary FoR 1604 HUMAN GEOGRAPHYDP130104319 O’Neill, Prof Phillip M; Allen, Prof John R;Pryke, Dr Michael DTracing modes of infrastructure financing and their effects oncitiesTotal $183,096.00Project SummaryUrban infrastructure is seen to be in crisis. In response, cashstrappedgovernments defer increasingly to private financiersand operators. This project assesses the changes required ofinfrastructure to meet the expectations of private finance. It willalso assess how infrastructure items are being transformed asmodes of finance move from one city to another.INDUSTRY AND INNOVATION STUDIESRESEARCH GROUPPrimary FoR 1503 BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENTDP130101114 Lau, Dr Henry C; Nakandala, Dr Dilupa;Axsater, Prof Sven BA complete Stochastic Trans-shipment Decision Model (STDM)to assist logistics practitioners to make cost optimised decisionsTotal $160,000.00Project SummaryThis project aims to implement a decision-makng modelbased on a new mathematical theory in dealing with supplyand demand problems for businesses. The purpose is tominimise the expected logistics costs for goods trans- shipmentoperations along the supply chain, thereby maximising profitsand enhancing the competitiveness of Australian companies.SCHOOL OF COMPUTING,ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICSPrimary FoR 0101 PURE MATHEMATICSDP130100248VolkerFrancis, A/Prof Andrew R; Gebhardt, DrAlgebraic algorithms for investigating the space of bacterialgenomesTotal $330,000.00Project SummaryUnderstanding evolutionary processes and the way organismsare related is a fundamental objective of the biologicalsciences. This project brings the power of group theory andcomputation to bear on these problems, developing new waysof understanding them and new tools to address them.

UWS Australian Research Council Grants for 2013 • 6Discovery ProjectsSCHOOL OF HUMANITIES ANDCOMMUNICATION ARTSPrimary FoR 2004 LINGUISTICSDP130103935Mailhammer, Dr Robert SThe Indigenous grammar of Aboriginal English: implications forcontact linguisticsTotal $280,000.00Project SummaryThis project will investigate how Australian Indigenous languageshave shaped Aboriginal English, a major variety of AustralianEnglish. The project will significantly advance the knowledgebase of linguistics and make a key contribution to improving thesocial opportunities of Indigenous Australians.SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES ANDPSYCHOLOGY (3)Primary FoR 1701 PSYCHOLOGYDP130101420 Bailey, Dr Phoebe; Rendell, Prof Peter G;Ruffman, Prof Ted; Slessor, Dr GillianAgeing, trust, and financial exploitation: social, emotional andcognitive mechanismsTotal $420,000.00Project SummaryThis project aims to understand how age-related differences inthe processing of social and emotional information contribute tothe exploitation of older adults’ trust. This research will examinedeception detection during financial negotiations and providenew strategies for ensuring the financial independence and wellbeingof older Australians.Primary FoR 1604 HUMAN GEOGRAPHYDP130102658 Gorman-Murray, Dr Andrew W; Dominey-Howes, A/Prof Dale TQueering disasters in the Antipodes: investigating theexperiences of LGBTI people in natural disastersTotal $325,183.00Project SummaryThe purpose of this project is to investigate experiencesof LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex) people inAntipodean natural disasters, because they are especiallyvulnerable. No such work has been done in this field before. Theoutcomes of this project will include improved understanding ofthe needs of LGBTI people and improved disaster response.Primary FoR 1701 PSYCHOLOGYDP130104468 Pinkus, Dr Rebecca T; Williams, Dr Lisa A;Fitness, Prof Julie T; Ciarrochi, Prof Joseph; Murray, Prof Sandra LEmotional responses to comparisons in romantic relationships:implications for relationship wellbeingTotal $223,838.00Project SummaryThis project will identify the nature of the emotions that stemfrom comparisons between romantic partners. It will revealhow these emotions in turn impact relationship dynamics andultimately, relationship wellbeing. This research will provideimportant insights into the underlying processes that makesome relationships thrive and others fail.SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND HEALTHPrimary FoR 1302 CURRICULUM AND PEDAGOGYDP130104659 Lonsdale, Dr Chris; Lubans, A/Prof David R;Kolt, Prof Gregory; Peralta, Dr Louisa R; Maeder, Prof AnthonyJ; Gore, Prof Jennifer M; Cerin, A/Prof Ester; Ntoumanis, A/ProfNikolaosA cluster randomised controlled trial of a school-based physicalactivity intervention in at-risk communitiesTotal $484,000.00Project SummaryThis project will test the effect of a professional developmentprogram targeting physical education teachers, designed toincrease students’ opportunities to do physical activity duringphysical education lessons. It will focus on how to enhancetheir motivation to not only be physically active during physicaleducation lessons, but also outside school hours.

