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Hunter International ® - Hunter Fan

H u n t e rI n t e r n a t i o n a l ®your home,your style©2007 Hunter Fan Company2500 Frisco AvenueMemphis, Te n n essee 38114www.hunter fanglobal.com220, 240v 50HZ Inter national Fan Pr ogram #G-0220

©2007 Hunter Fan Company2500 Frisco AvenueMemphis, Te n n essee 38114www.hunter fanglobal.com220, 240v 50HZ Inter national Fan Pr ogram

Long before there was air conditioning—or even widespread use of electricity—people around the world counted on Hunter ceiling fans for cool comfort.The father and son team of John and James Hunter created their first ceiling fan in1886.The earliest Hunter fans were actually water driven.A short time later, Hunterintroduced an electrically powered ceiling fan. It was one of the first products ever torun on electricity.a h e r i t a g e o f q u a l i t y ,a h i s t o r y o f i n n o v a t i o nToday, Hunter combines this heritage of 19th century craftsmanship with 21stcentury technology to create ceiling fans that are unmatched for quality, style andquiet performance. And more than 120 years after the invention of the very firstHunter ceiling fan, our name and our products are still a comfort to millions.| 45 |

innovation...Hunter Fan Company continues to lead the industry with efficientThe AirMax ®MotorHunter fans are powered by our patented AirMax ® Motor - thequietest, most powerful, most durable motor we’ve ever created.Quietly cooling your home for a lifetime.Internal ImpellerSilicon Steel LaminationsRugged Die-castAluminiumConstructionMultipleCooling FinsPrecisionSealed BearingsHeavy GaugeCopper WindingsWobbleFre e CanopyFor a lifetime of wobble-free operation, Hunter introduces the WobbleFreecanopy. Our patented trilobular-shaped hanger ball dissipates the wobble thatmany fans experience.RF Remote Control ReadySummer Cooling• Saves up to 40% on air conditioning• Saves energy by using air conditionerless and at higher temperaturesWinter Heat Reclamation• Energy savings of up to 24%• Reclaims lost heat from ceilingSwivel mount upto 32 degreesPatented trilobehanger ballFlared canopy rim makesscrews accessible andinstallation easierIn cold weather, operate the fan in the slow speed, REVERSE direction. This creates a gentleupdraft, which recirculates the hot air trapped at the ceiling to provide even, comfortable heatthroughout your room. The recirculation of warm air allows you to lower the room’s thermostatsetting, resulting in energy savings of 24% or more.In a given room temperature of 20-24 degree Celsius, each degree increase/decreasecorresponds to 6% of your heating costs. Considering an 18 degree average temperature atfloor level and 27 degree temperature at ceiling level, your fan will recirculate the air to reacha 22 degree room temperature.*Patented trilobehanger balldissipates wobbleTrue low profile mounting, canopymounts 3mm from fan body*Study conducted in 2005 by Agence nationale pour l’amélioration de l’habitat| 67 |

t h e e l e m e n t s o f s t y l eRich woods. Enduring metals. Lustrous, hand-applied finishes.Artfully crafted glass.Architecturaldetails.These are some of the many finely crafted elements that come together beautifully inthe Hunter line of quality ceiling fans.Considered individually, these elements are truly impressive.An array of high quality natural materials are used, from the real wicker of the Caribbean Breeze tothe stately Sawala wood of the Salinas . Careful attention is paid to wood grain and grade in order tocreate fans that are worthy of being called fine furnishings. Wood finishes range from the rich walnutblades of the Original , to the aged look of the 1886 , with its distressed blade finish. All veneers arefurniture quality.Metals and metal finishes reflect a dedication to quality and stylistic diversity. Finishes such as the brightbrass found on our Original update the warmth and grace of a bygone heritage. Contemporaryfinishes on fans like the Alchemy offer a sunny, new world flair that’s at home in a contemporary loftapartment or a beach cottage. Available on models as diverse as the traditional Builder Select and theultra contemporary Lugano , brushed nickel offers a satin sleekness. And the real cast iron of our1886 Series ® delivers lasting authenticity.Beautiful glass adds another dimension to our models. The linen glass found on the Valhalla blends afired texture with water glass to produce a soft white light.The modern Mandalay dual light option givescomplete flexibility to the Industrie and Avalon fans.Of course, Hunter fans are beautiful on the inside as well.Throughout all the International fan families,you’ll discover Hunter technological breakthroughs that virtually eliminate wobble, make installationa snap and ensure whisper-quiet performance. As well as this, almost all fan motors are covered by alifetime warranty.From lustrous polished finishes to the latest high-tech innovations, Hunter knows that true prestige comesfrom paying attention to every detail. Stunning style. Unmatched quality. And unrivaled craftsmanship.That’s the beauty of Hunter.| 89 |

