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AligningYourBusinessObjectives andManufacturingOperationsWonderware MES and EMI Software Solutions

Achieving the Agility to Meet Today’sManufacturing Demands“Wonderware gave us the ability to deploya production and performance solutionacross our many different plants and helpedus optimize processes and get our productsfaster to market. ”— Arne Svendsen,ARLA FoodsWonderware understands that, in order to win in the21st Century, high-performance organizations mustmove quickly.They must reformulate their business andmanufacturing operations and focus on strengtheningtheir corporate brand image, leveraging their intellectualcapacity and maximizing their overall capabilities.To be successful in manufacturing today, you needmore than individual automation solutions, historians ormanufacturing execution systems (MES).Thesetraditional information technology approaches supportproduction and manufacturing processes, but alone theydon’t support the needs of your overall enterprise.Facing new challenges and sustaining profitabilityrequires an innovative approach that balances:Greater visibility and true understanding ofactual production capacity for predictable orderfulfillment, flexibility and responsiveness acrossthe entire operations management environment,including across multiple plants or facilities; andReduction of production costs while alsoimproving quality.Too often today’s investments in production systemsare driven only by the requirements of the nextproject. High-performance organizations adopt awider-ranging outlook where investment andtechnology choices are driven by adesire to accommodate evolvingrequirements over time –because you need the agilityto adapt to whatever youractual requirements willbe in the future.Ability to Deliver:• Reliability• Responsiveness• FlexibilityIt is vital that each component within the enterprise isaccurately represented by the systems used to supportoperational activities.This challenges your productionIT strategy to:Develop standard templates for manufacturingand general operational practices that closelyalign with actual business requirements and buildon existing core competenciesMaintain and evolve these practices, propagatingthem across multiple plants and facilitiesAddress the variable size, topologies and vintageof systems in each facility, while providing aholistic view of the entire operation andPrioritize current requirements to make small,incremental investments with visible returns thatat the same time increase the possibilities ofleveraging earlier investments in the futureAs your understanding of your processes and what ittakes to continuously improve operations grows, sodo your actual requirements. Wonderware softwaresolutions for manufacturing execution systems (MES)and enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) enableincremental, low-risk deployment of increasedapplication functionality, one step at a time.Deliver a unified manufacturingIT infrastructure across all manufacturingfacilities so comparisons and true productioncapacity vs. cost can be determined.Wonderware’s MES & EMI Software Solutions provide benefits that extend farbeyond reducing the cost of manufacturing—faster new product change-over,more agile supply chains, real-time information for your company and moreresponsive manufacturing.You’ll see enduring benefits that reduce yourcost-of-goods-sold, improve your perfect-order performance and raiseyour responsiveness to your customers.Unified Manufacturing IT Infrastructure

What people are saying about Wonderware’s Productionand Performance Management Software Solution“Wonderware’s Production and PerformanceManagement Solution is our corporate standardand has significantly reduced the costs ofmanufacturing operations.”— Arne Svendsen, ARLA FOODS, Denmark“After the implementation of this new technology, ourproductivity increased by more that 100%. So today wecan produce up to 300,000 fish cans per shift with only12 workers.”— RUGEN FISCH, Germany“All of the corporate standards are implemented assoftware objects.These objects promote reuse ofengineering for different processes and plants,including products from the various suppliers.”— SABMiller, South Africa“The feature I like most about the Wonderwaresystem has been the increase in the quality of theproduct we produce.”— Kurt Williams,GEORGIA-PACIFIC,U.S.A.“We have accelerated time-to-market” forboth recipe development and control systemimplementation making a real “make-to-order.”— COLGATE-PALMOLIVE, Great BritainDon’t just meet business objectives.Exceed them — with Wonderware.Now is the time to start becoming a high-performanceorganization and unleash your business’ operationalexcellence to:Reduce your manufacturing andoperational costsBring your products to market fasterBecome more agile and responsive to yourcustomer’s needsConsult with our representatives to find the WonderwareProduction and Performance Management SoftwareSolution that’s right for your operation. And start achievingthe agility you need to meet today’s manufacturingchallenges while making outstanding improvements inefficiency and profitability. Start by contacting your localWonderware representatives and ask them how youcan take advantage of the 21st Century technologyWonderware

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