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Walki ® LineBarrier material for corrugated board

Improving corrugated board boxesOptimising the use of raw material andminimising the environmental impactWalki®Line allows manufacturers to minimise the amount ofraw material and increase the amount of recycled fibre used ina corrugated board box. Compression strength remains high inhumid conditions. The structure of boxes can also be simplified, forexample, by using a single wall solution instead of a double wall one.Cutting down on the use of raw materials saves both money andthe environment. Our products are recyclable, and environmentalconsiderations are an inherent part of our product developmentand production.An unbeatable printing conceptA box with added valueWalki®Line is a range of materials that improvethe properties of corrugated board. The productsprotect the content of boxes from humidity, greaseand mechanical stress. They also offer protection forthe box itself should the content be humid or wet.Walki®Line helps to keep the box in shape.It improves compression and stacking strengthand increases stiffness and dimensional stability.If stored in facilities with high relative air humidity,corrugated board boxes without barrier can losemost of their stiffness and strength in just a fewdays. Walki®Line adds to the value of corrugatedboard by expanding its range of applications.Walki®Line features excellent printing properties valued bycustomers doing their own printing. We also offer a preprintedproduct, Walki®Line Print.Our all-in-one solution provides a material with both a barrier anda printed surface. We use flexo printing and environmentally friendlywater-based colours.Product development and quality controlWe are a well-established, leading manufacturer of barrier liningmaterial, boosting strong, proactive and customer-orientedproduct development. To come up with new solutions, ourWalki®Line product development team works in close cooperationwith customers. In fact, all of the Walki®Line products have beendeveloped jointly with customers.Our unique pilot machine can be used for new product trials.Many of our established products have, in fact, been developed on it.Before going into full-scale production, new products are subjectedto meticulous testing and assessment.Continuous quality control is used to monitor and measureproperties such as moisture content, water vapour transmissionrate, Cobb, grammage, thickness, tensile stiffness, bursting strength,compression strength (SCT) and friction. We also carry out specialtest programmes according to customer wishes.Comprehensive testing ensures that our products meet customerdemands on packaging lines, as well as during transport and delivery.Direct contact with foodstuffThe Walki®Line products meet all of the major requirements andrecommendations for materials that come into contact withfood: European standards, directives and regulations, German BfRrecommendations and US FDA regulations.All of our products can be used to package dry foods. Dependingon the raw material used, most of our products are also suitable formoist and greasy foods.Effective protection againstgrease and humidityWalki®Line consists of paper and liner, typically laminated usingpolyethylene (PE). Other web materials, such as PET, aluminiumor nonwoven, can also be used for lamination. The effectiveness ofthe moisture barrier is directly related to the thickness of the barrierlayer. The optimum moisture barrier for individual products can beachieved by modifying the thickness of the PE layer. A layer of PETis recommended for boxes used for greasy products.WVTR g/m 2A 24 hWater vapour transmission (WVTR)/ LPDETest condition 23°C, 50 % Relative humidity (RH)765432140 30 25 18 15 12 10LPDE g/m 2