UWS Australian Research Council Grants for 2013 • 7Discovery, IndigenousDiscovery Early CareerResearcher AwardCENTRE FOR POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGYAND EDUCATIONPrimary FoR 1701 PSYCHOLOGYIN130100051 Bodkin-Andrews, Dr Gawaian H; Priest, DrNaomi; Parada, Dr Roberto H; Bansel, Dr PeterBabera dariadya yewing (Echoes of a flawed truth): investigatingtheory and practice on the interplay between bullying and racismTotal $410,000.00Funded Participants DIA2 Dr Gawaian H Bodkin-AndrewsProject SummaryThe negative impact of bullying and racism is being increasinglydocumented for Aboriginal youth, yet little attempt has beenmade to understand the differential impact of these stressorson the wellbeing and identity of Aboriginal Australian youth. Thisproject will seek to address this issue, to guide future actionbasedresearch.WRITING AND SOCIETY RESEARCHCENTREPrimary FoR 2005 LITERARY STUDIESIN130100026Wright, Ms Alexis; Indyk, Prof Ivor RAustralian Indigenous storytelling: a critical study of the wayAboriginal stories are being told in Australia todayTotal $605,000.00Funded Participants DIA5 Ms Alexis WrightProject SummaryThis research project will investigate the role and effectivenessof Aboriginal storytelling in the current environment of Aboriginalpolicy in Australia. The outcomes will form a set of benchmarksfor understanding the power of effective Aboriginal storytelling.SCHOOL OF MEDICINEPrimary FoR 0606 PHYSIOLOGYDE130101357Cameron, Dr Morven AModulation of gap-junction coupling in the mammalian retinaTotal $375,000.00Funded Participants DECRA Dr Morven A CameronProject SummaryThis project aims to examine the alteration in neuronal circuits ofthe retina over the course of the day and in response to changesin light. Basic knowledge of how the retina functions will bedetermined, providing invaluable information for strategies aimedat restoring vision to vision-impaired patients by replicatingnormal retinal function.Linkage Infrastructure,Equipment and FacilitiesINSTITUTE FOR INFRASTRUCTUREENGINEERINGPrimary FoR 0905 CIVIL ENGINEERINGLE130100133 Uy, Prof Brian; Zhang, Dr Chunwei; Kwok,Prof Kenny C; Remennikov, A/Prof Alex; Hao, Prof Hong; Ma,Prof Guowei; Thambiratnam, Prof David P; Stewart, Prof MarkG; Wu, Dr Chengqing; Mendis, Prof PriyanNational Facility for Physical Blast Simulation (NFPBS)Total $400,000.00Partner/Collaborating Eligible Organisation(s)University of Wollongong, The University of Western Australia,Queensland University of Technology, The University ofNewcastle, The University of Adelaide, The University ofMelbourne, Defence Science and Technology Organisation

