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2012 (PDF, 784 Kb) - Mid Suffolk District Council

2012 (PDF, 784 Kb) - Mid Suffolk District Council

1 Introduction1.1 This

1 Introduction1.1 This document forms Mid Suffolk’s second Authority Monitoring Report and theeighth Annual Monitoring Report (AMR). It covers the period from 1st April 2011to 31st March 2012 and the information returned is valid at the time ofpublication.1.2 The Localism Bill received Royal Assent in November 2011. The Localism Actcontains provisions that remove the requirements to consult the Secretary ofState on revisions to the Local Development Scheme (LDS) and to submit theAMR to the Secretary of State. Therefore local planning authorities will be able torevise their LDS and produce an annual monitoring report without the formalprocedures previously required. However, in the interests of transparency thelocal planning authority must ensure that these documents are publicly available.1.3 Consequently, since the withdrawal of guidance on local plan monitoring (BobNeil letter to Chief Planning Officers, 30th March 2011) and the subsequentchanges through the Localism Act, it is a matter for each local planning authorityto decide what to include in their monitoring reports while ensuring that they areprepared in accordance with relevant UK and EU legislation. The Localism Actremoves the reference to Annual Monitoring Reports in the Planning andCompulsory Purchase Act 2004 – replacing it with 'Authorities MonitoringReports' (this may be more than one report that covers a period not longer thanMid Suffolk District Council 3

12 months, or a shorter period). Mid Suffolk District Council for the last five yearshas already been producing different reports including Housing Land Availability,Five Years Supply of Housing Land and Retail Monitoring Reports which theCouncil believes make up the Government's new 'Authorities MonitoringReports'.1.4 Previously, Local Authorities were required to report annually on a set of CoreOutput Indicators (COIs) (CLG, July 2008). This report continues to report onprogress with the LDF and indicators set out in the Core Strategy (2008) andLocal Plan (1998), together with any other information the Authority considersappropriate. Any Local Development Documents adopted by the Authority willspecify appropriate monitoring indicators for the matters addressed by it, and inthe future the AMR will largely rely on these.Integration with Babergh District Council1.5 Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Councils are currently undertaking a process ofintegration that will enable the two authorities to make greater changes faster.The integration and transformation plans have been moving swiftly forward sincethe appointment of a new, joint Chief Executive in May 2011 - brought in tooversee a radical transformation in the way in which the councils do things andhow the councils deliver them.Mid Suffolk District Council 4

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