Drush Ecosystem - DrupalCon Munich 2012

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Drush Ecosystem - DrupalCon Munich 2012

23 August 2012Drush EcosystemMoshe Weitzman, Mark Sonnabaum, Jonathan HedstromWednesday, August 22, 12

Drush Ecosystem Acquia and Pantheon hosting Aegir Devel Migrate Site Upgrade Module Builder Ctools Export (Bonus) Git Release Notes Cache Audit Drush DeployWednesday, August 22, 12

Drupal ShellDrush is a command lineshell and Unix scriptinginterface for Drupal.h"p://www.drush.orgWednesday, August 22, 12

Acquia & Pantheon Hosting Drush comes pre-installed, with site aliases Acquia’s Cloud API as Drush commandsh"p://helpdesk.getpantheon.com/h"ps://docs.acquia.com/cloud/apiWednesday, August 22, 12

Aegir Install, upgrade, deploy, and backupan entire network of Drupal sites.h"p://www.aegirproject.org/Wednesday, August 22, 12

Devel Generate content, users, terms, images, ... Link to XHProf run View source codeh"p://drupal.org/project/develWednesday, August 22, 12

Migrate Import/sync data into Drupal Full featured migration frameworkh"p://drupal.org/project/migrateWednesday, August 22, 12

Drush site-upgrade Scripted upgrade from D6 to D7 Build/Fix/Rerun loop. Minimizes tedium.h"p://drupal.org/project/drush_supWednesday, August 22, 12

Module Builder Generate skeleton .module and .info files Interactively build the skeletonh"p://drupal.org/project/module_builderWednesday, August 22, 12

CTools (Export Bonus) Write CTools exportables to code Bonus enables export of: Content types, Fields Vocabularies, Terms Filters, Formats WYSIWYG profiles, ...h"p://drupal.org/project/ctoolsWednesday, August 22, 12

Omega and Zen themes Create subtheme via Drushh"p://drupal.org/project/omegah"p://drupal.org/project/zenWednesday, August 22, 12

Git Release Notes Command for module maintainers Generate changelog: tag1 => tagh"p://drupal.org/project/grnWednesday, August 22, 12

Cache Audit Report cache config for all Views,Blocks, and settings.h"p://drupal.org/project/cacheauditWednesday, August 22, 12

Drush Deploy Push code updates to server groups. Custom tasks before and after push Capistrano for Drupalh"p://drupal.org/project/drush_deployWednesday, August 22, 12

?Please complete session surveyWednesday, August 22, 12

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