contentsmodel namepageeuropaamerican heritagecontemporarytraditional14 - 15valhalla lugano 18 - 19avalon 16 - 1722 - 23classic original salinas 26 - 271886 series 24 - 25alchemy 30 - 31the retro 32 - 33industrie 34 - 35carera 36 - 37merced 38 - 39osprey 40 - 4144 - 45seville builder select 48 - 49savoy 46 - 47tropicalcaribbean breeze 52 - 53outdoor56 - 57oasis the outdoor 60 - 61outdoor elements 58 - 59accessoriesceiling fan lightingremote & wall controlswicker blade accessoryfan blade & motor finishes64 - 65656566 - 67collectionsspecificationsspecifications & dimensions 68 - 70| 1011 |


valhalla In Scandinavian lore,Vikings romped in a heaven known as Valhalla. It’s theperfect name for a fan that celebrates the boldness of northern Europeanstyle. Eye-catching curved blades blend form and function, creating astriking look and wider air dispersion.24270coffee beech with four coffee beech curved bladeswith amber linen water glass light kit24271blonde beech with four blondebeech curved blades withwhite linen water glass light kit24271blonde beech with four blondebeech curved wood bladeswithout light kitValhalla can be used with or without light kit.142cm blade span | unique mid-body curved blades | integrated linen water glass light kitremote control | high output motor | WobbleFree canopy | lifetime motor warranty| 1415 |

avalon The Avalon captures a natural feel and style. Designed using the contemporary Industriebody, the unique cloth blades create a soothing feeling of a yacht in full sail.24282brushed chrome withgray sail cloth blades24283white withwhite sail cloth blades158cm blade span | remote control | AirMax ® motor | WobbleFree canopyunique cloth blades | lifetime motor warranty | no reverse functionThe Mandalay light kit is available as an accessory.| 1617 |

lugano Viva Italia! The Lugano is a ceiling fan worthy of the country knownfor its daring contemporary designs.And daring is the very definition of thesleek Lugano, which also features halogen lighting and a convenient wall control.24261brushed nickel with fivemaple/gray blades24266white withfive white/maple blades132cm blade span | high output motor | wall controllerWobbleFree canopy | integrated 100W halogen light | lifetime motor warranty| 1819 |

american heritage

classic original 24883bright brass with fivewalnut/oak bladesIn the age of disposability, few products have earned the right to be called classics.Meticulously reproduced from archival Hunter design blueprints, the ClassicOriginal revives the vintage fan in its purest form.A celebration of all thingsbeautiful and well-built, it’s an ideal homage to the power and persistenceof Hunter’s cast iron workhorse.24881white with fivewhite blades24882brown with fivewalnut/oak blades(shown with optional brown wicker blades )132cm blade span | furniture grade veneer blades | light kit adaptabledie-cast motor housing with unique oil-bath design | WobbleFree canopy | lifetime motor warranty| 2223 |

