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2012 (PDF, 784 Kb) - Mid Suffolk District Council

2012 (PDF, 784 Kb) - Mid Suffolk District Council

1.6 This change was

1.6 This change was prompted by the need to meet tough savings and efficiencytargets, as well as cuts in Government grants to local authorities across the UK.A previous proposal to merge both councils into one, new council was narrowlydefeated in a Local Poll but the need to deliver the savings was ever moreapparent. Since then, both councils have continued to plan and deliver ways ofbringing the two work forces together as a way of achieving savings andimproving support for front line services in an era of public sector cuts. It is thisjoint working that will assist the production of development plan preparationwithin the two districts.National Planning Policy Framework1.7 The Government made some significant changes to the planning system thataffects the responsibilities of all local planning authorities. The Government'sintention is to make the planning system one that better supports sustainableeconomic growth and jobs, underpinned with the principles of localism, with less‘top-down’ prescription and more ‘bottom up’ involvement.1.8 The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published on 27th March2012. It sets out the Government’s priorities for planning in England and replacesMid Suffolk District Council 5

all the previous Planning Policy Statements, as well as various other planningguidance.1.9 The regional tier of planning is to be abolished, including Regional SpatialStrategies and their associated housing targets. This will supposedly give localauthorities more freedom and flexibility to work with their neighbours and otherbodies (as covered by the ‘duty to co-operate’) to do the strategic planning fortheir area.1.10 Up-to-date Local Plans, i.e. Local Plans which are consistent with the NPPF,should be in place as soon as practical. However, ministers acknowledge that itmay take up to two years for this to be accomplished. In the absence of an up-todateand consistent plan, it is proposed that planning applications should bedetermined in accordance with the NPPF, including its presumption in favour ofsustainable development.The Role of Annual Monitoring Reports1.11 Annual Monitoring Reports are a requirement of section 35 of the Planningand Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (refer to paragraph 1.2 and 1.3).1.12 Good monitoring and reporting showcases the work of the authority and itspartners. It tells communities what planning is doing and who it is working with. ItMid Suffolk District Council 6

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