Walki ® Line – new opportunitiesWe offer a wide product range. Our main productshave been available for a long time and haveproved their strength over the years. They areoptimised products that our customers find bothattractive and cost-effective.Our speciality products have been developedin close cooperation with customers. They aretailored to customer needs and adapted todemanding end uses.Main productsWalki®Line Aqua• PE laminates, wide assortment, grammage 70–500 g/m 2• Brown or white top surface• Transparent or white PE• Symmetrical or asymmetrical laminate• Bottom surface of virgin or recycled fibre• Suitable for printing• Typical applications: boxes for vegetables, fruit, berries,flowers, plants, fish, seafood, copying paper, detergents,chemicals and spare partsWalki®Line UltraPEFlutingFlutingPaperPEPaperLinerPrintingPaperPaperLinerEasy to useWalki®Line will cause no problems on corrugated board machines sinceit works exactly the same as conventional kraft or test liners. Only minoradjustments may be needed to be made to the machine parameters.Walki®Line can be used as an outer or inner layer of corrugated board– or both. It suits all types of fluting profiles, as well as different typesof corrugated board: single wall, double wall and triple wall. The thinneroptions are ideal for micro fluting. Walki®Line can also be used in litholamination.We can supply both reels and sheets.• PET laminates, wide assortment, grammage 70–500 g/m 2• Transparent or metallised PET (silver, gold, other colours)• Brown or white top surface• Virgin or recycled fibre• Heat resistant• Ovenable as option• Suitable for printing (paper or PET)• Typical applications: boxes for meat, poultry, fish, pasties,baking fats, sweets, fast food, flowers, electronicsWalki®Line end uses for corrugated boardPET-filmPaperBoxes forWalki®Line Aqua(paper / PE / paper)Walki®Line Ultra(PET / paper)FlutingLinerCopying paperInner reel end discs●●Octabins●FlutingFlutingPET-filmPrintingPaperPrintingPaperLinerLinerElectronics ● ●Spare partsFurniture ● ●FruitsVegetablesFlowers ● ●PlantsBerriesFish ● ●MeatSweetsCatering●●●●●●●●Fast food ● ●

Speciality productsWalki ® Line PrintWalki®Line DuraWalki®Line SoftWalki®Line AFWalki®Line AC• Printed paper or liner, grammage 40–400 g/m 2• High-quality flexo printing• Up to 8 colours• Environmentally friendly, using water-based printing ink• Print width, max. 3,500 mm• Print length 350–2,000 mm• Effective and economical, especially for long runs• Maintains the stiffness of corrugated board since the flutingis not part of the printing process (compare postprinting)• Effective design management• Super-strong liner• Excellent burstingand puncture strength• Typical applications:octabins and boxesfor hazardous goods,chemicals and polymergranulates, boxes forsharp goods, explosivesand slaughter waste• Soft and nonscratchingsurface• Absorbent surface• Ideal for sensitive andvaluable material• Typical applications:packaging materialfor furniture and opticalinstruments• Flameproof,fire-retardant surface• Optional moisture barrier• Typical applications:billboards for inside use;boxes for flammable,explosive materials• Anticorrosive liner• Optional moisture barrier• Typical applications:boxes for metal componentsand packaging for the heavyindustryWalki®Line AluWalki®Line GPWalki®Line CrispWalki®Line ESD• Aluminium laminate• Excellent barrier propertiesagainst moisture, grease,oxygen, gas, aroma• Heat- and coldreflectingsurface• Typical applications:boxes for fish, seafoodand food sensitive toflavour and odour• Grease barrier• Good release properties• Typical applications:packaging for greasyfoods, baking fats,animal food, oily materials• Susceptor materialfor microwave use• Gives a crisp and crunchyfeel to bread and pizza• Typical applications:packages formicrowave heating• Antistatic surface• Typical applications:boxes for sensitiveelectronics components

Walki in briefWalki produces wrappings for the paper andmetal industries, food and consumer packagingmaterials, decorative and functional laminates,barrier liners for solid and corrugated packaging,facings for the insulation and constructionindustries and solutions for technical applications.Walki’s production units in Finland, Sweden,Germany, Poland, the UK and China have annualnet sales of about 300 million Euros and aworkforce of approximately 1,000 employees.Walki consists ofthree business areasReel packagingPaper PackagingReam wrappingConsumer BoardLayout: Studio PAP. Photo: Pertti Puranen. Print: Forsberg 2009.Barrier boardBarrier LiningTechnical ProductsFlexible packagingHeavy duty wrappingWalki GroupP.O. Box 40FI-37601 Valkeakoski, FinlandTel. +358 (0)205 36 3111Fax +358 (0)205 36 3090walki@walki.comInsulationand constructionfacing materialsTechnicalindustrial paperswww.walki.com

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