1886 series Elegant. Ornate. Classic.And yet never ostentatious.The 1886 Seriescaptures the flair of Art Nouveau by authentically replicating the designof one of Hunter’s earliest ceiling fans.24840burnished brass with fourdistressed dark walnut/distressed cherry blades24842gray wash with fourdistressed gray wash/distressed dark walnut blades24841amber bronze with fourdistressed dark walnut/distressed cherry blades132cm blade span | furniture grade veneer blades | light kit adaptablefloor-poured sand-cast housing | revolving body | lifetime motor warrantyUnique canopy does not allow for flush mounting or remote control.| 2425 |

salinas By the time the Art Nouveau movement reached California,Americaninfluences had transformed it into the Arts and Crafts style. Over 100years later, the classic appeal of that style is evident in the unique,handcrafted appearance of the Salinas.24252hammered bronze with fivesawala/dark walnut blades24251brushed nickel withfive maple/cherry blades132cm blade span | furniture grade veneer blades | light kit adaptable | AirMax ® motorWobbleFree canopy | lifetime motor warranty| 2627 |


the retro Whether it’s toasters, mixers or fixtures, deco-influenced design is the hottesttrend to hit the kitchen in decades. Retro is red hot, and the graceful gleamof The Retro fan puts a cool contemporary spin on classic deco style.24257heavy brushed nickel with five white blades24256white with five white blades24258black with five white blades122cm blade span | removable dishwasher-safe plastic EasyLock blades | remote control | integrated globe light kithigh output motor | WobbleFree canopy | chrome mid-body ring and blade irons | lifetime motor warranty| 3233 |

industrie From a loft in London to a gallery in Milan, the Industrie is at home whereverthe love of industrially-influenced urban design flourishes. Sleek andminimalist, its impressive blade span moves air with maximum style.24542brushed chrome with threegray/teak blades24547chalk white with threewhite/maple bladesThe Mandalay light kit is available as an accessory.132cm blade span | wall controller | AirMax ® motorWobbleFree canopy | lifetime motor warranty| 3435 |

carera With its simple modern lines, the Carera’s three blade design is flexibleenough for ultra-modern décor to soft contemporary environments.24243brushed nickel with threemaple/dark walnut blades24246white with threewhite/maple blades24242bright brass with threerosewood/oak blades132cm blade span | AirMax ® motor | WobbleFree canopymid-body blades | light kit adaptable | lifetime motor warranty| 3637 |

merced Designed to be minimalist and discreet, the Merced comes with anintegrated halogen light kit, and a blade span of 112cm.The Merced is small in size but big on performance.24085brushed nickel with threegray/maple blades24086chalk white with threewhite/beech blades112cm blade span | high output motor | WobbleFree canopyintegrated 100W halogen light kit | lifetime motor warranty| 3839 |

osprey commercial ceiling fanSleek yet powerful, the Osprey is designed to maximise air flow where continual performance andreliability is paramount.The curved metal blades move 20% more air than any other Hunter fan,making it the ideal workhorse in any environment.24685 (122cm)24692 (142cm)satin silver with threesatin silver blades24686 (122cm)24696 (142cm)white with threewhite blades122cm or 142cm blade span | high output motor | wall control onlycurved metal blades | no reverse function | 10 year motor warranty| 4041 |


seville 24031satin brass with fivecherry/walnut bladesA remarkable ability to fit almost any room or style makes theSeville a fan for all seasons. Ideal for rooms where a large fanmay overwhelm the décor, the 112cm Seville is a small wonder.24035satin metal with fivedark walnut/light oak blades24032bright brass with fivewalnut/oak blades24037white with fivewhite/light oak blades112cm blade span | AirMax ® motor | WobbleFree canopylight kit adaptable | lifetime motor warranty| 4445 |

savoy A great ceiling fan, pure and simple.That’s the appeal of the Savoy.A straightforward design uncluttered by fussy details, theSavoy is a chameleon that can top off any décor.24523brushed chrome with fiveoak/walnut blades24522satin brass with fivecherry/light oak blades24526white with fivewhite/light oak blades24524bright brass with fiverosewood/oak blades132cm blade span | AirMax ® motor | WobbleFree canopylight kit adaptable | lifetime motor warranty| 4647 |

