The Internet of the things is on the way

The Internet of the things is on the way

Embedded IP(v6) Networksong>Theong> ong>Internetong> ong>ofong> Things ong>isong> on ong>theong> wayGeong>ofong>f MulliganIETF 6LoWPAN ChairIPSO Alliance ChairmanN6AFZgeong>ofong>

Enabling Technology – Why NowAdvances in micro-controllers●●Low power, more processing, lower costThank you Gordon MooreAdvances in RF technologies●IPv6●802.15.4 low power – battery operationsAddresses, Addresses, Addresses

IP Myths – Why ong>theong> delayIP headers are too bigIP code ong>isong> too largeIP requires too much RAMGateways are easy

Why IP?Support for multiple Phys●802.11, Eong>theong>rnet, GPRS, PLC, Serial LinesExong>isong>ting Resources●Tools, Protocols, KnowledgeEstablong>isong>hed transport and application modelsEstablong>isong>hed naming and addressingDon't reinvent ong>theong> wheel

Why IPv6?Huge Address SpaceStateless Address Autoconfiguration●DHCP servers not requiredNo need for NAT●No NAT configurationNo translation Gateways●Routers and Bridges

Wireless IP Sensors - 6LoWPANA Standard●●●RFC4919 and RFC4944ISA100 – Industrial Wireless Sensor NetworksIEEE 1451.5 – Wireless TransducersEfficient●Battery operation, header compression, small codefootprint, “stacked” headersAvailable● Multiple independent implementations – 10+● Increasing number ong>ofong> deployments

6LoWPAN Comparong>isong>on

Vong>isong>ion: Ubiquitous Wireless DataAcquong>isong>ition and ControlMetropolitan Area Network formed ong>ofong>:Low-cost ubiquitous IPv6 addressable sensor nodesHighly scalable networkSupport for low-power, battery operated or energyscavenging sensor nodesHigh reliability ong>ofong> data delivery through advanced routingmechanong>isong>msWireless co-exong>isong>tence and spectrum managementmechanong>isong>msLeverages open standards that allow for multi-vendorinteroperabilityGuaranteed security and integrity ong>ofong> data transmong>isong>sions

Pole-Top 6LoWPAN NetworkNivong>isong> has deployed 100k+ IPv6 enabled wireless mesh sensor nodes inmajor US cities (Atlanta, New Orleans, Jersey City) as part ong>ofong> a Street Lightmonitoring and control networkNodes reside on top ong>ofong> poles as part ong>ofong> ong>theong> lighting fixture●●●Wireless nodes operating in ong>theong> 2.4 GHz bandHuge energy savings through remote dimming capabilitiesMonitoring power consumption and proactive maintenanceSensors are organized in subnets that scale up to 20k nodesBattery operated gas, water and parking meters located at ground levelpiggy back data over ong>theong> Street Light monitoring and control networksYes – we have ong>theong> power to remotely dim ong>theong> streetlights during Mardi Gras

Applicability ong>ofong> ong>theong> IPv6MAN

ApplicationsStreet Lighting Monitoring and Control(‏Water AMR (Electric, Gas,AMI – Smart Grid applications, automated load balancingParking Meter MonitoringTraffic MonitoringEnvironmental MonitoringPremong>isong>e Security MonitoringHomeland Security Sensor AlarmsBridge Stress Monitoring AlarmsIn Home Power Usage dong>isong>playVehicle/Asset TrackingTank Level MonitoringStorm Drain Blockage Alarms

ong>Theong> IPSO Alliance“Promoting ong>theong> use ong>ofong> IP in networks ong>ofong> Smart Objects”Create awareness ong>ofong> available and developingtechnologyPromote and market use ong>ofong> IP in embedded systemsGenerate tutorials, white papers, technologydemonstrations and highlight use casesComplement ong>theong> IETF and oong>theong>r standards groupsSupport and organize Interoperability events●●March 4 th – 11 companies; 7 countriesSixXS, Hurricane and Freenet6 TunnelsWWW.IPSO-ALLIANCE.ORG

A Quiz

Looking ForwardPlenty ong>ofong> address space to embed IP in nearlyeverythingSmart device to device communicationsNodes can easily “phone home”ong>Theong> “ong>Internetong> ong>ofong> Things”

IPv6 Inside**Apologies to Intel

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