UWS Australian Research Council Grants for 2013 • 8Linkage Infrastructure,Equipment and FacilitiesAdministering Organisation University of Western SydneyProject SummaryRecent terrorist attacks employing large quantities of highexplosives have prompted the international demand forexperimental investigation of civil infrastructure response toshock wave loadings. The National Facility for Physical BlastSimulation (NFPBS) is one of only a few in the world that aresuitable for conducting experimental research via a physicallygenerated blast approach.COLLABORATIONS – UWSresearchers on successfulARC Discovery and LIEFadministered elsewhereSCHOOL OF COMPUTING,ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICSPrimary FoR 0913 MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGDP130103958Tong, Prof Liyong; Yan, Dr Guirong (UWS)Understanding multi-scale reinforcement of carbon fibrecompositesTotal $381,000.00Administering OrganisationThe University of SydneyProject SummaryAddition of nano scale entities, such as nanotubes, on thesurface of a carbon fibre forms a bottle-brush like architectureand strengthens fibre-matrix interface. This project will pioneerdevelopment of a systematic approach for analysis and designof such multi-scale reinforced composite materials for use inaerospace and civil industries.SOLAR ENERGY TECHNOLOGIESRESEARCH GROUPPrimary FoR 0912 MATERIALS ENGINEERINGLE130100106 Li, Prof Sean S; Yu, Prof Aibing B; Duty, ProfTimothy L; Sheppard, Dr Leigh R (UWS); Nowotny, Dr Maria K(UWS); Sahajwalla, Prof Veena; Wang, Dr DanyangSpin-polarized scanning tunneling microscope: a criticalinstrument for expanding the functionality of state-of-the-artoxide Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) systemTotal $340,000.00Partner/Collaborating Eligible Organisation(s)University of Western SydneyAdministering Organisation The University of New South WalesProject SummaryThe combination of spin-polarized scanning tunnellingmicroscope with two advanced scanning probe microscopesin our lab will provide a full range of characterisation capabilityin temperature, pressure and field dependence of electronic,magnetic and photonic properties related to spin dynamics andatomic arrangement from atomic to nanometer scales.RELIGION AND SOCIETY RESEARCHCENTREPrimary FoR 1603 DEMOGRAPHYMansouri, Prof Fethi; Lobo, Dr Michele A; Turner, Prof Bryan S (UWS)Islamic religiosity and challenge of political engagement andnational belonging in multicultural western citiesTotal $260,400.00Administering OrganisationDeakin UniversityProject SummaryThis project will investigate how participation in Islamic religiouspractices strengthens attachments to the western cities whereMuslims have chosen to live. It will contribute to global, nationaland local policy outcomes that focus on the challenges ofaccommodating minority religions in diverse western cities.

COLLABORATIONS – UWSresearchers on successfulARC Discovery and LIEFadministered elsewhereUWS Australian Research Council Grants for 2013 • 9SCHOOL OF COMPUTING,ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICSPrimary FoR 0905 CIVIL ENGINEERINGHAWKESBURY INSTITUTE FOR THEENVIRONMENTPrimary FoR 0602 ECOLOGYLE130100006 Gates, Dr Will P; Haque, Dr Asadul;Indraratna, Prof Buddhima N; Liyanapathirana, Dr Samanthika(UWS); Arulrajah, A/Prof Arul; Selomulya, Dr Cordelia; Sanjayan,Prof Jay G; Krabbenhoft, A/Prof Kristian; Rujikiatkamjorn, DrCholachat; Cas, Prof Raymond A; Leo, A/Prof Chin J; Oh, DrErwin Y; Evans, Dr Alistair R; Lyamin, A/Prof Andrei V; Narsilio,Dr Guillermo A; Yuen, Dr SamuelX-ray Microscopy Facility for Imaging Geo-materials (XMFIG)Total $500,000.00Partner/Collaborating Eligible Organisation(s)University of Western Sydney, Swinburne University ofTechnology, University of Wollongong, The University ofNewcastle, Griffith University, The University of MelbourneAdministering OrganisationMonash UniversityProject SummaryThe X-ray Microscopy Facility for Imaging Geo-Materials (XMFIG)will allow the investigation, with near-synchrotron capabilities,of the three dimensional internal structures and chemicalcompositions of geo-materials under relevant environmentalconditions by engineers, geologists and materials scientists.LE130100073 Foley, Prof William J; Carroll, Dr Adam J;Badger, Prof Murray R; Pogson, Prof Barry J; Borevitz, A/Prof Justin; Tissue, Prof David T (UWS); Ellsworth, Prof DavidS (UWS); Moore, Dr Benjamin D (UWS); Riegler, Dr Markus(UWS); Rymer, Dr Paul D (UWS); Small, Prof Ian D; Lister, ProfRyan; Warren, A/Prof Charles R; Adams, Prof Mark A; Smith, DrPenelope MHigh-throughput sample preparation robotics to enableemerging large-scale plant genomics, metabolomics andproteomics researchTotal $280,000.00Partner/Collaborating Eligible Organisation(s)University of Western Sydney, The University of WesternAustralia, The University of Sydney, Bioplatforms Australia LtdAdministering OrganisationThe Australian National UniversityProject SummaryDiscovering and breeding plants that are best suited for newenvironmental conditions requires the analysis of many samplesto discover the underlying genes, metabolites and proteins. Theproject will build two robotic instruments that will facilitate therapid grinding and extraction of plant tissues to facilitate thesediscoveries across Australia.

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