uilder select We packed all of Hunter’s quality and durability into this compact performer.Because we believe smaller rooms also deserve a style all their own.24342brushed nickel with fivemaple/gray blades24344antique brass with fivedark walnut/cherry blades24346white with fivewhite/maple blades107cm blade span | high output motor | light kit adaptable | 25 year motor warranty| 4849 |


caribbean breeze The compact motor housing of the Caribbean Breeze remains clean and simple in orderto showcase the fan’s stunning selection of real wicker blades.What better way to bringyour fantasy of lush palms and tropical breezes to life?24547weathered bronze with5 antique wicker blades137cm blade span | real wicker blades | integrated bowl light kitWobbleFree canopy | lifetime motor warranty | not designed for outdoor useCaribbean Breeze can be used with or without light kit.| 5253 |


oasis On the deck or patio or at poolside, the new Oasis patio fan isalways on the cool side. Quiet, powerful and portable, the Oasisbrings the easy elegance of a sidewalk café home to you.24267new bronze with fiveantique dark wicker/palm leafplastic blades2849376cm diameter table withnew bronze finish (not included -available as accessory)Oasis dimensions:height from floor to top of fan - 2.53mheight from floor to bottom of fan blade - 2.38mBase diameter - .92mPower cord length - 3m137cm blade span | UV-resistant, all-weather plastic blades| IP-44 rated for wet locationshigh output outdoor motor | corrosion-resistant finish and hardware | 3 meter power cord | lifetime motor warranty| 5657 |

outdoor elements IP-23 rated and able to stand up to mother nature’s worst, the Outdoor Elements makesthe great outdoors even better.Additionally, the raw aluminium features a uniquenatural finish that will age gracefully to a beautiful weathered patina as time goes by.24132 (137cm)raw aluminium with fourwicker/palm style blades24131white with fivewhite blades132cm blade span | UV-resistant, all-weather plastic blades| IP-23 rated for wet locations | wall control onlyhigh output outdoor motor | salt spray tested | rust-free construction | lifetime motor warranty| 5859 |

the outdoor Power and performance is combined with the beautyand durability of stainless steel.The Outdoor is righton trend for any application - indoors or out.24689(122cm)24699(142cm)stainless steel with3 stainless steel blades122cm or 142cm blade span | IP-23 rated for wet locations | high output outdoor motor | wall control onlytarnish-resistant finish and hardware | no reverse function | standard mounting only | 25 year motor warranty| 6061 |


Fan Blade FinishesFan Motor FinishesAntique WickerAntique Dark Wicker PlasticAntique Palm Frond PlasticBeechAmber BronzeAntique BrassBlonde BeechHunter Bright Brass Finish ®Blonde BeechCherryCoffee BeechDark WalnutBrownBrushed ChromeBrushed NickelBurnished BrassDistressed Cherry Distressed Dark Walnut Distressed Gray WashedGrayChalk White Coffee Beech Gray WashHammered BronzeHoney MapleLight OakLimeMapleHeavy Brushed Nickel Lime New Bronze Raw AluminiumOakPalm Frond PlasticRosewoodSawalaSatin BrassSatin Metal Satin Silver Stainless SteelTeak WalnutWhite White PlasticWhitePlease note this chart is to compare blade and motor colours.Refer to individual fan styles for colour availability.White Wicker| 66Wicker Plastic67 |

ceiling fan specificationsNumber Control Rem. Ctrl Wall Ctrl. Light Kit Light Kit Wobble Free Mounting Down Rod Reverse RPM Mtr 3 /Hr Fan Light Total Dimensions (cm)Name Page Size of Blades Included Adaptable Adaptable Included Adaptable Canopy Options Length (included) Function Full Speed Full Speed Watts Watts Watts A B C D E FEuropaValhalla 14-15 142cm 4 R/C YES NO 1x100w gls INCLUDED YES 2 10cm YES 174 14500 81 100 181 43.43 37.97 7.37 33.72 15.75 52.82Avalon 16-17 158cm 3 R/C YES YES NO MANDALAY YES 3 7.5cm NO 125 10800 80 0 80 33.03 44.03 7.37 19.05 15.75 N/ALugano 18-19 132cm 5 W/C YES YES 1x100w r7s Hal* INCLUDED YES 2 11.5cm YES 170 15000 100 100 200 33.53 23.37 7.37 39.06 15.75 46.00American HeritageClassic Original 22-23 132cm 5 NO YES YES NO YES YES 2 7.5cm YES 185 17000 100 0 100 36.20 28.70 7.37 31.75 15.75 N/A1886 Series 24-25 132cm 4 NO NO YES NO YES NO 1 18cm YES 160 16000 81 0 81 34.29 30.48 8.64 24.64 17.78 N/ASalinas 26-27 132cm 5 NO YES YES NO YES YES 3 7.5cm YES 200 13600 80 0 80 29.84 37.46 7.37 39.06 15.75 N/AContemporaryAlchemy 30-31 137cm 5 R/C YES NO NO ALCHEMY YES 2 7.5cm YES 165 16000 100 0 100 38.12 27.41 7.37 27.94 15.75 N/AThe Retro 32-33 122cm 5 R/C YES YES 1x100w r7s Hal INCLUDED YES 2 7.5cm YES 215 14000 81 100 181 38.51 33.32 7.37 23.37 15.75 49.86Industrie 34-35 132cm 3 W/C YES YES NO MANDALAY YES 3 7.5cm YES 200 13600 80 0 80 33.03 36.64 7.37 19.05 15.75 N/ACarera 36-37 132cm 3 NO YES YES NO YES YES 3 7.5cm YES 200 13600 85 0 85 32.20 21.59 7.37 20.32 15.75 N/AMerced 38-39 112cm 3 NO YES YES 1x100w r7s Hal* INCLUDED YES 2 7.5cm YES 230 11560 60 100 160 31.12 21.59 7.37 17.78 15.75 36.83Osprey 122cm 40-41 122cm 3 W/C NO YES NO NO NO 1 30.5cm NO 275 18000 85 0 85 49.74 47.65 9.53 23.12 20.32 N/AOsprey 142cm 40-41 142cm 3 W/C NO YES NO NO NO 1 30.5cm NO 250 20000 85 0 85 49.74 47.65 9.53 23.12 20.32 N/ATraditionalSeville ll 44-45 112cm 5 NO YES YES NO YES YES 3 7.5cm YES 200 13600 80 0 80 33.00 27.70 7.37 27.20 15.75 N/ASavoy 46-47 132cm 5 NO YES YES NO YES YES 3 7.5cm YES 170 14300 80 0 80 31.75 29.21 7.37 30.18 15.75 N/ABuilder Select 48-49 107cm 5 NO YES YES NO YES YES 3 7.5cm YES 200 9000 60 0 60 32.29 26.53 5.59 23.58 15.75 N/ATropicalCaribbean Breeze 52-53 137cm 5 NO YES YES NO INCLUDED YES 3 7.5cm YES 170 10000 81 120 201 38.83 36.32 7.37 39.06 15.75 58.72OutdoorOasis Patio Fan 56-57 137cm 5 NO NO NO NO YES N/A N/A N/A NO 200 13400 81 0 81 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/AOutdoor Elements 58-59 132cm 5 NO NO YES NO NO YES 3 7.5cm YES 171 11000 80 0 80 33.65 29.21 7.37 29.21 15.75 N/AThe Outdoor 122cm 60-61 122cm 3 W/C NO YES NO NO NO 1 30.5cm NO 275 18000 85 0 85 49.74 47.65 9.53 23.12 20.32 N/AThe Outdoor 142cm 60-61 142cm 3 W/C NO YES NO NO NO 1 30.5cm NO 250 20000 85 0 85 49.74 47.65 9.53 23.12 20.32 N/AKey:Controls: Remote Control = R/C Wall Control = W/CMounting Options: 3 = Standard, Angle and Flush mounting. 2 = Standard and Angle mounting. 1 = Standard Mount only.* - will change to and include R7S bulbs from July, 2007.FEATURE REFERENCE GUIDEAIRMAX ® MOTORFan is equipped with Hunter’s Patented Airmax ® motor, designed to run cooler and quieterfrom the inside out. Featuring a die-cast, multi-fin aluminium rotor and exclusive impeller(a “fan within a fan”), the Airmax ® is our quietest, coolest, smoothest-running motor ever.WALL CONTROLIncludes 3-speed wall control, for easy fingertip fan and light control. Patented designaccommodates both square and rectangular electrical boxes.LIGHT KIT ADAPTABLEProvides decorating versatility by giving the option of installing a variety of light kits.| 68HIGH OUTPUTFan features a Hunter High Output motor. Designed for superior performance and craftedwith the finest materials, the Hunter High Output motor delivers a lifetime of whisper-quiet,powerful air movement.WOBBLEFREE CANOPYFeatures Hunter’s exclusive new WobbleFree canopy systems, including the self-aligningtrilobular mounting ball. The trilobular ball maintains even contact with the canopy,eliminating stress points that can cause wobble.REMOTE CONTROLIncludes wireless 3-speed remote control for convenient, easy operation in bedrooms androoms with high ceilings.INSTALLER’S CHOICE 3-POSITION MOUNTINGAccommodates any type of room or installation situation. Choose from 3 options:• Standard mounting on a flat ceiling• Flush-mounted on a lower flat ceiling• Angled ceiling mount, which may require an extension downrodRUST FREE/OUTDOORDesigned to withstand the toughest outdoor elements and provides years of exceptionalperformance. Features corrosion-resistant housings with special coatings, sealed motors,weather- resistant blades, and stainless steel components.EASYLOCK BLADESHunter’s Easy Lock Blades eliminate up to 30 screws and grommets for quick installation.Makes removing and cleaning blades a snap too!69 |

Extension Downrods for High CeilingsMore and more homes are being constructed with high ceilings. A Hunter accessory downrod sets thefan at the proper height for optimum performance. All Hunter extension downrods match Hunter fans forfit and finish, and have tapered threads for deeper engagement.E XTENSION D OWNRODSL ENGTH30cm 45cm 61cm 91cm 152cmHumidifiersF INISHANTIQUE BRASS* 22719 22729 26319 26329 23190*ALSO FOR USE ON THE B URNISHED B RASS FINISHSATIN BRASS 26457 26458 26459 26465 26466BRIGHT BRASS FINISH ® 22713 22723 26313 26323 23192WHITE 22717 22727 26317 26327 23197CHESTNUT BROWN 22711 22721 26331 26341 —BLACK* 26302 26219 26227 26228 23194* FOR USE ON B LACK, ANTIQUE B LACK AND G RAPHITE FANSSATIN METAL 26460 26461 26462 26463 26464BRUSHED NICKEL 26019 26020 26021 26022 26024*ALSO FOR USE ON THE B RUSHED C HROME FINISHNEW BRONZE* 26041 26042 26043 26044 26046* FOR USE ON B RONZE, WEATHERED B RONZE AND N EW B RONZE FANSBRONZE PATINA* 28206 28207 28208 28209* FOR USE ON THE A MBER B RONZE F INISHA LL-WEATHER D OWNRODS:SATIN WHITE 28254 28255 28256 28257RAW ALUMINUM* 28248 28549 28250 28251* FOR USE ON THE S TAINLESS S TEEL FINISHs t y l e f o r l i f e .h u n t e rAir PurifiersThermostatsThe chart below indicates recommended blades sizes to room sizesBlade size Room size Area92cm/36in. 3 x 3m/10 x 10ft. 9m 2 /97ft 2107cm/42in. 4 x 4m/13 x 13ft. 16m 2 /172ft 2112-122cm/44-48in. 5 x 5m/16 x 16ft. 25m 2 /269ft 2132-137cm/52-54in. 6.5 x 6.5m/21 x 21ft. 42m 2 /452ft 2142cm/56in. 7 x 7m/23 x 23ft. 49m 2 /527ft 2Portable FansRemember that adding a light fixture will add 15cm/6in. to 25cm/10in. to the fan light dimensions.| 70

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